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Nov 21, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints 17-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

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And good evening a lot of little pointed out. Brought you by the is seafood in the world famous -- Cora also brought you back Tito's and made bucket and but was have a great time and be Smart and she's a designated driver. New law of the land that I had seventeen. To thirteen over the Atlanta Falcons always traumatic cajun cannon Bobby. Eight yet begun. We want 1713 at that we win more convincingly. But they'll count the same in those -- thing. Has on an ugly win. -- the kind of game that turn -- detonated difference we finished plus one. And it's her overreach and now we're plus four for the season lasts. -- who went to Atlanta well on the what happened what room minus five and wind blows in like ten points but thought it was critical now. The result I think one reason I should say the game was so close to was because of -- time of possession. That's one area we've excelled and in that amongst the best that are best in the NFL you know come into his game. Time of possession game and we have an explosive offense. We were number two in the NFL. And ironically the team was noble one we played him two times on the -- I'd be in the Carolina Panthers currently that game rolled the ball 33 minutes 45 seconds. Well when you look in his game the Falcons had the ball 33 minutes and 412. -- 2614. Streaky team they were possessing the ball their movement in and the reason why. They were able to convert on third now. They were six to 1250%. We were even better with seven at thirteen. Of that before percent when you look which occurred now. Against the Falcons. I mean it's almost like a 5050 deal we've played 89 times. And now the -- have the lead 46. Lance that a State's 43 wins about it in the category or whatever department lately the Saints have now beaten Falcons. Three times in a row. Now the third consecutive win and obviously this season sweep. Of the Atlanta Falcons. Now being more importantly what every department laid on the Sean Payton. The Falcons and add to it is good for the game. That you know home record in the Georgia Dome since 2008 only the pages in the Ravens have a better record. Then Atlanta Falcons at home with the things. When their losses they now have eleven losses at home and and the Saints. Our big part of that because they've beaten. The Falcons in the Georgia Dome. In and that has been surprised to them because they've had so much success but if you look -- -- since 2006 and Drew Brees. Now the Saints have beaten. The Falcons. Thirteen about it and sixteen games so now thirteen went only three losses on the show on Peyton. And Drew Brees I thought it was a a game that. Pierre Thomas really was a big factor in this. You know if you look at -- not having Darren Sproles available to try and and pick your poison -- you can attack -- defense so to speak. In matchups. Pierre in -- averages seven point three yards a carry. Only -- at Nesbitt that seven point three averaging a averaged three point six -- Pierre. Seven point three average he also had 5% of 57 yards. As a running back and receiver. 130 total yards Jimmy Graham. I thought he had a number of catches also yards after the catch breaking tackles he had five receptions 100 yards. He also had a touchdown. The give if you look at. Is we got to continue we could use against Seattle thing is to be critical. And how surprised were able to do to -- the 49ers. But at the look at 25 rushing attempt a four point one average -- -- three yards what was ironic was at the stats are almost identical. Between the Saints and -- -- to -- total net yards we had 374. At 355 rushing yards 203. Deny anyone -- pass and we had 271 to 264. You know we're so used to Drew Brees throw with 300 yards but average -- -- averaged four point one. We average. -- we averaged four point one in the Falcons averaged a four point one like -- that group plus one turnover ratio now plus four for the season. And the -- of the demons aside and what was critical I thought. We got after Matt Ryan a number of times and I thought we should be able to do that's been the Falcons weeks but. A this year and no continuity on the offered -- line whether it be due to injury. Oranges denied playing well and trying to mix it up. We ended up when all's said and done a Cameron Jordan. Two and a half sacks. -- hit six total tackles a team makes the second half. He had eight total tackles. Look at Kenyatta Dolphin -- -- talk about him a -- Freeport Texas day in and high school. The d'antoni thinks fans and at the milieu it became ill when the Titans a during the season you know would have a sack he also force that fumble. That Corey white was able. To recover. Number player that was united training camp I Harrelson. I think -- -- -- -- from the 49ers -- pronouncement he and a haven't half a sack. Now a big. When you look at what occurred. And is gonna continue. In TO. You know he could stop someone