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11-21 2:10pm Angela, Saints vs. Falcons

Nov 21, 2013|

Saints/Falcons…what a rivalry! We focused on the matchup between the Black & Gold & the Dirty Birds with Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic, live from Atlanta, former LSU Center/Offensive Guard T-Bob Hebert and surprise guest, “JUMBO” Steve Korte. Both host a fabulous new morning station on 3WL 1350 weekday mornings from 6 to 9am. Is this gonna be an easy win for the 8 & 2 Saints…or a trap game for the 2 & 8 Falcons?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Overdue and a little bit about mental shift from. Men's happiness to men and women's happiness because what makes us happy is a good football game yet that is going to be tonight. My lucky day yours -- a whole hour with a dynamic duo. Christian -- and he bought a bear. Host of the double coverage on three WL thirteen fifty weekend -- weekday mornings from six to 9 AM. We are talking in the game game game. But if I'm lucky enough to have you two guys in here for a whole hour before we talk gamer gonna talk about evil. I know that both of you are living the drink and when I first met Christian -- says and living my dream now you're telling me I am living the dream. So first let's go to. T Bob because you're living the dream not just because you're working at a station you always wanted to work because you recently got married. Yeah yeah life is are. Life is good for me right now really it's kind of absurd. I've been vary. Very fortunate and very lucky that -- just a lot of things kind of lined up all the same time -- perfectly for. Made it appeared doing double coverage in the morning with Christian in the end. Even beyond just getting the opportunity to work a job like this which is just a blessing in of itself. Then having co host light Christian and a producer like scared Pittman. Super fly it's just it's it's. You got it almost as forces -- take a step back. I like. Humble yourself and just be thankful. For everything and -- -- -- is it really has been on a blind world only one month and so I feel like -- continue to get better but so far is just. It's it's been great all around really -- feel like work come and come in every morning to you that's available in your face. I literally passing it in their face the and Christian I know that sideline oh my gosh Jim Henderson hokey you've got the life. Listen now I'm fortunate to work those guys. Each and every Sunday on 1618 Sunday's -- Sunday's. And a year you know pre season included -- Anderson's one of the best and -- And I do a show on Friday night's fans in the pros well on the the base station on a mother ship dates of may qualify Theriot with a and man come out to about two great guys. It is the learned from now -- first -- cut my teeth and -- Now each and every weekday morning and ninety -- and it doesn't feel like like work when we come in there. If you double coverage we have a blast and and what I like about it is that. You know we all it's a collaborative effort in and around and of course got a great and great partisan and their commitment and we get to talk about sports and we need to talk about sports. Clinton and it's. -- close to the saints team that I grew up and watching T Bob's father a quarterback this team. Minutes it's a big big throw my life. Well I think that you'll fit. And you know sometimes people don't but as. Whoever masterminded this probably dying in new yes I am -- the potential the question chemistry of the of the two of you. And you each bring something to the table but it's just it's working in and and you're doing great and I'm very very great -- you're gonna spend this hour with us and I just. Honored to be on with you stop it I ask you this reminder this is just my feeling. Yeah -- have knowledge -- managed -- other knowledge of the guys out that my first appearance of the Angel hill the kidney and watched. You on TV for her for awhile and we're going to wondered what it would be like that and actually sharing a stage with uses the odds there yeah on the other guys -- Older -- very very nice but this is this your hour. And you're over there in Atlanta. Yeah yeah I'm in the AT -- and they call it pretty easily the highlight for right now that isn't there holed up in the Ritz Carlton had to bring him a beautiful rose blossoms and breakfasts I mean. I've ran out of gas on the how to word this morning had a IQ and he's not a lay in bed they can offer is valid. At the AT about a I got another -- for launch missiles that you have no opportunity yeah I'm in July and then in Atlanta where he had written that over the stadium and around. 5:30. Eastern company for thirty back home in London in time at 730 minutes always fun. It's eagle down here in Atlanta in there are a lot I'll just walking around the bucket area out here -- Saints and oh my goodness gracious wonderful and so okay let's talk about. There are some -- -- a little concerned that this could be the trap game. Falcons are -- -- saying 282 coming off a big win over the 49ers. What do you guys think about the potential as a trap game teams. Well this is school of thought where meeting -- Do you differ a little bit I think this is kind of your classic. Set up for trap game. EU look it's it's coming off of a short week you really don't get to practice this week just to Walters cares. He need your body to recover enough shortened. Amount of time and when you look at the game the saints played on Sunday. A tough four quarter game against the 49ers. And then you've got the Seahawks. To look -- you you're