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Nov 22, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints 17-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And New Orleans is victorious. Seventeen to thirteen over the Atlanta Falcons as an opponent on Saints radio WW a met fan. And dot -- Brad -- of our statisticians. It's with Jim and hoping ought to have -- crew to some big numbers he has some promise that Ryan Sidney from the night. I'm Matt Bryant had hit his -- -- vehicles and beat the all it's all more before they -- in the game that would occur at the one point -- man. The Saints are now 92 at eleven games with just the third time in franchise history the Falcons have obviously been eliminated from the post season -- night. Matt Ryan was sacked five Thailand at the season now by Atlanta. Drew Brees now path as Warren Moon for fifth most time on the NFL all time passing list. With 49566. All the Saints have held opponents -- point points on this and eat it in that wind -- season. And -- now six in one in the Georgia Dome. On to show on the Payton only loss of the Georgia Dome was Nancy on those and I did we not only on the Falcons we beat him like they stole some. India home backyard spoke to imitate the truth hurts. Would keep him and has Giants thirteen out of the last sixteen yeah that's the truth. There and -- Mike Douglas Roberts fan yet -- talk about strategy Matt Bryant every he made big -- and -- -- -- -- time on the team is that what -- this is WW. And good morning and welcome to point out on Saints radio WW LA MF MA dot com last night New Orleans seventeen Atlanta thirteen the Saints on nine into. 32 on the road. Five games remaining for the black and gold tour at home at 30 on the road including. Monday night December 2 it is the biggest Monday Night Football game this season. But far. As a top two teams and in NC -- the -- becomes -- number one seed in the NC on Monday night. -- -- -- the black and go improved to six of one of Georgia Dome. With coach Sean Payton on the sidelines. And the Saints. On down 92 on the season. Knew all of these big toys to the ball to go maybe to be waiting that's go to Algiers. For Dave Dave go moaning that people called upon -- on WW. Yet both. And do a Yo-Yo ma. What this but he I'll make my comments and questions and -- and does well well well. But it did did the rough. If but we. We want to become. He mixes fact all all on all quietly -- -- hit it a bit ago talked about white. Go back -- -- -- -- before it probably could be and it was. Kind of and yes I'm up at. Well what was what was going into the -- -- the official as. You know. Ball exactly. Might be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I he wasn't thinking -- about -- -- -- -- -- -- zero yards hit the hole. You even -- you -- fell fell forward unit got at least five yards you bounce it outside -- -- get anything so Daly had a third and thirteen in and then. That. It was a -- this. Well. -- that he. Didn't get that he called -- time. Right or optical and the team not about it. -- But there's an -- it by -- coach on the gas line Nicholas Payton obviously gotten an official -- blew the whistle. Before working -- before they got what they do Wednesday that the officials visiting coach Payton in his career. And and and Indies also looking at the ball. And it could play inflame a cat and mouse game trying to free wait until the last. Possible I don't know half -- second whenever timeout timeout timeout. Data it would it was a message and before -- -- -- and all of a son about it Tommy QB in reality it counts the way to write you invited time he can relay it. -- you know -- there to feel to stop the play the balls are ready snapped and Matt Bryant I'm Matt Bryant kicked it any made it. But then no no timeout you got to try again in any missed. Echoed through the phone and nobody wants to go to let's go to -- can keep thank you for calling WW real. A good Martin and I got on as a whole key. It opera or one of one and how about Chuck Knoblauch condolences chip well played it it did you talk about. Deducted that tensions hit and I am a law. Yeah gambling to get a handle Alito who in the starting. For Jahri Evans and he was even David thing was there with the team about a day and a half and he did a pretty good job the end of given up a sack. That Friday. Terry. The kid from Ole miss two in there with three tackles -- -- overall. A making hung in there pretty tough well but he he's. He's a feel good story from Grand Valley State out of Michigan. He beat the odds and made the team he wasn't even drafted. And now he's actually had a couple of starts this year. And and he's kind of like ovals in the emergency bill and you know he's not he's not someone right now where he's at in his career