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11-21 11:10am Garland, NOPD retention

Nov 21, 2013|

: A shrinking police force that still waste it's time making minor arrest…that’s the latest assessment of the NOPD according to the Metropolitan Crime Commission. At the same time, there’s a report of increases in murders, rapes, robberies and assaults. But the polls say we think the NOPD is improving….why the disconnect? Garland talks to Raymond Burkhart, Attorney for the FOP, about the issue.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. Every time we have the metropolitan. Crime commission here with the I think it's an annual poll they are doing good yeah I think yeah I remember correctly. Most of the votes DeGeneres show claim that we. The the the citizens the voters. Have more faith in the area and copd and think they're doing a better job and -- things seemed to be. Improving some more than others but that's always the feeling like. When I have crime commission members appear -- -- report. Yesterday -- their report from the metropolitan. Crime commission uses one of distances from -- silent. Says the other crime commission report says it's. They're depicting. A police force that can't keep up with the bad guys. While still wasting time. Arresting thousands of small -- scope clause on out of perish wore suits. So we have the -- to come on embryos that would you view them on the couldn't do -- Crime commission members. Didn't have time temple here in Austin and what we have been able to talk to remember card tourney for the fraternal order -- -- welcome back we sure appreciate -- I think it's so what are your thoughts is described commission report in how accurate or or something that does it. Supports real problem. Well first and foremost what is accurate is that we have been real desperate critical. -- with regard chew on manpower. Now as far as -- sophomore Russell scofflaws. Well cartoonish commission which recognize the story often. I'll see these people arrest -- war all. Bound by law to execute why are they want is a core war. So one and also failed to actually -- -- -- war when he actually catch someone that has the -- regardless of where. -- a war crime has it all certain that actually violated the law. Sold about all the crime commission -- statistics mean that that's great generalization they came into the like include patient with the what the wrong. Reasoning. What we have to do -- increase some -- Let's lateral transfers from surrounding agencies. The fraternal order police were not present. Are around 3500. Police officers in surrounding jurisdictions a lull in the metropolitan area. And that's not what we're -- instead at Nevada and -- neutral court. The administration believes it could put a 150 police officers on the street in the year 2.4 -- I can prompt issue and both have a conversation again at the end of the next year you'll an additional opportunity. You expect him. Recruits on the street at the end of next year it's almost going to be possible to do especially in light of the ball well or not. BK the pay rate of the police officers as well looked at all the secondary. Arrogant little Rebecca blue -- is a more veteran Tim which is that about the or perish warrants. According to the -- took reviewed bread and -- -- the used to reduce its attention and a decision rests meaning mostly. Those made -- of out of search warrants or attachments. -- prince's dad rarely result in the suspect. Spending more than that day or two in -- -- arrest would count for more than 40%. Of all arrest in the city has appeared to auto pointless practice. Given that outside parish is often true little or no interest in detaining these subject after New Orleans is rested -- so. If by understanding critically you're sitting policeman soft somebody let's say in the car. They've they've ruined a search of this person they find an outstanding warrant. There were required by law to pursue. There -- there it decor or 2%. Approachable. And police department starvation war they're -- war. Judges and courts issue more. So local police also come across somebody. Who had a warrant officer must take action. And circumstance but also issues -- for the but the -- he shouldn't judge. The problems of the world police department with the title last because he's also the ball but won't take certain actions the issue is. What do we don't want to incentivize. People to join the wind especially. Lateral transfers from the surrounding region who -- -- -- state law. Who already know what to rest or not what sort of short and simply -- -- are unpredictable ordinances and our departmental policy -- -- would need to -- -- -- focused on the wrong thing but that you compliment right conclusion our manpower shortage is critically low blow. I mean also called the service -- we ought to be and it also so those -- pro active. They have to execute on these things they -- stop somebody and get a small one. Where -- -- about report from the metropolitan crime commission. It's a -- -- report on the criminal injustices and released Wednesday. And what it says as police force it to -- of bad guys because well one of the reasons. There's still voicing time Rosenfels and two small -- small time and scope launched. On our parish warrant something we've debated and talked about for years suitable we have Raymond -- court with the attorney for the fraternal order of police. And -- and opened them what you're saying you're sitting with the commission misses the right when it comes we don't have near monopolies. But when it comes to these Scott Claus. You guys have no choice she stopped somebody. They've got a -- -- I'll send warrant you legally. Have to arrest them. That is correct or take some moderate level enforcement action cultural object what what are other types of enforcement actions continued to. Well literature I mean that's you know I am getting summonses and ticket via -- ability -- option. I'm well I'm missing -- -- wounds being rest. A -- ticket or Obama. Well what got -- and it's just the tickets if if we've got so few policemen and mobile wondered -- Concentrated on the worst crimes. Why couldn't police and just so you know we'll got more importance upper right got -- Well a lot of times these walks -- found out. All the officers are actually picking up people for more serious crimes or given a ticket for something else like a tropical. So we all just take action. What we're dog chews all the reasons that they've come into contact. With this member of the public. But there but it -- zero rose to count for more than 40%. Of all rest in the city so the vast majority of those that are. Stopping -- amendments -- scope flawed but there's something bigger that they have to rest some pork. Order a war again they're just simply issue on the traffic -- could be just a traffic. And that goes along with. So yeah and the fact that you have 40% of these people. -- who have these -- out there indicate you have a problem where people respect in the criminal justice system. And shelling out reports