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11-22 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre

Nov 22, 2013|

Monica in for Dave. Monica talks about the Saints win over the Falcons and LSU's game against Texas A&M

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That morning how are you sir good to see you alone yeah I know it's been -- while they had to line it's a Good Friday. And though this GTI. Yes. On a victory to victory -- -- absolutely. -- you think of the game today I -- odd to say certainly yeah I got Adam by Richard touchdowns touchdowns I was being told me though. As are made that prediction that it might the only. Atlanta I think you're on you know they they hung on their pretty tough he had hung in there and then -- -- -- -- wins away. All that matters of course I'm gonna get folks action to an award to how would you describe your last night's win games are about that as well -- It's a defense against the saints get a lot of good credit or may -- that you look at what other teams are scoring. And it ain't much here now and they you're taking your third seeing her like two touchdowns. And they don't get much more than. -- they're happy with that they -- just tough defense does like to stick to the gas is not Matty ice on a roll band hole. Heap of hurt and I thought I opted to and the weather forecast it's. Ready now where we were both you know chatting with Laura early this morning and it's just. Kind of cloudy and -- -- -- sounds like -- weather on Sunday. You know odds and and chill making it feel like it's in the forties. So it's are going to be a beautiful week down but if you like the cold you get out. -- a -- in the you know next and definitely an added if they had designing coddling. Yeah yeah give me back. I. Mean that frantic got to -- you're not well you know the delivery mistakes. Is out you live in pounds of Merrill. A deputies in Florida like he says that that the illegals some of that list. Mistakenly. Each -- -- rental home owned by Key Largo Koppel mistakenly shipped each yet. United catalog that it of them might need gas field yet rarely get eleven pounds of marijuana out knock on the door your posse or how it. That announcement of a pot is here and now but not the guy officials aren't gonna identify a couple of at this point hold on -- -- -- it. A box was to ship to our house. We -- our housekeeper used that back retire under your. But it's not hours. But then the Bob McGee sent to the cup old house this stuff on Caron again if they authorities at the box 22 suitcases packed -- -- one. Authorities say the pot will meet stroll now -- Are the cops there on the scene for the delivery of these people actually contacted about their non technical -- Maybe they change their mind they got cold feet and Jena. Cold feet like getting behind bars call into like -- we don't want this separated into a ethnic apple -- mark and I guess eleven pound -- one and a that and let him play at new elements that I'm very interesting -- -- -- the state was now absolutely. Like David Wright at -- morning everyone I'm Monica the -- for day of Olympus moaning coming up. We'll have a check of our forecast meteorologist Laura must tell and the Eyewitness News forecasts and it is forecast. Steve Geller isn't with a big win for the flames and thank you all for joining us this morning -- the early edition of WWL first news. It is 517. On the early edition of WWL. First news on this Friday November 22 thank you all for joining us this morning and I and you from the weekend. Right amber Lee who joins us this money and apparently our forecast has -- look old glory eight. Highs later this afternoon will be close to eighty but keep in mind we're gonna see mainly cloudy skies a little fog today at 820% chance for shower tonight's lows only in the lower sixty's ahead of that front. And a few passing showers are around the area. That Saturday the front arrives early. So temperatures will be dropping throughout the day from the sixties to the fifties and even behind the front still some spotty showers around a 40% chance tomorrow. And Sunday -- only if 55 with cloudy skies but it's gonna feel like the forties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Out into law around right now our temperatures are in the 60s66. An audible and 65 at New Orleans international airport and 63. In slide down. Well a couple of touchdowns passes for. So don't win against the mountain Steve Geller then with all the sort. Good morning Monica and happy who -- Friday everyone Drew Brees threw a pair of touchdown passes and the saints overcame a lackluster offensive showing holding off the falcons seventeen to thirteen. Play action Brees has time and delivers the -- he's got great. I don't think inside the. Soon. He's just another safety. -- lord dragged into the end zone like Jimmy Graham. The saints swept their season series with their NFC south