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11-21 3:10pm Fans First Take

Nov 21, 2013|

Fans First Take with Todd Menesses and Steve Korte.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome our defense first taking on WW well 26018786. Exit 89 generally seven and also Texas at 87870. Along with Steve court time Todd Manassas and the Saints. Got past the 49ers on Sunday. -- on it got past I heard from so many people who I hate when the game is closely that present and that's a good game. Thought at the thing it was a good thing. He'd play you got your money's worth on that one if there's no question about that I I tell you what I. Those those those types of games it that they'll stay with you for law. And I think that's one of the reasons why. This is sort of a test for the Saints I mean this is tough deal short week. Mean that look in his second game of the day you know it went -- went deep it went you know it was physical as you possibly be. Beat the living daylights out of each other. You know it's close it's nip and tuck obviously the very end last kick you know at no time left and -- they -- get turnaround really it's just a few hours you sort look at -- penalty. I'm sure they watched the tape and it was probably just one time one run through tight rank right. And you know -- -- on the Falcons because at that point you have you gotta put this one behind you much quicker -- you look -- you -- -- Sunday. I mean this day this week has been. You talk about compacted. I mean it's short and I guarantee they didn't do that probably lifted weights rent a few times -- other than that they were walk into place and watching film. And then you know yesterday got on the plane. So not much not much time to really savor their victory well look there's there's not much time to savor -- victory anyway but that much less and obviously this week -- has pretty much tape. Could we compete we beat a really good team. And now it's time sort of you know get back on them we got to get back -- -- back to the drawing board -- scenario because. Into the NFL I guess and there was some. Thought as the beginning of this year and -- looked at -- all this great game right -- FC south opponents is just you know this is probably going to be for all the marbles here. These teams will be battling for -- -- not so much -- leading -- officials would have gone in different directions and one on the Saints go on the right one is 82 and won his two -- Thankfully it's let's you know our New Orleans Saints under right now. I know what you're gonna ask me. That I can already tell what I'm gonna -- here and asked me your psyche -- tapping into my brain. Is tonight and -- and you get over the Saints go ahead you know. You would normally look it's set that itself to beat that and I mean all sort everything is gone you know senate for that kind of scenario right. But that doesn't happen. Two teams very often unless they're really poorly coached. Or they don't have very good veteran leadership that type thing. We didn't get a whole bunch of guys injured even that physical game we got banged up. No -- group for this season yet but we didn't get a whole bunch of guys in the -- or defensive lines to -- out. Something like that that's where you really deacons sort of feel that. But at the same time. Look at the short week you look at where they're going nowhere and he can get where we're going somewhere. It sort of sets it up to where you might have sort of a let down OK I can promise you that there was probably a lot more. I don't sea island but there was more intensity over there in the past 72 hours then would be previous weeks just to make sure. That not only the coaches but the players in factor kicked back in the line and gotten the San Francisco things out of their head. And are now focusing on the planet because practices a team that has nothing -- -- an additional pressure on this team we -- doesn't tuba but if you boil it. You could see why people would ask that won it with thing that you get the 49ers news which was a battle these -- a team and this is a great defense the Saints have to face this defense and and right. Aren't you persevere you come out ahead right. You have the Falcons who who you know but aren't doing well and then your next game is. The NFC. Division leading an Irish press Seattle Seahawks drive followed by the team that's right on your tail the Carolina and yes. You know -- there's even though you look at that you don't even. You don't even realize it I mean if you sort of sat back if they don't care who player yeah I can replace Seattle after that. There's no way that there let anybody think that there's any other game -- more important than tonight yeah there's just no way you can look at any other way. Now -- -- -- that happened yeah I don't think they're gonna go play sloppy football. -- -- That's what we want here and we'll talk a little bit more about that when we come back he -- court I'm -- Manassas it's band's first -- -- who dat nation. How are you feeling about tonight's game in Atlanta. Are yet confident are you a little. Concerned. About what might happen as the the dreaded trap it. Look -- -- there might be level of concern I can see being conservative and they asked that on NFL network was that a trap game well he will you have to -- -- just sets itself up for that but I'm not saying I just don't think that this team. Not saying that they can't be set up like -- I just don't think they'll allow at this point I think -- too focused at the 2.2 allies don't think that they're gonna be sloppy. Speaking of sex and 87870. Tex comes in says the Saints will not take the Falcons likely they would treat the game like both records aren't the same team. I say 3110 cents off that's the -- community 7870 bucks -- text like that -- Also concur you can also call it's 60187. Great six exit 8908 serving like a Tedy is from a Springfield a Ted. You're on the vans for state. Yes it's been an area used -- I'm fairly confident in the side some. Charl played I don't know that it's very. Alec and I recovered I'll let you don't have as mr. Reed who's going to be focused. I will be ready but you know Atlanta is just like go their lives where she played on the -- you just let the record don't worry about it. Eight days later it's not the teams that are each other. -- -- -- but they have what five or six currently I have -- -- -- have a large. Well I can tell you this that even. All the inner divisional games I mean you can. Mean there's been years in the past that Carolina is just looked absolutely pathetic and and -- this. You know -- I mean there's yeah you can sort of you can kind of pitch that stuff out it's it's probably a little bit easier. I would go I guess maybe he's there's not a better word but I think it's probably down. Less apparent in the National Football League that it is like college football college football it's a little bit more emotional from the standpoint of the rivalry thing and that kind of stuff but. But I can tell you that each and every week you've got to get yourself ready problem is that you compact that time and and the lack thereof. For this week after coming off a physical game that. Boy that's that's a tough turnaround and then then obviously to play on the road against a team like Atlanta. But just because they're banged up and not playing very well and doesn't mean you're not gonna get their full. I mean they're gonna come they're gonna come guns plays and they have nothing to lose whatsoever so. Where's the Falcons psyche after that beat downs that got in Tampa day. I would think like this you know I know that I can. Okay I would say I we have to atone for ourselves that was pathetic the worst thing you can be called it in the National Football -- your -- football for that matter. Not that you played bad. As you quit yeah and they almost looked like they quit at some point. Oh well they did they -- all little Matt Ryan at one yeah and and the backup got hurt so that Ryan had to go back and when you look like you've sort of thrown in a white towel and man that. I don't mean I don't know how you can go to work the next day I mean that to me would be it's the ultimate sacrifice it's you cannot do that so. If that's the worst and having them. -- debate yesterday they like our playoffs are now because we really don't morally -- and this body needs to. You know we want we want hope that a branch to Mike to come back out and and play and you know everything we've got a good look at that you get here at Ottawa got a Seattle color barrier -- -- trio of -- let up against Carolina like parallel at all but I. I'll these games are must live. Boy you tell me I tell you look at that NFC schedule and what we have. As we run this the next several we got -- Each one of these games as critical a mute the way that Carolina's playing right now -- is get scared yeah I mean their defense is just. I mean you talk about. -- snot -- people mean this this defense is front seven is getting it done yes they -- there a risk that they look a lot like Seattle the way to play him so. They've just got a great big version of Russell Wilson that Cam Newton but it's it's a tough deal and I can tell you idol I don't feel confident it will win both those. I think will win one of them Madonna -- equally -- -- -- Carolina yeah but that -- deaths it is. It is so hard to win a football game in this week week to week you know and look -- More team knows about you and you play them you know get -- we expand the band that's tough. But I guess I understand what that would Ted is saying when you look at the schedule like for the call that. Each one of those coming -- -- you can reach one because we're or more were -- are a must win if we wanna get home field advantage throughout playoffs no question we have to right. Basically went out at this point look. We did a huge favor by -- this -- Sunday yeah I mean that was that was big yeah that was big. If fleeting sort of you know. Finish this one off which -- which should be the one that we finish off with the least amount of -- -- not the subject saying that we've already won the game but nevertheless. I don't think it's going to be a challenging as the next week and then that the five point three. It's going to be tough. I let's go to JKJ thanks for calling -- state. Yeah I don't think it was a trap game that Jim Ball a show of all our fake punt all of we have to see -- -- I think shortly wait Q well -- focused approach you have you know ready you know OK toward about it where it would occur trigger a Seattle. -- as a player for a while the -- or saint call being natural rivals. I'm sure that they're remembered that. We wore when people that last year when they were seeded that was their first loss and that they mark this year -- stated that are now. I think that the eclipses that -- after Matt aren't in Foster have a little bit. And he just did not he doesn't perform well the structure you know in in on the same page going to be Jimmy