then all of a sudden. That he's a story can count on him weekend and we now but I think. I would Jahri Evans in -- -- his ankle. They want him to be as close to a 100%. And just ready to roll -- come on an outing -- -- And then the other course BO. Two. It's a -- you know Miami should happen to you know pull an upset against Carolina on -- will be you know two games up on Carolina. Yeah we would be two games up but -- we still got to play in two time. And yet it's out of -- two games out and then if we play two times and -- -- -- twice. -- -- we had the same record and we you know we -- they women DB it is twice as they would have the tiebreaker obviously. So that's why no it's far from over. Thank you for the call peat that's a lot to Arlington for denying -- thank you called upon after on saint trading at WW. -- more about it out. All the other players say it is not a record right now on the regular that would be in again -- -- a little short week. Against the big problem at that you pick you Beck and call up and get the -- out -- that inning you know chance yet that that. Annika what are back in the -- machine to a championship in Beijing Movable Type. Annika and what they took the attic on -- it -- -- the world on page article -- -- -- -- and global range in an actual figure -- annual girl. So well -- it -- in there and talk about now. It and -- -- -- don't you know you know stick through rate -- that have broken me. Well give -- -- -- is is like different level that it Matt Matt Ryan is legit. And I being -- and I've always said this he got 32 teams. You probably have. I would say ten to twelve quarterbacks. That. Party in this legitimate stars in the NFL teams look at another guy did you have that middle pack. Where I would say around twelve to twenty that your starter but not a franchise quarterback. Matt Ryan is atop the short top twelve and nine top ten quarterback even clapping because he gets rid of the ball you knew if you go to the coach Payton said. I guarantee like Colin cabernet you look how many times now Cal's -- and can also make pleases the the met Brian like coach -- said. He Sosa reveal right now and he knows where to go with the ball he's trying to blitz him. He knows where to get rid of it quick and -- have we got -- Matt Ryan -- with that. Can't jarred too would have sacks became mixes I gonna have. Dawson -- -- Harrelson did you have a sack. Our. I mean we gotta have that I'll tell you a quarterback then no article of the ball. Would -- got sacked probably about seven. Or eight times so. Listen Matt Ryan is a top -- quarterback. But Drew Brees. Is a franchise that in a French Embassy and all the time he's there with Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers even older Peyton Manning know that there's only. Four at the most maybe a five handful of guys. That mutually signal we have an answer. I think with the Colts Andrew -- I mean is there but RG three got awaited -- -- got a way to go I think how they managed Russell Wilson. I think he's headed in the right direction. But. When Matt Ryan has all regional those young quarterbacks even though he's not as mobile Eagles article of the ball. New Orleans seventeen Atlanta thirteen is the point after All Saints radio -- -- And welcome back to the point out to -- On Saints radio WW IAM examined data com big day in sports them off fans in pro. Thomas since the court in the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football -- -- -- from I'm bill I scoop Christie Garrett will be in from Indiana what -- Not great reporters. Number 24 hot deal second biggest upset in the state last week 25 seed. Thousand -- one on the road last week. And I'm -- when applause Stalin dominated the walls at all lines they are at home -- -- the -- Buccaneers who won last year's state runner up. And they have the receiver. Who is the all time yardage given in reception yards in the history of high school football Trey quit and the ball Buccaneers tomorrow night at Honda high school. And off Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football -- -- game day crew coverage starts at 7 o'clock tomorrow night here. On WWR. Saint MVP of the game brought about Oakland caught. The official Jewelers of the Saints he had seven carries in the first half a 51 yards three carries in the second half but point two yards. A total team can -- it three yards by receptions 57 yards fifteen total touches for 130 yards. Number 23 the man Tom. And big who -- to break before elaborate on Pierre I want to show you how well that haven't flown Howell. They were country trying to controlling the temple in the first half -- -- when getting points. You know I realize this when you look at it and I'm talking about quarterback Matt Ryan -- we talk about compare Matt Ryan with him to Drew Brees. Matt Ryan. Was thirty of 39. 