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Nov 21, 2013|

Dave talks about stupid hoaxes, Saints/Falcons, and pretty wives

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's November it's the 21. 2013. -- that they'd be more of right outcome to game gave Friday he yeah are you ready -- are you -- -- -- right now. -- call. -- OK OK okay how. And you know yeah. It's not hard to get drunk when. Now yeah. Van libelous story line very tonight. Lots and lots of points. By the black and gold and now nine and a half point favorites. I'm pretty good -- getting to be more heavy favorite yeah I noticed that's pretty good spread there but there's one problem. If you believe. This person whoever they're out there who belong in the why. Would people file I don't know this person in fact right now. It's going to be -- Winner of the what is wrong with people file award. They're right on top. Headline read. Drew Brees breaks both -- in car. Watch New Orleans November 30 2013. This is developing story. -- spokesperson for the -- highway safety authority we've done this into our highway safety authority a test today. Has confirmed that Drew Brees broke both of his -- to the traffic altercation. Now. It's been transported via ambulance to a local the world hospital for treatment. And the full extent of his injuries not known at this time however both of his legs were visibly broken -- -- -- out there I have no idea. It some. It has in -- no it's not funny at all and it makes no sense whatsoever. I -- on FaceBook yet answered -- text messages from people in. Florida -- sure. New York and all over the country because this thing was on the Internet and all over FaceBook. That the website is drew got -- died in the media factored dot com slash net -- -- gone on. Whoever wakes up in the morning and besides I am going to put out a story. Either that Drew Brees broke both his lines or a celebrity news alive and well today -- or. Any number of these you'll be hoaxes. Goes through all of the trouble of making up a fake -- to -- who's wrong. Goes ahead and get him into the details the accident involved in 2012 BMW driven by deliveries down or Andy 76 year old the only is gonna blame an old woman all in all women -- children male driver in 2010 on. The driver of the body was issued a citation for failing to stop at a red light before striking the vehicle. And invite through three sirens treatment and all these details. Team spokespersons. To not be reached for comment. Additional details and information will be updated -- -- becomes available this story's still you know and no other news outlet. No sports guy know insider. NFL nobody. Knew about this what what these who bought the Ron Paul. What these two ball more on -- Is that some real news agency will pick this up and posted attack. The Bill Sheridan. Made in the post on website that the -- on the -- -- that the -- -- whatever. These lonely miserable. Eighty now three literally had a month import will fall for it. I wanted to get a shock a lot of us now understand angry an outsider as some real news people called me to say there anything -- -- that is true. Got hitting go at it today they called us -- because of the likes of the things in this forum and the answer is no job. A bunch of Malarkey. It's got off the plane. While under the bus in Atlantic yesterday. If you broken like man he really isn't it. Why I. Guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's this here's my question text -- that creativity how big an eighty days. The but it did pre stressed Mercedes and BMW that -- between the -- -- A there's a walk in now on the road with -- ask it and it is the gas because. Well actually his wife would drive gasket -- look at. He would break here. -- and put gas in his Mercedes. It. Five point gave -- in the early edition of WW golfers as Symantec to mediate 7870 says that this same article went round. During earlier games some announces that report last year did yours yet this without actually remembered during training camp but I guess an -- drew is one of the top vote getters. And the voting. For the Pro Bowl and since his team is in position to. Maybe go all the way hottest teams in football team that lets put this out again it's it's a little different -- -- some -- the details and that date obviously it. In ad system. That does. Some accusing -- talking about it at two waiting exactly what they want. Well now I don't think anyone enemy column total freak in more and I don't think that one out in the real not to expose them for the -- or -- ball. It. Think. There I think -- forecast with ready for the front that -- -- Thursday Temps in the upper seventies and a 10% rain chance with mainly cloudy skies that'll continue overnight even a touch of -- too. With lows in the mid sixties then Friday rain chances at 30% -- -- 79. Saturday the cold front arrives and it does bring rain throughout. Most of the day