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11-21 5:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 21, 2013|

Deke and Bobby get ready for the game against rivals Atlanta Falcons.

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And getting a little bit above my cab down to get -- -- official beer of the Saints invested two out with the black game goal will look. But then ninth win of the season 82 it to a two on the road to take on the Atlanta Falcons. Sit these two teams met in week one of the Saints holding off Atlanta when he 23 to seventeen they've gone in opposite directions. The Saints have gone seven into Atlanta. Has gone to and sent him. And the New Orleans Saints about me on ballclub clearly had everything in front of them. Can't afford is the bit to take care of -- on the road tonight. Yeah the assembly when you look at it in the game to be the NFL version of the game of the century. Oh you know when you go to Seattle where. Don't get any better than that Monday Night Football prime time crowd atmosphere. Well you know the you know obviously promote. You know playing -- and seats they'll have a lot of season left to play. Think that the play Carolina twice in there in the -- right now in the NFC but before I get started if you look at. These are truly special days of for a New Orleans Saints. And you look what occurred last year Mark Martin is -- surpass the greater more and become the all time leading receiver. Well if you look tonight -- another milestone that are household names the nation is for -- bags. Pierre Thomas says he knees 22 yards. And that you get that -- of the Falcons. Given opportunity. Meet 22 yards that the past the great -- eighth. -- -- made approvals first two years in the Saints uniform. -- need twenty yards the past who in the eighth and I'm a four spot all time in the saints' rushing lists. In any also just -- seven the past chuck Muncie. You know the beautiful although the tuning you know chuck Muncie and ruin knees and -- Tom as a free agent out Illinois. Who have great opportunities are pats will -- great running backs but tonight the look in the game tonight and a primetime match up. Between two division rivals I don't think that needed to and fresh off a victory of the ending. Did NFC champs and brand bring their momentum -- -- Georgia Dome tonight about the Atlanta probably two or two and eight. The thing to be looked at by the third consecutive win and a season sweep of those Falcons. Owens has been dominant over the -- -- Cecil -- season and a big drove a Lannan tonight on the NFL network would continue. That dominance by The Who dat nation. And also keep the -- at least one game lead over the Carolina Panthers in the NFC's self. Tonight's match up -- 89 meeting. Between the two division rivals -- Atlanta holding a 46. To 42 edge in the all time series. -- New Orleans has a twelve to three advantage over the Falcons since 2006. Now we don't know obviously. You look at data bank is Bennett twelve to three -- -- a big influence because of Sean Payton and Drew Brees. -- good to show you how relevant these two teams have been lately. The last four contests have been featured in prime time. And in the overall series it's been extremely competitive. But half of the games decided by seven points are lefty talking about 45 games they're pretty much goes down jaguar. Like coach Payton said. He could really go back through the last six salary years. And every one of these games seems like like the come down to one possession time the game. Regardless of how one team is doing. How about how the other team is doing and has been really consistent and I expect this to be the same come Thursday night. It's amazing the parity today in the NFL. With three NC it doesn't take. Much to go from the pin house that out house or vice Versa. Just look at whether Houston Texans in Atlanta Falcons are now our commitment training camp. It was -- out net battling a lot not that long ago considering. You know you just go back to August it was suitable or bus. That's how excited their fan bases were mean the tags in the Falcons. And -- you look at the Kansas City Chiefs. They get -- you coach Andy Reid completely turned things around. Only loosen their first game last Sunday to Denver Broncos. So that's truly is is as -- as -- -- correct statement. -- what ended -- -- -- lately penthouse that our house. In in the chiefs' favor from the outhouse to the penthouse considering -- the best in the NFL right now when you look at. Time of possession. Well look at what's occurring in the game and the Saints are truly unbelievable. You'd think it is such an explosive offense. And that they don't really possess the ball but. When you look at playing total total complimentary football right now when you look at the time possession. In how the Saints control and the flow of a game. You could see why they are number two in the league and possessing the ball. Quarterback Drew Brees has thrown 481 downs on third down which is number one person in the NFL. And defensively. They give the offense extra possessions. In forcing three and out. A budget Doug did a great piece right here as far as doing his homework and when you look at three now. And a coach -- Drew Brees all the