290 yards and no touchdowns zero interceptions you know they can not score in the result but it was. I wanna say Middleton in the second quarter hit eleven completions in a row. So you could see Rob Ryan is trying to develop the right defense. But he just Knowles. You know to go with the ball. Now you look going back to what how the game started out with parent Thomas did the said tell the Saints offense. You know Matt Ryan takes. -- Falcons to drive ten plays 76 yards to take a seven to zero is zero lead. Now you look at the next drive sleeping if I was got the momentum. Big -- talk embodied on the clock. The Saints go fifteen plays 78 yards seven and his 31 seconds. The tide has scored 77 that's in Drew Brees did Ben Watson. It was a thirty goal the one yard line. And drew I was like -- -- -- in Beverly is there to not as for Reid. When he -- Ben Watson back -- -- but that was the Pierre Thomas drive. Pierre is just unbelievable his effort -- makes people miss. The yards at the contact whatever you wanna call that was a third and one on that drive -- got thirteen yards even on this play a pass play bring Brees to Pierre is only seven yards but was like you should have been like maybe one yard RRR minus one million a game seven. Now -- -- third down situations 33. Brees to Pierre. A plus eighteen has unbelievable job well know that how he sets up of the screenplay. But I wrote in my notes as we tied the scores seven to seven. That that was the Pierre Thomas drive and he kind of said that home. And and picked that I haven't really had an outstanding game. Through while. Bull the receiver and a runner haven't 130 total yards like he says Iowa come are you called -- -- him moving I get to the man mr. Drew Brees addressed the media following the Saints 7013. Victory. Over Atlanta. Lost five years and -- these these programs. -- the expectations are always very high. We always know we've got to get through. Speed we knew that. Listen they're they're they're great team and they're certainly faster or any team especially at home surrendered its. We just it's really come back and respond we put together a great drive like this or fifteen players. I know you touched on third down. -- -- -- It was a great win answering. We came out on national. So I think just that. Ability to. Their initial the initial push. Well it's as good. You know this is that time you read you've got to be your best. Ball and you have to find a way to -- navigate the schedule. So to speak and we knew we had this and we had a Sunday night game of weeks ago against Dallas when the game outlaws and certainly San Francisco. Good afternoon last Sunday. Your health physical -- games -- -- out to come back obviously crucial week for his slugger actually. And I can play everywhere Falcons here. We knew it was going to be difficult task and we're able to obviously get three big wins there. We know the job. Going to see how much. Good thing is do more rest this weekend I'll -- some guys you -- Will be full strength going that. Yeah. I guess so. They're all there. But obviously we understand the implications of the your toss the news she was great so versatile that can do everything. -- ask you run game it's not your protection or he's just. Most complete backs I've ever. Had the pleasure do play well it certainly does not get the credit he deserves. Around the silly. Good news now again expecting more are a lot. Every game every game is difficult we got to go to Saint Louis which isn't a tough place to play. We've got to go there to last what 45 years in. Tough game every. We got Tampa home tennis I also was in every game we play is good for a long -- it is a great challenge. We take them one at a time. Certainly am not not not to look too. -- -- The -- Allen get bigger better. You really. Yeah most things you don't news thing you know -- the two times we've gone to Seattle this Sunday Night Football. Playoffs. And now Monday Night Football so we played there and win. Game's been prime time it's important it's been meaningful. We're not stringent. We know that's cool -- atmosphere and we try. We try to have faster than adults we we know what it's like to have a home field advantage we know. Walking into the and that's why we've got to. Highest level. Garcia execution communication. You all. Yeah I'd say we're not that's you're familiar with this team right now just because we -- last summer claims to lose -- plus. Obviously they've got a lot. New pieces of the puzzle just like we do. -- -- -- -- I mean I don't know we're gonna compare you know. If that -- and straighter -- I notice your defense is playing outstanding. Offensively I think the balance is where we want to be and hopefully we can carry that. And