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11-22 11:10am Don Dubuc, St. Tammany Parish update

Nov 22, 2013|

Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President, gives her monthly update on the parish and answers your questions.

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-- to -- -- thank you for tuning in I'm filling in for Garland Robinette -- back with you on Monday. And wanna thank all of those -- view for -- text and comments about our interview with Rogers stone. You know I'm not totally convinced that LBJ was behind it and I think it certainly probably the most plausible explanation for the assassination conspiracy which I believe there was a conspiracy. Exactly who was behind it and how was devised than carried out. That still kind of Fuzzy and remains to be seen but certainly. In order to protected and covered up and not revealed document she would think that the highest level would have to be whether corruption. Lies and I think a lot of you agree with that thanks all of those -- you cast your vote -- not -- opinion poll question. Do you believe the Warren commission mean they've basically said it was Lee Harvey Oswald did an all zone. 86% of you are not buying and I think that's pretty close to what the American public feels bond at this stage. Hopefully we will get more information on when those documents would ever is in them that threatens national security is revealed according to. Sources say that about 2017 and should be out on May be little finally get the truth. About the JFK assassination at the American public truly does ours. I wanna remind you our wanna put money in your pocket just in time for the holidays it's possible as Donald Lindsay she's a winner right here from greater New Orleans. And is the final day today on WW -- the you're gonna have four chances to win a thousand dollars. Every week day today being the last day of the week you know 1000 dollar holiday cash contest. If you've been listening WW all this -- grip for the top of the hour news at eight new three and six you've been hearing the code words. You enter that code -- at WWO dot com slash cache or click on the contest Lincoln WW all dot com. And it's just as easy to Enron your Smartphone or tablet or -- -- office computer or surfing at home. You can win anywhere every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide. -- a thousand dollars each good luck and remember the times to listen right before the top our news at noon three and 6 PM on WW well. I will be joined shortly by parish president of saint Tammany -- wrist as he does this once a month. Gonna talk about the opening of the fishing pier in saint Tammany very popular topic. Also a new employee task force one a novel idea that is involving employees actually doing the work to improve parish policies in the operations. And we'll also update that saga on the coroner's office. And some new business developments in expenses -- saint Tammany and of course your questions and comments call if you have a question or comment for saint Tammany parish president pad press there. Or you could simply text me your question or comment and 87870. And now -- relaying that to her. That's -- joins us now pat thanks for being with us on this Friday morning we appreciated. Get more in our American right I understand everyone accredited. Well that is the way of the government. Utter the probably the most popular topic on this program since we've done and has been the fishing -- Understandably so and you know -- will finally getting close to the reopening its going to be shortly after the first of the year -- so. Tell us where we are on that is under a lot of -- wants the chance. Church we do you have that the opening planned for January 11. That there ribbon cutting. 10 o'clock that morning. And we're finishing up the electrical. Utilities and the punch list right now will be going on through December. And while. January might not be the ideal time it may be told maybe her an -- you know whether. We will have another rededication and today. And we'll have a big K cup. At that time with the kids fishing tournament then rod real getaway in expert anglers. Maybe -- -- they -- well I'll guarantee you hull doesn't -- that we we open it in January in and then and and may be it will be kickoff. That. We then that is that's exciting to us because having people do ask us about it but after that we have funding now for face to. And that that is I don't know if you recall when you've been updated there's been big GA chain link pay -- -- and panting type gate. That cut off half the twin -- that we own. Because we couldn't go further than that because as a safety issues and we didn't need to -- some construction out there. We have that funding in place and will be going all the way to end that are paid to do and it's gonna take this. You know another year maybe that -- that they want will be open that -- will be working on pace to get the entire thing open to. We'll have crossovers and restrooms and corporate pavilions so lighting and bitches. So it's going to be wonderful to me all over half mile. And it's fantastic and of course that is not only for the people Santana to enjoy we invite people. -- come from all the parishes a lot of people come from Mississippi decision and it's going to be a wonderful. Grand reopening and we'll look for the ribbon cutting on January 