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11-21 6:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 21, 2013|

Deke and Bobby get ready for the game against rivals Atlanta Falcons.

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And welcome back -- about like our data Dick Oliver Saints on us and an hour away from taking on the Atlanta Falcons the second time this season. The Saints have won twelve of the last fifteen including earlier this year 2317. Thriller in the Mercedes-Benz superdome it's time had to go back up to Nebraska press box in the George don't what would jump by Saints to violence. -- guys down for the pregame injury report -- I deacons ranked pregame injury report is brought to you but do lane instituted sports medicine for the athlete in all of us here an active tonight. But the Atlanta Falcons -- Josh bond -- age -- now. Omar Gaither -- gone on Locklear Brian Robiskie and -- guy Goodman now you inactive for the Saints Brian Griffin. Eats at Duke natives Darren Sproles Jahri Evans Aaron Walker -- him in court to recently signed. For haven't weighed in at the saint pregame injury report brought you back -- institute of sports medicine for the athlete in all of us. Well -- now we -- an all hands on day for every game and obviously they named it does -- -- four front is Darren Sproles we all know Darren Sproles means that is offense how we utilized in the passing game and even as a running back but. If it takes him to sit out this game to be a 100%. Against the Seahawks I can live with -- I'll forward I don't question that and I'll Bobby -- you know he he does play such an integral part on the ice in. You know we talked -- -- could get last week you know with a big return that he had on the kick off -- the only Atlanta -- little bit shaky back your own thoughts that part when but. Yeah I'm like you I'd rather have him down the homestretch then that tonight and I and again -- -- I'll go back everything that I said earlier that the only real Saints game -- this -- a trap game me -- to game they really need to win everything else but. You also need Darren Sproles at detail in this whole thing more than that you needed tonight. Now okay this is a blast in the past that. And not really any meaning they for the game but. You know that they bring in an LSU fans and that is you know Terry Robiskie. Is a wide receiver coach for the Atlanta Falcons. Where his son of Brian Robiskie. You know Terry Robiskie was coach of the Cleveland Browns at the time his son played at Ohio State. And has seen he was on the inactive list -- say he's played for three or four different NFL teams. And when Julio jolt when that went down I think is signed Brian Robiskie but when I hear that name at tiger fans recognize that that Robiskie. There's not too many names that have very familiar obviously -- is key in his career to LSU. -- you're right Bobby -- you know he was there a few years before I was there of course he kind of set the the benchmark day for rushing yardage and then as the year went on and it to Charles Alexander came along in the adult mediate Kevin -- you know means candlelight. You know you your records kind of start going by. The wayside but -- Robiskie was kind of the got it set the bar for everybody else to -- in net yardage run for LAQ. All right day Saints kind of hold you guys now with a pregame report hopi who knew Bobby a big -- -- -- -- with the Atlanta Falcons and as we say 46 the forty to the Falcons lead these series but the Saints have really pulled close. And that 112 and three in the last fifteen meet yet dig if you look at it -- -- been. SC visas those spurts in. You know the thing is when it's ironic it is that you know been on both sides of the events. And really the longest I'll I'm part of actually the longest winning streak with the Saints and also the long long this winning streak. With the Falcons. Now would that was so long this winning streak that started. You know in 1995. In -- of their 9596. And and you look at with the -- -- long this winning streak that started in 1986 and I was there you know obviously -- eighties too early ninety's. So yeah it's been a series is streaks. But when you look at it you know without this they did even when we get ready to have the 89. Meeting and pals -- just ahead 46 to 42. That that that's pretty evenly 5050 deal. When you look at it on Sean Payton and Drew Brees or whatever department lately. That this last fifteen games the Saints have won twelve in -- and -- domination and what's impressive though. When you look at the Saints winning twelve out of fifteen is the Falcons have been good. Of the Falcons have been wanted to best teams. Well when you look at as of late in the and deacon -- that's why I think come -- get -- -- here that's why I don't think that. They can make any coaching changes because when you look at like. You know what's happening. As far as union I haven't success -- they're gonna be coaching changes and I think truly if you look at. What a solid threat right now I could see him changing assistant coaches. But I just don't think they gonna change. You know Mike -- the reason I say this if you look at NFL's best regular season home records. Since 2008. Do you know -- right now. That only the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens have a better home corrected. In the Falcons since 2008 now the Saints have had the Saints -- Falcons number in the Georgia Dome. And then you look at winning as the NFL head coaches since 2006. Bill Bill Belichick is one. Sean Payton is to. Mike's admitted that balance is number six out of 32 head coaches. And in the -- of -- they would John Harbaugh. A Mike McCarthy Mike Tomlin are ahead of a coach Smith so. When -- with the fouls have done and how impressive. I'm -- bend but even more impressive as the Saints. As you know to be able