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11-21 9:10am Tommy, overdose

Nov 21, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dena Lopez, the mother of Megan Lopez, about the death of her daughter and the a synthetic form of LSD

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

21 year old -- Lopez. Is now with us anymore because as it was direct result of -- a drug that she took that was furnished allegedly by 22 year old Cody watts. And he was arrested for death and charged with second degree murder and brought him in Dino Lopez Megan's mom now good morning -- Good morning thank you Tommy for -- in our families message. Thanks to -- in a time when this the first thing I have to tell you is I have a daughter. And -- the pain you must be feeling is is beyond -- so I am so so very sorry for your loss and him. -- tell us a bit about Megan before we get -- get know what happened because whenever something like this happens. I hate for a person whose whole life. It consisted in this case shortly tragically of 21 years to be remembered only for this and I also. I always rather like to trying to find out a little bit about that person because this is not presume what. Defined Megan as a as a young woman. Correct and we appreciate that thank you. They can -- 21. She group think Tammany parish. Actually growing up to your typical. Trial that was in Girl Scouts that. He groups that she is the -- after school every day to help the kids and they have to care programs the typical. She. You have holiday entertainment. And upon graduation. She had received -- scholarship. For. Her college. Days. She then attended. -- Peking university and an analyst with the massacre at Loyola. -- is currently holding two jobs activity appear different in meaning many people. And the January. Megan that this happened to -- in April and January he had called me or connect to meet them meet her at a bookstore. She wanted to talk about her life goals. And we can't we met at the bookstore at your. -- latte and a piece of cake and she told me that. You know it shouldn't. To bedding and gold mine -- what she wanted to go back to school she's gonna concentrate more. Born to her. Her degree and then Japan and the classes spat that interest deter them managed to. She was content to organize and of course what came with that was the request for a new. Laptop protection because. She could planned everything -- -- and keep track of it. She wanted to travel she had already been done here to Hawaii. Ones on which school he pretty the top honor. Children who were invited to. The -- around with the with the school personnel there. And she loved it she had learned a -- and you without you know and Carolina. And she certainly appreciated the culture that should expand to over in Europe. I'm looking at a picture right now she's a beautiful young lady and you know as a parent I think we all think we know what are kids are doing and and the other thing is that. When when it comes time to let him go on go to college that's that's not a very easy thing in year and you know I've had many conversations with parents about the issue hope. They do the Smart thing there and not trying to talk bad about your daughter -- please believe this so Idaho candidates out of trouble -- that nothing happens to them. Did you have any inclination at all that. I guess I should NASA did this different -- do you have any indication that she was involved with any drug use before. We had no idea that make in particular friend like that it's. This was an extremely potent coalition -- -- connector on its. And then -- we are unaware. That she would be. Willing or. Curious enough to is it -- to try something like ten. Had you ever had a conversation with -- about drugs it was just kind of implied that. Is not acceptable in our family. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When she was in high school and you know you you think contrary as the but all what I I think back now -- Everything and his interpretation to it a couple of times as far as the conversation. You know what I mean by that. It doesn't mean that it doesn't really matter. Because that only property. One -- president or one different. Crowd a group of people to too cute to steer someone down another Abigail and -- and a and and then again we had. That is detachable. Candidate and conversations with their high school and then war you know recently. Mean everywhere can -- -- you couldn't even go to the anti. Just about every may indeed eager to now even if it's a PG or PG thirteen references. Casual drug use them in -- It's unfortunate. Yes we had had conversations before about drugs. And their consequences. But we were not underwear at all it's sad to make it would take misconduct. -- Tommy Tucker talk in the Dino Lopez and mother of Megan Lopez 21 years old she lost a life after taken. I guess a designer form of jealousy I think it's called -- boom that it's 122 year old Cody wants gators fires that. Specifics of this was -- at a party your sump and ended do you know Cody Watson had -- been dating. We do not know could be -- and then they would not dating it is my understanding that. He was an acquaintance that these southeastern camp that. And it is also our understanding. That took. It it was Easter story -- And Megan was invited. To a picnic setting. -- and pay property. In Hammond. You are content in the way. And and it went in at least China -- Get cute kids stared consultant. And upon. Taking the drugs Megan then began to suffer the consequences which included. Theaters and then. Struggling her heart when integrity -- and all the things that come what that such -- lack of oxygen to the brain and and and other got a constitutes a that we received the call at about 815 opponent Tuesday night its from the southeastern. Typically the updating that -- had been involved in an intent and that she was down she was being brought to North America hospital. And I eventually you had dead now you decided to remove her from life support. Correct that we that we went to emergency room that evening and -- -- was an innocent and it is very emotional night at and it Megan. Megan BP can at that point was. Horrific