11. And then the rededication coming up in May have 2014 for those not familiar with the it's right there at the foot of the North Shore where I ten lands from the wall and on to saint Tammany parish. -- -- something else I noticed on this new employee task force one novel idea how to get to employ people who would doing the job involved. In putting in improvements to policies in the every day operations cool. Better to know I think that's a great -- and tell us more about how it's well. We're excited we're excited about it we actually had an email from another parish president that read about it and I got the email this morning wanted to -- How -- letting it happen and what the scope is because the planet like such a great idea and your right to the people that work with this every day. Note to hang ups know who the road blocks and has cleared the bottlenecks are so. We're working -- that people but now our directors. Particularly. How how the process C should work smoother. So when we get to come a complaint to. From either a council -- are us citizens that pay it took me so much longer -- To do this initiative have our what's the issue with this. Then we want to know that because -- like that they were process that will. Make that more a patient. And quicker but but get it right so -- it it was an idea that came from our retreat we took a one day. -- slight retreat but all of our directors. And this is one of the ideas that came out that retreat I think it's a fantastic and so I'll all of the credit to our employees that came up with the idea. That is a very good idea might let's move onto a cart is -- -- we went to a horrible experience with the car and it was very costly to the people saint Tammany parish. We do have a new higher now in August safeguards in place to prevent what happened previously from happening again. There are we do have an -- coroner doctor Amanda and he will be there until April 5 election for a new elected coroner. He will not he has that he will not be running for that position. Permanent position Houston temporarily. That safeguards that are in place now are com. Allowed through act 181 which -- legislature passed this year. And it allows -- to -- oversight to -- corners financial. Dealing. That we had once and then it was taken away so we have that back bench. We. In Andy. -- one name -- it also get a sense the authority to look at all contracts. That are signed. All hires that are done. Before they're done so we know what's going on before it happens not just after it happened and we're getting nothing but cooperation from. Employees who have been working there all along just trying to do their jobs can't -- an good job so we're getting corporation ma'am -- -- -- Nevada and we're all working together now to right the ship. And we have done to aid funding this fund sources secured. With their home parish finance and administration having. I'm home signature authority over those accounts so I think we we have everything in place that we need we just well stayed. Vigilant. And make sure that now work. I'm glad we can finally put that behind us and move on to other things that does need attention they. And there all this can work better -- now they can go on and do what they say. Are higher ticket and and -- Tammany. Salute. I was speaking about done developments and expansions you know we we hear a lot of gloom and doom across the nation economies down high unemployment figures. Saint Tammany parish seems to be -- we have got a lot of developments and experience has taken place in saint Tammany like details about -- We do it we've been there fortunately we rode out the hard times like everyone else in this country has been as quiet badly but. I think people are discovering who we are -- we have to offer our quality of life and our workforce are counting all the things our transportation infrastructure although things are coming together in the word getting out we we. Have. The just. The number of several numbers. New companies coming in new corporation. And some of our existing companies and corporations that are expanding. So -- very excited about that we had down. Company and it's coming back to Louisiana. After Katrina they left they had believed they were destroyed in Katrina and we're. Welcoming them back and their growing also that you -- C. And now we're excited about -- -- back the summit pretty much happen that are in Slidell. Is going so well -- they're getting more and more tenants. Kind of then -- out there excited we're excited about that. And north park which is -- 19 -- and -- Covington. It has been such a beautiful well established. Corporate park and then residential behind that -- that their second place is going forward now and then Obama's double the size. That term that'll happen for our business. And then copper steel marketplace which is out of -- 77 and tonight side. -- there's a grocery store going to be update now that's what your basement thing you know we really need to purchased or I usually don't have come from all -- That that's going border between Atlanta and started working on that. Then hopefully everyone get a chance to see me they announced that are the blessing of the road -- would just couldn't -- holy trinity Catholic Church. You're doing today cemetery in assisted living center and it stood near lake -- hospital they're they -- way. So we're -- it's a beautiful