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Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back today's second hour of -- first take. You're on WWL's Saints and the Falcons tonight. If the Georgia Dome which is this is the last season they're gonna play there -- -- they of the new stadium ready for next wanna be -- -- -- season. Downtown opens in the I think you're right -- that accurate so and so as usual Leah Falcons are sending it out with a bang. This season and the. Georgia -- well. -- get shot -- at a high sell low on blown it right up aren't used team gives up. Almost thirty points a game clearly they heard me say I heard that they were there would blow open implode the Georgia Dome so other Lola team or emblem up anyway and a well they may get blown up and I'm just telling you if you give up. 29 points a game and they have they don't play. The New Orleans Saints -- Now I think it's. And we're used to scorn about 49 points a game. This could get in the studio. This could be a big one. The Falcons are averaging scoring. 21 points a game but we're averaging 28. Time of possession. Saints lead the NFC in town position with the 3345. And the Falcons are 2850. Twenty minutes that -- season. So there you got to love three you know what that means for a 418 and that supposedly can't run to control the clock. The Saints -- controlling the clock. Well look I mean you know -- you'd think that you have to do that a running football moments you know obviously typically the way he would try to traditionally current. But look at short passing game we've come into Denver -- same thing now you know if you've noticed the way that statement explain. The Broncos. And those are. It's kind of like long hand offs in a short little passes that are almost under percent in the almost. It's sort of like a pitch and you know and and -- there. It's just it's it's a different way to sort of get players on the edge and get him in space and get him -- you know obviously it's just not I've you know formation football you know. And is just get harder and harder they give you know to play defense in this league they give the office only different advantages now. That is it's hard play defense in this heat you know. And don't let him jam the receivers at the line of scrimmage anymore you can't put your hands on and you certainly can't hit him across the middle guys are going across the middle now. You know case in point last week. You know but I was sitting with -- -- Bob and -- the dome you know watching the game and -- through its hit. -- -- Yeah and the two local yeah but if you really looked at and I'm thinking. That doesn't look like -- -- what is among Brooks supposed to do you know argument on the ground I mean I mean he's playing the game. You know I thought that was a great play on his part. I'm glad it didn't work -- that way but nevertheless. That they -- you step back and realize that. That's the way the game is now and and that referees are the ones that are going to start. I guess adjudication of these rules and to make sure that they're players that are sort of abiding by them. And that's the way they're doing it I don't like it affected took a bunch of money from him. You know that kind of -- little bit and I don't like obvious and it's you get your quarter speculative but the same time. Unless you tell the guy not to play like that but that's the way the game is played these days and that's. That's what's gonna happen when you try to. A clothes line and hit a -- -- him a high end zone you're -- the final numbers. He can't do that now with some dignity -- -- -- wants and only with your head. And don't put your head down you can play the game is that he had to -- it -- hundred miles an hour and you guys. There's nobody is that good about being able to. Completely direct their body for the perfect. Explode classic here on it's not Steve it's not it's not that hard you can't hit them high you can't hit a low. He hit them on the numbers you have to waving yell and scream and wave a flag and say I'm about to hit you before you get there that's all you gotta do -- aren't. -- actually you're trying to you're trying to make this football game complicated now. And bring in physics and stuff let's go to -- drew a Metairie drew. Nice rolled in your offense for state. Colorado drew iron and all of Broussard. That's all right. I don't think about your game is going to be a lot an apartment I don't think we've got -- -- Seattle. And are -- our our they are not currently at one. They've played a right hand and a league in Cuba attitude toward sports team I don't care you put the cup and the worst it's hard to win. Three times in a -- against the team you know. So I like -- chance against Seattle and that. I mean. He's going to be very well on the road that's a very top field not think about our country we we. We get -- it would close one and Atlanta and not think we Duke beats Seattle -- to the fact that. Not hard to beat them you know Portland street are road trip and now. Well I'll say this and I don't know officers that we take turns on winner and using canes but. But I will say that that -- it doesn't matter who you play in this league. If you go out there with -- thing in your very best. And you turn the football over you play sloppy you're gonna get beat in this league and it doesn't matter who is so. The fact that they're gonna play Atlanta right in Atlanta's two and eight yeah that's that's not a that's that that's the record of bad football team. And if you watched that team on tape. You'd say in these guys still play football really aren't playing