I think the rest is necessary. It's one. The only good thing about Thursday night news is that you have now -- -- we feel Fridays Saturdays and it really so. Your body and mind back refreshed and ready for the challenges. Hey when you. Okay you know it's detention because our. I'm just so tough vision focused on offense what we're doing just. You know feed off the defense and regardless of field position and I used to get a turnover means momentum that kind of we all. Maybe the personal. Statistics or. Don't know what cheered you might just kind of catching on the Jumbotron and three drives you know we got it certainly looks like he's he's had a heck. I know our guys feel about it just for -- It's. Unbelievable you truly don't undrafted free agent rookie ball. You obviously it's. In a week where you really very little time for -- it's a pretty young guys to. Just get one walk through basically the news that his grandmother -- -- where you go back and take care of her family. You know meets us here last night and obviously. He was emotional deal for a rollercoaster and Pena comes out starts in place from. He got a game ball locker -- Welcome back. She's doing some schools weren't. -- ordered a full lines go to. Does go to Jake don't hit the ball well you let meg you each night at MI allowed go to bat well not now when you initially and Iowa. You got to hold it. What I did have long ago we are going to -- -- -- managing I would go to Jake pars become the man. Jake in Lafayette thank you for calling did UW. -- not applaud. That and yeah. You know dangerously. Oh yeah they came here -- is solid core and being all of us who went I got frank out or not billion there and right now. -- -- and wanna go -- technical I've gotten a head. Well Jake does every day and I'm looking forward to like you said the things he learned a bird hunt -- got the Falcons in. I'm not -- getting knowledge the field comical on the Seattle seagulls. Now Lorena I know you don't do it because they it is seagulls that we -- -- is maybe just a Red Wings. So they are going to have been asked them you -- -- and announce -- now quite why are you gotta go that little swagger because they got the twelve man have been added his -- in. You a lot of people aren't all good teacher idea or you look for and was. Okay already promoted to all of us -- -- that -- duo on the in pretty much we don't. Well I North Korea we kind of vibe as it WB in goal patient and on the back. Four or why. That's ago when -- when you -- -- -- bring -- to get a job and I now where -- where I mean the end now let's go to both deceased -- married married thank you Colin that UW. And also helping parent with two guys. I have been doing. Yeah having good and it's always great with the Saints win. And yeah I tell -- -- -- you don't play great and you still win so. I get to elated to Iowa as the moon will -- those count on that. In the areas that. And and I -- It's okay. Yeah that was icing and and edges the goat the Choi had -- we got the Falcons best immense effort and -- and we still won. You know there's like drew said the Falcons are fast starting team. That's one quarter they've been outstanding so parties here in the first quarter net solid started out. But -- weather the storm and the -- give any gifts you know no turnovers. And bottom line is on the Sean Payton when the Saints don't turn over the ball. They don't lose. And and you know that that it is gonna take that kind of am Burnett thing we go to Seattle. You know drew talked about the balance. 33 passing attempts -- 45 rushing. In this and I'll take that kind of effort because is gonna be a dog fight. Slugfest and you go to Seattle that if he had that kind of balance. And and don't turn it over have common it's an odd defense right now that they might give him a few yards and it's hard hard to score or given up field goals. In touchdowns as two different things. It has become a weekly tradition this year he stays out late in -- a crew food at from way down on the Bobby let's go. Too down on go to Australia to -- good food and it. Tony Tony how are you memorial. But yeah I mean he was that. What we're trying. Tiny spot for the opportunity. That would. It. Oh we got old Tony's it and -- until I hit it don't. Tony called bag is called almost Jolie's and its an afternoon -- league so. Maturity is an Angela and Tony game and Lewis are about -- -- -- -- the wrong but if you get a chance give us a call back and I would Noah spotted expensive call. Call us thought 8866889. Here it's him and Tony will be great to get Tony's big money -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tony was our partners the call right back to ET welcome back to get to tomorrow calls. It's the point after on Saints radio WW. -- -- and seventeen Atlanta thirteen last night in the Georgia Dome black goldeneye attitude now. Three into on the road the next one a huge one Monday night December 2 at Seattle take on the nine once Seahawks on Monday Night Football. 