and I'm talking about Corey whining coverage. If you look at -- why we talked about this into leading the team in tackles. And he had ten total tackles at halftime. Well he ended up with him and I think a lot of it was trying to -- guard cover Darius Johnson at receiver. A lot of out of SMU. He ended up in the first half had five receptions 65 yards. -- really going after you know Corey white. Indian and a -- one more catch in you know with six receptions. Sites that maybe adjust -- Rob Ryan made. We corn -- and it definitely helped. But it -- if you look at number of guys contributing. You know across the board but this was a team effort. Garrett Hartley have an opportunity. To make a crucial cake in you know he -- league and a a 41 yard it was only one full one but that was you know critical. Considering -- obviously about to kick a field goal. And to win the game and 1713. Analysts say it's ugly win. They did in covering interstates 899 halves point favorite with seventeen to thirteen wins to win. But now -- today Seattle Seahawks. And I tell you right now. To play in Seattle. And win that game -- actively great drama offense defense special teams few position he and you yardage being plus one the turnover ratio. Oh whatever you wanna call it gonna take that kind of effort and the reason why we have to win and it's a playoff game. Is because we still would play but it novel once the 1 -- Spurs reportedly Carolina what you beat Seattle. -- and -- that tiebreaker edge so come playoff time come January. You don't have to go back to Seattle they got to come in on that's like to be so critical it's like we got a -- We can have to get ready would you need all hands on -- and I think coached me -- trying to play it Smart. And -- Jahri Evans Darren Sproles all to be 100%. And ready to roll call Monday Night Football. In Seattle. In would be about as good as against the best of the best considering. How well the Saints and the Seahawks have played this year. All right it's a final score New Orleans victorious over Atlanta seventeen to thirteen year old over the phone lines mix it's the point out there on the saints' radio network. He is the founding father who did nation Bobby a band New Orleans seventeen Atlanta thirteen black and gold on nine to. A little extra time to prepare. For the Seattle Seahawks Monday December 2 in Seattle Houston Monday Night Football game welcome back to the point at the final four to 60170. 8668890. -- and they take a holiday. Trip to Davies Holliday take home and you all you had to do. Is take that created for the delicious food comedy take -- -- -- -- available -- -- Christmas it Dini seafood market -- been these dot com. For details the point is also brought you back Tito's and made baca and Budweiser have a great to have a base -- and choose a designated driver. They got YER ally if this continues with it and again the scoring defense. So it took awhile Fogg beat instigate goal line but if you could force field goals and were able to do it in -- at the first quarter only gutless to fill yes that that nobody wants of the standing on break in the red zone -- -- -- turnover. We did that that's critical you look come into the game. You know were fifth best in the NFL only given up eighteen points -- now. But -- look at this even be better only gave up thirteen point you know I'm not ever get to against the and we talked about that's a bonus of the pregame bit. This is a championship caliber of the fifth the Saints are the only team in the league and were ranked in the top three in offense and be right. In other than when Rob Ryan blues as far as Sosa a year at Oakland when they -- the number two defense. It's about voted best defense he's made yet and be they complement one another I mean we had a good -- we've always had a great -- now the if it stays right here yet -- -- -- have -- -- -- -- has -- to look at scoring -- -- that so much. So dominant on the we gonna have the takeaways like we had obviously on the Gregg Williams but you remember what I'm trying to -- -- when you -- And overthrow that we are always in the top five. One a city toting -- we we have in the company here this franchise -- yes now you do it a few years in a row. Yeah you know assuming that was -- wanted to I have very deep between right ahead right at Indy and you throw went under coach Peyton. And this is critical. You know Irish time more time Balkman who we've committed zero turnovers. On the Coach Green. We're now we have any terrorists or now 23 and oh did we have never lost the game and don't turn over the ball with -- Reno on the coach Peyton. Will we allow that is continues to grow as a rob Bryant scoring defense will allow twenty or fewer points we're now 46 wins. In only three loss in the coach Peyton. So when you look at that as a kind of percentage when you favor when you're playing going forward. The Seattle Seahawks. The Carolina Panthers -- like -- tell you to this awhile. To get going. If you look at it -- -- the -- in Poland the first half. You know we did not force a punt in the first -- and that as of late. That has not