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Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I deaconess -- post game -- reported brought you back do line institute of sports medicine for the athlete. And all of us now off mile where is that -- Foster his left leg was injured Christian said they taped up at the end we don't know that we can ankle. Are knee -- like kind of got hit. On one play kind of doubled over but he did return. And to the best of my knowledge doesn't some bumps and bruises that all the injury that I know. In saint post game injury report was brought to you about -- line institute of sports medicine for the athlete in all of us. Yet -- you know NA EE I think you gotta give this Falcons. Team some credit. I mean they kind of set the tempo of the game early with that three and out that they force the Saints. On the first possession of the ball game meant. You know. You heard coach Peyton say that we've said it you know -- it's always me -- when the sanctions out and play you know you throw that. The records out that pretty well the way that it was both teams coming off of that short week. Mean I do think to the Saints took more of a pounding. On Sunday against the 49ers just from the standpoint but that game with more physical because feel we did give -- Get a chance to watch a little bit at the Atlanta at Tampa game. Before our game and you know to be part three on -- the Bowden didn't put up a whole lot of resistance but. Nonetheless both teams came out on the short week and -- can put their best foot forward in. For me anyway I mean it was a delightful to see with the exception of five ticks remaining on the clock at the Saints were able to close out. The ballgame. Running the football and so that was good to see united non -- delighted. To -- that Pierre Thomas gutsy player of the game like you sit cam Jordan Hakeem hicks all those guys that. Did play well on defense but Pierre Thomas was a -- came through on the plays that they had to have -- defensively whether it's -- running plays or some of those screen passes that they threw to him I mean he came through in a big way in in the apt to Darren Sproles. He probably had to pull a little bit a double duty. Darren would -- a few of those catches a few little runs but here definitely showed up to play tonight then the only you'll hear any player coach in the league today it's tough to. On the road in wins and they don't let let's give a shout out to The Who dat nation for all those Daschle and appeared as it was. Big crowd of Saints fans here after the game was over they got. Huddled up behind that NFL crew over there on the other side with you know that the coach can Marshall Faulk and the whole bunch over their so. -- -- the -- you kept yourself atop the standings here in the and AFC south. It's going to be tough to stay up there you'll you'll still be at the top of the NFC south but. You would you'd still be within striking distance of the Seattle Seahawks need -- they beat them. You get an even record which we gave you the tiebreaker right there are so Saints get for two tough stretch coming up right here but. You know what -- they -- seem to do just enough. Whether on the road at home. Whatever in some of these calls came to pull it out.

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