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11-22 Tommy, who killed JFK?

Nov 22, 2013|

Tommy talks to John McAdams, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Marquette & an expert on the JFK assassination

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy to records at WL talking about JFK's assassination and guests were very happy and name. Is professor at Marquette University he calls himself with the ball and -- -- in the bunker deep ball and things and in the business. Knowing house so much of what is said here. Talking about conspiracy theorists is that relates to JFK's assassination theories is nine cents. That we -- him in doctor John Adams and associate professor of political science at Marquette and an expert. On JFK JFK assassination he's written a book about morning. -- time. Good morning thanks for taking the time listening your time is. Very valuable today. -- -- in the time magazine article and I was struck by that code red talk about. Nonsense. What are some of the more common theories that you've long -- how would you -- -- -- A lot of them one theory is that there have been and large number -- curious deaths associated with the assassination. In fact. The people on that list most of them had only the most. Questionable and tenuous connection with the detonation. Like the mayor of New Orleans is on list will -- connection that he well we -- out well that the -- and interest and enough. The army also lived in Fort Worth from the mayor Fort Worth. This -- on the list. So I mean that's one of them -- LBJ's. LBJ had it done. That's difficult to directly the law because how would you how would you -- negative. Certainly. Summit the evidence against LBJ's nonsensical like a woman who claims to have been at his mistress -- woman named -- ground. Claims that she attempted assassination party the night before. The day of the -- and make. And LBJ said -- something like after tomorrow those Kennedys won't be able to. Just me anymore agency inside air freight again it and her testimony is that. Really. Incredible. And ridiculous. I exhale completely pathetic any day Perry did a great job of debunking her. So. Vice president was going to be involved in an assassination of the president he would go to an assassination party. No actually it's out and party probably did an app. Happened and LBJ can be shown to be somewhere else I'm -- -- you're absolutely right about that yes actually right about that. It's really impossible -- about the military industrial conflicts. It's. Cleared that John Kennedy Bragg in speeches in Texas. On his November trip. And indeed in the speech that was scheduled to give an Austin that he didn't give. About how he had built up the military. He did devoted more money remember he ran in 1960 claimed it was a missile gap. He ran as a hawk in 1969. Of the day was assassinated whose ranking about how he did put money in increasing America's military capability. Let them -- Oh god -- about the mob. The troubled fair and not directly to put it on my side because in -- -- the negative would be. The evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald as the issue so strong. For the mob to need to silence him. You'd have to prove how they were connected to Oswald. Only the most tenuous and distant connections. Oswald in the mob can you possibly show something like his mom in New Orleans. -- -- Mob related figures at one point. -- -- -- Seven degrees of separation camp and you can get something like that we have. -- when it comes to. Two series and your time is precious here one of them about some kind of monkey here and you'll answer our trials with a virus Stockton. There's I'll go actually yet there has slums book and -- baker has sent. Latched on to that's the idea that the CIA had a secret bio weapons lab. In the up part much -- of Mary Sherman and David Gregory. The CIA certainly developed a bio weapons the date didn't have to do it in the antibodies apartments in New Orleans. They did it -- insecure military facilities or university laboratories remember. The CIA can hire top ranked university scientists. They did need to use someone like David fairy who had a mail order diploma from an Italian university. So -- -- I don't think there's any need we have not that and finally professor them the most recent. Theory that's being offered is. That a Secret Service agent was rock back in the car he was in the sniper position not familiar pentagon does he was. Basically assigned to the auto division of the president's detail. It would seem likely to need that you tell me is there any forensic and patina. Oh god that was decades ago a book called mortal error first came out and that it gets recycled this year -- how visited upon. Yet at the top of the and fail the chose. The shooting sequence and chose the moment Kennedy's hit in the head and the agent who's named Hickey. It's still seated in the ball -- he could not at that point fired that they are fifteen. Over the top of the windshield and Kennedy and -- minute film -- That the I don't know what that almost the book was called moral error and I know the one that with the with the video proves that. -- and a process that's the Bronson fail. Not directed -- appreciate your time today and opium great qualities. I hope and expect too good to be here.

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