been the case now the reason why I say that is because the first three and now. That would force there was eight minutes. And 33 seconds left in the third quarter and I'm bringing this up and I talked about this in a pregame. Because we -- and forced three and outs we get extra possessions. And I -- Duncan and a road apiece on this about a force in three and out is truly been amazing. It if you look at you know what I -- department lately three pleased or fewer. With no four no first down. You know the Saints seventy at 36 tries 47%. They had force three and outs. That is truly. Unbelievable and Dallas the past three games but obviously that was not. -- case against the Falcons today as when you looked on third down. You know like you said it had their first three now -- 200 well into the third quarter and end up being six to twelve third now an ideal. And about an NC long team than. Now and man -- into position to legal team plays sensationalist closed down nine placed it to four yards Hugo. Fourteenth place and four -- vehicle at the -- yeah trap plays point six points punt three plays on eleven plays fumble twelve plays and it's Hugo want to late in the game. Though his defense has got strong mass exams in -- had ten offensive positions. And seven a -- Six will punts and a five and 06 with three now. Plugging that's just say this has been. But don't break it wasn't like an embarrassing performance about a cowgirls. Where we had 41 down the Falcons actually had more first downs and we did -- had 22 had nineteen so -- were possessed and a ball. And you know and there weren't keeping -- to -- drew reason to -- line. But our scoring Pete it's Anthony that is critical it would give mauling on an -- gassed and I'm telling you playing attempt divas like Carolina and haven't invited Seattle. It might be this kind of score and that's why -- -- this kind of score you know against the Duke Morton anything plus one. Look at that turnover ratio -- we get a turnover in the red zone -- -- -- it's -- way do you win or lose that's a bit of data and that's what hurts the most is the truth -- it and dig one though it's kind of one of those approaches the from the mayor of who's -- English ladies that call from Atlanta -- Kolb and Waller who's been. I don't remember names seasons that the you know there she thought this -- this without his suitable year yet and begin I think he wanted to talk about it brink of the point -- You know he needed to so computer additionally why we nine homers. I did tell you what. We did. Get away I don't know it -- it's amazing I'm glad it's going -- -- right but it came mix. And that should have been a penalty on Matt Ryan yes I thought -- dearth of air force it was and if you had it not only to get him and had grabbed his face match yet. And as silly we got irate about it I don't know if if you go back in the early in the game and it was what the right call. What cam Jordan hit was anyone really -- Scott McCain motor topping -- Men around around the right face yet that was the right call -- it -- -- and I thought it was even Mickey bigbie and I make the call yeah it's a league that they get out there yet yeah. New law seventeen and at thirteen as an opponent on the saint radio. And welcome back New Orleans seventeen him at thirteen -- the -- up on Saints radio. Network to the phones we go let's move to Wisconsin fall Mike Mike thank you called the saint radio network. Agree and I actually -- -- fought through that track team in and came up with a cup divisional road win outward. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that a big and it might academic respected his opinion but -- -- so are like backward -- in my opinion greatly in age. But but I mean Atlanta and man it was hard on and do. He's been doing that they don't. But like or are well let unless there is less than a guy who played pro ball fourteen years it is assessment what do you think Mike is saying about well eight game c'mon it was very average below arms in the -- why. They were picking on him look at the first half and if you look at the Falcons and and what they were able to do. If it was in third down conversion he had five receptions 65 yards in -- all against Corey white. He was getting beat. And an odd man out there and I I want to great meal and like I hope -- why it -- soccer's I don't know what we gonna do you diesel follow of trees you know cover corners. So I hope -- -- what works out I thought. That not you know a lot of Saints fans they -- all the gains and they saved. I thought he struggled in training -- -- If you look at who is the best cornerbacks I like Malcolm Jenkins on a slot receiver morning Corey white. Because he's struggling preceded training camp look at the last Dolphins pre season game. Corey -- was getting beat in the Dolphins precede the game now. When that being said I think he took advantage. Of the opportunities when he was playing -- and regular season and was getting better. Policy -- migrated started the game you put him in there. It was a mixed bag. According white jumped the slant -- You know makes a great