that way if we go out there with the -- in our best effort and our best focus. And we do anything that if we don't execute well. Where need be and the Saints it'd be tonight if they don't. Yeah and on the -- and -- San Francisco. Goes on the turnover battle because we almost become -- we it was minus five and the and the tired old navy. -- and that game that vocal a couple of years ago. Yeah no that's you know hard that is a mean that is like. That's idols like a trend breaker rare yeah you know it's. Over we win that game but it -- -- the first three scores the 49ers got were all the Saints turnovers price. Right as well so that's and outlaw and there's such -- -- appropriately. -- -- -- again that the Falcons and I liked -- but yet he thought I hope they can beat to thank creep on the road and it's a bit but that oh a couple of atop the big knock off. Ivory thank you for Colin thanks for -- it to 6018786. Exit eight ninths -- wits out of the of the three games in a row thing though but that's different. Teams each year it's different personnel. So you have your organize their final -- each team -- and have Russell Wilson last violates. That it's just a different. Each and every year you can't sit and look back in the past years ago. In the steam as the same team we played last year and now they might have the same personnel groups and they might have you know coaching -- sure but it doesn't matter because there's enough personnel changes. And and they've seen enough different things and they feel like they've like every team they evolve into different. -- you know there's it's sort of a continuing process because you self scout. All the time you -- self scout. You know you're in trouble and so do you actually have to do that. Periodically or you become extremely zone. Predictable. One dimensional -- I don't know -- predictable in there and so the you have to do that is his ability or is it tendencies. Every team has attendance and we've talked about well of course and we always used to look at tendencies -- you know what to do a certain downs and distances and you know at certain times of the game. You know result compliment. Those coaches notice too and there's times those they'll throw something in there. I am from the look of what. You know also what he did last time when they tried that reversed and you know the time and that time yeah I mean that that's something they never figured that he would do you know and -- and -- outside linebacker -- New England in an American player because stayed home because they was one of the things that kept watching this guy. Crash that kept watch impressionist and while he's not respect in this on the outside of me taking get outside their. Not so fast you know episode. And a -- breaker. Some of the -- coming in an 8787 now. This -- is obviously confident. That -- the Saints to win tonight. They text if the Saints. Were just -- Steve. Bobby Garland. Scooped. And made the score will still be 75 and up and Saints. And and we don't need any -- to invoke now San. Diego. Now nephew said you know speaks the the Garland did play the way it throw screwed and there. C'mon man that's confident that's confidence there a a all right also getting some -- of people disagree with you with here your comment about. Brooks is hit on. Drew Brees his sack where he. He clothes line them packet Annika -- now people saying that there's agreement saying that wasn't a good here -- view you say it was a good hit. It you know I'm good at it I say LT blah blah blah what I wanna say it I say lane which he's ever. Yes in today's environment -- that hit easy legal -- that's what I said so it then became. A fair hit. Okay and I'm sitting next to Bobby and -- as they speed like weekly occurrence I'm like yeah I know. Yeah that's all I'm saying okay Bobby used to get tackled it away a lot. Well as I wouldn't say we have used as saying that you know if you if you look at all that little little even a few years ago that would have been called right there's no way. Right into the -- totally changes that have been made it and a lot of it has been made and I know people think it's because. Will the players suits another change in the rules and you know not know that that's not even -- you wanna you wanna get the real reason why the rules have been changed so that your star quarterback's. Right are protected. -- look at what's happening to Green Bay with nowhere in rock and okay. If all your star quarterbacks get taken out and you have a team -- a game a couple of weeks ago who was with the of the backups were playing for both teams via the Chicago -- Green Bay I think. It doesn't become market it's all not a good fraud but not right put out there were you guys got a little water to superstar so that's why they -- protect him again -- you guys era this is that is -- on listening pennies before he's I. Look for us before did to us as fans it's a game it's a sport we love it. To the NFL it's a business. And if you can't put your best product out there. No one's gonna buy it right and they know that and that's why these rules have been changed so don't delude yourself to think that -- my whole point is that wanna say it. Yes okay thanks. I just sent a little clearer that's. So -- -- -- -- could do -- -- and -- brings a glad you're on offense first day. Tagamet and I don't first the first week. I've got to wonder I don't believe this is going to be a blowout. Because I believe Atlanta they've got problems and they just detest. The same -- pastor told. My question would be if the -- to achieve some sort of -- topic. Predominantly. What you would beat. Why -- a whole. From Greece from the fact and whenever a good I would beat him because Atlanta would come after him. -- sooner shouldn't knock them out again. Well look and again I don't know. You know what would John's its school of thought is on that but a but I can tell you that you know they they pulled him before. Not that hasn't been at halftime but I know that it's -- it's been there's been many games before we -- I guess. What you call comfortable lead don't know what is it. But it comfortable lead to where they feel like they really have control the football game in the defense is playing well and and the offensive line is doing well on the Baylor controlled the football -- -- -- the clock where they pulled him out of there before. So I I understand that and I concede that if in fact we are abide. Looks looks to be where -- I guess if you sort look at the clock and figure out what the situation is as it looked there's no possible way with the time left and what we're doing with the clock that they can you know make it to some sort of miraculous comeback. And I guess if they did -- looked like they were beginning to they can always put him back. Right so yeah certainly I could see that. I answered questions like. I don't know I've just got back you have more days or not the guys doing a great job keep it up those 28 to can't. On thank you -- 28 to ten. The only time I think I remember them pulling Drew Brees at halftime. Was. Was the first year -- here the second what are the years we made the playoffs where. They played him for the first -- -- who were trying to see what was gonna happen and another game -- -- proceeding on Hermanson is -- towards the end and -- the -- -- the other team was slow on the other team -- it's like you know -- and they pulled him after that. And I can't remember which season and they're. As extraneous circumstances -- going on right now on that Sunday specifically were. Disorder precluded that. All right it was at that time of the year yet no we're not we're not we're not where it's -- it was the final game of the season correctly. All right 26018786. Exit eight nines -- yes they pulled them against the Cowboys that we were leading by a twenty some odd points at that point so and the game was pretty much over at the in the fourth quarter as you hear they'd be heated discussions continue even was not that -- in the commercial break. It's not that heated well it usually is but. Talking about is still some more tax about the hit on Brooks and -- and so forth. But if you wanna talk about a bad call that was made me that the Brooks that was the right call because of the way the rules are. The Patriots Carolina game the way that ended. That was obviously -- or spirits on Gradkowski. You'll look molding it. Heatley had his arms around him. Face to face with him being was you know trying to look for the ball now -- and push him in the back of the end zone right -- throws the flag you. Soul. That he saying there's not a foul. Now and mark and -- was this explains is apparently they're two different -- the two recipes off the one I was looking at gronkowski giving. Brutalized in the end zone and the other one who's looking at the ball in the one it was looking at the ball where it was thrown intercepted that it wasn't a catch a ball for right now. I was due to being casual if you got to got to if you had to get mugged in the back of the end zone come on that. That that's that won't bother me yeah this other one here was -- you know that would you know hit -- Ahmad Brooks but. Mean that's -- that's the way that the game's played now on that that's that became legal hit you know -- -- the way they they viewed as a penalty so I understand that part of it but don't understand more. -- you know how subjective this pass interference was when that. I mean everybody in the whole -- they sit there watching the games on my -- You know the guy's got his arms around him pushed him in the back of the end zone yeah it was intentional -- BO scheduled for anybody. You run over the linebacker just to see if you can get the ball at -- has been consistent. Looks a little in the restaurant and there's nobody really it there's a battling games over. Well they don't want to throw the flag to have that there was no explanation is the wire -- -- it was no penalties etc. I think that's what was more upsetting that it entails. I tell -- get back to phones to nick and mastery hey nick you're on vans for state. Yeah you -- -- -- -- if they want it at last part is my question about it our injury report. What's there aren't a lot of the latest on that. Well the the latest latest they Gillis is right before kickoff when it when they bring it all -- but right now he got a bunch of people listed as questionable. For the Saints get it everybody isn't just about others. Anybody's got any kind of treatment at all for the past -- -- on the questionable thing. Yeah that would be the only that would be an all reason why they would what you are. Cavity have a pretty Good Charlotte Atlanta the night it is whether or not we get really substitute started on defense like we used to during which is really. One of the most effective our our defense is so far this year. Well we are the only person that's really I mean ruled out obviously his career yeah. But the front seven guys and -- apparently aren't back you know kicked hicks had a back I think you know obviously he's back instances spasms or whatever so really the guys that. The make up the sort of your core you know and that on the line of scrimmage especially defensively -- They're gonna play and I looked at