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Nov 21, 2013|

Todd Menesses and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners to get ready for the Saints game vs rivals the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to -- first day here on WWL. To say. Final half hour here than we. Bring in the big chief Deke Bellavia in the -- -- can about be there for the -- countdown to kick off at 530. Game time tonight to Saints and the Falcons. Is at that seven point 5730 is when they are projected to kick off maybe even a little later. However. Just stick right here in -- history because Jim and -- Ian. And Christian will follow Bobby Indians they'll do follow the circuit they'll be there for the kickoff team -- -- -- -- India. All right 2608786. Exit 89087. Or you can text does that 87870. It's the against -- coming in. Some people still complain about the call next where. Saying you may have been a Falcons fan who knows. -- -- Haters gonna hate fans either hate the Saints -- love the Saints. Mainly it's been a lot of hate talking about the it on the Drew Brees that it happened to Manning. It would be a big deal moment it would still be a big deal let's move on and -- But you don't look -- get some of that until. If you know what's gonna happen of the two years from now and even a year from now I think. This is what's gonna have we're we're disorder trans transition period is no question. You know where they're gonna start -- -- -- their -- you know we're gonna see more and more those types of things you see him every Sunday because there's no way. Yeah how in the world that DB fly across the middle they're supposed to stop you know he sees in the guy I've always supposed to be in the middle linebacker at the guy. The -- exposed him but he got flagged for. And targeting we will whatever they want a cause Leon's hit an editor yeah yeah but what we're gonna see is slowly transition to where. Players won't do it they'll they'll learn now to you know obviously. Control themselves a little bit easier a little bit better than bill ought to be illegal under control as they had. And I think will happen is you'll slowly see you know and you realize that they're not columnists anymore because they're not going to be roast I've seen it. But we're going to have to go through this transition period until everybody realizes it. Couple seasons from now I don't think. It would be a big deal at all people back to football the way it is but it will it won't have those types of hits. Was in because it'll slowly wean itself out which is right to play yet just like you say it is as the game has evolved there's some things that happened back in. December -- look used to be able to obliterate the receiver coming across the field oh yes take him out. When they changed the rule and that there were penalties throw look -- years and until -- happen you you -- -- its way out. That'd -- the guys in the NFL worst mark located that with these guys get to be owners you know it's not because they -- to sort of fell into it. They realize that the star power to quarterback and also realize that for this game to continue to wage needs to. And it's grown exponentially every year is no question about it. That they're going to have to see if there's going to be some self preservation of this. So in order to do that they're -- -- this is what we have to do and do that we have to change some rules. They changed a part of the rules and they've made it to where they. They're scored so many points now in these games that it mute. They didn't score as many points. Defense has been taken out of the game a lot -- okay and then and liked him -- you can see it right now they're used to -- mean you can -- -- games. Ten or fifteen years ago and there was a lot of 1714211714107. Nothing games. There's not very many of those anymore I mean like a couple weeks ago there was 109 it was. What Seattle and San Francisco from Carolina and and Sampras Cisco and nine. Yeah. Like old school -- -- -- -- exactly and all was was heavy defense that was a whole lot of offense going on so. -- you're gonna see a lot he figures he -- scores and the. FL has changed that it's evolved because. Fans today want that I mean you're getting that generation in him now that are football fans that are used to it and and when I say this too. That are grown up with Maddon. Okay Madden football and the video games and they had the high score in the fast place that is sixty Fauria and they think the real game is going to be that way and in some games have turned out that way look at us well I'm I'll look to score and scoring is exciting -- -- -- -- -- probably watch and like. You know these offenses in these guys throwing you know. Reporter yards a game and their seven touchdowns being scored and you know and it's exciting and so I mean I understand it it's just again it's just the evolution of the game. I must go to Mike in New Orleans in my cure on WWL. -- but I'm just trying to figure out now. I had that -- it'd been done on any quarterback in the league in my opinion that sixty years old league and one years ago it would have been well. Initially it. -- Were on the upper chest but that 80% of it to the if you. Will once and it's not a close line. There's nobody identity that's a player that would say. That would -- Well it was sort of a sort of the fall through as well yes and if you know you're right though as far as like. As several years ago and all that would have been that would have been a penalty a few years two years ago -- would have been apparently but but they've there's been so much awareness doubted that that obviously they're trying to call and yes the defense -- player he's not gonna say like clothes line Dumars trying to close -- You know I mean look I'm still from the old school there to and how would -- mean I was sitting in the Booth Cologne. One. I've been on. The floor on the field I have seen them close line twenty times and of course you know call pitcher -- -- witnessed quarterbacks -- -- And clothes line and flight not being thrown. Well no there's there's there's definitely more attention and more focus on the quarterback you know they're gonna get some preferential treatment -- no question about that mean that some. You're going to be able to get away with some other -- in on some real wide outs in in and obviously some running backs and whatnot but. But they're gonna protect that that guy that their quarterback in