but I think -- -- in the business. And it it's fortunate that Atlantic is that what it real well sure because it does give the street. That extra few days to prep for Seattle either they're worried about you know all you know have. So prepare for a -- starter prepare for whatever regularly put that little time extra reps get you guys that'll be. When you saw the schedule the beginning of the US electorate this. Can't particular order and then yeah but now a couple away there. Well it is just from the standpoint is they're not playing very well and and obviously they don't you know we've got some serious injuries -- their offensive line is. Look like they're sort of falling apart at the seams but. You know you look at that schedule and you think OK Atlanta -- -- -- -- after a tough sentences -- game. And then you've got Seattle which is sort look at like it might be an NFC championship type of of an opponent there. And they -- trying to. Who surgeon and then you have Saint Louis who we just do not match up well against at all and who Saint Louis has at all saint -- flashes of greatness at Saint Louis with what they almost beat with the way they're running well in the way they run the football and the way their defense is playing. Look I'm just telling you there's this is you better hold all of your backside -- for the next several weeks because this is the this is going to be a grind. -- a lot of folks that calling the big game tonight the battle the Saints and the Falcons. And operating jaguar opinion poll do you think the Saints -- Falcons game will be a battle -- blowout tonight. 67% of you say a battle 33%. Say a blow up. Well I think it's going to be a battle on its way to a blah then okay -- -- a look at the you always have to I -- -- and I don't know is not a semantics thing it's just going to be. It that court you never say it like that owners. Never ever and ever -- -- the Saints have some we were the last caller Jay was talking about. You know the divisional opponent in the short week. Is it somewhat of an advantage on a short week that you're gonna face a divisional opponent someone you know in the Saints kind of know about them and other personnel. To get ready for. Instead of someone else that they have plays like that say if it were playing the Rams tonight that without. Well I tell guys that definitely has an advantage there for you know the -- for the Saints yet just because they. Look they've got. Look lots and lots of games of their personnel and what they do and their tendencies and and you know obviously you know what they do and down and distances in the front of their personnel. Really it's more of -- yet they know they're gonna get wrinkle or two that's going to be different OK there's going to be guys for them obviously that come -- -- Steven Jackson Francisco tonight. You know he's always posed a problem for us and whether -- not. You know he's really going to be hit stride again tonight that could really help them a lot because right now there. They're offensive line is playing very well see you get that big horse going back there that can really. Sort of give Matt Ryan a break and think you know Harry Douglas has really -- other than. A lot of us throat and Gonzales that whether -- means they're really their two big you know wide outs are not playing and so. You know to me I distinctive that probably give it does give -- advantage because you know him so well. You know in -- -- Els mentioned before I think. You know physically at this point here you know -- guys -- for this is like Darren Sproles or somebody that's questionable or whatever. It's much better for those guys to get. Back into feeling healthy again for this game. More than it is for them to know what to game plan is they know what the plays are against his personal -- -- -- you know these are veteran football players this is not something that's new to them. They can go in there. Kirk and nick and still be excused those place however it's better to get them feeling good feeling healthy so they can play better. And physically because I think they already know what to do. -- make sense makes sense okay. -- it was good to. Tony is culminates owning your own fans Thursday. And confident that he wouldn't try to. Yeah. Yeah gone only got -- about it. There's going to be a very tentative. Agreement. With the all over the that's. -- -- It's all the little electric that they don't let alone and you go on. Our. Latin what's our little side it had. I think program is that what time is a game going to be for -- for you down and -- Today nice well. That's sort of break for you as you're used to give them once at 4 o'clock in the morning. Yeah brought a. You know I was looking at the army. During world wide Sudan -- believe that. You know. All I am quite well I don't think we're kicking. Don't protect you from everybody. And everybody's -- a little -- When you get some army and now. Aren't. Not that we're disease that you got an army everywhere that's what does he just. Not the only WW. I I and I think purple people watch kicking in the wind and ability. And grateful to the plate with a dispute from everybody and had a good influence strategy that we're world -- -- You don't see that Yeltsin down Cowboys. I. Don't know all went south Louisiana. Paul that's a hole and at the. Not really a lot now I'm looking forward to play a little. Packed fighting. Then that don't strictly an extreme of the Titans last week it was a pretty good particular. That's also. So