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11-22 10:10am Don Dubuc, JFK's assassination

Nov 22, 2013|

Today is the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination. Do you believe the Warren Commission's version of the JFK assassination that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone? Don was joined by Roger Stone, Author, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ.

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And his -- today and you get down to duke Kennedy filling in for -- -- each and every -- glad to have you with -- boy got a great show planned for you a little bit later on -- -- pick up where we left off with a discussion of freshwater diversion of the Mississippi River. And development happening out this week. The saint Bernard parish council has passed an ordinance which would -- the construction. Or the actually the expansion of Mississippi River diversions in their parish. They have the authority to do that can they prevent the Louisiana's. Coastal protection and restoration authority from continuing with the master plan is -- gonna. Via a monkey wrench into the works well we'll find out about that we'll talk to George cabinet accuses sentinel on council member most familiar with -- then after that we're gonna talk -- -- -- a ranked he is with the coastal protection and restoration authority he's its executive director. And find out what impact this may have on future plans to put those massive diversions in saint Bernard parish. And if this will in fact. Slow it down stop that or not have any effect at all on 11 o'clock how are those of you a regular listeners. -- once each month. We dedicate an hour to saint Tammany parish. Parish president pat Brister is kind enough to join is going to interview she takes your calls your comments. And also kind of gives us an update on what's happening at saint Tammany parish certainly of interest -- those of you who live work or play in saint Tammany. On this so how are where little difficulty contacting him but now I'm sure will make contact with Roger Stone. He is an author of the book that it called the man who killed Kennedy. The case against LBJ. Lyndon Baines Johnson and I mean basically has a lot of information Donald lottery searched. And basically has said no and uncertain terms. LBJ was responsible for the assassination of president Kennedy. Until we get a -- will continue picking up I was on a jet with Tommy talk a little bit earlier about that numb my recollection of the incident itself. Fifty years ago today it was a Friday just like today. I was an eighth grade student at saint Mary Magdalene. And I can recall. Coming over the intercom the radio broadcast of what was taken place in Dallas. The teacher. Was sister Genevieve. She was the eighth grade home room teacher. And it was the first time I ever saw a -- -- She came into the classroom sniffling and when the announcement was made that the president was dead. She was crying uncontrollable. Which -- -- a group of eighth grade students to see that for the first time. Nuns back then those of you who have been a Catholic schools who both won an authority figure they are in you looked up to them and they were pillar of strength and to see one break down and cry was unsettling to say at least. And then of course you know when it came down that he used. -- shot while traveling in a motorcade in. You know you got to remember this was new Wallace and we we've kids we don't know what a motorcade was -- if there was a parade well obviously would. We will -- on exactly what they were talking about but anyway. Since that time. You know -- -- can call sitting there watching my black and white television. When Lee Harvey Oswald two days later was being led out of jail. And this guy Jack Ruby jumps up and shooting in murders in on live television amendment that like -- we yesterday it was a Sunday. Late morning I guess one -- happen -- remember mom mom was in the kitchen in the next round. Cook in a spaghetti gravy and I was at their watches glued to television. Also -- aegis Oswald just got killed it was a shot on television. And then the story went on from there. And in all over the last fifty years of real lot done some research guys have interviewed and Haslem the author of -- to Mary's monkey a couple of times on this program. Also late I have interviewed Judith Mary baker twice so once by way of the telephone conversation while she was in hiding in Europe. She was here in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. Hi this lady if you never written a book a me and Lee and how why you came to know love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald she was his girlfriend that she's got a a stack of documentation that would to a local course. Things pace pay records where they both worked together. Notes that what passed between each other. She kept an impeccable diary of all the goings on there and had several conversations and she believes that. And he was indeed a CIA agent double agent. And his last conversation with Carl was some component Allison being sent there is an attempted plot plot to kill. President Kennedy and -- being called him but. I suspect that this maybe the last time you see -- because it may be that I am going to be blamed for which I think in fact it was he was the perfect candidate candidate. They created denied a false identity of