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Nov 21, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints 17-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The case again I gave it via New Orleans seventeen. And Atlanta thirteen welcome to the point out on saint radio WW LA MFM and a -- They're McCain can't win because they've been polished now I got that -- out of -- We were training camp means it means and how big house hold of it is to get. -- They get an out now -- disagree and I am ahead in a lot of out of our right their fourteen year veteran and -- -- don't know yeah. And their program Malaga is -- might be gone back to the BCS at the big victory last night. He's the case again -- in Atlanta was -- -- but tonight outscored defense was phenomenal coordinate that with the thirteen points. And just three points us -- me to feel vote at the first quarter. No points in the second half as the Saints come up with their third road victory of the season and 92 overall still a perfect on six and 032 on the road the next game. Money ninety -- the second at Seattle Seattle is off this weekend they will be. Nine and one we're faced him and we are nine and two big big matchup both coming on Monday night decent the second they don't really give honor and. Honorable mention game ball on a managing game ball now I know -- -- Saints that involved yeah -- just to be right and I involved. Just to recognize individual I know last -- Dawson I think the young team. I yucky out themselves and nothing yet if you look okay what he did -- mean here's a guy. No one's really familiar with he just came on board and -- even been on the team for a month when you look good what he does he get to have the sacked. A long way Harrison Harrelson -- we got -- outside linebacker to start the season did from the 49ers also forced a key fumble. And Corey white recovered in the red zone. Not if you look at his background. He was a seventh round selection of the Indianapolis Colts in 2007. He played a 42 games that Tony when he starts for the Colts. In four seasons now since then he played one season but Detroit before signing last year. With a Tennessee Titans. So he's 63 to 58 he was released by the Tennessee Titans. That sell. You know we got him if you look at his career. He's not a 117 tackles and one sack when he got to have a sack tonight. And if you look at his background. He had played a 43 Davidson men. With the Tennessee Titans. Now because as part of -- -- nation in. And not west Louisiana would turn -- -- Shreveport -- ovals Cowboys are buddies from Freeport. -- I don't. I wanna say Bobby that is. Barrett have problems because of the may remember Byron Nelson was a evangels more right with -- -- in some revenge yes he played LSU in the ninety's and make nannies and -- the defense coordinating an event and now I'm and a half hours a -- wasn't all that Rosie looks he looks awful like his brother Brad Barrett and house may with the LSU but he was. Good career at Texas that but I mean when -- last in the league -- long. Yet -- they got to Charles to say. If you looked since 2007. Of them and it takes a day. The -- might be as far as look at their program and high school maybe the best credentials. Devil in the top 23. That way at the event to an NFL I would have had the -- -- I would granola minivan the players or are they get that have played that long line of success as you know their high school program it. You know you look at it you know when he played on defense. The Titans you know style of the visit team and they came from. You know one divas special teams so mussina got kind of guy contributing. And -- and have an impact on the game that was a crucial forced fumble he had. And and and Rob Ryan trusting him on defense. So naturally wanna recognize these kind of guys that shows you scouting department. Is working on bringing in a guy like to Austin a Dawson there -- -- as the season progressed him and bring animal from the -- and it released him. I batted it give back to the phones we go let's go to vasser raised Dedrick Deaderick thank you for calling upon -- on Saints radio WW. Sort of felt that it did third to TO he did. The group comments. We're and more like questions. They with a great charge that the comment Thursday for a question does not implement the program the -- school and college cornerback and look at it correlated and his size replica -- definitely. An article complain and they cornerback is -- the Corbett of before and what I mean. He had that supreme confidence in your ability Corwin which he was. Skated. Out of his mind out there and and not so much questionable for of course there's. -- -- basically you can only -- -- to -- an awful lot maybe try to get them back into some -- he -- one. But -- big day there you go along those lines what I heard it his knee missed. And it is it became run I mean that the 49ers. And let him go because keeping their nickel corner right now would be a -- And because awesome lawsuit in -- -- even says it is neat was it right I