talking about those extra possessions. -- that continues to do that that's all of us and how you could see this -- before half. -- other form and it all of it to all of a sudden get a couple of touchdowns. And really put it away but if you look at the last three games the Saints defense has held opponents to three plays -- if you look. Would know first down. On seventeen of 36 drive that's an unbelievable 47%. Argument continued to play like that on third down. We in the top 53 down offense and do that defensively. Not that to winning form and big chief you'll be a challenge but it defense. Tonight when you look at third down to contain the Falcons. It especially if it's on third and medium. Situation Atlanta has converted 50% eighteen at 36 which is outstanding. On third down when it between four and six yards to go so when you look at the game. And and -- this that when they've gotten it done. And now they can have long sustained drives. We wanna have them like in third and -- and third and 839. And I think you're trying to run Steven Jackson. And a short pass and try to get the third fourth sixth and they've had. Unbelievable success this year -- 50%. Not big of this they don't give away the game if they don't give away. Would turn overs. Irony with the Falcons coverage and -- the Saints winning by double digit. I -- is going from eight and nine have. That I actually will be announcing two touchdowns but at least. And 1112 point in the ABA the could be touchdown of the kind of like. 31. To 21 at 31 -- -- seventeen -- game. All right today's game is -- Nevada satellites and the official transmission divide the Saints radio network called a satellite center at 504. 466 dished to -- -- sports network is the ball like a down to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. He is the gauging cannon. My BA ban Deke Bellavia is above my count -- -- can go Bud Light official beer the Saints the New Orleans Saints committed 82 about it taken a step back last week the 23 point victory. Obama the -- -- his -- -- talk about defense highlighted the last two weeks the Cowboys or nine on third down against the Saints the 34 scheme last week. Even better when you consider the caliber of appalled at the Saints offense faced and possessed the Saints defense faced an offense that position before Bobby six of those teams ended in punts including 53 and outs. Seven of those -- Bobby gained only. With sixteen yards or more in their gain and several of them walked on down. Sixteen York's Torre thought about what they were able to do now in a big blow we talked about this yesterday when it was officially announced. The Saints losing Jabari -- for the rest this season let's talk about their matchup QB go but it gets mr. Douglas tonight well. They in a pickle in that but you know I would say in public the players who have been in this situation in the past yet to look at this as an opportunity. And definitely don't look at it more pressure just look at it definitely the glass half full -- every player was the maximize his earning potential. So a glove there in league play. Big I was on Atlanta radio this morning -- talking about this. And I've run this story to you remember a good friend -- hunting fishing with -- case decades -- -- here's a guy case. Not only didn't have back -- he won -- who bull ring with the Cowboys it's AT. But initially he was a white cornerback. Okay he he's won the last great white cornerbacks along with Jason -- as they see on all noted that the yards -- than him you know it was -- into agency or the all of a sudden he's opposite Deion Sanders Bobby Butler and all. Three gonna get picked on. He made the Pro Bowl he had nine interceptions in his season made the pro -- a great amateur record -- white. So the ball's coming your way make plays at a ball he did an outstanding job -- in the slant route. A lasting as the 49ers of great interception -- in finished but he's gonna have those opportunities. Because you never want to be in theory or reality the weakest link on a defense -- how they set of a game planned. They gonna be going riding Corey white now. Big I think it's a wash its luster bright or did have a Julio Jones available and if you look Julio Jones this year until he got hurt. B he was outstanding -- in five games he had 41 catches. 580 yards so he is average and -- a hundred yards a game. And I had a couple of touchdowns so when I'll look at okay Roddy White he's been injured on and I -- the years. With the Keenan Lewis of them match on and a regular -- Harry Douglas. At what Harry Douglas has done now and now this is a distant. And and he's really taken advantage of his opportunity. If you look the equal Woody did. Now not odd name and -- there's -- you look against Tampa Bay they got smoked but -- an eighty yard catch and run touchdown. And in. If you look at Matt Ryan throwing tires are passing games and sixteen straight games. But look at Harry Douglas -- carters third 100 yard game of the season so he's very capable. I mean and it was his second -- a hundred yard game that occurred last week against them but he had six cant just fire at 34 yard. So it if you could if you see. According why against Harry Douglas I'm -- in the -- like and match of the line and so what