him being a pro Cuban he'd be in the Russian came back with a Russian wise he was passing out leaflets. How he got the job in the book depository. On being coming from new -- to Dallas. And how that actually on the motorcade passed directly there how he knew to bring a -- he was involved in is some from a fashion. It's not clear him by any means how this all things fell together but I do believe. That the government obviously was the mastermind behind it. -- -- they did employ in some fashion a mafia at least let the mafia think they were involved in it and also this group of people that we here in New Orleans that were plotting this whole thing. The tie in to the research that was going on foreign cancer causing viruses that mayor Judith and doctor Mary Sherman more involved in -- also ties to a David ferry. I knew some of the people and bought the one that he reviewed. Oswald Lleyton Martin who was a talk show host he belonged to that group that David ferry had a civil air patrol had conversations with him. Anyway may be a little get to the bottom of that possibly in 27 team in those documents come all of that is yet to be determined. I don't think we have our our guest joining us now is name is Roger Stone. And to give you have some information on who raji is he's on political consultants strategists lobbyists. Also law brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer have played a crucial role in the recount. That made George W. Bush president. He's been involved in politics -- a teenager workable to Nixon and Reagan administration's played a role in elections of candidates in the Republican Democrat. And libertarian party's. He's a well known voice in politics horrible forty years often gives insights on behind the scenes agendas on Fox News CNN CNBC and MSNBC. Aside from politics he's also known for. A personal style and writes the annual ten best and worst dressed men and women in the world. And account that's a column for the Huffington Post and he also spends his time between New York City in Miami Beach, Florida. He's well traveled well informed Roger Stone -- introduce him now the author of the book. Called the man who killed Kennedy -- thanks to spend some time with a -- on this fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Great we -- more. -- to get started if you would tell us about your book in your book you might have. Undoubtedly you have unveiled who the person was a shot him and who was behind it. Explain if you would win in cases of murderous and -- so why would LBJ. What would be the motive indeed we have the means to get it done. Yeah out ultra short speech was motive in the fall of 1960 -- in conjunction demand steering it went. You know that the can these intend to drop him from 1964 ticket -- John can he tells his personal secretary Evelyn Lincoln -- M her memoirs are on the eve of leaving for Dallas at LBJ will be done. He says you're actually tell you the vice president will be but it won't be ended the reason they're dumping in this because he got himself embroiled in two. Major corruption scandals about baker scandal. Baker with the secretary US -- it was Johnson's back and he's accepted millions in -- church conscience. And the Billy sol Estes scandal -- sell -- this is flamboyant Texas Wheeler dealer. And Ian Johnson have gotten -- fraudulent multi million dollar federal agricultural contracts. And -- -- -- a large percentage so. Not only is -- is Lyndon Johnson facing political defeat an embarrassment. He's facing federal prosecution. And jail. In fact he knows that the attorney general Robert Kennedy given. A eight dossier and giant's findings just kind lights. And that life magazine playing into December 1 expose say. And I'd Lyndon Johnson outlining -- corruption. Duncan was ethically corrupt kiwi or government corruption of biblical proportions -- -- lifeline for the 1963. Lyndon Johnson has amassed a fortune. 25 million dollars. He's been on the public payroll entire adult life teacher congressman senator. 25 million dollars in 1963. Is over a 150 million dollars today. So. Johnson is more golden than anyone in China is running -- he's desperate. Which is why I think she you'll say plot. If yes does involve the CIA they have their own votes. Doesn't organized crime they have their own motives. And does involve the Texas oil as the finder. They're angry. It did JFK because he's about to repeal their tax breaks here or -- -- regional balance. Which would require them pay hundreds of millions -- more taxes. Johnson is the easy. We're talking with Roger Stone and the author of book called the man who killed Kennedy the case against LBJ Lyndon Baines Johnson we just turned. That not only did he have the motive but also holds him all the parties involved CIA organized crime. AKA the mafia and also Texas oil. -- Roger did you envision this this whole thing coming down the have a good enough panel on how the assassination took place who the shooters where were they located in the out of -- -- it. Well I think that the shooter from the sixth floor of the Texas school book depository is not Leo Serbia all but in fact be demanded. Malcolm Mac Wallace -- Wallace is Lyndon Johnson's personal it -- it. I tried Matt -- to. Murders. -- Lyndon Johnson orchestrate -- early 1951. 