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WWL>Topics>>11-22 9:10am Tommy, who killed JFK?

11-22 9:10am Tommy, who killed JFK?

Nov 22, 2013|

Tommy talks to Gerald McKnight, a Professor Emeritus of History at Hood College, about the JFK assassination

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeremy nine joins us right now he. Is a professor emeritus of history and narratives rather pedestrian hood college and author breach of trust of the Warren commission field Venetian. And why good morning professor now -- well I ordered good things -- taken a time. Forests. Tell me what it is that your studies have determined and counted the Warren commission fail. Well. I think to cut to the traits. -- is -- didn't shoot anybody that really. You know these issues that the evidence of that is clear. If I were the primary -- -- for electric. I would be citing the resources. To demonstrate its okay so it is something I would be cooking up in my mind are talking about at the resources that they came from to -- information act. And that I looked at did. And I've done I've done some reporting this time around the anniversary. In terms of it yeah -- About lecture I did. When it was called partial list 45 dollars. In the lecture I demonstrated I think fairly clearly. Oswald did not shoot anybody. Also possible it was a government agent low level government -- He was not a creature of American communism. Or. The Castro regime or anything like that he was. He was -- -- he was American level government agency was part of the false defector program run by the Shiite. And the office of naval intelligence. And that was the reason you -- to all to the Soviet you know he was one of probably ten or twelve why don't they -- more. That the CIA and office of naval intelligence put into this program. And so. You know and so he was over the effort to one half years. And then he came back he came back to the United States and still. He played any role at a lower level function functionary. At the appropriate at the orders of the elements of the CIA. The actors can use that. Oswald wasn't even on six and whatnot he was. Is the figure in the door. I was shooting took place he's six for the body on exports southeast corner we are even even the -- Had to admit that after course Oswald was Oswald which killed once Oswald was killed. -- the coverup. That that the coverup then went -- and it. No he was not it was on the church where the -- evaluated pictures by Charles Bronson who took pictures. Of the Texas school book depository keepers there with the. Now in -- professor because -- and a professor remark and on. -- Johnny Adams had said them as trials -- and I that the Bronson film proves well at least that a Secret Service agent was seated in the car but did he conveniently leave out the part that you're talking about. What we can have. I talked in the Adams about some things before so. Warmly the law is in the -- in Texas school book depository yes. -- -- was. By Kelly who was the top Secret Service agent there. And Ellis. Which come to that conclusion so that he was in the door. That's a big thing to go and but I would just simply say there's there's a Charles Bronson. It takes a picture of the southeast corner six -- the only window that's open. When Kennedy motorcade comes. And minutes before the shooting takes place. We have the picture of this explorer window and there's no emotion and moved here now. Is this the guy in in December to the agency had headquarters. A reevaluated abroad since. It was initially. It abroad and initially gave that -- to the FBI they looked at a -- after the after the shoot when -- still. And they looked at it and said there's not been here and they sent the film back to Bronson but they also can become so after. After -- after. After Oswald was himself killed on Sunday on the 24. And after the thing was resolved clause will Cuba's presidency to acted alone official story of course but it is and in place. They took a look at this Feldman says the FBI experts yet to FBI agents have looked at this thing to -- about yet that went. But they didn't stop there and they sent the film and ones onto the national. Could they be photographic interpretation center which probably was the best in the world at that time then examined the balance and so that and they agreed with the deal there's nobody in that we. Right so which -- the guy doesn't. Nights a week to week -- years and it was the navy intelligence he says. I. Understand it. -- who's responsible. Shoot again. It does so did you -- licensee probably I don't know about organized crime that organized crime to provide teachers. About an internal job and the its internal job to get rid of Kennedy because this -- policy okay. Now that we could go -- from now on that issue real injury that limited time but. -- -- Kennedy antagonized. And not only antagonize the Kennedy broke. With his military. One issue after issue and that begins with the Cubans but that begins early on with the early on and it was 61 with the with the with that it with the years Cubans Cuban question. In terms of it's in terms of of whether. Whether we should be invading their cash and Castro's Cuba. We've had yet we have the we have this program that -- also was the CIA program. To overturn the Castro -- and that was the sick that was sixty. And significantly involved in the sense that the CIA. And the military gave Kennedy the plans for the state said it would work there would be no problem what they didn't -- him. Because Kennedy said I want to know what -- troops involved in this invasion the CIA says it's fine. We don't do it with anti Castro Cubans now Kennedy had turned to the military and -- if you -- that the CIA program he says is the single into worked. The Joint Chiefs of Staff reported back to him and says yes it has about 70% chance of -- success. Actually with the see what the what the military -- -- countries -- -- -- -- success at all is going to be disaster. These these these. Cubans of these anti Castro Cubans held up on the beach. And Kennedy as a choice he can either stand by and watch them wrapped up by Castro or people have to do what he didn't want to do and that is to send in memory. I'd let me ask you quickly professor before -- we run out of time in terms of the actual assassination murder itself how do you think it happened and who shot from where. Well certainly certainly Asia. -- may -- more than anything a couple of shots came from the reader and doubt text. But the but certainly at least one shot came from the front that's the shot that eternity in the neck. And that's what the park and memorial that memorial hospital doctor and they saw Kennedy to -- -- and then came from the yes and -- into the stock treatments and little angels. -- -- They're a well it no I don't know I think that was one of that was a shot that probably was not fatal but there was another shop that that hit him also from the front about his right here in the -- up blew out his -- referring to -- That that's the single and came from the front. That came from the front or should they were probably a couple of shots from the rear or certainly the one who went from Connolly. And then I went through. I went through -- and and and then into and then I went through Kennedy and then calmly. That all that came from the earlier so there so which triangulation that classic case of triangulation. And I got to professor we gotta run I appreciate you time it really deal and hoping it would get it. Okay are you professor Jeremy nine professor emeritus of history and hood college and he wrote breach of trust. How the Warren commission -- the nation and why.

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