to beat them. When the Saints of when the fouls have been at their best to win -- -- last fifteen and over get a lot of who'd answer asking Texans talk about -- is this coming Tuesday night November 26 the two days of -- -- -- 8 o'clock our time. That Steve Gleason a football life. Will come on the NFL network and I know a lot of people excited about that Bob and I thought a clip of it. And I get Ozzie incredible we will keep you today on network and you know a big we'd try to get -- get that apart that line it was a ready jam packed -- Lucy's used well they haven't Arcadia Steve -- night. Yeah -- -- some -- again is celebrating -- -- and nations Steve Gleason. You know and and support him and you know authors that I probably a great atmosphere right here in our backyard -- Taken almost two and a Falcons next the on the -- like countdown to -- on a Saints radio network today's opponent at two and -- Atlanta Falcons. Will welcome in now the voice of the Falcons Wes Durham to tell -- the latest. Which is always a pleasure. You know -- the -- parity is the National Football League as -- would have said. You know that the team -- the Falcons I'm not you know in the playoff race. Don't write that's not that big mystery its but I don't think -- -- even if you don't like the fact that that could have imagined it to the it would be to an eight after -- game. And since we -- like each other so much it's okay -- -- yeah I caught a cut -- a guy you know what guys have been the the fact of the matter remains that it it's gonna it's gonna fall of frustration for Atlanta and it really has the the injury situation there's not a team Italy beat cancer don't have injuries but. -- intended Atlanta's injuries are probably more -- than anybody else's. To lose Julio Jones and the town was lead the league in three different categories in receiving. Meant to me Bobby you can appreciate distant speak they've lost Corey Spearman. Who at that time and hostess senator -- -- -- to say thank -- beer most poignant about two and a half different positions formal defense. And in order to replace program and you've had -- probably signed two maybe three guys the the offset that law also. You know it's it's been disappointing but it doesn't mean to -- the sack the bats and I give Mike Smith and these guys a lot of credit they continued to battle the offensive line is. You have been another civilize us west I mean the bottom line is -- dollars to -- his Blalock alike Mullen. Last couple weeks Bobby it's not been good -- They went through a lot of changes last week in Tampa we'll see what we did tonight because you know it's it's sometimes like they deal five guards out there. Well on the on the big time Butler fan -- I don't know I'm just some not as aged. But I think Dallas a mistake they thought Peter cons to be the guy you know you bring in a young guy and that's a lot of money. But the leaders of the quarterback and -- lineup I think mutually ms. Todd McClure when you look at continuity. With you and all of a sublime what only Justin Blalock. Has played there for the entire season. Well it's been discussed here and then Todd obviously it was a great player here. It is a great guys you know and he's a super guy in this community of super depth of this franchise and -- he's missed a lot more than just snap of the football you know that. -- you know -- -- you look at. God the fans get frustrated all we need changes to be made and all -- I know and I and I was part of it. That is states and never come to think the -- never had back to back winning seasons right before Mike Schmidt five years in a row. -- winning seasons you amongst the -- In the NFL. And in and not a fan of them and realize this who -- winning his NFL head coach since 2006. Bill Belichick's once on patients do well Mike Schmidt is number six in the and you look at. You have my talks about the gold field advantage of the Mercedes-Benz superdome but to say what you look -- best regular season home records since 2008. The Falcons are number three only behind the Patriots in the Ravens to Hopkins fired a coach you gotta give -- Not another there's not going to be any movement here there is -- -- their but it would be stunned including those that are particularly close to the team but. You know everybody understands too that you you can't you can't play this way next year you can't be right -- of football team again you you have invested too much you've gotten. You know you you've got people invested now you're going you know when you played here ran hot and cold yet if you want people rallied in -- Dead -- Walking away from it. Well here the last five years up until last year. People got behind this organization and got into it. From an emotional standpoint they're mostly invest in the Atlanta pockets the last five years so this is a difficult situation for the community and for the franchise to deal with. But it's also not all those situations -- stand pat they're gonna fix this thing of it affects it come. You know -- how water a lot of respects. Now -- you look defense Alou whether -- talked about injuries. A couple of names. Three is so warm low comfort out today right -- to and their production. Is -- like almost a Venus subversion against the Pierre Thomas of free agent in their contribution will what is your take. When you look at a human your. When you when you look at John Abraham what he's done now against what he's doing with the Cardinals is that almost like a wash because. Yeah like your mind you when you or a six and a half sacks. That he I don't know that he would his doing his job his him like he's doing some. OC's big greater Bobby you know and I think there was quite a lot of concern about what Connick guy OC would be here you know coming off the way to -- to new York and he's been fantastic yeah. A guy who I've enjoyed getting to know