is coach rob trying to do as far as differences teams. They help out Corey white need to receive gill would -- To be interested to see the cat and mouse game. If you sometimes put Keenan Lewis and island. And say look you got Roddy White and will help out Corey white you don't always receiving. But you mix it up so just look now that it -- as the game progresses but -- secondary. Against Harry Douglas and Roddy White Matt. -- -- -- -- -- Coming up for comment for the Saints although the filed with the two and eight full of the last six for the Saints ball on the road including tonight. At Atlanta it's the but like I got to take off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. It is about like an advocate of coming up at their tonight's game between the Saints at the Falcons. Tune into the locker room show followed by the point apple dictating -- Bobby Adrian let's get too caught up on everything that's going on in the NFC -- -- called on the row with thinks -- report -- again. Week twelve of the NFL season getting underway tonight here in Atlanta two teams going in opposite directions meet tonight in the Georgia -- the Saints are eight to the Falcons. Sitting at two and -- last in the NFC south the black and gold are coming off an impressive win over the San Francisco 49ers the dirty birds. Going off a loss last week to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 41 at 28 the Bucs dominated the Falcons. For most of that ball game the short week presents some challenges for both teams. Saints coach Sean Payton says the familiarity with Atlanta makes the game planning process a little smoother. So when you played already. I think it can. Make the transition through Atlanta. As well as ourselves. A little less hectic attic to big challenges. Are there are obviously physically played game. An afternoon gave -- turnaround in -- play another game. The Saints are favored by nine and a half points in this one. The launches twelve -- three against the Falcons with Sean Payton on the sidelines you could hear the frustration at Falcons coach Mike Smith's voice. On his teams to any records. This is a group of coaches that -- have won a lot of football games right now we're not playing good football we're not coaching good football. And it's unacceptable for our team that's unacceptable for -- fans. It's a 730 kick off tonight right here on Saints radio between Atlanta and New Orleans on Sunday the red hot Carolina Panthers travel to Miami to battle the four and five Dolphins. Cam -- in the Carolina Panthers have won six straight city at 73. Right on the heels of the Saints in the division the Panthers and Dolphins play at noon kickoff on Sunday. Don't look now but the devil may Buccaneers have won two in a row there on the road this week against these six and four Detroit Lions. Are the Bucs finally started to buy in a great -- those program at Tampa the Lions and Buccaneers kick off at noon on Sunday as well. For all the road in the NFC south I'm Kristian -- in Atlanta Georgia with the Saints. This is the door on Saints radio network. -- Chris -- followed Christians reports throughout the contest tonight on social media one of 32 ridiculous Allen reports filed a Christian and Kristian -- one. Onto it but when you look at the NFL standings in the NFL rankings right now there's only one team that's in the top three. On offense and defense and they are third in both places that is the New Orleans thing. Bigger than that is truly amazing if you look at. When we open Bobby did you know the -- like go from 32 million middle of the -- with the glove from running again as the middle of the pack. The game it is truly and I said this before rob mind hello this is the coach of the year he should be coach of the year with the head coach or not. And has no disrespect Andy Reid are Sean Payton. But I think rob Bryan truly be in that special and what he's done this team. The league when you look at what's gonna occur -- challenges. It doesn't get any easier you know we all excited that we got the momentum that the challenges. Where we're at right now. Whether Seattle Seahawks -- and and ultimately. In the NFC south. Rival. Who's really gotten advanced Sean Payton and Drew Brees is -- does any team in the NFL. Is the Carolina Panthers and we've still got to play them twice. There is -- that and you look at number of categories. -- look at scoring defense. You look at opponents. Passer rating against them. Carolina's in the conversation and an all of those deals that's to be such a challenge in and I was all excited -- -- look at will winning. So it's not gonna get any easier. You cannot afford to lay an egg in Atlanta you are better than the Falcons right now. I can look at the Falcons to win big and trying to. To beat this -- obviously in theory you wanna keep Drew Brees and his style line. Aside they they might get more opportunities nice healthy he had that hamstring injury Stephen Jackson. Now you remember the first game against the saint. He only ran the ball eleven times. But he had 77 yards so -- in theory. Well we -- -- we got to get the ball twenty to 25 times he's averaging. Seven point seven yards a carry. But he did remember ordered those big -- one of those runs -- fifty yards but it but I