and the police ball to all that judicial that each. So at the same time. A puppet who blame all officers who are out there are taken people off the street and try to get people in the judicial system or cases adjudicated. For doing their job. I think we need to ensure and at the society but it sure we get our undeveloped as sort supposed to go to court and court -- and make it to court. -- that we need to rate their bonds. To ensure that the actual -- at a police also all. I don't hear this problem I've been on the air for eight years. -- -- twenty years in the media. -- here this problem and other parish who's nor are there -- I don't ever read about it in a regional ally. Mexico another parent should have adequate funding in the Apollo for their department or pressure all. Week now. What we wrestle them packaged goods that old that the body or eyelash here that we could survival twelfth six. That's how many members could survive on that would be from the superintendent on down to the recruit. And we're saying that that that war at this point we're down to about 11151150. Law. When you don't count the recruits can talk about commission police officers from the superintendent on down to a police officer one category. That's what we. That's what's going Wal-Mart and and when they tried to double tech goods. And the but it gives -- info about City Hall. The superintendent says to budget -- template in October 20 Archie. He needs one 575. All but stretched and you need them last year. But City Hall. No we can -- -- -- last week after -- what you can't do that when you're talking about the safety of the public. And I have been there and I have all the countries like fine. Who you know we have a great carriage with -- -- -- the most dangerous cities to -- They believe that because of our crime. And a lack of police problem. We have to take it seriously. It and we explained -- lateral transfer some new blood -- human. A lateral transfer is a police officer from another jurisdiction. Who is our party we oppose certify or maybe ulcer and other states. Certified to be -- law enforcement all or peace officer. And that person comes in to the police academy and has an incredibly shorter. Police academy in the wall because that -- -- are already has law enforcement peace officer experience. So lateral transfer. By example would be someone from Jefferson Parish or some counties are sure officers coming and be comparable to build a short academy about two to six weeks. And then coming Alan -- field training but I won't police officer and ambient on the street. You've already got that experience you don't you don't need to sit there and wait for this -- he officer to wire how to do the job. And -- the job. -- -- -- -- About eighteen months to two years to finally. Get into our feet on the ground and really understand and apply the job properly. Whereas the last couple Arctic -- that experience noticeably large department policy -- consent decree and -- municipal ordinances which are much. Impartial and -- city ordinance. I would and correct -- your form wrong but I think over the years I've heard about low pay a few benefits. Because we're high crime that's -- -- high risk area. And we're big play in ago over. -- fuel regulations will get to consent degree why would somebody make a lateral transfer. That's exactly what preachers have been trying to preach pretty helpful. We need to get lately we need to give incentive. To offer from all the jurisdiction. To column in the -- And serve the public of war. We're not doing. We come up about outlaw what we tell people what they put their families. Call what do you know take their kids -- -- different school at or. The double -- law does not help. Well we have a bunch of officers -- usually who want to error. But they're not gonna live and -- for the market trader and are a lot you know the problem is that police beat real issue until the very important even another jurisdiction. Our detailed system simply is not on Baghdad as a viable for all the first of football odd ball. The -- but you know now under the under the contract decree because we'll be all right he -- already have -- So we think the best way to make people Kabul or want to come over to the double -- or. Do a pay -- I'd probably get the opium. Or minimize it to the extent that they also can make a little way. And additionally. We got to focus on our priorities football but we have to give them the equipment and we need not worry about caption. We do need to worry about whether now we -- The proper training. And B now. And police vehicles that work. You know that have had its import tires we don't have all in all of them that's what we need to focus on what you can prioritize these. And we can get to where we need to be much faster while we do. Every Borough council woman -- Proposing a 30% to raised. Spread over three years for officers who have certain ranks. And that adds up to about 24 million over three year period. And everybody go talk to all the records says who just -- it may be good it would Jerusalem have the money for what happens if we reporters city. Because we need a billion for water. Pipe repairs we need. Millions for consent decree we millions of them prison what happens if we just don't have the month. Well we just don't have the money that you're just not gonna have the police officer. However it should be noted is all more -- -- a -- all the server then it goes to train collateral transport all. And apple -- but typically have spoken to these. City Hall has spoken to headquarters has spoken to the community academy about trying to get -- -- older. But we keep going into the compatible. Which you can save money. -- -- -- -- With regard to having to try to leave -- -- -- if you take it below trip for a follow on in the money. I am all of them say that what -- -- on the money for. -- -- it bought it for everything but the police. Department of point armed one point courts in Nazi word. Suited dozen national campaign to attract policeman. Go to web site joy in general PD dot org indeed India. Product from that. We really don't follow it to be perfectly almost what we're trying to do is look at the council where it again didn't pay it later. Getting word about fault ordinance. And the beyond what they'll PSC. So that we can get those stories are ordered members that we represent trying to get as many of them regionally as we chance to combat. It's gonna take longer to train at all with star from Spokane Washington. Relatives. And officers from Kenner Louisiana. -- lead to prioritize. -- that one of the benefits think of talk radio little branches but it. We -- both sides of the story and everything over and I haven't heard yourself and appreciate your calling yen could improve Richard. I somewhat remember -- attorney for appropriate for paternal order pleased. Coming up next we'll talk to a criminologist. At more -- university get a better handle on. Why can't we attract more police why isn't there a budget or otherwise it will try it again it's a little bit.