Saturday it's also going to bring some cooler weather starting off in the mid sixties -- falling to the mid fifties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- We are partly cloudy skies 63 degrees at the international airport in general to committee in my 93% -- went to twelve miles an hour it's cloudy and 59 so much warmer this morning. In -- now by the way Drew Brees is number two in the Pro Bowl voting. Now Jimmy Graham. -- Number one in my book it's the -- off this morning sportsman in the number 1 morning sports yes Bradley. Big game tonight. And as you tell me earlier even if Drew Brees had to grow in life giving things away. Yeah I would even take on the count over the falcons right estimates activated that -- -- -- there's four touchdowns on crutches. But after a short time with Steve Geller happy game gave the. -- game day who dat nation well. Over on the hardwood first Anthony Davis led the pelicans to their second straight victory. Miles deep Davis got around you ever -- goes up strong and stores. Master what they -- -- you just can't do that -- to help Anthony Davis with Madison a double figures Davis scored 22 with nine rebounds and eight blocks as the pelicans beat the jazz 105 tonight DA. Well Thursday night football features the black and gold as the scenes battle NFC south rival Atlanta in the Georgia Dome. The falcons may just be to an eight on the season but Drew Brees knows that doesn't mean a thing. Through records out the window and becomes a game like this summer and -- teams are very capable to divisional game it's on the road for us on a short we can all those things. Now let's go to our man behind enemy lines sideline reporter Kristian -- from Atlanta. It's game day for the saints and falcons in the Georgia Dome tonight the dirty -- would love nothing more than to. Take the saints down off there. NFC south perch with a victory even though Atlanta city at two and eight. It's a divisional rival falcons coach Mike Smith says they have to handle the ebbs and flows of the game a little bit better. And we've not handled that very well and it's my responsibility it's not the players in the locker room. It's my responsibility is the head coach to make sure that our guys are prepared. And motivated to play. And Johnny football set to make its first appearance in Tiger Stadium on Saturday when LSU host Texas a and M. Tigers wide receivers Jarvis Landry says that man's Zell is a special talent. I'm excited -- everybody else's notes to see. You know diamonds you know play around but I'm also excited about the defense and on the side. We'll see those guys get after the quarterback in your child that child forced him make some turnovers I think that that's going to be a thing for us and they need to to be a big Clinton though it -- -- -- -- -- -- having another Heisman Trophy worthy season he's thrown 31 touchdowns with eleven interceptions and is also rushed for eight scores. Tonight the scenes battle -- dirty birds and Atlanta will bring you wall to wall -- coverage starting at 3 o'clock game time is that 730. I'm Steve Geller and that's early morning looked. Ports 24 minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL offers news on this game day November 21 2013. How. -- first one happy about the there's tonight. As a cat quick turn around it was a Sunday afternoon became a Sunday night game at some level I'm David and I realized that the falcons. And I realize that kind of cool to have another game so quickly yet for me the week has flown by I'm sure it has firm would -- well -- -- -- instantly here it is game. Since nine and a half point favorite and -- going to your prediction right now. I love the saints in this match in my I I -- winning 3820. And be giving way to Atlanta I'm actually being generous. Eighteen point win. Yeah I expect -- in this Georgia don't expect him to jump out early and then Atlanta trying to play catch up the whole rest of the way. And just making a ton of mistakes will be turnovers. And could you could see a pick six hopefully for core white finally. Instead of Hillary out and alcohol content -- -- not exactly little redemption expecting that second -- in full force to you definitely Matty ice will be sludge by the end of the day yes -- will be a little ice -- all balled up on the ground. Javier. It's almost a point now where this wouldn't -- -- hockey. And that's how we got to always scares me. Absolutely -- to me it's like you you go into this with so much bravado and and it's like wait a minute what just happened but the saints are going into this with a clear heads. And -- focus on not only this game but in other yet another tough on coming up in Seattle. Maybe a couple players rest this one's. My teeth in place you expect the plane now flying it and it needed. Yeah I think to start out we'll we'll be thrown the whole bag of tricks Adam but towards the third fourth quarter you might see some regulars sitting out but not Drew Brees. Their impact through -- his legs are fighting well like they're perfectly fine thank you speak to both acted like I meant more towards John WWL. Let's get your forecast. We'll see increasing clouds today and highs in the upper seventies later on what's up from -- -- 10% greater chance that'll continue overnight with maybe some patchy fog and -- in the sixties. Then Friday high 79 with 830% chance forces body brain. Saturday though little -- chance at 50% during the day that's a cold front moves and dropping Temps in the fifties by the afternoon. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist are about cell. -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this November 21 2013. Days before Friday Mary welcome to Friday even game day yes -- -- Are absolutely. Poll. It was. Okay okay okay I. Good I did that happening in the event on. Advising people. And field and a woman actually that. Christina was that similar -- that really make me feel really good yeah. The for our music. Path -- right right there you know -- just to this. Emotional. Raj now if you go around all day you're gonna work and put on the street that you're mad -- you want -- -- on the field. Making people laugh it's no -- in the office. You know -- -- bathroom -- Standing behind you on line you know bottom -- that. Now we're not suggesting anybody -- The kind of thing you do not. -- -- The daylights -- -- people. It's going to be big fund I expected to protect -- you know -- in and out you know in Atlanta tonight Thursday night football. He's it is when you know we've got the saints are 99 and I have favorite. And an analyzer. And you know I and that's what the wage should be in and I would think it would feel that way. But it is Atlanta and weird weird things happen in the day. Still -- -- -- all life raft and all the speculation. And whatever doom saying and I've got the saints. Winning by a fourteen. Fourteen are made Steve Geller says saint by eight seniors they think my fourteen -- say things like nine and a half. I don't think they'll win by management. I'm fairly certain that one can't produce -- -- -- Laura and I thank you for that now this which is better a beautiful life. Or an ugly -- opt. Canada and their opinion as good as old song. -- -- That he's now number one hit kind of virus if you wanna be happy to get an ugly girl to -- That's estrogen measles that Iran I heard that I thought it made some -- at the time well you -- apparently did the whole idea as you -- have other men lusting after what I that's really worried about your way cheating on you more about people aren't going your wives your -- their -- general lines get all that. Superficial stuff by the way you fall in love with her soul in her personality. All of that. Well I have in my hand. -- -- Immediately published in the journal of personality and social psychology. And it says no no. A new study suggests it's an attractive wife. Then leads to a satisfying me. At the headline is met with attractive wives report higher levels of marital satisfaction. Here's the odd thing. Doesn't make a difference for women husbands in the national -- at all now apparently only men care. About it. And hotter there wives that happened they are now according to the study. Andrea. Meltzer tracked over 450 newlywed couples -- psychologist. During the course of four years the subject seriously pose that question does a good looking spouse lead to more satisfying unions. When Meltzer and her team discovered. The findings it contradicted the -- but they found was that also attractiveness does play a major role in marital satisfaction. Only format. In other words men care about looks up more than women is this breaking news we need is that it Dallas this tells the song was wrong. Apparently we did now -- jealous type it here -- one of these people who just cannot. Control your jealousy maybe that song is accurate but for most people at least according to this starter in his study. Done by the the psychologist and backed up by some of the study in 2008 but the relationship duties Leo line com. That you know you -- -- you want to hire I ought to be gorges. Are okay. Again -- you don't solve that you want a beautiful wife and I'm living proof. What -- do yet. Yes say -- I know we might argue over whose wife is more gorgeous that you know I I am very happy with my library items through. Than others that prejudicial thing that trumps it suits you you know his defining ugly if is gonna rock for you know that while it literally horrible that's the other thing -- -- -- -- you know who's attractive it is not all goes back in the -- of the -- holders. Thank you David talked about twenty -- corporate news here on WW out. God we know that her husband the very happy man this meteorologist. Are about all what are we talking about well. It found that that the Il song that says if you wanna be happy