don't know where it is now. Like this and -- it's better. Morrow -- exactly -- the injury. Believe you meet that they would kick those stars and bring them in because he has no Laver and -- -- what you have to pay him. About how healthy he is now along those lines. You look at the cornerbacks at the Saints. Brought into camp all worked out and is the guy has been around that they wanted to maybe I'll work pounding and gimmick chants. But he's on IR EJ Davis. -- we seem at times he's he's a six -- cornerback from Jacksonville State. Make it plays. He was available that's a guy maybe be given opportunities on IR. They Patrick Robinson. What is four years of experience that's sitting where he was drafted he's never really. Worked out -- -- they have. Gave united you know kilos is the guy obviously -- one side I think Malcolm Jenkins -- of a Cairo they trust them as. Kind of cornerback position at times in a slot receiver that you might say -- do you think. You know -- why it's like a deer in headlights with a better would be that Rob Ryan trusses but I don't think from an athletic standpoint -- Chris Carr would be -- But I did they give Chris cars and there if Chris cars in their now -- a nine year veteran of Boise State that they would pick on Chris Carr. He was in there all the time like according white now the only young guy jackets eight. And that Keenan Lewis took him under his wing and he's another big cornerback with long arms he was a rookie. And an outstanding training camp that's why -- made the team is riots leading. From Georgia Tech he's a six foot cornerback. And I don't know down every give him and an opportunity. But rod sweeting -- being the -- don't expect him or had -- expectations in many Campbell ETA's. But he proved himself and training camp. And that's why he got a roster spot that thing about this is an unrestricted he's undrafted free agent. A rookie out of Georgia Tech so you don't think if they pick -- on Corey white. Who threw a two year veteran and I going after rod sweeting also. So that's like that -- -- so what do you think they should do. Well Bob this to us in -- and others -- -- call you know. But once you -- -- this is taken into the meat of the guard corps would -- -- shaken badly. -- -- and I -- shook up the sickened people pick two rehabilitation. Bart Bart rob rod and Jeter is great to get -- -- -- Bob Brett Butler Derrick okay none none none none has been objectively this Timothy wise. I would agree with a 100%. If he did god tarts in his second half like he did in the first half. And I was not the case. He was guarding Darius Johnson and he got -- a five receptions 65 yards. When he was on Darius Johnson he had one catch in the second half saw this and Corey white be -- hopefully you learn what you experienced the guy's gonna rally around them. Because he does have expires in and I think. You know being as it is it was an avenue Seattle game and and I hope for the Saints Sagan who -- and nation -- sake that he plays well as we need to. Because of that Emily ops is -- about there and it thank you for the call river ridge for the Iraq Iraq thank you the call on the point after on WW yeah. And they do run and I got a bit. Yes I. -- a quick question a quick. Look. At it. Yes not yet now's my dad's dead. Yeah eight related degree and honorable goal and now I know that's not bad -- I think you know -- look up. Gather those bases said I know related but not. That's what. They. Fanned out in it and that's the only. Company. And all -- Play. And her artwork which and I don't want and what is the problem Drew Brees. -- -- -- We saw him on the board that are. Just. A -- step or -- from each and tonight. -- yet know this because it's hard -- -- tell you it's a lot easier said than done. I you know you can have all of days that. You know listen you have one day you know unbelievable would you golf swing. And you in his act like you want. I know drew was off he threw. Like. The previous meet him in stride and we seen him hit receivers in stride. Then and all of a sudden the yards after the catch. Than he was -- drew is human. People but I know 23 at 33270. Yards who's so used to him. Throwing for 300 yards. But. This is not now you know it's gonna come into play now you would think him. Especially inside. Controlled environment then he'd be more accurate now would you be interest in. Is why you have to be Akron will when he go to Seattle. And he can may be rained or school it's -- Nolan in that's why the -- -- you wanna. Almost the unbelievably accurate and -- was it tonight by the bomb I needed -- -- -- pigs and he threw a couple. But the bottom line they were not. Intercepted so yeah those kind of games I Carolina at Seattle yeah it's a different environment that we need drew to be accurate all the time. I'm back to Dave analogy is keeping candidates remain on -- town and Mary in -- the city and we'll hear from Drew Brees -- -- on seventeen Atlanta thirteen to some point after on Saints radio WW.

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