rivals and improved to nine in two on the year Microsoft co-founder and Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen says he'll pay for a two year 2.4 million dollar study into whether repeated blows to the -- can lead to dementia researchers at the Allen institute for brain science in the University of Washington we'll examine donated brains to look for links between head injuries and -- health problems like alzheimer's and parkinson's LSU football is gearing up for a huge SEC -- showdown against Texas a and M tomorrow in Death Valley here's the big chief with a preview. To the top receivers in the SEC and Mason as well jobless Landry an old dale Beckham junior will look to get off for the tigers Saturday against the Aggies. This -- Beckham junior on some keys for the LSU offense it's. I think give Jeremy going you know give Jeremy going early enough. You know make those guys try to load up the box and -- and then you know from then on is just going to be you know and I was able to do you know throw the ball deep downfield. Wherever I think Israeli defense yeah. If the tigers and -- Saturday at 230 here on WWL Tulane football returns home from a two game road swing and -- -- -- step in the -- regular season home finale tomorrow it will be the final game in the superdome for the green wave kicked -- -- -- 230 -- Brian -- passed for two touchdowns and ran for another -- southeastern ran -- -- -- 5227. And the lions -- 702 yards of total offense including 377. Yards -- today -- -- on fans in the -- sound -- about the saints falcons game and give your prediction for LSU vs Texas a and -- -- LSU -- contain -- football -- -- the tigers' offense compete at that level. At seven you have a choice takes the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup on the big 870 AM or hear the pelicans post -- -- Irving and the cavaliers are 1053. WWL left them -- and Steve Geller and that's your early morning look at sport thank Steve. We'll check back with you in the next half hour coming up we'll get another check of our Friday morning forecast with meteorologist Laura -- out in the Eyewitness News forecasts enerplus. It's food debt Friday. And how would you describe the last night's game against Atlanta holly describe that way and to hear from you give me a call at 26018788668890. Point seven and give me a text that he 7870. This is the early edition of WWL first news. But 23 -- but at the end of WWL. First news is so good at Friday we're talking about -- It land last night over the Atlanta Falcons now for our forecast that may not be such a winner today tomorrow. -- Friday look for mainly cloudy skies at 20% chance for light shower and highs mild of the upper seventies but of course that's ahead of the front. Which will begin to an event tonight but overnight lows still lucky in the low sixties could see some clouds and fog in at 30% chance for showers. Then tomorrow the front arrives early Saturday morning but some of the rain will be behind it so during the day will say cloudy skies. Turning windy and chilly 840%. Chance for some showers. Temps will start in the sixties and then fall into the fifties then Sunday mainly cloudy and chilly 55 but it's gonna feel like the forties. From the Eyewitness News forecasts and our meteorologist Laura backed out. It's a lot of our our temperatures at this hour 66 that Donovan 65 that New Orleans international airport in 63. In slide down I'm getting your tax and your comments and your reaction to last night's win. Of the New Orleans -- to gains the Atlanta Falcons. Up to them a little bit also. I understand from one of my techsters congratulations to southeastern lions. On winning the Southland Conference title last night. That's cool cool -- as they say. It -- at 87870. Were talking about the saints went in a word art to how would you describe. Last night's win the 1713. Win over Atlanta I know that a lot of folks who are predicting that it be two touchdowns or more of a lot of high scores. Lots what do you think what's I'll go to techsters here. It wasn't the prettiest win and we don't win and we didn't have all the good stats but at least we won that's what I say a wind. Is a win nine to feels very good detective says we have a very good chance to win another. Super Bowl. Very good at what -- thing to 60187. GO 866889087. Meet you meet taxed at 87870. Please text responsibly. Speaking of those Super Bowl. The New York area is getting ready for a cold -- Snowy Super Bowl game will be at the MetLife stadium and -- February. In new York -- The first outdoor Super Bowl game political climate that the 196. Year old -- with Alvin Mack is already out with its forecast that a big -- stumbled at the area that weekend itself. You have. I'll collect was -- double -- that dazzling detects I'm asking you an award or -- how would you describe last night's win a gates the falcons. Epic nail biter oh well typical