chasing. For that home field advantage it just kind of seems like everything's lined up. I -- like that old miss LSU game earlier this season world lists have lost three in a row going into it. -- she was coming all big win they seem like they were training the exact. Right directional misses go in the exact wrong one and maybe I'll sheets and all lightly I don't know over Ole miss ends up coming out on top and this -- a lot of the same. Dynamics going into. Kristin it's every night -- -- but it does have some of those dynamics that the -- was talking about them. For me. What do bulls down to it is no team has an advantage here. If there is if there is one of the -- it's a slight one in favor of the falcons because they played at Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that they got slaughtered by -- really Margo on. Toe to toe with -- you know -- doubt that the final whistle. But you know it's the falcons the saints are not gonna overlook this team it's an division. They'd done they understand what -- about because ultimately they drop this one. Then came the following week in week thirteen on Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks doesn't have quite the lost her yet it known that it would have and I think that's a big motivating factor. And in any time you can wind and you division he he just don't eat you just don't take that lightly. Especially with the Carolina panthers' hot on the heels right now they can afford it dropped one right you were -- optional from but I don't see this is a trap game at all. And really. -- quick kind of -- just from a fan perspective is being a fan. -- -- game of football you really want the saints to win this because then that belt matchup with Seattle like you said you don't want to lose any luster is because then. With the state to two losses Seattle only with one. Odd that NFC lead out on a line that is going to be a lot of hype and very fun game to enjoy really whether your fan of either team. We're about five hours away from kick off big a big game. A game of the heart as we say T Bob -- Christian Garrick thank you for being here this dynamic duo from our morning team. Let's talk keys to the saints win Christian. I think the key is simply just don't go there analytic locally heated. Against the New York Jets don't throw the football over and notes cliche but ultimately the seats at the port -- the team. Atlanta is minus eleven and particularly giveaway ratio they had not been able of tech Matt Ryan at quarterback the offensive line not playing well at -- line. Not playing well I can't stop the run particularly well so ultimately the seasonal market don't go out there. And committed. A bunch of stupid penalties and aunts and make some silly mistakes with the football over. I think they went by that date is nine and half point spread nothing angle anyway that's a lot of points when you're not at home. Yeah did the same time at the same time you look at the average margin of victory for the saints against the falcons with Sean Payton. On the sidelines notwithstanding the point twelve season the average margin of victories nearly eleven points for us. Yet been been domination. Leader in the pay in air in this falcons saints matchup -- In our pick six friendly competition me Christian have gone and I actually chose the falcons. Plus nine now happily the saints to win -- The more you look at this game the more stats you turn around and you less and less confident. With that it is saints team is is due in so much right. Right now I mean and just the affected their defense has found its way into being a top five defense in the league is -- here to -- absurd. When you consider that last year was quite literally. The worst defense of all time up all your hardest fourth yet -- exaggerated hyperbole. That Dallas Cowboys on pace -- they kept crowds are still working hard to break the saints' record that if they wanna take it. I didn't have a but I think the saints. Much like almost every week to me it all starts up front. And I think this saints have a decided advantage in the trenches on both the offensive and eat tainted. Sides of the ball the falcons O line has really. Been struggling this you -- a toddler cooler for -- issued out and great on earlier this week. And there was got thirteen year vet the falcons basically told him you know well. I think it's time to do on and end. Of ego or not but either way. They thought that Peter cons is going to be their necks and the guys feel the issues -- -- Frankly hasn't done. Last game saw him game news that -- right guard with the back of cinder started. He gave up 31 tests acts cabbage says it's -- -- line column of course that they're confidently and they've been forced an action. Before they're ready and the line played so well right now of this war younger guys makes you collect -- Jordan. I think I'd expect Matt Ryan to be in for a long night. OT bomb could the falcons did so. Well I guess the falcons they just. First off they have to play better -- have all year they got to play bug there I mean. Especially their recent run -- play they were keeping games close in the beginning but as the losses started pile on the more whiskers. And it seems like maybe giving them more mourn I don't expect that this game -- to saints there's a lot of animosity but the falcons are gonna win. They're gonna have to play well -- against aids arms -- rushing attack on their only averaging. 