beautiful bomb project and we're so excited about their coming. And then we have another business park that we haven't an 88 about a 161 makers coming home on line. So all of those good things happening and more will have more announcements in the next couple weeks. All of that is. Great news but this one caveat though losing infrastructure in place to be able -- additional traffic because a Marty gets some text that is starting to come asking. It's about it. Sure and in the end that's what we try to do try to stay ahead of it as much as the camps there's a lot of work going on on how it won nineteen. I'm boat and man about going toward Covington all the planes are are are being -- which one of our biggest problems is on the interstate. Brought it to 19 he. Overpass and highway 21. It is getting they're getting traffic -- there and in the afternoon and and morning. We have been talking with DO TD and a are looking at. And you know they have been working on the interstate from Baton Rouge and from Slidell. In both those ends and they had planned to meet here in the middle we're kind of in the middle widening and improving goes to access rights. What what day are looking at now is maybe. Starting where we are now going out either way because that's where the congestion at that time they see that so we're talking with them market with them on a regular basis so. We we will. Have some work there and but and I know people that are dropping around probably are. And a lot of traffic in a lot of his due to the construction that we are doing. I tablet talk that that Bristol saint Tammany parish presidents to -- tam an hour before we get to the text and the calls and on news break the last thing I'd like you to talk about. Is this proposed dam presentation by rank in times. Mississippi the -- flood drainage control district I remember back in the eighties it was a battle over east pearl river water. They wanted to divert the flaws east -- to create some waterfront property for Mississippi them. What that would do would basically dry up the east prolong Louisiana side now think they've kind of finally decided that there will not gonna go on proceed with that what is a stamp presentation all. Well they've they've come back again -- another. Presentation that they want to do. And basically it -- build another day of public. And for the same reasons and to what we're saying is that's wonderful for you but how does that attacked -- we we wanted to see. The effects -- what I hear the the data problem -- consultants from hours. Our consultants also don't look at it went all the data and what it will do it because we certainly certainly would do what I do any thing that would. That downstream. From there that would effectively anyway -- -- -- but we have to. We have to make sure that we look at that every day in protect them all those sensitive areas and we are doing that. We also are content to the corps of engineers to will. Be the deciding factor in and whether or not this can go forward. And they have said that. Nothing local Ford expects upstream or downstream in a negative light so we. We have thumb talk with David bidders office and the -- and it went out to make sure. That we -- represented in this and we know everything that's happening and they cannot damage what we are here. This is an issue I think the public really needs to get involved in -- they find out more about it. Will put them good information on our web site but that -- -- -- the first meeting was this week. They came down and gave a presentation a lot of information was given. But we will we will put a web site. A link there and any information. That we get together but if they want to look at it. From the Mississippi point of view it's the Rankin -- in K Diane dash time. Pearl river blood in drainage control district. And I'm sure they'll be some public hearings and yeah it further and let the people know about that those of you a regular listeners know on -- -- usually the last Friday of each month we dedicate one hour to saint Tammany parish of saint Tammany parish president had -- is kind enough. And generous enough to give up stone for time to answer your questions and comments and give a report on happenings for those of you who. Live work and play in saint Tammany of course next Friday being kind of a holiday sandwiched in between Thanksgiving and the weekend. We chose to do that this Friday and I want to thank all of those of you who were texting in your messages and pat I hope you have your. Department of roads and bridges hard hat on -- -- -- because there's a ton of -- before we get to go let's go up to Anthony he's an old and on. Listening to us in Slidell Anthony thank you for your patience your -- with parish president Sampras. I -- from a group that are. What they are. -- over a lot of more flood protection and the cultural order a prediction is that a lot more border would be sent towards. Local or Fargo and or attempted terror. Our work on the board plans for a little while ago -- our victims are in the where that chair well. That -- 22 -- answer let me tell you first -- the court did daddy after those. Projects were open and on the South Shore but they only did a study of proportionately. Affects. It has on the board shorts. We have asked them and they are going back to include all. They structures that have been put up on the South Shore and the