1951 Malcolm Wallace murders remain in giant -- -- blackmailing Johnson. In nineteen if the three -- in the name Henry Marshall. Agriculture Department inspector general investigating corruption Oakland injunction. Wallet -- at 34 point matched fingerprint. On the cardboard boxes in the sixth floor of the trip to school book tries to -- only print. I did leave our guys all the doesn't belong to -- a Texas school book depository employee your doubts police. We also note that six individual witnesses. CE. Movement in the windows on the -- -- just prior to the shooting is also film that shows more than man. Standing at the windows on the sixth floor but in interest rate. Three of the six specifically described the man. Who looks like Malcolm wallets heavyset balding wearing where rimmed glasses pretty specific. -- and one -- car. Keys Malcolm wallet now in the window minutes before the shooting the -- simply the building. Minutes after the shooting jump into a rambler -- be driven away. There are no less than four attempts I'm Richard -- life as short camps -- life. After he filed a report with the -- police department people keep trying to kill. You survive to needs to avoid being shot street shall call. They try to bombings car. So I think Malcolm policies at least one issue. How did Wallace evade prosecution for most murders that you stated and also. Whereas the racket that his fingerprint was found in the sniper's nest. Record the record the fingerprint was found by a researcher. And because Wallace had been convicted murderer in 1961 when he -- can exert. In broad daylight. The man it was ginger being the main blackmailing giants and conservative Bob Dylan's sister. Who has been notorious. Bisexual bohemian party girl. Who who had intimate knowledge injunctions. After the 1948 senate election. So wallet actually. What trial was arrested for that murder because he shut them in broad daylight from the witnesses. When he was apprehended by the by the Austin police. You take you can't arrest me I can get back to -- and work for senator John that's in the arresting officer's affidavit. Annually go you'd been bailed out -- two. Major financial contributors. Easier defended in court by John -- for Lyndon Johnson's personal journey and he's convicted of first degree bomber. Whereupon he gets to five years suspended sentence and walks out of the court -- me. I checked every other person convicted of first degree murder in Texas in 1952 into the electric chair. So it strings are pulled. We also know that the Texas ranger. And people's. Find that the gas station attendant who's a gas station very close to the farm and Marshall. The agriculture agent I believe Matt Wallace kill. Bit -- -- -- matching policies description. And ask for directions to the Marshall brain. Just prior to the shooting in fact the Texas Rangers provide competent. And -- you know photograph from from a target. Which is a positive match for Malcolm wallet so. Immediately after Kennedy's assassination. Well it's goes back to where he's working. Defense contractor called chemical. Can -- Obama meaning each Bergen oil billionaire. HD -- also. Texas school book depository building. Three months later three months after Johnson has become pregnant technical -- multimillion dollar defense contract. Connected to the war in Vietnam which I believe is their reward for housing. Wallace and allowing the Texas school book depository to be used. At this stage and say put your fascination. Fascinating. Roger Stone is the author of a book called the man who killed Kennedy the case against LBJ he -- told us. Basically the mode of 04 LBJ not only was -- A battling political gain -- loss at the risk of the Kennedys he was also facing criminal prosecution the crazy is a desperate man in his book. Also about the means he had the CIA organized crime in Texas -- all involved in it Roger this character Jack Ruby. This has always led me to dispute the lone assassin theory defected Jack Ruby. Walked in their broad daylight in plain view of the whole nation on on national television and kills Lee Harvey Oswald to silence him and and I'm not buying a thing -- researcher -- Guy was -- unsavory character that he was out to avenge the death of his president. Out of respect for his wife and all of that in your book you say that there is a connection between Johnson. And ruby and that ruby was not just framed -- threatened and actually that was more to it that explain the connection. With Jack -- I don't agree with you personally Warren -- saying that Jack Ruby had no known associations and -- crime chill. Mean movie is allowed to run his club to suffer and to Carlos Marcelo in the -- He's big he's one guns to Cuba for Carlos Marcelo. He is. Active in crime related activity in Chicago he's a low level but man. Put -- Carlos Marcelo. General peace mob. In Texas. Is great value to the market -- relationships with the Dallas Police Department keynote individual cops he entertained them when they're off duty. He knows many of the police officers when he goes to the station seen moving around station nobody -- Google Jackman -- Jack Jack to attempt. -- and get your card game objector trying to I think Daisuke. A -- so yes he's a low life but to say that his motivation to experience can be Stanley trial -- -- In fact we know. That that Jack Ruby -- video of this shouldn't Shiite -- be being pulled out all the way to corruption in there. And -- reporter -- Jack how could this happen. And ruby says it Adlai Stevenson had been vice