still take the approach. Then he should travel with the when he carries. So because he might break 250 yours so so you never know. Howell the -- -- game plan to beat the Saints. But I think we could see a heavy dose of Steven Jackson. Maybe throughout the game not being the last thing I think -- could be. Critical public and the start -- look at in the first quarter. I look up fast start look at the saint right now. We've scored 65 points in the first quarter an opponent 36. Now that's -- and water even though the palatable 12 games that's when they do get off the fast start they've outscored opponents 44. To sixteen in their first water. So you might have to weather that storm but in the second quarter they've been outscored 12969. The -- and we've been outstanding in the second quarter so. I think if found -- have no shot. It you know get off to a great start in the first quarter adjustment with the -- aborted season. They've been outscored. In the fourth quarter -- third quarter like if anything quarterback they've been dominant in their first quarter. So that's to be there they're objective tried it -- to fast start with the crowd behind him. And at the Saints get out the past -- I think they'll give. We will continue what about like. Countdown to get off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. But our dealers Rolex time is one -- one hour and sixteen minutes to kick up between the Saints and the Falcons turn down this down the center of the New Orleans Saints radio network don't forget to follow Christie Garrett throughout tonight's game. At Kristian -- one on Twitter is about like Atlantic -- Bud -- official beer of the Saints earlier this week Saints on the report Christie Garrett. Said -- busy with Saints defend at key hit to get his thoughts on facing the top. He faced in -- week one and Guerrero week twelve they suffered a lot of injuries on the offensive side of the football and there's still pretty cold where they different are they different. Well definitely different team from from week one I mean that they've been battle test they've had two weeks to a 23 are who they really are selected and come out and where -- we've discussed this already voted and come on the going to be. Better than what they were the first week in and not as as the year goes on every team gets a little bit better -- -- -- -- doing right -- could go wrong. Can you speak about their injuries nothing's ever a moment he's got to be ready to compete. Qualities are you surprised at their two inane I mean when you consider everything that goes into. No they were one of the front runners in the NFC. Accessible believe you know when they're pretty fast and nothing happened you go to new centers are really quick and he made a few mistakes and you find yourself fired from mine and he really can't control everything so you got to control things you can control. And what's allowed you guys to play so well while on a defensive line didn't. After the passer stopping the run here last couple weeks is -- total defense is this is the second they're playing really well. Locking guys down from you'll start us or the team just locking him down and and then not have a chance to get that ball Lofton you can indeed there's a lot of chance to get -- so. A team we -- -- trick you ask if this defense to be a top ten in. Style of defense you guys are the top five now on I -- just as Minnesota surprise anybody in this room or in the locker room. Are we really -- top five of the best legit where you that you look forward to to be successful we really don't focus on numbers not something that. From Renaissance -- -- he got here it would or have a lot of numbers up and we're not looking to make staff who can win games. What does that take -- what's it gonna take you guys get a win on Thursday night. Stuff hopefully it's a citizen of the hard fought game and then and play hard and and they -- Harden and we come -- and there's -- -- football can't -- Thanks for sure that he. Well the a team truly been amazing. The thing go where he came from. It -- from Regina. From Canada you know look and it the route he almost came to LSU in. You accordion and then it just goes to show you that they'll find great players no matter you know whether -- where they're playing. But this some that I'm impressed with you don't know normally see this that is deep into the season. Really in any part of the season. That he's fourth right now on the team -- tackles. He's behind Curtis lauded David Hawthorne and Kenny with Carol. He has 47 total tackles. Two sacks. Very active but he had an outstanding gaming is the 49ers. A couple of plays that come the mind really disruptive against the 49ers. All of it's a line a -- -- as a whole might be the best. In the NFL so -- -- -- to Hakeem Nicks a young guy that has a bright future for the Saints and and I think you'll keep getting better and better. A lot like a young player like a Cameron jar and and obviously. Young junior Golan they all getting better and getting experience. And in the coaching they believe in rob Bryant system rob believes in them. So the guy I like Iraq right now defensively because that'll make even drew reason Auburn's -- better. It's about like galvanic hit golf on the New Orleans