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WWL>Topics>>11-21 7:15am Tommy, Pres. Obama controversy

11-21 7:15am Tommy, Pres. Obama controversy

Nov 21, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Mary Mitchell, an Associate Professor of History at UNO, about a controversy with President Obama over "under God."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

1119 Tommy Tucker earlier this week -- the hundredth and fiftieth anniversary of the Gettysburg address. And according to CBS news when the president recorded his version. As was given to him by Ken Burns. It did not include the phrase under god now a lot of people have said that the president. Com is not a Christian which I'm -- trying to proffer that theory dollar. That maybe he's an ardent about separating god from country. But there could be another reason for it and that could be that maybe ease. Wants to be terribly accurate as it relates to history and for that we bring in Mary Mitchell an associate professor of history at -- no good morning. How are you aren't -- thanks for taking the time -- this before we talk about President Obama let's talk about. The history of the Gettysburg address because I found it fascinating and doing some research that you think when you learned something in history that that's absolutely stone cold the way it is that's not necessarily the cases. Right that's right and me particularly the nineteenth century you know we don't have a videotape recording -- Lincoln giving the Gettysburg address so. There are multiple -- did that happen a lot with speaking of the nineteenth century. And I heard one suggestion that maybe Lincoln didn't even say under god it is obviously the people that -- not around anymore and they possibly could have. I added that to a draft after the speech was given. Possible but it was there where contemporary newspaper accounts said that haven't been there. OK so when it comes to different versions and how the president could have gotten this version of it. Some day they call at some kind of nickel a copy what is it. Well he had. Secretary little guy with a one private secretary -- it was another one. And for the first two versions that we have worm Burton given his private secretary. One it seemed like one was just before the speech the sort of first strap the technical library in which is what Obama. -- and then The -- was right after this speech also given to a private secretary. I it's so this is given and they say by Ken Burns bombed you would think at some point. The White House would have edited before the present in the United States reads something they would go back and put it in. Historical context so. As it comes to an accepted version -- the historically action for actually accurate version rather than. Gettysburg address would one include the phrase under god. Well I mean it's hard to make that you have to think historically about why. -- accept -- -- is -- captive bird and at tab under god and it. That appeal to a lot of people about what people want children remember. It's also the very end that. Was signed by the president but again it was it was given much later well after the Gettysburg address Ebert and public version has. One of the person with under god and so it's very hard day. So divergent diversion that. Struggling in -- version that of president Lincoln signed did not have the phrase under god. He -- but that was recorded much later well after the Gettysburg address was delivered. Via. So its -- I think if you. I'd like to look at contemporary. Newspaper account as speeches by there and they all differ from one another. But some of them did record under god in the you know as early as giving this speech. We have to take that account as well I think. I'm historically. Aid can temporarily what what is your view why has the president maybe what kind of criticism has the president gotten four. God christianity etc. and I'm not trying to validate any of these things and just trying to put this in context well. You mean Obama yet. Well -- Yeah I think people are. Looking for ways to criticize Obama. At least certainly seemed to be Christian. And he. He explains himself as a Christian and I think christianity is important and I think in this case. Key really read what the documentarian -- -- to read and I think it is important. That we understand there are multiple. Versions of this document that there is no one. Very into the back. Which is one wanted to have you on thank you -- OK absolutely.

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