ATL's saints game I think that is that you know there's always going to be. A dog fight there so that was at least the -- and -- -- to 60187. Or toll free 8668890. Hates them anymore via text than just a moment. You saw this on the -- on the Internet. But you know actor Hugh Jackman he reveals that he was treated for skin cancer on the nose. The Wolverine star revealed that he's been treated for a skin cancer and shared a -- be showing his bandits knows his wife -- we -- they haven't talked about dabbled with time. Says to me get the mark on your nose check the bowl. What she writes he wrote on his instant Graham referred to his wife Debra. Get relief for and has supported by the Oscar nominated Jackman says he had a basal cell carcinoma on the common form of skin cancer that is rarely fatal. He didn't say he was treated yes I guess they really still working on this he did basically his message to people. Dolby foolish like me he says get yourself checked and news -- Even the Wolverine has the use a little sons -- Coming up we'll have what its next let's see -- expect a masking a word -- to how would you describe. Last night's win against Atlanta by the saints 1713. One word. Satisfaction. We can get some satisfaction. I'm Monica here in today's -- this morning on the early edition of WWL. First news. Forget it you're one word reaction to the -- do and say saint station don't roasted bell in my favorite. Lucky. When talking about nine to baby -- like roasted about the outlook -- roasted falcon did so perhaps could have posted falcon. That the -- and we'll stuff and and also gumbo. -- -- something -- coming up we'll have more of your in a word description of the saints win last night plus the latest news and David Blake. Steven -- and with sports and -- but still not -- news channel well forecast that. David I'm asking. Ireland's as the Texas with a word or -- about last night's win yeah very interesting comments goal defense saint space shuttle load of all we Atlanta Texas it of course is more than a worker to beloved dispersants of course the game wasn't -- for us. But there's nothing better than watching the falcons feeling. Well that they have a chant ass they did all it's a lot of spirits crew rushed. Yeah. I yacht turnovers Zoloft alone for their parents. Absolutely. It's nice when you get this -- now you know we haven't played Carolina. Yet we still have to play him twice. Right now there are the kind of the buzz of the and a fell for how good their flying so we got some tough -- -- work including Seattle was. That's not an accident. Well speaking of crew rushed Sheen competition I'm sure when I get your prediction will be in line with what most people think. New movies opening this week thank god this is going to be room really easy you're only question and they will be how much will now opening how many zillions -- -- -- -- last year at the porcelain. Opened a 153. Million that they can at this. Last fall that the avengers 200 some million dollars -- we don't know yet but it is congregate catching fire. That's the big and make your mom -- on a hole in the Fred oh my goodness gracious. Now feel if you -- that Vince Vaughn and you movie delivery man has open negates. I would be feeling too good about not. It looks crazy. Yeah I hit -- I -- more noticeable crazy ride ride ride. It's going to be interesting -- -- affable under achiever finds out he spot at 533. Children. The anonymous donations to facility I liked the concept is dead yeah I. Think I -- there could be ceremony humor there -- -- a massive heart attack -- -- so now -- must decide whether -- not to comport with 142. Of them. While a lawsuit to reveal his identity through many donations. And donations absolute Horry. So you know the ticket to personally and he got some for the family and the Aaron well. The what you're talking about it call -- It doesn't open until next week at all though it'd be wonderful so it's just bond and Hunger Games yes it's a limited releases -- -- -- areas that. Okay well. It's it's it's been sent Hunger Games I just yeah just how much just how much I saw -- -- would be the first round. Which use every 153. Down and -- -- and I think -- -- all right excellent day there. Well it's -- Want more of it's -- It. Mean -- and surprised that. I. Know absolutely great it's not to use. All right this forecast. The -- yet you don't have feel on the forecast -- -- as you limit forecasts have lack of playing at the apnea and it -- be up and down over the next couple days good -- the use the -- -- with the Monica asked the water. Why only 20% chance of rain a lot of rain coming out along the -- -- yes because the front is going to weaken as it reaches us that the models are showing. Most of rain in northwestern Louisiana and then they weekend that activity as it reaches us -- immediate few isolated showers storms today. And some spotty showers around tomorrow but that