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11-20 11:10pm Scoot: Baby Boomer Generation

Nov 20, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about whether the Kennedy assassination sparked the rebellious baby boomer generation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our show this Wednesday night over reminds you that tomorrow night distasteful play the falcons and you'll hear the game lies here on -- you were on our coverage tomorrow afternoon. Begins. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon with fans first take with former six offensive lineman Jumbo ST court and also time Manassas and then -- -- is about 10730 tomorrow night. That's on the NFL network's of this possibility that you won't be able to see that on television but it will be live right here. On -- WL and then Friday night the high school football playoffs continuing you'll hear that live on WWL. And then there's Monday Night Football so we're not back until next Tuesday night to remember join us in next Tuesday night here on the -- -- This week America is recognizing the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy and tonight on and off throughout our show we've had a discussion about. How the assassination of president Kennedy contributed to creating that rebellious anti establishment generation of the 1960s. The generation that is now the establishment. So if you missed that we'll talk more about that -- connection. A lot of people believe that The Beatles and that hole. Movement today indeed did the sixties the British invasion. Actually create it. The anti establishment generation and I think that there were things going on in this country and the flash point in time was the assassination of Kennedy. That inspired young generation to no longer trust the establishment even though the inspiration might have been subtle. At the time -- gamble talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes of it to a couple of your text before we get back. To the show here's a text. Did Rick Springfield go into the audience at the joy during human touch. I saw him in September also at the hard rock in Biloxi. He went into the audience and -- 64. Damn good look in 64. And you. Simpson about didn't seem like as the Celtic -- Rick Springfield looks great there are out there are a lot of people. Who have matured and really looked great. You know -- the argument can be made you know of the stones may be -- but they're they're all in good shape I mean the stones are in good shape. Keep even Keith Richards is student is in good shape front void in Mick Jagger is in great shape. There are a lot of rock stars who have gotten older Paul McCartney still looks good. You know everybody matures but Rick Springfield has really taken care of himself for a big guy looks looks good. I here's a text seriously. Are you day I have to know. We pretty much covered them on the air however when. I mean I have been very honest about that we've covered that I don't feel the need to cover that again tonight. In talking about this disturbing new trend known as the knock out gained we're. -- groups of young people. Targets people on the street and simply go up to them and knock them out. Here's a text that reads notice the the cable news networks. I'm telling this same story around the same time it's sweeps meaning the ratings time. And it's an easy way to grab viewers with teaser video and I don't disagree with that. Here is. -- taxed. I wouldn't be surprised if some local stations. Start doing stories like. How to protect yourself from the knockout game. At what you need to know to protect yourself for May -- it's the latest Internet craze. We're. Where where you could be the star or the victim. Now we're on your again did you know that that that can happen and and stations do. Jump on those those -- is this study as far as I know this is not that widespread but the knock out game has become. On. Frequent enough in a few major cities around the country for it to be worth -- talking about it. And the idea and it. That groups of teenagers are going out and doing is now apparently for the sole purpose of becoming an instant celebrity by having a lot of people views cleared their video. On YouTube or on line somewhere. This is it's it's it's disturbing. What people will do. To become celebrities. And it's it's interesting how easy it is to become a celebrity in America. There are people who come become celebrities who really. Have no talent they're people who become celebrities just because they're on TV. This is having I noticed many many years ago and is bothered me too to the states. Here's a text -- due to it's night driver again and thanks for. And I helping keep being a somewhat tired -- truck driver awake LO well. On your main topic for the night my opinion is YouTube. And the people participating in it or are just as much as far as just as much as fault. Because without an audience these people. It by the way have very low IQ. Would not have any reason to do them erotic activity. Because sadly. Is but sadly this is the year form of entertainment. -- all starts at home. I'd like to know where the fathers are in these children's lives because they're mothers don't seem to be doing a very good job. Some say these young people. And our youth our future leaders and lawmakers wow what a future we have to look forward to keep of the -- thanks for thanks for listening and pleasure listing while you're on the road. And we do welcome the truck drivers are listing -- throughout the country tonight to you're always welcome to our show. And also we welcome those of you who were listening on your Smartphones and we knew a lot of people listen to the show. On their Smartphones. Computers. And templates and if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we talk about chart number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And our text number is 87870. Here's the text or use today aren't really stupid. And and their -- I'm machine to associate myself with these people. And we're not all bad. And most of us sort I I would agree with that. But it's so it's so easy to. It's so easy to to paint an entire people one way. Because of what you see on the news. Remember it's the it's the nature of the news. -- capture. Things that are outrageous. Things that are out of the ordinary. When you see coverage of a gay pride parade. -- -- that the news media focuses on they don't represent mainstream gay America. They present the extremists. I'm. Tea Party