the office of linemen there's a couple of guys there you know I think -- with the rest him yesterday or whatever. Look it's a short week if you're gonna get some guys that are nicked up and banged up they're gonna basically go to walk through they're gonna watch film and they're gonna get better. They're not gonna put these guys three things physical -- those guys have played nine you know I think when guys Leo I think it was it was a non injury deal they -- even -- something you know but. That stuff happens but that is trying to get people back in shape ready for the next couple days is such a short compact -- week. That the physical part of it is much better this point in the in the middle part of. -- the last -- the last the last report we got out. Was I yesterday because of the game today and and it was. Cameron Jordan was limited his probable Curtis Lofton -- is probable to program Jimmy Graham limited his problem probable. Within -- an ankle for Jordan a hamstring and ankle -- Lofton nailed on the fourth programs the same stuff they've been battling the last couple of games they've all played well I mean look at. -- new England's injury report yeah Tom Brady is because they Tom Brady every week children's children it has for the last. Nine years I think I mean it's if it is just it's it's on there it's permanently on there and a lot a lot of that's just Belichick just. Because I don't put aside are you -- dishonor -- young children -- day today. We had an idea what else you got. No doubt pit strategy which Steve -- wanted to keep it a little more about life. I love -- -- that the top the short time between Paris everybody views as well and we he could be really talking it was our given your trip after the goal line and -- the course of the season and this is a big. Are that -- course I mean. It is it easier for these guys become opportunities that they -- you've got in no matter what which lets all no matter how hard you're out there. Oh yeah. Yeah look I can tell -- -- divisional. Means a little more even though Atlanta for. Really for all intents and purposes out of it meaningless -- does have some -- have their idea it's here here's here's one of those strange stats yet. They're not mathematically out of the Saints could eliminate them from playoff contention with a win tonight so no and that's not what they're taken my whole point because that's. Look coming off a real physical game -- late Sunday and then having to sort of turn around and and gotta go to the game plan that you the very next morning they went through installed. In -- lifted weights probably ran a little bit you know the guys got treatment and then. They sort of went through walk through there was a probably a whole lot of of real practice going on rather than sort of some timing things and maybe some plays that they felt like. There were gonna install this week against Atlanta and felt like they were gonna work OK because of what their personnel changes have been but really it's. It's a crash course and most guys at this pointers and look. Study your film. Were beaten on it were install and were put stuff together. And then you get the treatment that you need to get you know and to get your body right to play on Thursday night -- -- the Wednesday afternoon were flying out here so it's a it's a but I don't think. To the fact that we have played Atlanta it's only different times and we have so much film on him. I think that they already sort of have a jump start on that. Now the coaches. Are guarantee have already broken down Seattle they've already broken down Carolina. They've broken down Saint Louis. Bits and pieces of it and they began to stall that stuff you can tell Lotta times -- to going and see this stuff early in the morning. They'd already be sort of -- game two or three games down the road work on different teams that. The players by and large don't have anything except that following game at their work on the focuses all there. Next game up right next Amos the only game accounts -- -- unity about. I'd decade thanks for the call and don't forget coming up at 530 is the about like countdown to kick off with a big chief Deke Bellavia and they cajun cannon Bobby bare they'll take all the way to it came time. Well -- joined Jim Henderson hokey -- John Christie -- down in Atlanta. -- the league team to ninth as the kickoff is set for about. 737. Point fives -- it's somewhere up there and they keep changing the exact time but basically so tune in on about. 715 -- -- sympathy and do it suited us and keep it right here we got -- all the way through no matter what time it is because they they try to do that to get you to tune in a little earlier. Deceive the the festivities in the pre games that alone while he's channels and and Roger he's like. And I think you can follow the 740 when they were talking about that that's that's really wise. Right but just to him early and you'll miss. I think someone has Texas and 8787 days -- Steve I think I got a solution everything and everyone calling and talking about the here on. On nine Drew Brees last week by Brooks. Says -- I think they should put the quarterback in as U shaped padded area from the ground up three feet high pats. Put three big red but. And on the pants one on the left on the right one in the -- The defense has to get to the red button that. If the light goes off both for the quarterback throws it's a sack offensive line that to try to block the peak hours that's out and the allied that I concede that's good yeah it's sort of what is -- going to be you know. That's what he did that does well thought out well