2601878668890. It's ending. -- Victoria Australia. -- diagonal combat Womack had the wrong by now apologized and I'm glad to call back. It's sort of politely -- aren't. To a it was basically he. So it's not this -- -- wake up your radio right. Yeah. -- status McDyess yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's not -- -- Tony you gonna have a special party as a the next game will also be an afternoon game for you -- Seattle Monday night. Does not I don't think -- prospects. Well I've gotten. But give them the mental toughness that they the defense has been telling me he. Bought carried the Eiffel. The having an -- to have another outstanding -- and effort and an agent Tony even at Seattle's move the ball now. To motivate the defense against the rob Bryan in my be shown it. A few times in the saints' locker room come playoff time when Marshawn Lynch had that highlight reel big beast mode run when he broke about eight or nine tackles. So a lot that that that's the thing you have to almost four fours. Russell Wilson to beat you because that they can run the ball more assignments. As I like what we did with Frank Gore make -- cabernet. Make the throws I think we got to make a Russell Wilson and make the throws and and don't let a Marshawn Lynch have success. Now I think that -- -- with good routes. Went on Seattle and we've handled it but it it's just the offensive line I'm lucky that god -- Yeah defense in particular in the race and been up and he. Yet he edges force field goes on it from there isn't far followed at that over here take us through say like. We tailgate over here we get together when when you guys get together and you cook and then have the guts out how do you do it over over in Australia. -- went wonderful penalties as he. We usually have. Get the pub meant to him and pull everyone took it to get a that's that's the starting -- but. With the NFL like -- -- -- it is veteran and he's acting on it. And we yeah he had gone through it in its its slope on the quite a lot of them a lot of friends. So when what you can. To what's what's the board planes that -- -- in two threes on -- -- gonna pinpoint -- to -- Well when you do don't you let us know would get you to come out and -- -- -- -- the countdown to kickoff -- institution all the fans and you tell all those folks in the chat room now you you've become a regular here we are we appreciate that we've officially crowned -- Our -- on the president of the village essence of the Australian capitol to detonate it and Tony is the lead today. Well that there. Was. On the on the -- on the tight tight programs point. Still -- that means some Abu Dhabi and and I mean nobody in Scotland that. Although attitude. Mad -- -- and they're good and nation is the nation is now international it is worldwide and -- Tony if I could recollect -- -- remember this. I don't know those Australian rules football all our our rugby isn't there a professional team in Australia called the Saints. That's Smart -- on them. Until the ball up. Not -- bad -- -- in the Saints and I struck a crowded room and and an interesting fact. We. We feel about forty use slot -- little electron -- won one -- which. Equivalent to the people. That they can step -- going to -- it was a really would need to quit that's saying he. That in different forms. Yet the yeah that's right that's in the states and and felt join NFL well we know you talked known yet but we know Hewitt -- -- -- man. What Tony has always applies to my man tell all of who'd get down on that we appreciate your support and it's always a pleasure to have -- -- show goes Saints coach Tony. And I don't thank you very much calling on -- on don't get me you know wasn't that you know like it was sports in Wednesdays at times you know that's a big big softball right talent for both of them -- all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet they don't have. They have -- 4056000. People beat them yet so we MM of that team the Saints said. You know -- what is that a 144. Years. In our formal music missiles that -- tradition it would -- championship. The use saying you know 6060. Look at a widening summon a Saints fans got frustrated. How the game was and fold -- and you know we like it to be a comfortable win especially if we got the momentum. And if you of the Saints were up fourteen to thirteen at the time. In it was the third quarter. The defense -- Forced their first three and out about a Falcons. It was eight minute to 33 seconds in it was kind of like by chance. Where it was good karma you know what I mean