73 yards on the ground per game not good and all of its good for thirtieth. In the NFL -- the line's gonna have to play well and then Matt Ryan is going to have to play extremely efficient and here's a guy in rhyme you. He got paid the hundred million dollars is catching a lot of flak for not for not really for but he has to -- best receivers -- curtain really. He kind of has it been that bad it's complete -- 6% of guys passes but he's been under arrest forty percentages drop backs. Which is just insane I mean it's almost a flip a coin as to whether or not. He's going to be under pressure weasel -- -- nineteenth so you don't have a guy you can get readable way. And that -- proven that he can be cute if you let him. Angel he's thrown Matt Ryan -- he has he's completing his passes that 66% clip but. He's also thrown nine interceptions and there aren't there four game current four game losing streak and oh by the way. In that four game losing streak. They've lost by an average of eighteen points per contest it's like a team to me it looks like it seemed to me that is the very much not interested. In a game and never really -- looking forward to just and it looked. Let's go ahead and turn our. It didn't want a fourteen well it seems to like -- they fall in the trap that so many teams and get behind in two pages. They've almost abandoned all semblance of running game and it's putting Matt Ryan in a very tough situation because in the OT OG one image and they know -- -- the ball. Does the line and they start to get hungry their eyes get why they in the air eager to back up and they -- you know I mean they run. And and there's nothing really. Matt right to do about that except try to get rid of the ball faster in the annals of leads to more and receptions -- read so. Falcons -- a lot of traveler and they're gonna have to they wanna win tonight. There's is basically gonna have to flip the script on how this season has gone they're just gonna have to kind of come together at the right time to play perfect. But innocent and he can't give up this even at this point in the season you and especially this game which has so much history and emotion. -- yet really rally for about one. Yeah I think it's it's a college like rivalry is now this article -- put in there is a real animosity mean think about this. Everybody's out there competing for jobs essentially you know and the guy makes you look bad. That could go towards you lose your job now if you're both on either side is Robert for multiple years you're going against each other twice a year. It didn't there's a lot of personal animosity that can build up with in. -- that time periods that's when you feel like the other guys basically trying to get you fired. And so that leads to. It's an exciting game and really their recently in the pay -- has been All Saints. And -- listen you know the falcons are rifled group is a team that was. And media player to away from making the Super Bowl a year ago and as they don't date they get that and here's the thing if things don't go their way Atlanta has that. Jump on the saints early and -- think that's gonna happen and penalties the last long if that does happen. To get the crowd in their favor right now you know the the fan base down here. Is pretty disenchanted. With the falcons and it doesn't go their way early meant you know hasn't -- come out you're gonna have unexpected fan base and at the saints. Are really role in the -- start leaving early and guess what the fans that are here the saints fans that are here. Like they've done I've seen him do it added a number of stadiums neatly Tampa Bay. When he star role and they just take over the bottom pole of the stadium how much petroleum without a standout yeah. No this is great limiting anybody's been to run one of these games Collison tell us your experience guests who arrived. The party gets bigger and we're talking -- court. What a thrill to have you here. And that it's obviously I'd I did I stumbled into this that the I got up and let. Exactly so something must have gone on something must be all right so why yes I appreciate tell -- -- -- I mean do you think we're just gonna watch them off the map. You know Heidi if there's two teams going into different directions right now in Atlanta. Such great expectations -- -- is suitable for you know at this point. Back and win this sort concealed early on. The -- This problem the answer them. A that they can be -- -- points while I'm at my fourteen I was well now -- -- -- taken anything -- one. Yes but I really feel like these two teams. And -- You and your NFL veteran you've been on teams have winning records in losing records. I like to talk the NFL guys out. Would like being in the falcons' locker where struggling team how do you finish all Nazis while still giving up you know that's. That's when you sort practice and that's the situation it circled the wagons and you have to. In these guys go itself that points mrs. So each. Were pros we got to go out there play. It -- you know and really at that point which to do. If you take each game like you normally do with you win and lose him. And you play the best -- you tried to -- winning performers matter what it is what you record at some point. You know going to cut -- that our expectations were in the year. But you've got to worry that your pros and that institute to the audience into the fan base sitting out there. They want to be entertained they wanna see -- write the best you can play even if you're not gonna -- well. I mean you each case when you take -- team Monica. Will you -- Jacksonville -- point. They're they're not a very good football team but you know they place and really really hard games and I've said this story many times before that. I've known