a little bit and it's been -- some time with him. And I appreciate how professionally spent about coming here and and being a part of this organization especially if it's the part of thank you can respect what it doesn't go well it's easy to be a doubt the team when you're right to run that necessarily were -- to an eight. And -- been fantastic. All war lol Bobby you go -- this stat. Rookie free agent out of Delaware he's -- -- machine he said about not hundred tackles the last three games but he's tackled her body but me and arch. -- eighties. He's a guy that goes to the football now he's flat around. And sometimes it comes you know in a miss but more often than not he finds the ball and make supply. Any excites a lot of people here in if there's a silver lining to all this does. There's a so over laden go bad season not make in the playoffs it's going to be a player kids like war low bar to. Alford the tip from southeast who's in the lineup obviously at the -- there in the in week one. Guys like that that's going to be the silver lining to what might be at the -- season by years. Now whereas out looking at a scenario. Playing on the road obviously look at the turn over differential right now the problems -- minus eleven the Saints are applause through -- -- The game last year in the Georgia Dome you know Drew Brees had five interceptions in the UK. Expect that happen again but -- Why can't we want to have a problem or probably Bubba got to camp out more -- and tonight well that it's too -- course. Look at that to me. Maybe you can explain is Duke playing at such a high level maybe the events. A -- receive defensive backs are safeties in the NFL that mean Thomas DeCoud and William Moore with so -- that. And then -- -- -- Did made the Falcons looking they have to get off the fast start it's one thing they've done this year. That you it would have been the first quarter 44. To sixteen at Indy got they've gotten outscored and all the other quarters. Well and the other thing to Atlanta has put quality of predict your questions about the safeties we got to get William mortem -- tackled out. -- money out of his pocket that's number one. Because he's been fine for a couple of hits he says this year. Decoud has just not had a good season and it was. I guess they exclamation point -- last week when Vincent Jackson caught the long ball that the film the next series they -- one on the field. I'll be interested to see tonight because they -- the draft pick out of Notre Dame broke his hand he's playing with a cast tonight but will see is a lot of plays or if there's a sense of urgency about Thomas they can be a professional here tonight to. Because he has played well in the past against New Orleans. You know the other part about this is. Atlanta has got to take advantage early of of the crowd that's here keep the crowd in the game they're going to be some Saints fans here despite their Falcons fans won't play in the superdome. But Atlanta's got to get the home building with it tonight you can't afford to fall behind early not be productive on offense and -- building because then if that happens it will be a long night. He is the -- -- Of the Atlanta Falcons west -- whereas it is always a highlight of my year -- Bobby how -- and we always appreciate -- we always appreciate it wins the always done it but that is. Bobby big game Saturday fellas you -- -- -- breaking it down now buyout I'd I can't wait to go see dollar ambient detain him I'd be fit you on the 48 kind of like the LSU -- -- I'm looking forward to. Buckley might be arena football yeah that's exactly whereas thank you journalist all right right boys of the Atlanta. Falcons Wes Durham we will continue wood about like I Danica golf on the saints' radio -- Pizzas cal zones salad before during and after the game make -- call and originality in Metairie had a hand make view on largest and of town -- in the game and are now written Anthony's pizzeria welcome back to the but like diabetic it above my official B of the Saints. It's the same to the problem tonight Alabama locker room show -- the point after here on the saints' radio network where he came in last week but to buy agreeing tonight to the starting role. Defensive back Corey white saints' sideline reporter Christie Garrett visited record to get his take on facing -- now. And you don't. Like to see anybody especially your teammates go down but then -- -- is injury -- rush shoe into the starting role and sure your pretty excited about them. I didn't see him go and it's. Not a -- number. After an alarm wounded going to be around and not sooners will be tough one. But. -- number I'm excited about the opportunity he knows this games. This sounds you always you always had to prepare for just in case things go down or are you souls are still -- -- -- me some distance. How do you make sure you don't I guess -- served a change something from where you come and play a nickel and I come as a starter. Because I used to -- to keep the same so don't put too much pressure. Yeah you know what you're looking like -- know just completely another opportunity. You know whether you know playing it cool and from the corner really doesn't matter every place we celts are the same you know it's me so. I'm looking forward to it should be performance. He has some of the veteran guys now emerging as are others. You kind of talk to this week about your preparing as a starter. Yeah I mean all you're I've been doing a great job you know just the -- you know -- wasn't a starter and just prepare and all week just in case something like -- soldier was to have been -- -- go there really wasn't. Can get only open because they know I'll be from here is. Believe me starters any NFL these days is kind of up. A little bit of overused term when you consider so much nickel and dime defense or your point. Yeah the nickel. In