for the rest of delight me in ugly woman your wife -- present that true. New apartment if you have a beautiful white men are happier outlook so I'm missing all of. That's fairy hi I should check with him and say Adam now you know. You would know he's happy and I asked am I now where where is happy getting married couple it's the fifth. A marriage as that sound -- Or advancement valley women don't care eleven are no -- our husbands are good looking trusting they'd they'd they'd look beyond well. Look at it look beyond all that says how fattest wallet and is now hello -- -- ideas how high his wallet and that's not all about the money if it is it OK to say that and then that they just -- -- I. Could -- And and a no doubt about the whether it's getting into partners pert near eighty before we get another little run today 79 tomorrow before the front arrives Saturday. Rollercoaster weather and only should be used to it bit him in the battle and act and Hideki east who have coming -- -- like -- attack output and a pulled out what will happen you know it's just kind of that. Back and forth that we're going to be into the weekend and you may want heavier coats by Sunday how only -- 850. Willow I it to highs tomorrow and close -- close to -- not even getting to fifty. No big fifty make it you know -- yeah -- about it for 54 a deputy to run on it before. -- he. Point five points to 2.5 degrees difference it's gonna be buckled on Sunday when he five degrees called the ecological. That it is for the hot I think you're right our it's and between now on the to be any rain. We -- have a chance at Saturday's can becoming cloudy. The obesity showers around it's not gonna be like a washout -- heavy rain thunderstorm Friday that it can be cloudy and cut it to raise at least some showers around since Saturday at the transition date will start up in the 60s in the morning. Falling into the 50s by the evening to cooling off during the day Saturday skies should clear a little bit on Sunday and that's when he relief bill that Cilic has that mid fifties but it's gonna feel like the. Board in the rain on tail gators before the -- Aggie similar wrangling and yet deathly chance both both I would say you know bring the punches that he can bring umbrellas and the state interpret the punches. Have the rain gear around at the again back to be a wash at -- -- -- heavy heavy rain but there will be some showers around at times so. Can't rule out that it just you know be prepared. We are advised and we should be prepared and as we just ignore you which we wouldn't -- -- that Obama. All right. You know it's quickly we're getting very close do you think you. Of course almost a -- -- yen at the latest Thanksgiving can ever be so we're gonna have very little time between Thanksgiving. To sort it out I party started my Christmas shopping. Really yeah yes right along time ago but I'm really ramping up now and into it now -- Black Friday through Pratt well right after Christmas of course New Year's. And I don't across the country get ready. Okay at a town near Philadelphia Kenneth square Pennsylvania. Is getting the giant mushroom. Ready -- -- hit -- 700 pounds stainless steel -- stool on the lowered from a crane that I'm in the mushrooms or something well according to the AP. Is famous for its fungus. -- We drop. The gumbo pot into the baby's arms for some reason people think we -- the baby which is a debate is standard after the gumbo pot new York city of course they dropped the ball. Kenneth square Pennsylvania the drop in the 700 pound. Notes too much on cash. I just. Too weird for you -- December and I hey let's go drop of -- much room. Adults it. I'd just -- well maybe to down though you know probably other people like gumbo pot -- that -- You know let out on him Pennsylvania they drop 885. Pound statue of a marshmallow -- He may be it's just it's kind of make their different. How many -- really excite about -- Ten foot -- ran it dropped in Eastern Pennsylvania because -- that in the home of real. Cool. And preacher like her you know your your cultural stuff that could drop anything and new unity -- unit dropped. You can't quote a topic -- red -- into -- or something. Right into mobile or -- -- -- -- alligator crawfish or some then. Now -- not a -- but here's the thing. I know we're talking about -- years that can just get -- think papers -- dying hard for going to go enjoy your Turkey I mean I -- step -- it's my favorite time here I want to savor every part of it. Goes -- away in -- all of this conversation for it thank you -- meteorologist Laura Martin an -- the direct from the Eyewitness News forecast and now -- direct from Atlanta we bring in saints' sideline reporter Kristin -- enlivened direct from three feet away from may. The pregnancy Bob eight America's its prediction on time it is game day ladies and gentlemen acres and as a weather up in the AT now. Look -- that good. I'm cool all