and -- -- you understand is that you know in film I remember looking -- hours and hours and hours of defense is that we be you know facing. Of other opponents of that there are our our team that we're at play that week is who our opponent is. And I can remember coming out -- These guys -- block. I don't know for an ambulance you know body and it's like a -- by -- -- -- I was getting an ugly -- and then one of the guys there what do you mean Steven you know there to two and seven and be like I had no idea what the record is because I'm watching these guys play. Yeah so you realize at some point depression as a professional football team and and these professional players. And the record because they don't play well enough to win the games are close them out there's. In the turnover issue or they just have some of the issues and they keep shoot themselves fluently game. That's reason not winning rather than that. It is so close it is so hard to win a game in this week that all of it's just unbelievable how close it is. And so when you have a real white -- we're gonna have not just makes it but you should something so true. This team can Jill quickly. And it perhaps it was of course getting Sean -- -- it was we paid our debt now let's do it and getting Rob Ryan. Well look he's definitely. -- -- you sort of threw it at a catalyst that sort of needed at this because. You know when you have the personnel to do it and then if you can kind of get guys. To jump on your and weigh in and and sort of live with your philosophy to really take it in and and say okay this is the way that I have to think in the way that I have to play. That becomes infectious. And I think what happens is is guys get sick game kicked around and they know that they're good football players and and the defense laster knew that regard to players. But at the same time to look at the -- this is just where we're absolutely horrible news just applies in the defense. This is not a person does not represent. So I think Rob Ryan comes in and and really -- Angeles to talk to. Defensive coordinators and head coach's office the coordinators and and and like. You figure out that. They're all kind of the same -- different faces I you know I -- But by and large at that level they really. There -- a lot alike in so many different ways. So it's a way about communicating getting guys in the philosophy and whatever attitude he has. These guys bought it -- DNC. And and that's one thing I don't I was little weary coming from outside looking in perspective is. You never truly know our guys feel about their coach is has always been selling the company -- matter what life. It seems like. Guys enjoyed playing for rob Brian he's been a player's coach I mean these guys are lane and all -- line like you said they bought in. His philosophy in his system a 100% in the results are how will the results in their plight. Well that's at their winning. Yeah but in on the Roubini -- everything. Aimed exactly there. Winning Canada talk -- -- player that is Chris that it has it out via the big factors talk some of the players is he about got such summons us Steve is. They just they like. How light he keeps it he allows him as a template. He puts them he feels like he puts them. In a position. To tell them hey look I'm not comfortable with doing this place of their strengths noses personnel really well he plays. Their -- -- in in players you know on Steve can attest this morning and certainly acumen. The players has asked the coach hey put me in the best position. Yeah this is to make a play and they. And then out and out to make -- play -- -- -- -- don't do that then it's on me but you know they think they dislike his his ability and his willingness takes of input. From there's their vantage point that he's seen -- game through his players by doing. Well and -- he you do touched on it and there's so many times that then you can have a coach in and he is gonna know x.s and knows. But he doesn't always guys he doesn't know the right ways to motivate -- and kind of push their buttons to kind of get them to respond to certain things. But it's a high pressure -- and and it's it's hard to sort of explain it to the general public in the same -- game and we are. And it's entertainment and it it is okay. But the same time. You know when there was only 28 teams in the NFL which was I was playing sort of -- myself there but nevertheless. I looked at my job like I had one of 28 jobs in the whole world and there was somebody trying to get it every day. And they nature that you knew that every day. So they -- there's this incredible pressure on you. Each and every day because you know behind the sky don't -- And they are filming every single thing you do and there are hyper critical of everything they're not -- giving you a bunch accolades every day. It's more of like and that's which are supposed to do. So they're looking for all the negative things to look at -- and they're trying to say look don't do those anymore and so we don't get into it better yeah and so when you get somebody in there that says look. -- -- take all this mistake stuff about your life here and I'm gonna make this whole. You know play football still supposed to be fun and I -- definitely gets lost that it's -- you played in this yet integral -- -- -- -- in the pro part of it and really in major college football now because that really by and large is sort of it hardly is it really is and that. It the fun part of it kind of goes -- and the -- and I think there's so much pressure in the so much money involved -- it it's a when you do get somebody