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11-21 6:15am Tommy, Saints vs. the Falcons

Nov 21, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints match-up against the Falcons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker saints playing the falcons tonight on Thursday night football. Ready jaguar in -- worried about the saints game against the falcons 83% same continent. 17% are saying -- I'll be honest I'm worried editing and a worry about -- and my concern is coming off a San Francisco. -- and -- to Seattle. Atlanta I'm not in the loses text comes in and says this is Atlanta's Super Bowl and my word for anything or for not that Mike Terry Jones is right now NFL. Analysts in college draft expert morneau might wanna you know on on an idea. If -- -- a heavy rational fears here are doing have a right to be concerned. Well I mean this in these games have always been pretty tight. And wanting -- back cat that you can almost sold the record books out -- -- what what. No lecture Atlanta rolled into the superdome they want you to know that sites well you know do you completely at that point. -- -- that a upsetting members that was the -- Chris I everywhere while gold. And then you know optimistic that scripted out pretty good a little bit. And in a game which I think was six struggle with that -- -- in the -- and ended up that keep them. Cool game. One thing that account of bill. Is that I'm Sean -- this team has dominated Atlanta like nobody. Shall have to eleven to eleven wins two losses against Atlanta. Talking in in kind of in a -- that watered down that if you habitable 560%. That that's really good. May have gotten to know that that's noble thing in which have been able to get to Atlanta. Acting early hole and won't comment test them a little bit because of football team that really. Kind of had been beat up a little bit those first three games -- the season losing all in the final minutes. -- just think about game one. On what third complete Stephen Jackson get -- right hand with the Olympic gold line he dropped the ball. Talk about bikini a couple of knock away but that now play Jackson's open them in drops. And -- -- basically winning that game form which the -- mobile me. Thank got a lot of confidence. In their infant could help win games in Atlanta at the start of people that that million. He got it against Tampa Bay are trying to put that gain in technical -- -- quarterback. Still jump on them early don't care about any and debris and I think that's something that initial week. You wanna take care. Real quickly and don't give it. And that second -- it gives them an opportunity to -- you describe their Super Bowl at this point in time to duplicate words. I mean that people say it's one thing but you know it's -- the win for them of that orbit on again at this stage but pick it up that. Court a little bit here. And you don't know -- the Seattle. Won the national portrait I feel competent with Jim -- I would say I would feel much more -- you -- One ritual is that football teams have been focused. Very well oh. And get it all you got here about how good they are -- and not as little. And oh -- They have the second best winning percentage on the -- We take a break when we come back I'll talk to you what about what Sean Payton. May have told Iran how you keep a -- focus you've been around his longtime. Coming off a big win looking ahead to a big game ten days later on a short week. 611 might it's early days I guess 2601878. Toll free 866. It 8908 Sammy talking about the saints falcons game tonight do you think they got this. Are you worried I'm a little worried -- would you think when we come back on WWL. Six when he one time -- Traficant that we noted. Gerald Robinson Johnny -- dynamite to TBA -- think everybody news. Who he is he's a friend of ours he's on a lot with a stern but -- our friend of ours. You know that -- on a -- to it put policies -- they get a texas' Yemen brother lives in Atlanta but as saints and I told him I'm more worried about the falcons. Now I am the 49ers. Because it might or is there such a thing as a trap game any NFL or is that more of a college thing. Yeah you know that that's more college -- to be honest with you. Again I go back that this is a very focus football. It has been and it shall -- He's done a great job call. Just being able to compartmentalize. Things. We -- Knowing that you know hostile environment. You're up against the world on an adequate job -- In its winning 63% of them after world -- It is -- get much credit for that. Now. But the ultimate losses and -- on the well don't quite get that -- in the oil law but that was why they bill. But I can't just focus ought to get that football team and looking at direction. -- national. Knowing whom to what -- -- we eat sensibly. And great credit but that. And what -- -- that out this morning because I think this is an old but. -- -- -- -- -- -- and Graham has caught passes. The old order insert it now. And market cold but it caught one pass as well in order to each quartz. And in the -- Being. -- two player. In at all and that doesn't feature anybody -- well. Combined. One patent was seven under. And nine touched down in saint. I'm -- it is and -- want him there. The secondary. That falcons because of the in this match now you Graham. In cold in the game while working at it. Oh. Yeah you know -- where it all in -- just go. Again don't numbers that we have this morning. You watched tomorrow morning. -- to -- -- a lot because. No apparent about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Willie -- is a team team needs to eliminate. You know you take it and -- and you'd take the crowd out pretty quickly if you do that it's Thursday night let them go home early that's -- unfolding. And Atlanta that out of the community any. You know put it right you can win without anti. Wouldn't it by. 8000. In the in -- and senior. Party. You know and that's on this Sunday. That's not on the -- to really college. In Georgia. And secondly insulin but rates -- bet. And -- and operate as bulky. When he fourteen. And so you just got that it is not focused king we're winning it. But -- -- That will be revealed little. When he got you know economic the -- a little bit so. Event and I can't just do what you. -- -- -- -- Would be the -- turned the football. The only comment I think the -- is not double digit win this site. Is that this might help in that category in turning the Pope mobile with even though accurate that is what he. Up into the wanted to thank. The net gain of Portland and finally we want. Mike you've made me feel better. And they about change my vote to confident now. Well opt -- would I honestly I how -- of a lot of there's been an economic a lot of it and it. You don't know -- that would -- it is within days. Don't double team -- -- But at night. At about that. You win points. You mean when you make in the bed buddies say that. Don't count on a bad team went -- you bet basically. Screw it up it was a lot of -- expect. -- That -- now that when you -- -- trying to win or occasionally. It may happen but being the most part I'm saying about majority. -- not going to be decades. Don't let a bad team went where you might it's about 101000 mostly to get this data feedback that makes -- move on from here. I'll give a great danger to gain an -- we'll talk to tomorrow morning.

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