right. I'm Mike thank you for the call thanks for the comments yeah I get a lot of tech's community 7870 Lotta people asking what happened of that. When evident that woman from Atlanta at least the call -- all the time. Before the season started. She's been very quiet since the season as she's become disgruntled at. I would imagine so I can imagine RB Steve scored a top and that's what we come back we'll get we aren't as he south picks for this week. It's fans know it's not -- that's tomorrow will be doing fans in the pro tomorrow by the way its fans first eight. Right now you're on WWI. Talk prior NFC south the predictions brought to you by delivered to -- Richards say originally pizzeria dine in. Takeout or delivery originally pizzeria. Games that will be happening in the NFC south this weekend of course the first one tonight the Saints and the Falcons we'll save that for last. Tampa Bay heads to Detroit to take on the Lions now they. Really political grounds and the Falcons last week. At a look at whether surgeon pretty harder than -- -- you know. Again they go there one of those teams as not to lose. You know they're playing free and easy and it's just really -- -- play. You -- maze basically on tape. Can picture that you know you do your best each and every week to be a pro and because the next coaching staff and -- going to be ones coming in here. In the papers you know guys react when there and -- -- you know record and -- go on and on the road and you know he can conduct yourself like pro or not -- I think he'd beat Detroit. I think Tampa does beat Detroit I still think Detroit right now is. I don't know they they looked to me like they're kind of shoot themselves in the foot from time at -- they can sort of get a handle on the Calvin Johnson thing. I don't think I think they do beat them. I'm gonna go opposite I like the Lions at home they've been playing very well and home -- of their almost semi Matthew Stafford is quietly become one of the yeah. More accurate quarterbacks in the league at ease. Like there right now work well look at what their what he's been through. Offensive front is it still is as good as there is no you know it's it's going to be a tough game but I still think of right now and I think campus. For whatever cylinders are -- on -- -- him on all of them and I'll still take the lines and I -- think it'll be immortal plea for. Carolina heads to Miami to take on the gulf and Sunday. I think -- -- them -- -- I don't think Dixon. I don't think it's I mean I think you know obviously Miami is just in this corner of -- It's going to be a little tougher than I think a lot of people think it is who still think there. A pretty good defense that plays pretty well from time to time but it. Sort of sketchy you know inconsistent if you will. But but I still think Carolina this point is playing way too good. I agree I like Carolina. I think they're gonna do well on the road and in Miami and their enrolled now what they want 67 straight on the like Ryan's so. Yeah I think they keep Rolen because they have to keep pace with the New Orleans Saints in the NFC south -- tonight take on the Atlanta Falcons -- See this game -- -- You know I don't like I said before I think there's disease these two teams that are going in different directions there's no question. You know it. That the Saints are playing so well with -- coming off a short week there they're traveling. You know Atlanta still. Plays well from time to time they get Steven Jackson back you know I think I think Roddy White is is back in some sort limited extent that I believe. They're offensive line is just kind of they -- sort of fall apart lately and I in that to me is probably. The biggest kiss of death at least offensively that you can think of it is if they of those guys aren't getting it done you can forget Stephen Jackson and -- -- do anything so. I just I had a feeling it though the way that the New Orleans right now is six accusing and and what they're doing offensively they're hot. And I think they can beat them by twenty now and I'm going to say that -- they're they're gonna win by at least twenty points. And it'll probably going to be in you know it's a twinkle twinkle and came out. That's what really feel like they could do at this point. You know I think this is is going to be your classic New Orleans Atlanta battle. And I think it's going to be close I am I think it'll go to going to be 2321. Saints win it in the end in a close one. And the reason I'm saying that is because every time I've said it's going to be a blowout it was a close -- -- -- after the close with a blowout so I don't I'm trying to play the I. Can tell you this they don't. At Atlanta does not have a home field advantage like you know honestly do not the minute they did something goes wrong that boo birds -- Olympic. There's some you talk about a fair weather fans -- I mean those people. It's -- right off the other those -- run off the cliff in the second in fact their team is bad you know I think most of them have. And at some point yet they have. -- jump back on putt -- it's been a schizophrenic relationship with them. All right that's our NFC south predictions. -- this week we both picked New Orleans over Atlanta both picked Carolina over Miami we split on Tampa Bay and Detroit Steve likes Tampa. I like Detroit to win that game and has brought to you by originally pizzeria dine in takeout or delivery. Reg and at least pizza reassembling our rights let's a year let's go to trucked in Slidell real quick a truck. A truck. Which got quick. A -- to say that side of a game -- very good. Are afraid to -- -- this -- year. It would. Also want to -- it was. I truck and you go look for I don't want to -- guess it's our year the scarlet we have to run here for the next three or four weeks is going to be rough. So look we can you start off by this one right here -- finishes one off and and get despondent look at ten day. And I guess that'll I guess that's sort of a mini break if you will now but no they gave Seattle than allies though it was solid nevertheless. That game -- may be for one in the the NFC championship if you look at his good appears as can be tough. I hasty court I'm Todd and SSI coming up next it's the Bud Light countdown to kick off with the big G big bill to be up. And -- cajun cannon Molly bear will be back tomorrow filled in for -- Christian with the fans in the pro right here. On WW out even here the Saints are coming up next.