by that. -- talent when Frank Gore. It's kind of a -- pass these to -- at a car around its eyes and he dropped it. And all of a sudden it would have been a big play maybe possible a touchdown. Without a scenario with the Falcons it was 32 but Matt Ryan hit Darius Johnson there's a little behind him but in their drop and soul in this next series. That's when I'm looking in my notes breezes sacked. By Jerry -- in the lead till beat him on the Russia's minus seven. But this is -- about highs and lows -- we seem finesse offense that was second in seventeen. And Pierre Thomas. A running play plus eighteen a great -- form. Almost like more shine moments like peace mold does that get my way and you know curry Robertson was active for this game had a plus four yard run. Now there's a situation that obese -- -- Bryant. Now obviously I'm saying that because his running over people Kylie -- some it's like. It was 35 Brees to Jimmy Graham plus 35 yards great run after the catch. He would not led the Falcons push him out of bounds so that asset okay -- honor roll now we gonna go to round. We're gonna take the lead 21 to thirteen. -- would it would end up happening. Is that Ingram had a four yard gain. And and a second at six that's going Colston. Dropped the first down -- and -- -- kind of plays you played Seattle. Became drop -- -- pitch in there would end up occurring. And Drew Brees not -- -- it was third and six now. Brees to meet Jim. Andy dropped a little throw was behind and Wear jewelry it's him in stride we definitely. Got a first down and moving the ball so obviously it was Ford down. And we go in nine plays 55 yards and that's it hardly -- to 41 yard field goal did Vegas -- seventeen to thirteen lead. But that was a lot of highs and those big eyes. About Pierre Thomas and Jimmy Graham. -- yards. Just breaking tackles. And would Graham yards after the catch today and colds and haven't had drop and Meachem have a net to have -- when drew the ball behind him. 260 point 7866889. The year -- in the you know about it the holiday time as always. A good time to read it's a new book out on the course who talked about this if he was -- we all have who we like or dislike. And two guys that will will always in my and they -- the Campbell organization Tom Landry. And rod to stall -- -- is a good book -- -- call the last count what's the life of Tom Landry gets into his days in mission Texas. The when he played don't walk on at the university is a southern miss university yet what do you think Texas. And you know about it when you think about the history of the National Football League. When the New York Giants were down in the fifties. The offense or lack Colts. On that Giants as an assistant. And not a citizen Leno broke off and they would dominate the NFL. And dominate -- they played each other. And all that's there with Tom Landry so he -- go to Frank Gifford and down and family of an island in the about it though the Colts owner Stan. With this Lombard. There's Lombardi with the -- Tom Landry with the Cowboys. And you know -- meet them they -- in the post season and made a -- -- they had Dallas been more successful against Green Bay. Tom -- name IBO Super Bowl trophy and -- Lombard. Yes yes it's amazing how that worked out not a Houston -- a lot of history and that's really if you love football that's -- good read you know you wanna know history and he does go to phone lines that they the chaplain from the zone seats -- You know okay -- I think some people question this and I I think and always element -- honesty was that brought to Chapman Chapman thank you for calling WW. Anybody and he -- -- radio call up to the tune here at twelve or down the clock stopped it -- during. We didn't pick him alike that the crop up that that -- Well. Acumen and the eagle out of bounds on -- right ankle oh I -- -- -- -- that optical. -- they had a flag on the play that will stop the -- got a little regard not. Back -- and apathy. We kind of Belichick certainly could deploy. Yeah up at chapel and I have to look back came and number try again and before I do nervous thinking gas. -- And that we had there we were entry played with -- ranking when we got -- -- the nineteen random ironically. -- -- -- That OK like this when -- cam looking right now things does it. It was like all of a sudden name as the field goal. And assets and appeared also play a sixty to my breezed him Meachem. -- was sixteen and he called the events of Holden that penalty. Yeah you Cutler -- -- and one at the league declined to promote. And we had to run and played before the men more re entry please. Equipment. And that you won. At all will only ran yet we ran a Pierre play six breeze to be two plus sixteen -- Pierre plus two dinner with the two minute warning. So saw Ozzie