members. Members of vote of a political party. -- that the news media doesn't focus on the mainstream members the news media focuses on the extremists. Him the most outrageous members of the group because that's the most visually compelling. And we tend as a country we tend to define an entire group. By. A few people that we see representing that crew. And and think of of how many groups you could potentially be labeled with. Because of who you Warren and in what you do in your life and yet you're really not represented by what you see. In the media. So again it's it's important for us to realize that. If the if the nature of news since this is talk that we talk about all the time and -- these important to note that it's it has so many of our. -- are judgments and and opinions. Are based on what we see on the news. And yet it's it's tragic. To. Judge groups of people by those that make the news that doesn't represent America. It doesn't -- -- represent the mainstream. Of any one group. And if there are young black youths disproportionately. Involved in this knock out game. I read yesterday I don't remember where I will look into this further. I'm not afraid to say it's all blacks if and only if it is all blacks. But I'm not so sure that it is all blocks. You know that they -- the word in the media is -- -- what I'm hearing from social media is black youth targeting whites in knockout game. But I don't know if it really is all young blacks and even if all young blacks that do that even if all those who do that. Our young blacks it does that mean that all young blacks do that. And there are there are people in this country who were so quick to wonder belief. That it's young Black Sea. Look at what they are doing. Look at them look at that behavior we don't do that they do that. That's convenient. It's convenient to blame. To blame an entire group of people and and people look. For reasons to support their preconceived ideas rather than look for the truth. And every day in your life. You will see. Young blacks and young whites who might fit a stereotype of being a negative member of society. Who are really working hard. In minimum wage jobs are low paying jobs. And they're actually trying to -- The right thing. And yet people are so. Quick to judge. So when you when you watch the news when you absorbed the news on a daily basis whether it's the network broadcast news at night or. They did the cable news channels. Remembered the goal. It's to get your attention. And they will go for the most extreme. Outrageous members of any group. And you can't judge an entire group by what you see on the news it's not a sample. Of America. If you and join our show with your thoughts your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 877. All right stock and stands. -- people and that way. We'll talk about that will be come back. -- VW well I'm learning more about this knock out game trend and dead apparently it's. Not that much of a trend. But it's being portrayed as a big trend in the mainstream media which is where I'd learned about it. So it may not be that big of a trend now continue to look at this we'll talk of more but this we get back -- the year. Next week here's a text astute as an African American you just made me proud sometimes TV can create a false image about an entire race of people. Here is another text so what does it matter your lifestyle you put on -- a clean and I learn something every time I Alessio thank you very much for that yeah we've already covered this. The gay thing of the show -- need to cover that again here. Here is -- they see this is the hate. That that I talking about it. Sadly. We have to face the fact that there are falcons fans in this world. And they're all bad. You know is a saints in the -- nation and anticipate tomorrow night's game. Against the arch rival falcons in Atlanta. The -- before the game is it is definitely different than we were all expecting at this point in the season. Based on the way to falcons played last year and the expectations for the saints this year. With Sean Payton being back. The saints at the top of the NFC south within eight into record. The falcons. Are tied for last place with Tampa Bay to an eight. This was again the falcons fans believe that their team was going to the Super Bowl. And I remember in New Orleans at around downtown in the French Quarter -- falcons fans who were in town for the season opener here. They were wearing a T shirts that had the state of New Jersey on them. And it was a teacher promoting the the idea that the falcons were going to New Jersey to the Super Bowl which is when the Super Bowl is this year. Well we know that the falcons have imploded. And yes there have been a lot of injuries but. He can't tell me the saints haven't dealt with their share of injuries this year in and continue to -- we get the fully to report on our website right now at WWL dot com. But the -- have imploded but that doesn't take the intensity away from this heated rivalry between two teams. And their fans who really really really dislike each other. In fact Allison sixty find that. Seem to define -- song by the band plain white tees. I really really don't like you were something like as I got to I don't hate to but I really really really don't like you and I think that's a good way to describe saints at falcons fans. But especially considering that the falcons well the bottom of the division right now. It's important for All Saints fans to to try to be open. With their hearts. And their minds and understand that the controversial debate in this country should not cause us to lose sight of the idea that falcons fans. Were born that way. I mean considering the season the falcons are having is an even more obvious than ever before. That no one would choose to be -- falcons. I know there's no conclusive scientific evidence to support despite the question is why would anything and choose to live that life. That is so unacceptable to so many people. I realize that that many saints fans judge falcons fans based on their belief in the saints and the belief that being a falcons fan is. An abomination. But should we be so quick to judge others that we simply don't understand. Let's try to look beyond our personal prejudice. And judge all falcons fans. -- people. Sure. They're different from you they're different from me but -- judge him as people. And there's this growing controversy about whether falcons -- should even be entitled to. To the same rights as -- stance. Noticed in this