Saints radio network dot got to take a look at what's gone on around the National Football League the Saints have the spotlight tonight. Taking on the Atlanta falcon fans and other big game this weekend I -- -- in the -- -- a trap game but yeah they're little difficult more difficult -- it seems. -- we're watching teams and odd division on a team want to count on a tough -- on the road they play at Miami this week. Did the and -- week in and that the only thing that really can -- your Carolina Tampa and you out of physical football game. And you that you really good rarefied air right now that that you haven't beaten -- -- is quite some time. You play acting in net back door on the road that got some spot ala. But -- the -- -- -- and not in Miami Quayle hit. I had been up big during the football. Miami got note dot net gain. Now my go -- looking at the Falcons game to show you how things have changed. They have two names and I'm not familiar with analogy maybe to break -- down defensively. I think they'll line. It is a line back from Delaware free agent Paul barber below are some things in -- -- board to. They hated they're smooth they're better -- -- as a player right now and you look at Paul warrant a little whatever his name is that that guy manages by. By chance now to double digit tackles he's -- like getting to what it tackles a game. Bob you know it's funny both those guys on -- -- agents undersized. He would run well when he came out of college. And they've really made it he won't be all the action injury -- got put -- the prominent role. So. You know in that guy's got -- go out on the -- Now or have -- now what it everything they got there won't comment -- -- Score board being -- that you're not that not. But they want to play. And to be with. Football team. Well special teams it -- -- Yeah -- what you think -- will. Not politically because that probably they hit the ball even sit them. How bad that you've -- does not. Does -- play. Not the academic appointment this thing he's been William Ward and how they -- We played. It cool last week. And you don't mind like that at that I was gonna actually how can that happen. Well they were in the commerce is an argument debate as -- ET's as a dual Pro Bowl level. The goal from the pin house and -- house like you went out and been. Ago. Right. You know you've -- almost like a hot point and come back wage. God was solid players in the NFL but -- -- -- it all pro level last year. We get a lot more pressure on the quarterback. A -- thing with -- today. They have a opportunity to make a bulletin that went to play on the ball and it got. What do you know as long. Heard of a situation where one being we played really changes a clock off the -- on only. Poole was put him in different positions and I'd opt out and -- the ones that. Are part of it up but. Put the tell me that like on that. What couple. Won't play Atlanta. And I think tonight what that means to why. Is it big shots and be on that particular deal when you look at the opposite game that they have been able to play. One thing that -- Baltimore saint. Didn't he went down you know and Jimmy Graham walker -- in the last game. They have court sixteen what happens. But that was ignored in non pitched well again that now. That side matchup well you make certain that it would have been exploited in the passing game you've -- -- -- -- That -- you put him because then it happened a couple of and -- -- got to number. In an instrument. That would be about. Almost -- -- and nine are now and over with that -- at the thought. Now like. And I kind of know which direction gonna go here because I think we truly witness and something that is special when you look NFL history. We all appreciate Jimmy Graham and his potential where he's gonna end up. About look at Tony Gonzales basically coming out of retirement because they thought they had a chance that is doable but look at his consistency to me is that this is unbelievable. That he broke his own NFL record you know tidy position posting his sixteenth. Straight season when at least fifty reception thing about it sixteen straight season with fifty receptions. You have to go with in Dallas now joined the wide receiver Jerry Rice who has seventeen as the only two players in NFL history. The post sixteen seasons and at least fifty catches talk about answered to valid and get any better in Tony Gonzales. And a lot of I don't know we'll see that again I'll lifetime. While the longevity -- the -- that jumps out yet. That you can do with that will not look at Jimmy Graham and he's caught almost sixty -- is more the spartans and -- career -- Tony Gonzales. Optimal Japanese yet the last fifteen years. Of these guys go along you know what. You gotta thank the -- about you haven't had a -- injury. I mean because you know what -- get daddy normally. Economy hit the wall a little bit into these -- Morton and. You break down. Mike do you gave the Saints about an eight point favorite and I give us -- predict. NFL analyst Mike it to you might take me onto it and Mike -- -- -- dot com might. Thank you so much I'm like yeah are right it is the but like countdown to kick off -- -- to the Saints and the Falcons turned down the sound and it set and to of the new -- -- unit or.