what's your outlook your I think your prediction and I do you think the Saints a win in a blow utters a going to be close and. Our. Now I don't go and -- include fourteen yeah. They take it. Strict crew the crew -- confident. Probably a -- difference so. You mr. Rollins. There's there's magic -- there's magic in that hair -- with their science. -- -- -- Certainly in the -- Topped the student. Completely and since then got a lot of mental toughness is what was the fact that you want to get out. The ability in the last couple of each. And I got a little bit of swagger reading a little bit of their attitude donuts that's a good thing to have been on a good thing to have this time of year. Talking -- Tony. I don't know I got a all right -- it a break yet again they Tony thank you man -- that's Tony Aaron. Don't from down under are who got from down under comes as a every week let us know so today he gets a break to get the -- -- -- that day. They got wins worldwide guesses to who -- army who -- army -- who dat nation here right right and then went to goes worldwide past the borders and it becomes the food at army Julio as Tony first and he catches a break and gets to watch the game. Mid day today and I had my definition current out of 4 in the morning. We'll take Brady Steve -- I've dot announces its fans first take what you face some of those techs that are coming in says don't forget we spoil the Falcons unbeaten streak last year. And -- years. Different teams -- someone else says this is the falcons' Super Bowls and they're gonna play hard that could certainly be. Someone else mr. Charlie says gonna take it held a lot more than want to to beat the -- nets tonight one -- so I think. Who won it once. Someone else's why with the Saints take a division game lightly I'm more concerned about Atlanta and Carolina that I am Seattle. I I don't think they take any game lightly best I think there's probably. Probably a little more focus on your -- divisional opponents and then obviously NFC opponents. Not to say that they took. -- -- -- -- don't -- it took the Jets lightly at all actually take out their butt kicked the line of scrimmage today I don't think they took the Patriots. Lightly at all and -- beaten -- and you go to New England Patriots. Don't think you do that you know to stay -- theaters. For whatever companies resistant to be played -- -- well those two games. Someone else as are we at this point we have sealed a playoff spot so much yeah. No -- moved to early in each one of these use these some critical at this point. -- And the sticks are -- has stopped falcon for ten cents a pound right now. And open that's real quick but he -- thank you let's go to a Norman in Jefferson hey Norman you're on. Met her state as a go meant. I want to know what -- injury report Watters Anders Sproles questionable with a -- yeah he's questionable. That anybody else vote. I don't think there's I think careers really the only one that since you know the last part it was you could say would be. You know -- out I think everybody else is pretty much problem. And I was given Saints 35 point one tonight who gets to. 35 point one birdie 11. Falcon student and a ticket. I got -- -- thank you Norman yeah they list him as question when he got to talk about that and it was a little gamesmanship by Sean Payton -- say you know I'll Sproles and do this for the but he's could probably get a place probably to see action I think the -- Probably know. Well I certainly I would certainly prepare for a month it was -- -- they're not equipped than us saying you know -- -- is questionable on -- of these he'll play. Now I mean look they know. Look I do the injury report on that comes out is something that. I think they've tried to make fair. Were you really can't do is dodge you know reached every week they have to report their guys are injured -- -- certain amounts treatment for either certain injury. But they can certainly -- -- call it questionable or doubtful or whatever but they have to give them. An idea. Of what his status is they can't all of a sudden put a bunch of people on the doubtful list and almost scenario whether it's like -- spring chickens are just amazing you know we get our trainers room believe now. You know spoke up. But you know I think gets more hustle more do you know Las Vegas, Nevada and whatnot the desert -- -- Tex coming at an 87870. Like this does is related Jumbo. That fumble you recovered in the end zone for a touchdown against the Rams was a thing of beauty and skill. Now. I was played unit tight end but disorder you in the coming in circuit in -- sixties eligible -- those of you don't know Steve courts nickname was Jumbo and. So it was you know split time and was also left hand side I was supposed to block outside linebackers goal line play is -- about maybe the maybe 22 or three yard line. George Jorge Cantu when he fumbled the football. Record you follow -- -- -- jump on him. Would have been if it if that scored held up would have been the first winning season and would have been our first playoff appearance. Lance -- -- down -- them. 52 yard field also with four seconds left. Point. Ouch. Still at that great memory always you know bring aren't -- great memory thanks almost -- second. Think it's sort of touched down. That's true. That's what I'm talking about the prohibitive like a stiff -- somebody like sixty -- in the end -- and some degree runners -- -- well whatever you scored a touchdown in the NFL would be right back it up in a BO.