were you saying that. What why. Getting why I was the clock -- mad at the events of all I'm after investigative look into that. And stop the -- -- to the forest or aren't. The clock out there tool Corey. Then implement one game at -- could be. We ran not equipped with a pool in the water and that would meet the third time I'll have won 41. Weeks. And it's still a cup -- quite at the. Well you know what happened after that Ingram I know I had a ten yard run and one thing I know coach -- you cannot do I think we had a holding penalty. And we if he -- both holding on the Saints -- and the rough read -- even know who was a heated at first it might be able gonna pick of the flag. -- wave it off but then -- think. -- People in the -- stopped yet yeah with a sixteen year I'm not -- -- javelin in it being your right and you know they'll layer remote. We're motivated or don't want it there -- other current. Well I am drafted chicken today at because I know. And as a mom actually -- beginning -- him because I know he's on top of that. And -- pay attention at the -- To detail and I'm Melanie did. The kneel down big -- play. That that was well plan because it's a big game as well and and even though Atlanta had a chance one more play to do rugby style of play -- to Florida actually. Throw a hail marry and it was quarter to break if you look at it. Sosa as some obvious fans -- ticked off native Jack like field goal. The eagle it was 35 -- in order to be in the like man who take advantage the -- you gotta go over this -- you don't got to get a touchdown answered yes oh. And then you know -- that miss in the gotten nothing out of it but they would think -- the gonna stop the Saints get the ball back because their kicker has cake Manny. A fifty yard game winning and -- well -- yes exactly there long hours a guy who's like say he made his man and -- -- beat the normal and that's they'll look at to get within field goal -- -- to make the game 1716. -- get the ball bag and have a chance to win maybe. On the last play -- all. On seventeen and and a thirteen is the point after onstage radio WWL. And welcome back New Orleans seventeen Atlanta thirteen he's the -- -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. This is the point after. On WW real decked to the up -- ago Bob has -- a bad routes for Chris Chris thank you for calling WW. -- -- -- -- -- Couple main. On personable. A couple weeks it looks like coach Peyton. It done any help would not turn the clock. I'm last week in on another caller Tom -- -- -- -- you know kind of is -- together before kick that. Bet he'll go two minute warning -- and I EE caller ID be very comfortable. I think I they're -- kick right is what you get cheer respectable -- reputable. Yeah Democrat Chris is that it -- that then that that was it. Luck and how was it by -- Right dissolve planned paying attention to detail. Know even -- and I think adding -- a little I don't think confrontation. The team through and and coach mean adding drew and a little -- -- -- the net and you know -- I think he gave up. Too much ground. Where a coach Peyton theory. Okay we know that now it's gonna get the ball back and believe that rugby style play. All intimacy network wasn't that -- golf. Return cal and Stanford in college and played really doesn't work. But really don't get. You know -- too many yards where a strong arm quarterback you maybe throw a hail Mary -- it loses some -- I thought the same thing about -- kind of a little bit too far yeah. Go down go down yet but that equitable -- I didn't know my AA all week and you know and acted in this week but -- fine -- -- -- -- got. Better and better and better and -- -- and a large yard out rushed out of the team on the road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This thing continue to become more balance and that's what we can write a letter -- the -- is the adult yet. On the road in the cold weather climate you're gonna have to run example all right I I'm start to see -- this thing. Well Chris aren't we gonna have to have that camps and imbalance even against Carolina I think count dynamite had the best front seven even better in the Jets. Now what's encouraging and that's gonna brief comments and all of its online at and they act as they've come together. Now three games in a row. Now the Cowboys are pitiful but it's still an NFL team look -- -- rush for there but and you look what they did against the 49ers and Allen found that I look at. And he said a 103 yards over a hundred yards and I'll look at what -- average in her runs a four point one today the last three games. -- well before yards that's that you need to have that balance 33 passes. Attends 25 Russia's -- we have more plays. But we getting and we -- get a -- against Carolina Seattle. 