president this never would have that. Wouldn't exchange act what do you mean reporters. Look at demand that the top the man who in there now -- -- and to top -- -- Johnson. We also note that. -- in the former president Richard Nixon in 1960 tree in ballots on the day of the track. Considered a political has been considered pretty -- you know political creature. And he. Initially believed to what -- That they will be RP albeit the murderer that the economy -- -- yet Cologne. Back until he sees it will be on national television lol -- all of these. And Gupta is -- current electrical -- being who wouldn't I don't. Turned out in 1947. Congressman Lyndon Johnson. Act congressman Richard Nixon people can't go out seeing here. Two hired Jack Ruby Indonesia will be speaking at an informant on the house un American activities committee. In fact will be introduced to Nixon -- time bye birdie shot as one of John and so you're in indelible link to from Jack Ruby to Lyndon Johnson. I think that link has to do with the course Marcelo. I imagine that junction gang will be placed as a fever to Marcel. Which makes perfect sense. Roger do you think that when these documents whatever they are that -- still sealed and remaining sealed that. Obviously north such a nature that we adult American citizens it would be a threat to national security we will learn a bottom. Finally are gonna be released do you think there's anything in animals. Totally solve this thing for the American public and let the the total truth come out. I don't think they'll stop it I think they're gonna tell us more first vote think about that promote extinction also straightforward if you get -- school was not a Communist acted alone widener need to classify any exactly. Well there's no reason class by any documents and secondarily in the last. Been making 96 and that you fascination -- treatment were we trying to -- -- -- for example. The KGB did their own investigation into what is in and the Russian where interest -- -- -- conduct them. They did -- -- its investigation. Big effect recently begun and it. We we -- -- they Jackie Kennedy went to French intelligence and ask them to conduct investigation and children's. They did the same they published didn't credits. They concluded -- Lyndon Johnson was so -- We know -- for example it. Two -- the FBI GAAP instructing that George Bush in the CIA. He briefed on the Kennedy assassination. But George Bush says in his confirmation hearing the director of the CIA in nineteen chip and I -- never worked for the CC IA creepiest. And -- I think perjured himself. So we find out all kind of interest -- nugget -- we ever going to know actual -- I expect the further we get away. In terms of -- harder yet but. Crude has no agenda the American people deserve the truth. A government that lied to about being -- you'll like you about health care like about murder repression. Government lives I think that's really the underlying question here. Roger I think back in 1963. To find out that our government was behind this assassination. Probably would have been much for the nation handle but now as you mentioned Ben Ghazi we've seen how corrupt government can be. How the American public has been lied to with the Cold War being oval what other. Threat could there possibly -- -- that would cause a national security to be compromised by releasing these documents I don't see it. I don't hear what it would do it which only the memory of some people who were involved but -- for example Alan Dulles. Former CIA director who -- to the point is to be Warren commission Kennedy catering and -- -- Can he fired CIA director. If he was directing that cover up you know we might find that out -- Q what -- he was the only member machine didn't have open job. But the role of civil injunctions civil of the government. The truth about all right so that we could learn more I'd like to -- more I called document should be declassified now. I eighty -- change in point the -- Nixon Watergate tapes. Three weeks ago pleaded no -- in a press release that the government has now. Transcribed and released all of the first colors and understood and that's great except we go to the tapes that day. Any reference to the -- it takes any reference to the Kennedy assassination and any reference CIA. Is redacted. For national security purposes. So coverup continues even today. Down amazing Roger thank you so much for being with this and not congratulations on this great Brooke there's a lot of documentation. And you've been demography is on beyond reproach and as anybody disputes any of the decently. I'll let them -- aware of the information can be verified tell us how the you can get the book where isn't paying off and I'm sure. It's on Amazon.com we'll probably be the easiest way. Sure he Amazon.com. You can go to arms in noble dot com you can go to LBJ chill -- JFK. Kyra the name of the book is the man who killed Kennedy. The case against LBJ many many. Very good Roger thank you again for tickets in -- -- we appreciate. -- Roger Stone and author of the man who killed Kennedy the case against LBJ. And now phone lines are open what do you think was it LBJ was someone else and not our priority opinion poll question or asking you cast your vote do you believe the Warren commission's. Version of the JFK assassination. That Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone simple yes and no.