my mind it's just like starting nose -- -- this displeased with some of the passing leading. If you you know it must -- you can get out usually or not -- person gets their way is going through my whole life. And -- I know it's all well good now because you guys got the victory how many of your teammates can be a hard time about there was you know some of -- phone yeah. They don't know come home from Monday night and the zillion yards on the day we -- -- Q is it just sounds normal until the umps on school at the pace thanks truth I appreciate -- love you thank you can. Bobby Cory -- while they would be in presidency as Kolb. To -- to utilize -- and what I mean by that. That's as the QB count on him more strictly. As the corner opposite Keenan Lewis. Now when you -- in the game your starter with a ethnical whatever in bowling as they would use third report cornerback. Just as important as the first -- second and they've thrown at Butte and you know making plays -- be interested to see how they utilize them on special teams. I don't know big -- take a chance. And have almost -- teams units simply because of the common -- defense if you look. Kevin Riddick. My dark cars by far as leaving everyone in tackles. On special teams has twelve. He's also forced a fumble. When you look at Corey white he's around fifth and -- -- teams tackle the only as a couple but he's also. Forced a fumble but what he's been impressive. You know he has fifteen total tackles. You look at -- during Keenan Lewis 31 at thirty. Would he's second in number of passes that Vinatieri you know teams that throw the ball is way. Jabari Greer was first McKnight passed the pin and and he's been tied at being Corey white we -- become RO. And Keenan Lewis wood five passes defended so the he has a knack to get his hands on the ball. He had a great interception when he -- that's land running as the 49ers. So look at according white to look at those positive and to really selling big advantage of his opportunities. We will continue with a ball -- -- down to get golf on the New Orleans Saints radio network. This is about like I've got a kick off inching closer to the Saints and the Falcons remind you at the game tonight you attempt to sound off. Would -- active with the cagey game embody a bay here on the saints' radio network. Let's tossed ten seconds Wednesday -- unification this is the New Orleans Saints radio network. I shot week this week coach Sean Payton addressed the media aren't as some of the high points. He was asked earlier this week in his media sessions if he felt like -- beat home victory to start the season when he sent 23 to seventeen over -- and it. Set the tone for the rest of the season is coached on -- respond. Well I think couple things. -- certainly want to play well in your opening game and it just so happy to be a division opponent. With regards to. This series and I mention this in the team meeting you can really just go back. Through. The last 678 years and yeah every one of these games seems to come down to one possession type. Regardless of how one team is doing. Or how the other team is doing that's been really consistent. You know expect this to be the same. It's tough place to play. They've been very good at home and but going back to the the first game of the year. I think that. You're going comes out of training camp looking forward to the start of the season and that that game was no different than what I just said it you know came down to. The last possession then it just seems like -- you know it's hard even. You know here for me you know seven season you're eight but it's hard to read a reference every one of the gates like a lot of times I normally can because -- just. They seemed to be played in a lot of a lot of ways very similarly in that they they end up with a fourth down. They end up with a field goal a war. And yeah that's what makes it exciting. And it Saints coach Sean Payton Bobby talking about the NFL that's always dangerous match of the Falcons to an eight we -- eight to. On the tonight's game Bobby what is it going to take to make it I hot day for the Saints I hop over the top and beyond the loses the black and gold. And admitted there. Well they obviously don't lose the tour -- about I don't care actually early Cuba in Jacksonville Jaguars or whoever. He might receive it as the worst team in the NFL. Into regionals this he had five picks last year you know -- gonna win. And it's amazing the game was only 23 to thirteen that look right now which is batted in the -- you wanna jump on him quake. Because that's one quarter the Falcons have been dominant. Andy to get off to a fast start of outscored opponents 44 to sixteen in the first quarter. So we need to get all the great start and we've done that in the first quarter 65 to 36. But all the other quarters of the problems have gone small. So largest whether disarm. And -- the bottom line old school -- think even though I think we can exploit. College in a number of various. Still -- I was talking and run the football stop the run. They won before last are rushing and nothing to -- against Stephen Jackson opportunity. A rushing with 73 yards and also given up. Basically -- 133. Yards to gain so I think we should have success the bottom line I just don't turn over the ball where it was through there minus eleven. Keep that even on the minus category and having the Saints will cover and I went -- 1012 points. All right coming -- next to our game -- crew on location as the engineer morale count down the sidelines when a 32 NFL sideline reporters. Kristen Garrett follow him on Twitter throughout tonight's contest that social media act Christine -- want on what do. Color analyst at -- saying okay guys on and the bars -- the Saints. Jim Henderson bring you the Saints and the Falcons right now on the New Orleans Saints radio network.