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WWL>Topics>>11-22 6:15am Tommy, Saints beat the Falcons

11-22 6:15am Tommy, Saints beat the Falcons

Nov 22, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints win over the Dirty Birds

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jerry palm joins us right now BCS expert for CBS sports that come morning Gerri. Or are you pretty gut. Happy about the saints being nine into one of sub leaders in ninth game idea. Pretty well. -- -- -- Drew Brees and had a pretty good night last night 115. Was quarterback rating very. What sort of thing you know adequate yet not -- Drew Brees you can tell sometimes weather's going to be on or it like dead on you know what accurate. Or just. To the level of every other NFL quarterback the majority of them last night you could tell. Not that -- on blank accurate I let's talk about BCS and L issue they get Texas and in this weekend and Arkansas. I hate to ask you to do all of this but if you could kind of plot scenarios when they beat both teams. Lose to both teams beat one lose the other. Okay -- well I guess first we should start with totally bowled well gains. You know apartment in the party got three losses. And nutrient I believe that you -- on Arkansas. You probably playing in front of like you know BP herbal. I don't really being at home Arkansas it is unrealistic. Scenario. Right so -- lose to taxes -- them next. And beat Arkansas. Yeah now tiger probably look at something like not the Outback Bowl because that -- division team but maybe the trick or a game. But -- like. Ike as it gets him -- -- -- chair Gary Jerry on -- and he's already going on and so are we appreciate your time in and in knowledge so. A Gator Bowl is where and when that's in Florida and it's one of those pre New Year's -- Herbal and Jacksonville. And it's on. News. Com. But it it's not really considered me herbal it would yet you keep pecking order. -- you know her. After you well but the -- to beat yet -- idea on who they would players there's far too many -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will let you know. I certainly don't -- -- little school that would be interesting lose two Texas and and and beat. Arkansas please check the label ads in Florida as well. A -- at Atlanta. It is just about comfortable. Yet -- -- indirectly opponent there. -- would be in it he's eighteen. Somebody like Virginia Tech Miami. And it depends indeed do -- how things shake out in at least. I know I'll talk about. The best scenario where they beat Texas in an -- -- Arkansas. Yeah and that probably put him in the bowl. But the court. On -- don't beat on news day. Which is what is and that's one and but it remains to be the easiest that there is probable that the pop on the bowl match in the idiot you see an end so well. Yeah actually capital global pop. And up and that cotton in the outback. Together -- usually what division team in active. Nights when they would be and -- easy. -- -- Padilla -- able to -- and yet what the active eat eat eat mentally separate after the Dubya being that. To be your bowl and the Capital One people at war bull. So there's an -- I don't -- you may be yet this year a decent chance of -- you plan themselves in the Cotton Bowl. Yet when both teams because it and its probable who they play in the Cotton Bowl. What will beat twelfth team and I look at somebody like you Euro Stater girl. That. I was very enlightening dairy group quick browse the BCS title game -- Well look like Alabama and Florida State boat to control your own destiny. -- -- including a week barber. Which is really good years while -- the title -- the odd girl out in the work to do. Yeah it is game. Ordered eight Italy Britain and tell -- prosecutors at that point. -- -- -- Goes the dynamite you hit. Gerri well done well played -- I like it a thank you every time. -- -- -- I've had just done -- -- just you know I've got to be delicate here manipulate JFK in dealey plaza like Elvis and make him out of nowhere. Gerri have a great day a great weekend we'll talk to you again.

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