play with -- any fumbles you don't get the touchdown so I'm hole record -- -- works out. And and because I'm talented. The big guy in his idolize. It is the Carolina Panthers the Seattle Seahawks they go -- and Adam get any estimate of play. You just have to make a play in the guys around acting courage him. Blood to say. Nixon and a a lot of cornerbacks that that you think you get it done. Are they on the team looked action -- that he's an IR. Mean that was I mean you can count on it. It's fans haven't embraced him so much so no the -- white. Needs to learn in this film. But he's gonna get challenging in -- game again against Seattle yeah. On this count on line three that you call on the point at the Saints radio network. -- -- you know. Ms. Carol. The surprise that she needs it now yeah wave Glenn Earl -- thank you for calling upon -- saint radio network. Made a great -- night. I got questioned. On that -- play he has bounced -- and fourteen seconds left but what I don't take it to build a long look but they haven't. -- forfeit and to come back -- to make it -- I broke out obviously I -- analysts -- Powell gave viewers an explanation because what's the worst thing make it happen if you try to keep the field goal you don't make it right. Well. Let me just answer that you could -- you don't make it to go right. And they get better field position from what you ticket from all -- they blocked the field goal pick it up and running back and they take the lead yet. There is -- the thing -- -- scored they played a percentages are all teams right there they don't wanna take a chance matching a higher percent. Most teams don't wanna take a chance. And I -- a fuel because it could be blocked in picked and scooped and scored and all of a sudden you're not winning it are. Then you pay a -- -- some about you know taking. The extra point that -- now too but. -- -- -- -- that it went well Ali -- greedy aren't. Always the it was it was do you view off well and that's always made that you. Did that add it up. -- -- Think Debbie which I am married almost give up right now and that's what I'm playing in my -- -- at ten seconds up the pro am married. -- you know what the percentages the percentage is vs that all much Mala team Manning and hail Mary. Vs the tee it's a better opportunity for a team to block a field goal of scooped and scored and is the ailment. That's president -- -- and -- curled to play the percentages and it wasn't -- throw a hail Mary's because Matt Ryan again in and it's a matter lines or not that strong. You know you got to look at just everybody go back in and look what evolved was. And and how -- you an active throw it. I'm not saying you know have some quarterbacks they couldn't do it like it did Doug Williams of the -- The card JaMarcus Russell did who's -- 89 yards or whatever. But the play that they ran adding coach being -- almost that -- believed to be in position that the -- merry. Now they get a they you know a lot of double throw it in -- pitch it back -- rugby type play now I think him and drew. Maybe doing a little -- this agreement but I thought drew may be gave them to the hours trying to extend the play dead and you know when he was scrambling around. Andy -- I go that far back when he was trying to just -- of the clock because once. The play's dead because it was -- down the clock automatically stops against the position to Atlanta. Back to the phone though Chris online for thank you call on the point after saint radio network. With probably was opposite -- and that's when I got into that's our batters and they do what pitch. -- defense you know they did that part they had. They had you know that number that you know they got got to do you know based. Apart from guys do what's on the team -- doesn't play Atlanta night it was with John though there would be anybody out there today. I would try to get to tell you yeah we're trying get -- between two and three. I -- and a -- too. As much as. That just gave the Bob bacteria. So disappoint. You. As much as we got the ball the defense is about back -- has struggled. You know about hey -- take it not a two -- -- I think -- read about a -- Seattle we can't play. We can't play like we did today but we found a way to win and buy it -- -- -- You know what it's like that. Right you know -- at Wimbledon against. It put a team. Away you can't let them hang around. Rut right yeah well Chris are you tell you that as he played Carolina and Seattle. No we had this kind of performance that an -- adding it was a short week and you beat up and all England Jahri Evans wasn't available there -- paroles. In the -- Lito was a dealing with the death in his family. And you know we get a tennis ball around here. You know we had 374. Total net yards. We used to have him about 450 so. But -- I went to win. Alright jaws stations and a -- radio network line we thank you lose to the -- 1713 went over the Falcons -- listed as a New Orleans and all 38 they'd stick around for more. Of the point out the final score New Orleans seventeen. And Atlanta thirteen misses the point after a Saints radio network.