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WWL>Topics>>11-22 7:45am Friday Morning Quarterback

11-22 7:45am Friday Morning Quarterback

Nov 22, 2013|

WWL's Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic interviews Saints QB Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome in -- Monday Morning Quarterback here on CH radio with quarterback Drew Brees on crushing to our -- morning quarterback has brought to you by the great employees -- Crosby doesn't Galliano and Joe's septic got to go called Joseph the black and gold. Improved to nine and two on the season. -- -- hard fought 713 victory. Over the Atlanta Falcons we welcome -- now saints quarterback Drew Brees. You guys said it pretty much all we immediately after the short week but who's gonna be one of those knockouts dragon -- games close ball game. Oh victory if you guys obviously but yes forecasted is gonna go like this. There we did this is where this -- courses you know they're tough this team. As are we and and obviously there's always -- lot of states in any high expectations on both sides of -- feel like we've got to you know get through each other wounded over one. You know going and achieve we're going to achieve so great team win. That all faces. Describe to get out of here with a win. Guys talk about the team building wins in. San Cisco last week and in Atlanta this week and a close ball game what does this do for you guys going into December G is trying to make a push for the playoffs. Well. Here we are not into. And we still got some crucial divisional games coming up and obviously road trip to Seattle. You know the next you know game. Monday Night Football and -- and -- better than that on the opportunities -- -- better -- that. We know what's at stake and each and every week to be honest with you. But especially about to -- felons people who you know who leads the NFC right now and this is our opportunity to really. Tennessee where we can stack up never. This can't committee by head in a way because you have about ten days here before he -- cell that is. It is these there's rankings are tough tough for preparation tougher on the body. But one thing is that once it's over you get you know an extra three days of the recovery. Which would be good for this team can implement and again. Can you talk about Pierre Thomas tonight he had maybe his versatility gets overlooked sometimes his 100 yards total offense he's such as you know he can do at all so personal. Run game pass game protection. That's one area where he -- -- it is not enough credit this overlooked by us troops were receiving yardage production but there's so much more important position. Another great game by him the rookie offered Islamic similarly and also have a rough weekend how much did you guys. I guess. A pep him up but also on a short week in a tragic in his standpoint. Yeah you know as a grandmother passed way -- and and and you should -- and so obviously extremely tough. On on him. You know in the short week to even talk about. They only like two or three days of preparation anyway I really don't want this in the medical commission can do this and who joined us last night. You know find out he started his -- and just comes -- does phenomenal so says a lot about -- as a as a young man's character. Did you know you passed Warren Moon for fifth on the all time nationalist nor did. Pretty crazy to -- play along tough. -- I keep kept his ship all -- don't forget the anywhere close. And as a kid did you ever think you'd be mentioned some composition of those guys and in the warm moods of the world now that's that's pretty heavily on his hall of Famer and he's one of the best ever play. An athlete play into the 44. So that's pretty incredible. But. Or reflect on all levels above plan sort got a long way to go forth and finally if we run Seattle's talk about what you know of that team and it was fairly good she watching from afar. Yeah. They just looked so -- in and every aspect of their game on the scene that could very well coached very disciplined. Greg great balance on offense. With that quick strike ability you got a lot of respect -- -- Wilson loved watching play these tremendous him. The defense makes all -- place you play in that atmosphere you know that's what matters in Seattle no easy place to go play and -- and so. I don't work -- force. Drew who graduates is on the win enough thanks for your time appreciate it thank you for that wraps up another edition of Monday Morning Quarterback with saints quarterback Drew Brees on -- Garrick. The black gold back in action in Seattle on December 2 on Monday night's showdown with the Seattle Seahawks who come in at ten and won the black and gold now at nine into. Catch all the action right here on -- radio.

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