25 to 29 at camps never in a team that's could be critical on the Pierre Thomas did an interview. Andy said he shooting to get five yards a carry. What tonight he was unbelievable. As the average seven point three and that is critical and they wanna give props up the Pierre. As you look at made history he moved past household names you move past chuck Muncie. And Ruth Mays into fourth place. On the Saints all time rushing list with 3004 to sixty rushing yards considering. And he plays a role. That's impressive because I've played her -- in the eighties he was an all Proehl our running back but his first two seasons first as a rookie and even his second year. And he blood has accused and we all know. About on chuck Muncie and his pours his abilities so congratulations. But the Pierre thomas' seat. Is now afford please passing of -- in Miami's. Alright videophone to go and rampant fraud thank you calling WW. Yeah I go -- be the night argued again rights and -- And -- -- so much LPGA again it was back in 2000 pick up ball got back in Kuwait. -- -- Yeah I'd roll call reasonable at this yeah Atlanta is -- here in the to and upon on the -- now secure it was courtroom just thanks very sharp and -- You know beyond that we're oh okay sure -- -- -- at -- Or all of that is terrible idea if you NFL Manuel wants a little -- bank yet did Ilya Huard as the NFL network was the problem the Falcons. They want to be embarrassed in their backyard that have. You know that's a big show and in. No -- school -- not now I guarantee -- draw if the Falcons would've won all year of the mandate and an all those -- and hang out there I think Danny -- let me just celebrating and there are only human man and so are about to. Exactly outlook these guys you good -- -- him. In the that the Chicago -- -- back there -- years being it was back in the Kabul and that was an agreement yeah that was a -- wrestler -- -- got hurt tonight it was a ten point favorite what about them and let him stay out elated to have them on a bad in the -- well I don't know while the blank inning to do -- habit whose average I was -- man it's only our Patriots game and whoever's head of the -- -- security. The he got locked in and Andy's ready to go wholly new casino who'd married him veto any extended celebration. An NFL network -- Absolutely well -- on Saturday 10 o'clock as we get to sit at LSU at Texas and am at 230 kick off and and after the game at the point after. At by you broke a 503. In the world famous tennis court or -- three Bobby missed it Johnny Maine there. -- go to -- -- -- -- I want he's been -- and the money that week and it broke and things in this he'll do a few times let me just -- them. The best thing of course it's in the took the -- he's mechanic can't if feeds off of who. Feeds -- -- boo boos like well I don't know and Greg both they drink it. Instead -- I didn't know bill Posey who might lose all of those those. That there's -- -- what you boo him even though he loves it. I think he advised plays I had a phone he probably plays better. So innocent Ramirez's three big -- looked to be probably too good -- said well I do is don't see. -- and I don't know biggest object elements album I'd be shocked -- Indians thugs -- this year. I think Ellis who built the run and passed on in hand at driving will be issued out. You know and made it big would 'cause in the play when you have a shootout type game we score you score. One -- it's not over yet you answered position you look what I have an Alabama game and you know and as outstanding. As in M the yards they put up and John -- though Paterno siding him that it is going to be. Angel was not they'll shoot shoot themselves in the foot or a -- again in the sights on now. Nine and two on the season getting set to take on the Seattle Seahawks. You take senior. As we get ready for law long rest before we take on the out. Well because I guess second over -- is coming at a right time. You know not out and out over -- that united -- pretty long you played on Thursday night you know -- -- not next went into the following Monday he came in a right time considering we need all hands Sunday we're playing a great team. Hostile environment. Texas a and M has the twelve man that professional version that Seattle the twelfth man. So we got to play great in all phases and legacy and it came in the right time trying to get Jahri Evans there's -- LB because we need need everyone on hand to play a team like. 63% think the Saints where are in the top seed in the NFC they're assembled since they note thanks so much tomorrow. Allison and steaming -- final score -- on seventeenth and -- at thirteen and the ability is the -- Yankee anybody a bad on the way Malaysia. On -- people that.

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