heated debate in this country about. Same falcon fan marriages should falcons fans be allowed to marry each other. And many are concerned it's such unions will only lead to children being exposed to that lifestyle and becoming falcons fans themselves. Another controversy that seems to surround falcons fans of the that the bars that falcons fans hang out. Some people don't even wanna associate with such fans and many are afraid that oh my god if I go into a bar like that off now this stand might hit on me. The falcons fans really you know I've noticed that they really don't try to push their way of life on others. They've really don't try to convince others to become Pakistan's. They'd leave their life and they want you to respect him as a falcons fans. The growing acceptance of Pakistan's is it's really caused many to believe that that. Well these fans -- feel free to openly show their love and affection for each other in public places and what does that do. Well that's that's a concern for parents. Because quite often and you know this may happen if you're watching the game tomorrow night at this there. There may be moments when you're gonna -- Hopkins fans in the stands. Showing affection for each other. And if kids are watching the game tomorrow night you know a child they say daddy -- those two fountains fans holding hands. Mommy why those Hopkins fans hugging and kissing each other. I mean it understandable nightmare for any parent who is simply trying to raise their child in a world where they're not exposed to such deviant behavior. Many argue that the acceptance of falcons fans will lead this country down and immoral path. If for example saint falcons fan marriages were legal and accepted. Then what what's -- -- falcons fan from one day marrying his dog or god forbid marrying a saint Stan. You know there are actual cases of falcons fans and saints fans living together as domestic partners. At the biggest concern is in these mixed and couples. How do you reach children do you freeze them in an environment. -- is totally congruent with traditional values of the saints -- family. It's time for saints fans too to be more tolerant. And understanding of falcons fans and not be so judge middle of their team orientation. I understand the outrage over their lifestyle but. We should be more accepting of them especially when you consider this season they're having right now it's tough to live that kind of lifestyle. And if we don't understand their love for their team which you try to understand Dan. As human beings. I would expect -- understand their love but the falcons I don't understand that I don't get it. And out of falcons stand if we're focused in and admit I'd just come right out admit I'm not now is that what I'm not. I seen people were falcons fans and never have I've been tempted to become a falcons I mean sometimes it looks like they're having a great time. And they go out and they dance and they have fun but. You know I I've never -- never been attempted to become a falcons -- And there are there are people who were concerned that. Their kids are gonna suddenly become Pakistan's that they seem Pakistan's having a good time together. You know. Many even become critical of the way they dress. The way they talk. But let's remember in the Bible it says that we should not judge others. But let's remember fans it one day all falcons fans will ultimately. Be judged by -- -- I've heard heart warming stories on the show. From saints fans who were partially judgmental of thought and stance. And it was their children's generation a younger generation. That introduced them to their first Pakistan. And it was amazing to hear that when they're teenagers brought falcons fans over to their house to watch a game. The parents who originally just initially rejected falcons fans actually got to know them. And judge them noticed happenstance but judge them. As human beings. Who were just born to love. And they're just born into that likes. So when you're sitting with your family watching the saints falcons game tomorrow night. Try to be accepting of the flamboyant and sometimes disgusting behavior of falcons fans. You'll see in the stance. You might see it on the on the streets outside of the stadium and realize that this is not a life it's easy for them. Sure we don't understand what goes on the privacy of their lives but that's -- ever distance. Yes always what they do doesn't hurt anybody else I say live and let live. So I hope we can get behind this campaign promoting greater acceptance of falcons fans and realize that. If you raise your children with good values. They will not come out one day as a -- state. And even if they're exposed to the open public displays of affection among falcons fans. They're not gonna become -- stance. So. As a who dat nation. Let's strive to be accepting and tolerant of those who live a lifestyle. That contradicts. Our belief in the saints. If you gonna join our show to come tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And it takes a receipt 77 Disco blog tonight you can read and share with your falcon friends with -- who dat nation friends. It's on our website and it really deals with this very serious controversy -- American and in many ways is one of the things that divides. And it's so much of Austin who dat nation. The blog is titled. Falcons fans born that way against that Debbie WL dot com. All right tomorrow our coverage of the saints and falcons game begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with fans first statement a resident pro. Former saints offensive lineman Jumbo Steve court. And Todd and assists and at 530 it's the bond like countdown to kickoff with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Game time 730 with the best play by play team in football the voice of the saints. Jim Anderson and nobody does it like Jim. Color analyst Cokie guy shot and -- sideline reporter Kristian -- we'll also be there. And right after the game to indicating -- and the big chief for the point after until 1 AM. It's ten hours of wall to wall saints football coverage on the flagship. WW well. Here is a text that read says so what does it matter of -- on party -- oh here's a text. All the stop and talk is making -- you see you know I understand. Lot of people just don't even -- Don't wanna hear about it. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight on what will the saints do in the next two road games departed against the falcons and next Monday night that we can this coming Monday night. In Seattle against the Seahawks will they lose both games will they win both games. Will the saints beat the falcons and lose to the Seahawks. Or lose to the falcons and beat the Seahawks. Give assured figure by going to our web site WWL dot com and we'll give you an update on that coming up. In just a few minutes a there's a new poll out that shows that young people are becoming less tolerant of racist and sexist comments. And derogatory slurs on line. Six out of ten young people say that it's never OK to post slurs. Even if they say they're just kidding. And this is different from a poll that came out two years ago that shows that only about 50% of the young people said that they disapproved. Of these derogatory. Slurs and and racial and sexist comments on line -- the survey was done of young people fourteen to 24 years old that you see Internet. And they say they are quite often see derogatory words and images at times they also I say that they're just joking around and it's not meant to be hurtful. But 60% six out of ten young people say it's never OK to post slurs or -- images. Even. If they say you're just getting. But again that's up from two years ago that showed that only about 50%. Said that it was it was they would disapproving. That behavior. So interesting hopefully get people can teach -- -- -- the adults of the same respect for. The Internet and not to buy into all -- The did the racial slurs and molded this stupidity that's that's that's on the Internet and you know one of the degree things about. The social media one of the great things about that news is really one of the bad things about it's it's anonymous. And so people can people can say derogatory things that possibly think that they'll never city your face but they say it online where they say it is text or tweet. Or FaceBook post again I guess you you could figure out who it is says most of the time when it comes to some of those things. But in many cases they they do richest. Totally. Anonymously. Also we you know we mentioned last night a new ABC Washington Post poll that shows Obama's approval rating has hit an all time low at 42%. Now there's another new poll out this from from CBS news showing that the president's approval rating has -- down to 37%. Down from 46%. Late last month. Now as I mentioned last night and even this is a whole trend that a lot of people who usually totally. Disregard the polls that say on appalled to -- A it's it's ridiculous stated it is not true don't believe the polls that's what they say would Obama -- up. But the they want to believe the polls when icy -- about President Obama being down. And -- can't have it both ways if you. If you like the polls when he's down then you can also trust the polls when they show that he's up in the polls are really honestly. I'm more -- than you might wanna believe and even though they never called you. Even though they haven't called your friends they don't have to call everybody the the the technology. And the -- said surveys and polls are taken. Really do. Tend to accurately reflect. How elections are gonna turn out. If you look at the polls before the election and then you see how the election turns out the polls quite often. Very accurately predict. What's gonna happen sometimes there are. There are blips they go in either either direction but but quite often the polls are are -- brother accurate. And I was talking to a pollster -- fellowship who's quite often on the show from new policies set in DC and he does just holding with his sick Claris research group. And I asked him what do you say to those people who say well I've never been called I'd never participated in the -- -- the polls be accurate. He said students like a doctor can take a very tiny sample of your -- Very tiny sample of your blood. And they can tell you what's going on your body. They don't have to take a big sample blind not to take they don't have to take all of your blood. But they can take a very very tiny small sample of your blood. And figure out what's going on -- well again a lot of people don't wanna believe. The polls. But yet. The polls do. Tend to be actually. On my email address if you would like to communicate with me through email is scoot that's SC OT. WWL dot com. And you could join me on Twitter at -- every W well. Coming up we'll take a break here and when we come back -- But those -- you -- have enjoyed this later in the show -- I want to just talk briefly about this recognition of the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. And the idea did the assassination of Kennedy was the flash point in time. That really gave birth to what was going to be -- rebellious anti establishment generation from the 1960s. A generation that is now the establishment. So what's the connection. I don't talk about that. But -- -- here's a Texan Reid's dirty bird gumbo on the menu tomorrow night -- Who -- Apologist I'd love to watch the saints beat the falcons but remembered -- the opposite motivated because it would make their season. To knock the saints down it would make their season to do anything they could to keep the saints out of the playoffs and that's going to be their motivation tomorrow night but don't think the saints. And Sean Payton Drew Brees. Aren't aware of that. This is dispute show live from New Orleans on a Wednesday night will. Right back on -- WL. I remember there are sobriety checkpoints in Orleans parish tonight until about 5 o'clock tomorrow morning so if you. C a delay -- ahead that's probably what it is -- you don't drink and drive I think that's the big reminder here tonight. And also make sure you always have proper documentation. You might be asked for your driver's license or proof of registration and proof of insurance. You know -- As we continue to think about the fiftieth anniversary of for the assassination of Kennedy which is officially this Friday the 22 that it was on a Friday when he was. Assassinated in 196350. Years ago. President Kennedy said something that is so important something that is so. Lost today. His famous line and I believe this was in his inaugural speech. Ask not. What your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. That statement alone. Defies. The entitlement mentality in America. And he was a Democrat many considered him to be a liberal Democrat ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. Wanna thank Nelson ransom or studio producer also reject -- -- a studio I've -- have a great night -- -- love -- New Orleans.