right here I'm -- cadets at the AT -- -- yes yes that does he'd call school that's kind of like on news nor on the Big Easy that. Most. Probably stuff. Are right that this -- than nine and a half point favorites. Christian we'll start with you is that realistic the saints win by nine points or more tonight in Atlanta. Very much so the saints average margin of victory which Sean Payton on the sidelines against Atlanta ten point nine points rights of the Vegas wise guys know what they're doing. The average margin of defeat for the falcons the last four games eighteen points I decided to saint tomorrow it would that's your prediction. -- -- name your score it's the authority wants fourteen kind of game. You have the opening my seventeenth the momentum going by eighteen -- canceling -- fourteen. These guys I'll write on team Bob or is this just the pine it's nice -- Ha actually in my takes its chose the falcons plus the nine and have. And -- are you are demanding today music give us back cover I think saints win by ten man bites I apparently -- -- -- Lives. Not a trap game know anything goes wrong and crazy -- everyone says double digit lead and everyone says same thing. That is that on the run situations where the -- the -- you you guys can break down the creative possibilities coming up on double coverage on thirteen 53 WL. In about ten minutes right here. In New Orleans and Atlanta and double trouble from 2 cities this morning sports time now here and for that we have Steve -- 0105. WWL I -- Good -- good morning and the brow Anthony Davis put -- another show leading the pelicans 20105 to 98 victory over the Utah Jazz three. On that out the top of the field you -- mastodon and others. Without reporting on the floor. Davis scored 22 points on the night with nine rebounds and eight blocks Ryan Anderson added nineteen points. Talk about a short week game days already here who detonation as the saints take on the struggling falcons in Atlanta. Drew Brees says though that through the records out the window in this one these games are always Tyreke and those can be tough -- in the last living beings who played -- -- doesn't come down to a last possession. With even more on this matchup you're saints' sideline reporter Christian Garrick from Atlanta. The two and eight Atlanta Falcons host the patent to NFC south rival New Orleans Saints tonight in the Georgia Dome the falcons have lost four straight and coach Mike Smith not mincing words when talking about his football team and coaching staff. This is a group of coaches that -- have won a lot of football games right now we're not playing good football we're not coaching good football. And it's unacceptable for our team that's unacceptable for our fans. It's unacceptable for the organization. While the LSU defense faces a huge test Saturday when they host the high octane Texas a and M offense led by quarterback Johnny -- -- Tigers' running back Jeremy -- says that the offense can help the defense out by containing -- football by keeping them off the field. Did this I was running game and are just controlled town possessions so. Even cute girl with all the bills are responsible. Conduit nominates us in the second have nothing wrong vigorous and forces us. The Aggies are averaging just under fifty points per contest while LA she's putting up 38 points per game. Tonight this -- battled the dirty birds in Atlanta will bring you wall to wall coverage starting at three game time is that 730. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. So Steve does -- make eight. Difference if it is raining during the LSU game that is a chance of rain before and during especially the early part of the game does that change anything you think this the tigers remain a four point favorite event of its sloppy and and wet and raining -- and I think actually -- the weather conditions if they are way. Actually help the tigers out because there aboard the ground and pound kind of offense. And Texas a and imitate diamonds -- out of the game and allows the tigers it is. Around the ball yet has less miles ethics and a couple of years gives him more wet ball opportunities -- thank you we'll leave it on that talked about ten minutes is Chris ports here at WW with a with a wet ball opportunities. Time below and stop talking now will let -- but I'll start talking. -- to tell you about this study that found that men are much happier in their marriage if they have a beautiful wife. Women they don't care one -- -- made -- 78 that is just remember that no matter how ready someone somewhere is tired of her craft. Which brings me to that point that every time a big Hollywood couple breaks up and she's the most beautiful woman as people I can't believe you letter go. What -- -- beautiful doesn't mean they get along. Coming up -- cities in the eye of the beholder one man's trash is another friend.

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