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11-21 11:30am Garland, NOPD retention

Nov 21, 2013|

: A shrinking police force that still waste it's time making minor arrest…that’s the latest assessment of the NOPD according to the Metropolitan Crime Commission. At the same time, there’s a report of increases in murders, rapes, robberies and assaults. But the polls say we think the NOPD is improving….why the disconnect? Garland spoke to Dr. George Capowich of Loyola University about the report.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The bureau like me and you thought we were seeing -- an improvement. In crime control it in New Orleans suits room here it is. May have been wrong metropolitan crime commission's Camaro with a report this week. And basically. Broke the single -- -- don't happen -- please -- won't show up not paying them enough on and on. And and they do this and it's caught my room and web -- as. We have a police force it can't keep up with the bad guys while still wasting time arresting thousands. A small time scofflaws on isle of Irish war. Goes on to explain that. A terrorist war and through attachment for appearances that rarely result in the suspect's been beaten. More than that they are -- Ngo. This accounts for 40% of all rest in this city. The commission. Described as is futile and pointless practice. Given that outside -- as often show little interest in detaining these subjects after. New Orleans has arrested them. It's even resulting in the slowdown. Of traffic at and end product. Productivity fugitive criminal district court. And we're just said that they had a book police union and owners have well the commission leaves out the time. That. Once they stopped completely and they they they detectives got -- their reported by the wall. To either write him a ticket or send them to jail and has to wonder that you just brought -- ticket. It -- for a lot of them. They find out they've got a more serious charge of its. All kind of confusing motives go to these experts went to him we have doctor George capital which was also former policeman now. Criminologists department of sociology. Blue university and he's leaving. The new targeted hotspots community -- policing in Michigan's doctor welcome back to the show. Continued help in my confusion over the commission sitting -- the wasting time. The police saying well we don't have any -- that the war. And it and it continues -- oh what am I missing here. While record missing anything and I think -- -- some. Boos. You know that there has to be. It -- the police are not going to rest. Of those short shall monitor. Offenses. But there needs to be a policy level decisions columns. From higher levels. There's an agreement without injury restrictions that were no longer. -- on of these orange. Somewhat -- indication. -- That's not what a leash. Should do. -- not. Have their time taken up. -- minor different issues that are out on -- from some other neighboring jurisdiction. And nickel and in any kind quote should fusion it's typical they expect struggle and sort of make that decision. Column. Rap rappers in each column. From higher levels of certain benchmark reviews and more. On the surface or for people like me -- -- don't but deepened in this. It would seem like -- -- no brain. We do less of this trip more time for violent crime murders is what one of the reasons not. To do. Well the reasons would be a couple I -- so one news should. That there. To look at the number of occasions where the -- in jurisdictions could not. I'll fall operate even after the restoration made. And so that -- if you're not gonna if you're all in world war. And we're not content to talk him. You. May GG. She took it to rest. Another. Another reason perhaps is that -- -- they all -- actions toward not paying a tractor following her. Some older. And they're. It's not war -- police officers -- and narrow the wage for church collections to shoot him. Civilly. And in other ways. That you could get the following decade working tickets today. What I'm getting to -- we've been talking about this quote problem for decades here. And and it's never been changed so there must be a good reason not to changes. Well I mean you know there there are some there will be some cases where are somewhat in the is. Does have an -- -- attachment to an -- war for reminder threatens you know and that detention might be chew more sugary may be others surely astrologers. If there are serious I'll pursue war and check out the notion come out we're in the officer's right to Warren chair and make stop. On the street shall come up and say -- Hillary's attachments but there's also -- war on Morse you're -- cultural urged. Are in which case then. In the rest would be made. Where things about a metropolitan crime commission report that get Yuba. The scathing picture of the New Orleans Police Department we won't go into all of the details as we don't have the time but we've doctor George temple which would this. Whose former policeman now -- college's department of sociology and blow. Leaving your new target hotspots community policing initiative doctor. According to the the commission. Where -- 13%. Rise in the number of crimes like murder rapes robberies in the salts. But got a 20% reduction in homicide. With what's going. Our Internet there. And that's how important I don't. We wouldn't expect that because those other crimes should. Usually track that all the violent crimes -- non nonlethal crimes usually track pretty closely. In -- proportion. Two. Console it's. In your beer without. Without really doing an -- analysis of the data -- pork barrel. It could be number loans. That are temporary. Could be because of that nature and location of the trip -- more serious shootings in such. Medical care is getting to the more quickly -- shaking or large or rather than half a trillion true today. Turned into all the side. And so. You know again it's. It's been an issue for awhile. Away with a way to crimes being reported because -- Non lethal violent crime which ought to be pretty consistent. In terms of how they relate. It to the homes -- -- You know bottom line suggestions without. Being a few more. Detailed. Analysis that -- I can't explain it but it is error -- and it's it's something that's an usual. Server explanation. I think the mayor and the police reporter put 250 new officers. On board. Commission says we just hired each recruit for the next new plans were graduating 23. Member plants for more than and a number of years and -- counsel women -- -- had morale. Once 30%. Pay increase over three years for. Officers under the rank of captain at that -- costs about point four million dollars. And the people that I talk to all of rectitude and have a chance that -- you see any funding. For these officers that we need so desperately. Well. I mean there -- happened funding of programs in the past from the department and trust -- -- problem with them is -- -- -- -- So at some point and the city with applicable. Where the money -- even if there we're screens available. For distribution to be. How to hire more officers wish we could do it. Barred. And that's gonna last for a couple of years may be in and at some point. The city's gonna have to pick up pick up that area. The other going to keep in mind -- higher in the news. That it takes a long time. From. Advertising to recruiting to the background check she went to training in each step of the way. Solemn. The applicants are weeded out or shall act out some other reasons. That -- go out for personal region. Armed and so it's so. It you know I agree needs to be don't need to be dishonest Portman. -- but I don't know any way to make it quick -- column. In -- Peter's paper Asians. In the papers themselves might attract more applications. It's an expensive and long term process. Get about a minute one final question. If we don't fund if we can't convince more people come here and people these people. Efforts like yours with the spot community policing initiative is rain chance of them work. Well that I'd -- you know Arctic that some direction. -- pastor. Net that has to be followed. The strategies. Don't focus on -- and we know their arrest even when they need maybe these are not really cancel all. We have to do other community based leash partnership kinds of projects. That com. Reduce the opportunity. For violence to occur in. In the first place. Again you know evidence of research evidence for is that police king and have an affair on social poor. Focusing on the environment pardoning partnering with other city agencies -- partnering with nonprofit. Doctor -- I apologize -- really up against the clock thank you so much with stunned always lend something to the discussion. Well your. Facts.