total effect it has on us. So that will be an answer on what effect it's having. And that means a lot just because they're -- go to article or two to whomever and Satan you may Yukon Pacific now we have to pick it. Secondly we're containing what are raining heavy around Slidell and no that's only a portion Slidell. But down. In the pudding without the did that thing that's going to help -- post player that really. The only thing that. I think could totally. Eliminate. The flooding would be the barrier into -- and -- And we -- that every day everyday we talk about it and there is an expanded. The study that they are looking at now what they're responding that's been made available. It -- through CP IRA. Yeah I think that's right initial. To -- to look at that that I began with with more current information more current data. -- more current technology and they've come up. -- a way to do that. It is our master plan that they master plan to have that -- Part of our plant protection. Area its way to on the list but we're hoping that this that this new additional. Information that we might can I haven't moved up that is the ultimate answer. But in the meantime we're doing everything we can to do. The Lebanese are pumps are however we can do that and that on knowingly doing. And detention pond which helps. While that doesn't. Preclude. The tidal surge from coming and it doesn't help -- get rid of some of the water that Terry they're eight and in case of the storms so. We did several things at once that would work on this every day. Okay thank you for the call Anthony. Opt -- I'm gonna move on to the text message board -- a lot of them have to do with traffic on but here's one here that's pretty interesting it says. Please ask his wrist is there any plans for the old gas station on how -- eleven just south of my twelfth. Is falling apart and is an eyesore this is brings up the question you know obviously the parish can't be responsible for private property. But is there are some things at the parish can do to encourage. New industry to come in north whoever the owner of the property is to take care. There is and unfortunately. It takes a lot more time than any of us want to get that done Burnett who wanted to profit property rights to. The we have to go to legal process -- -- -- to get things done on that. We are. Going to be meeting with our legislators we were. Forming a plan right now much to ask them if they if there's any type of legislation that might could shorten that time. The grandstands and I think they're that good this year and I have talked about it and those. Properties that are not menus and dilapidated and blighted. And they they contribute to crime. That's where people go and hide it's so we're we're looking at it from a point of view quick to get our legislators to it to look at that and if there is crime going on and in this specific. Blighted. Property is this someone we can move that process faster because believe me we want it out of there it's as quickly gaining but that's spot. Specifically. There there are discussions going on and I believe that you can see some changes in -- medical -- Here's one that says to ask you about the around about a 1077 and 1085 this -- come up before I think is even more important now look as you mentioned. Al got a couple of new this is coming up there in the marketplace and Ralph small grocery store. It is it is realizing that literature and now. It is. I believe. That last I heard from mistakenly and we can't we work with state those are two state -- They have. Make promises they've not been able to keep the casket -- yet but come right now we are so that that. I may of next year that will be here that that will be going up for works out. In that you know construction will start by next year we -- told now -- and it was supposed to been done by the summer. And -- by a sentence is. We would like them quicker and we work but the state and how with them regularly I'm trying to get that to happen. All right we got a more questions about 19 in 59 now widening as some roads also. The Vodafone live bridge the one way it goes from two lanes to one over Covington and and also demanded Ohio wayward maybe being done -- nine on 22 and -- and -- -- telling you 90% of these text and I'm done in all deal with traffic and it's not such a bad thing because I certainly would rather be addressing traffic problems with you instead of a plethora of murders and armed robberies and drug dealings in following a confront corruption trial have you and you cronies. That's where I'm glad trash like reptiles. Traffic problems -- the -- we've got but they are serious and I'm gonna jump on one here because this one. I'm sure a lot of people talked to a lot of people to your constituents that are aware this and you probably aren't too. But there complaints about the it out really directly says it is utterly ridiculous that I sit in eleven minutes of -- because of the church on highway 59. And I am also had to wait on the side of the interstate because in -- state right was backed up. From the police holding traffic for the church. Directory now we're talking about church of the king it's on the service road of I twelve. And highway 159 it is the result of poor poor planning. To allow development of that size to not have direct access into road so consequently they hire special patrols to come out there