Annika. Apparent Ali all the little slow with him as much fun to watch right final so -- go to -- ball in -- -- you're on fans Thursday. Bad -- you've got I got a couple things the center hit the ball. The -- play a little college ball. If you spit on me output W if you give me a bucket on the high okay and 13 with the play football league which you hit it makes them feel like -- you know. Guess what that -- have ended up beat only about watching the game with a with a yeah -- and the fact that haven't gotten out yet. Everybody probably get him out by then the people want to read it don't agree with. That amount and and the men that ball in court. -- I mean not equipment. Would've been a great job. What can I am not. That -- I think everybody up and we're. Called all hey hey -- I don't think people I don't know I don't know break here because we're only put up the calls that are Collie had you called then we could job. That the route and you know when you call on the side of the I think all football and they right now we play defense and football that's what real men play. And know that the. Look I'm not let -- take and that's why that's why the guys on defense -- to conjure mediums okay they looked really good but they couldn't think OK so don't tell me that. You go all -- to get cute you five minutes. And tackle. It's obviously you know nothing about the game Steve nicely to me in a cut. I 26 elevates 7866 that I -- zero it was gonna look -- battery HIQ rod -- Thursday. Eight passing part of their -- good time out just wanna to. Just thrown a little thought about the relationship between. Sean Payton and Drew Brees you mean. If there's a lot of quarterback coach match matchups and haven't taken back this year I think is literally put the spark. In the Saints you know this year and you know just to talk about that a little bit William -- -- as far as. You know what where you think those two couldn't go they if they vote if if if I drew stays healthy. Midget compared to say -- like Brady and Belichick I mean with the phenomenal what they've done. And you know and how important you know army general help or do you think that -- -- -- back has helped this team this year. Well look at first of all I think he's -- -- -- great football coach obviously he's in that position -- you know obviously because he has a track record you -- sort of what he's done now. The fact that we didn't have him last year and exposed. At least to me that that he was such a stabilizing force with this group -- the with a veteran with a better group of football players that we have here. So. You know obviously has a great relationship -- in the fact that he would you know obviously was a quarterback and quarterback coach before and you know that kind of stuff so I think they have. Sort of a unique of ability to sort of changed things on the fly and they -- -- seemed to be on the same page a lot. Well I don't think it's like there. Best friends that run around each other on the weekends and stuff during the offseason stuff like that but I do think they have a very unique. Camaraderie when it comes to understanding. What they're trying to accomplish together on the football field so. A look when you have that ability in and you see the same thing with you know Belichick and a you know a Brady but you know Texans defensive guys -- you know but but nevertheless. You certainly see that in and you can tell that looked at the star quarterbacks -- there for a reason because they have a different level of understanding. You know on number reads and stuff this this summer about when Peyton Manning and they're going to Denver and it was a situation where. With a coach for sit in on the meeting trying to learn what what he knew about it -- they respected him so much they -- say you know. There's no reason why we can't sit there and -- some information out of him. And try to see where why he makes what he does when he does because he's been so successful and let's learn from them and I think that's. Anybody that knows anything about of the game understands that there's a certain number of guys that are extremely Smart with it. And are at a different level than than your other quarterbacks. Yeah and and like you know -- what would've happened to the Falcons this year would did because the free agency and injuries and whatnot but. You know it's it's it's amazing teams like you know. The Patriots. How they can continue to win when they go through that adversity I think a lot of it has to do with the coach and quarterback. Mets to meet and all the. Always say we're right know look it's a quarterback driven league and especially the way you'd understand -- seek. Sort of why this superstar quarterbacks are where they are and ends and obviously where their teams are. Oh look what happens -- Green -- I mean really the wheels have come off the wagon until and that's no disrespect it to -- and over there but the same time. He's got Aaron Rodgers you know at this point until they get him back. They're not very remarkable at all. Matt and growing -- these qualities did resign him but they haven't put in an -- and a lot them. -- I -- thanks for the call I got a Texan 87870. It says hey Steve if Paul really knew what he was doing he'd be playing in the NFL right now -- calling you on the phone. -- point well taken us. Are these people seemed like a frustrated guys it really is never got a shot I guess. I don't know I don't know him personally I guess he didn't know the game well enough to to get to that level. All right Steve these Decourt I've done it doesn't we'll take a break it's Mets first take on WWL.