dynamics of this system. And weaken a bit before the actual front reaches us that we're not gonna CNET thunderstorm activity that they are looking at in Texas leads in northern Louisiana this morning outlets at the top of the -- we are not -- thought provoking of that yeah actually get that on that question on up. Now it's going to be at the -- is weak and it -- it's going to be cold and I -- to to the area yeah you're always had a blast probably already going to be breezy Sunday hang in on that steering -- is your driving and it didn't get cold 55 on Sunday. But -- it feel like the word well -- I until an -- tomorrow. It's pretty chilly and I have a high of 65. On the seven David back to be kind of deceiving because to Mars would be the kind of day where we have a high early in the morning. And in temperatures fall throughout the days to 65 when you wake up. Front moves through early tomorrow forty behind the front. Some gray skies and showers and temperatures will be -- -- fifties behind affront during date tomorrow and look for a overnight lows tomorrow night down into the forty's and how -- this cooler couldn. Actually stays around for awhile because look what happens Sunday we're gonna see some clouds increasing Monday were back to some rain. And that's the typical load it's gonna come and from that now. And attract over at least and it's it's going to be -- and kind of rain Monday and cheese taste showers maybe around the clearing out on Wednesday. And then right now Thanksgiving looks pretty nice sunshine and Chile -- at 58. So you really nice Thanksgiving type weather but again that could change a little -- as we get into it late next week right now like Monday Tuesday Wednesday. With some rain around from the gulf. Well the -- days now what is wrong with people who are. You've heard about this but apparently there's what they're calling the cotton ball diet -- about the balls and I actually eating cotton ball. They flip what is what would people like because it expands and fills up your stomach are absolutely what are basically dealing in -- that -- -- that he hurt even go out and I hate to even sit there YouTube videos with some little thing check it out but it on the way out. And it involved gobbling up to five cotton ball dipped in Orange juice lemonade on smoothly and -- sitting ideas that eagle -- without gaining weight. Some writers chow down on the let me pillars of what may ultimately their food intake while others now here's a question and an outline I may not want the answer to that. Cotton balls pass out at your body. Normally. -- -- -- -- You know they -- -- fits in your stomach or whatever your intestines for seven years I don't know. That's true or not that they felt a lot of details that go along to cotton ball out its -- the moment like hey there and I can't do that in overtime the cotton balls will build up. And could build up agreed several blockages they looked at yeah you know what I'll take I'll keep mentally pounds thank you I now and I will say you know whenever my dog gets doubled the cotton -- -- -- percent and if it can be like an emergency type they hand out. So if the fact that for the all TP. Free Easter which stay away from -- right hundred -- you think is that -- captain equipment out. 02 under I note that when the box copy. 200 million. Yen hunted in that area popular as the the personal bet on it don't do that got the it but don't jump it halfway other night. Make a lot line packet we get great coming out we're going to adults. But that's the L. -- -- up against the -- -- This is the early edition of deputy outburst news it's five point eight on. Early edition of WL first news I'm on the year and forgave. Him that. -- but that he want the heat up there. Co host of public outrage on the W I'll. Definitely a hard to guy. And there. And this is your version of -- Oh man I did you figure out what government audit your daily life and we are asking. The Collins acts one word to. Summing up last night game in Atlanta Falcons just. Rushing council would be you know -- art well. Bombed. All of stub my head I could just really go with the rivalry just because I think last night you saw two teams that. Despite their -- records -- opposite standings and a lot of the major stats they usually decide these outcomes. You saw an NFL team in the falcons who is still made up of professionals. And managed to put it all out there. Even though when you look at it on paper seem like there's no way this ancient runaway game right because everyone is at least. An -- to touch down ensemble are I think your prediction with the -- -- well actually now I lucked out I I in one of the least competent pics of my entire life I'd chose the falcons with a nine well -- -- -- -- they'll win but. In our pick six and I know Christians going to be very angry about this I had yet to -- his saints game correctly. Finally. Managed account through