and black the traffic up. On the highway 59 and also -- -- twellman and all that traffic come out of that service wrote. For planning how -- we avoid that from happening in Israel they can be done about that situation because it it is. -- -- Actually yeah they do access -- -- united -- accessed a -- troops but that does not latest problem there and areas. That they are trying to alleviate the problem by getting police officers out there to direct the traffic. And week week. Have seeing the weight also -- -- -- in the weight often times. We will work with them and and the opposite is there to make sure that. We're not. Endangering people on interstate by not letting them off. That's one of the issues that we believe I have talked about that they did come out onto highway 59. And it just happened to be close to. The interstate. There and it the access road I think is what. Yeah it's a service road and in a service -- come onto 59. But you know I don't know maybe a suggestion -- that police detail that may be the people coming out of there. I may have to maybe win a little bit longer -- there are a lot of traffic get off the in mystic is I've seen it backed them on in the industry. To allow those traffic go which doesn't seem to be quiet Sammy. To come on it's just a matter right balancing its. Timing yes and and we certainly certainly well well. Top with a again about about that issue because we've we wanted to basic. All right let's say we got some more a lot more here receives this 12 of them in fact same thing. Traffic problem clay and hill you know they -- that goes over goes into lanes to one economy backs up there and again that's a state highways only working with a state. We are we are and we do have -- it and and and are scheduled to replace that that bridge. It'd. It's quite expensive it's a matter of getting. The money together but is being and it's -- -- stage zero which is looking at it and planning and designing it. On how it is to get that a process and we know that that's a bottleneck there we have we have built is our expanded its main -- as possible. On the valve that that bridge and an art we're getting ready to open another plane on the north which we hope will lead to some. Of the traffic but. It bridges and major. Major cost to change in the states has not to. Around the money yet that we are working with them and we're going forward with some design and planning just be ready we we will be. Continue looking for that can we know it's a big bottleneck. Okay just to take a break from all these traffic questions out there is one consensus is there a department of saint Tammany. That assists businesses and locating and permitting a marine business already businessmen. Is -- some assistance from saint Tammany parish. Absolutely. -- we have development department. You can call with any questions. What you need or you can comment. Is he can command and sit with them everyone is and that kind department permitting. Planning that the via. So. When someone is ready to to bring does NASCAR. They can come in and sit and inspected director of that that development department that they thought man. And he has a great step but -- that will be happening help if we also have an economic development of director. John Shea if you need more help -- just if you already have your years stayed -- nowhere you wanna go in and all that. Then going to. Date development department is -- again if you. Are just looking to come here and wanna know what's available in -- and on Shea our economic development director can help put that to which. We have both the we have I think it everything you might need so patient getting it to the right department and we can do that if you just collar -- met our main number. Which is 898102700. Saint Tammany parish president Fabrice is -- and that is the way these tech should go one comes and say why it was around about decision made over red light that bootleg road. And that jumped on me when ago as unfunded bootleg road and whenever that no one was the other one said. And I paraphrase in this Texan about a month ago and I was complaining about the round abound on. Com highway 434. Since that time I've changed my mind I like it it's -- It even less the police give us about where they can hide and give tickets so who knows that. So anyway I they're gonna -- -- -- it -- the other. We're out of time I don't know whether -- went to Augusta -- government also be closing down next week of Thanksgiving. You know just just Thursday and Friday isn't brilliant idea but it will be here the rest of the week -- But they did you know all the all the questions that are left over that we can get them through our our web site and you know in -- -- ever wanna. -- that's ask -- as TP just go down -- look forward to our next visit union family have a very happy thanks you -- bank of India here is Erica thank you and right now -- a 1000 dollar holiday -- contest called word this hour term TE RM enter that code word at WWL dot com slash cash. Or click on the contests like on our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide and is just as simple. To enrich your office computer surfing and homer on his Smartphone tablet you can win anywhere -- listened to the next code word right before the top our news at 3 PM. Good luck from Smart radio intercom and WW well coming up next freshwater diversions and Saint Bernard.