that knows how to motivate players. Yes it's huge it's. Want to know what I hate to an -- and they're gonna scream at me. This is a party here until probably not a threat to my love these guys to evolving their Christian Garrick and now -- court all here talking about the game but let's talk about. Real quick playoff picture. Yes we can do it we have to beat the Seahawks and Newton -- that can happen even though Jim -- it's set right here and said he thought we would lose one. Well who I -- he's going to be there's a lot of evidence that would go in coach mores favor there not the least of which. Is that the games being played in Seattle and -- that's probably one of the main. X factors justice if you look at the records in the saints are bad on the road that's coming I kind of don't agree with that train talkers really when you look at it. They both beaten a good team and lost to a bad team or they. Beaten a good team and a bad team on the road and they lost to a good team and event on the road so they're just not as great as they aren't I don't -- it. The Seahawks are now man proved they're tough to -- well -- is a tough place. -- -- -- -- -- Did that that's. You know as of this game is so he's still week to week about matchups. I mean that's really what it is and and you can take. You can take thirty mediocre teams and and if they have up a matchup issue along the line of scrimmage which they -- -- the games won and lost. There's a good chance that that team that is mediocre is gonna beat another team because of that by a couple of missed message that that they just don't work out well. That but by and large to mean that the home field advantage that National Football League is worth about three points. People that come to this stadium where we are in the superdome interest -- -- play here it is -- -- -- I mean these -- here I'll just as well do they help but it's just look at played in the -- for a long time and I never went anywhere. Where the fans were as good they just really -- and and look we had some great teams that -- it. You know and that that decade it was a decade at the 49ers. And there was nothing we can do about that. That was just all of fame quarterbacks yet you know five super -- -- -- it from that tell you give five -- you hit on back to back you -- excellent that's like really one of the great quarterback. Right now Christian what do you think in about playoffs. Well playoff Liza -- not agree with Steve. Look. It's it is about -- at Seattle unfortunately. You know like to have caught them about three weeks ago when they weren't healthy on the offensive line now are getting healthier. They are missing they are missing Browner and their secondary right now he's. At legion of boom. That they call -- secondary he's a part of that and that bodes well for the State's first alternate take care of business tonight obviously put. Going out there's two Seattle I've been there when the saints that famous Marshawn Lynch Ron when these vote on. I was there -- that and that's just an unbelievably. Loud stadium I'm not saying it's bit bigger louder than. The superdome but -- it rivals that that's for sure it is it is definitely difficult. For visiting team as evidenced by their record this year five and go home early losses on the road I think they can beat Seattle. I think they match up with Seattle and anti proved to be more so. With that victory over the 49ers to Seattle similar they had a play that physical beat -- style of defense and in our offense that you just enough Russell Wilson -- It hasn't looked particularly. Like it did last year but at the same time. They get that done in large part because they're getting healthier now along the -- -- those little unfair to not judge Russell Wilson about three or four weeks ago because he -- protection issues upfront. Yet you know Christian you're you're you hit right on the -- I think the right now these -- looked at Seattle Seahawks and sort of what they do best offensively as they run the football. And I mean that's just there because their offensive line is just incredible to to beat the living daylights idea and they do a great job of it they're really physical. That hurts after awhile and then. But conversely you know you -- look at the saints and what they do and as physical as we are now are getting better. You know the way the balls distributed around -- number nine. It's sort account access so he's really got to be sort of punch counterpunch type deal -- -- look they've got a good advantage with the fact that there's Seattle at that week but. Hey better things have happened I think you to stay away maternal and a game you give yourself -- And I just think we think positive thoughts don't know how I can think T Bob a bear Christian -- and -- court -- three wonderful guys. We love you 2 in the morning we're gonna listen to Steve this afternoon. -- actually love and happiness not now and we're gonna win tonight I think fourteen Steve says twenty what he sent him I got to stick my pick six I say by seven okay. Thank you guys I love each and every one if you. All right are a 1000 dollar holiday cash contest the code word this hour is income clients COM eight. Enter that code word at WWL. Dot com slash cache or click on the contest link on our web site. For your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. And it's just a simple to enter where the richer office computer -- at home or on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere listen for the next code word. Right before the top our news at 6 PM. Good luck from Smart radio intercom and WWL.