and he's going to be mad is he is now one step closer. To have it on that -- Mr. Bush. Okay now how good are you with picking. Alexy the tiger's arm I've been pretty good I sometimes you struggle to take off my purple and gold eyeglasses. At -- time you have a month enough -- to this morning -- -- and no actually I I feel like they've kind of been beater battered installed on my glasses that is this entire year and so this is the first time warm really I'm not feeling too too good about the matchup. Inane and you have a team that has scored at least forty points in all team games I don't see that changing. So really it's gonna come down to hand his offense. Keep up when Johnny football -- explosive Balkans and really. Running the ball on hold onto it might be your best defense. Against his ties miss. Johnny -- also basically I think this one comes down whoever has the ball last. Com as of oh she's four point favorites I'm a betting man would take aim and plus four. Yeah I think I think tells you when the game but it's gonna be. Either game -- -- -- war game winning touchdown drive that puts mobbed by 312. And I just made that tour at the deceit money. I'll be back on Mondays I'll remember it as a all right thanks a lot of heat about thank -- at a -- double coverage begins in just a few minutes just yet you know. About taking off we get a lot to talk about today obviously saints falcons Ellis you gain and going to be -- okay -- get excellent appreciate Steve Geller is and look at. I the morning Monica and the weekend's going to be a whole lot better thanks to a -- gold victory well it was a lot closer than many expected but the saints pulled out a seventeen to thirteen win against the hated Atlanta now. In third and goal from the one hears Brees put in -- -- I can't find anybody in Boston at the fact of the reception and a touchdown. -- -- -- threw for 278. Yards with two touchdowns while Pierre Thomas broke numerous tackles and racked up 130. Total yards the -- gold improved to nine in two and take on the Seattle Seahawks next week cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that coach Jason Garrett will return in 2014. Even if the cowboys failed and 83 year playoff -- this season in making the announcement Jones said -- this supported the cowboys don't have a better record Dallas is five and five a game back of Philadelphia in the NFC east fighting tiger football welcomes -- -- -- and the -- to Baton -- tomorrow here's the big chief with the latest. On that match these beat there at his preview has brought to buy dog a machinery servicing judge judge Dick construction equipment dealer. -- Louisiana and Texas -- -- -- say MM offense is much smaller than Johnny men's jail including all of the top dog is in the SEC and receiver Mike Evans his coach less miles upon the Aggies top wide receiver. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 555 on the early addition WL first news and here is slow and another look at our Friday forecast. Big changes on the way that cold front approaches today ahead of the Friday it's going to be warm and muggy close to eighty degrees with 820% chance for light rain and mainly cloudy skies. Tonight lows around 63 but they'll begin to drop tomorrow the front arrives first -- Saturday morning. Bringing some rain with that throughout the day on Saturday and temperatures falling from the mid sixties to the fifties by the afternoon. And Sunday looking much colder will say -- is at 55 but it's gonna feel like the forties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and urologist mop up. To console are right now 66 at Audubon 65 annual its international airport and 63 and slide coming up more appeal or in a word. Review of the saints game last night that the early edition that WL first news. And it's 558. On the early edition of WWL first news tonight asking them who that nation in a word -- -- described last night's win. The saints over the falcons very interest thinks parole look. And without him the defense struggles with -- that one that would answer Super Bowl malicious. Very interesting. And visible that award or two at first look on TV of game you would have thought that that he would indicted homeless -- itself and I -- film officials policy -- and read to make you think that there house that basically. The food -- nation was in the place of course and the Hunger Games that's what sequel opens tonight then that today this weekend. And one Texas it's -- on good game last night a really good move. There you have it. Mary you have. Tommy Tucker is up next and we like to thank our 18 this morning for helping me out ample -- master control wait for the people Lambert. That's that I think I don't want to use that bank also enjoyed the Eagles super producer and begin today super producer. And -- have a great weekend everyone I'm not this year.

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