and that's what I need he parents and kids and -- When you walk into America's Seagram and you need to contend. That she was in the they didn't fly you have to stay -- his appointment. The war against drugs and we stayed with her all night and I see you. And -- -- early the next morning is when a doctor told us that there was no more brain activity. And and they did not foresee it ever. On her ever rebounding from from any of the effects. -- take a break here we come back we'll move on to the the legal aspects of this Louisiana State losses second degree murders committed when the offender law unlawfully. Distributes -- dispenses a controlled substance. Listen in schedules one -- two of the uniform controlled dangerous substance slotted as the direct cause of the death. But the recipient who ingested or consume the controlled dangerous substance 22 year old Cody Watson has been indicted on second degree murder. And he could spend the rest of his life in prison DA -- integral parish and we invited on -- Vietnam with a lot of notice. Was too busy to join us but he's quoted as saying the factual basis is there. Maybe to support a violation of the laws we're gonna move forward at this point. And see where it goes and I know. Deal Lopez has some very strong feelings about that and we'll talk about that with her when we come back on WW. I Tommy Tucker -- WL we're talking to dean -- Lopez the mother of 21 year old Megan Lopez who was. Allegedly given Thomas synthetic form of -- deed by its when he two year old named Cody wants his men indicted. On second degree murder. -- Loss of life due to complications from taking the drug in -- parents had to make the difficult decision to take her off of life support and Indian in case you missed it until it was there's nothing that will prepare you. For the side of seniors you're child in that state. I would imagine that Cody wants. His parents are around as well he's only 22 of course you never know. But when it comes see him going to jail for the rest of his life possibly if convicted on second degree murder charges. I think you have to look at -- -- talk in the Dini here but to the audience that. One child is gone already and now do you take the other one. And and for whatever reason incarcerate him the rest of his life and and and for the most part his life as well but Dini said that you'd daughter does Megan shouldn't be the only one -- paid a price. Believe it definitely has felt from the beginning of course -- compassionate empathetic to all parties involved including. Including a family. There is no happy ending at the end of Iranians this. We felt that you know that two people made a -- choice that there and they. Should that be held accountable and that. At law enforcement China been good at these candidates were okay and I suspect that they would have been charged with that the very minimum. The pension distributions paraphernalia. I don't have all the details. The united. It's not and share everything is that your breakfast yet but I would think that that would be pretty. -- -- -- national -- -- -- here for her but we never understood it. Why we we're. Where we are today and months later we felt that we should've been in the beginning. You know this Christians but it took. It hit the media. The people are just now found and I kept finding out about it we didn't understand why from the very beginning. When we lost Megan definitely and beanie. Charges. Totally against the other person that was involved and then on. Also if -- if you think about. That. An even work. Carpet at outcome would've been in the paper would've had this reaction and they as we speak on. I would hope that that people as well as his family would help. In finding and and a distributor. And manufacturer. And supplier of these drug czar that this is not at all a personal -- This is. About awareness and this is about accountability. And we can't -- the that it could -- months to get where we are today. And the message that we want to and through our college campuses communities. Like about the stern as well as her high school hall ways. Is state you don't want tickets to merely. Walk around and today. Make it had an unlucky reaction at least chill. Bad luck for her that day. I would rather indicated walking around thinking wow. Look at what can happen to you. If you'd simply bring a drug to -- people. For the party. And you provided to someone and that person -- You could be in -- to deal a tribal. I know you only have two minutes left and I want to ask you this did Scott parallel the DA intangible parish. Discusses second degree murder charge with CA and did he also. Talk about the likelihood of conviction resulting in how would you feel lift. If a jury doesn't convict do you think the indictment in and of itself sends enough of a massive. I don't particularly think that the indictment and an advantage. As far as -- we learned about the way to -- defined as well the opponent all that it happened we were not aware. That didn't sell within a second degree murder. And then -- Did he often did design it and apparently the grand jury felt that attacks fell within the definition of the law. It is my understanding. That can. You know -- -- can be discussions about an amended charge. Is that going to be left up to -- to the law enforcement authorities. Would you. Be willing are satisfied with -- why it's doing a tremendous amount of community service as far as drug awareness and I'm not advocating this apologists would like to know where you are on this union family. Or do you think he has to serve some jail time. I don't think that our family has been given -- enough information relative to the case. Can make an informed decision on -- but I certainly. Would welcome community's willingness. Two to spread the message to. Two other children on and on that the -- -- stated that day as well. -- tell you people that I talk to that of lost children output among my prayer was for the rest of my life and I'll be praying for you and your family over. -- Lawson and I can't again tell you how sorry I am that you had to go through this bank account and -- actually.

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