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11-22 1:10pm Angela, NOFD Calendar

Nov 22, 2013|

OPEN MIC—with everyday heroes…3 firefighters from the New Orleans Fire Department. Angela previews their hot, new calendar and gets their unique perspectives on life in New Orleans. Our guests: Captain Lenny Daigle, Earl Munch & Shedrik Smith.

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Happy Friday everyone as always we start our show with an open Mike a chance to get to know people better. And let me tell you today is very special because we are talking hot hot hot in the studio. I'm not talking Peter Heidi I'm talking about three spectacular. New Orleans firefighters. I keep saying hot hot hot straight from the pages of their new firefighters. Calendar. We have a lot to talk about and to look at you know every cell of my being is finding don't be sexist Angel. But if everybody at home could see what one I'm looking -- and two could get a look at this calendar which may be the best twenty dollars anybody expands. They would understand it's okay to be sexist or second UVs bodies are magnificent. I mean they really are spectacular. From an artistic standpoint. From a woman looking in a man's standpoint. You've done something beautiful. And so I welcome all of you and let's start let's first talk about the counter let's talk about how did you we'll get selected. Well it was a process where you were asked to submit your picture. This is six year of the project. And you would submit a picture for an evaluation. And they are looking for guys who obviously in shape and also but also have a personality. And arm are gonna wanna be part of this project not just in the the taken the picture but also in raising money for a great cause for so -- -- submitted and an evaluation was done and we were -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the to consult me. I was so embarrassed that somebody else -- it. So lodges that the Cameron. On the top of Barbeque pit in the backyard and that I don't know about that that's that's as well that's a story and it's the software that. In them. Called the silky -- -- -- so I kind of have some already -- -- several occasions opponents already. You already know again the photography. Really is magnificent and and that matters an accountant. But it's the bodies. And I can see a little personality and everything. If we're looking at the face. Short each each guy if that's the great thing is the fire departments made up of each one's an individual working as a team and that's that this calendar as we individuals who want our own work hard work on our bodies and work hard. On to be fit to do the job and her own health. We can together with this project on as a team as we do it -- far and every day at work too. Raise money for a great call ups and it is it's the team effort. It is a team effort let's talk about. What did your families think when you said gee I got picked for mr. June. They were left and I'm -- -- I mean the they support me and that they want me to -- it -- -- they can live event from what I'm glad to communicate Molson. Brand in the in parity bill Austin's. Make me look good -- and I was surprised muscle. And -- -- a great he I look also tell us what you. -- -- You have a wife you have a new baby yes. And -- -- 02 years old and does take a daddy of -- and yeah I says I can't do that. And then hey I need to change your diaper come over here can't do that. This is great but what did you like. Com how much panic -- me aware of little -- -- -- until I was gonna send the picture. Good she's really supportive. And down it's you know she thought it was fine does not picky she ended up and join -- use them excited about. Absolutely. If I would I would be given on -- Christmas presents are really -- I think it's a great Christmas present all right. Honestly -- immigrant talk honestly all for the next hour. There is something about -- And I said this for decades this is not just with you but for decades I really believe one. Either in another life I was a fireman or two I was married to a fine. Is -- always have this fascination. And I don't think I'm alone and I think a lot of women look at firemen and your heroes you run into the fire. There's just manly man can but personality. Do you think that women look at you sort of -- -- -- I think I think they expect those certain thing if your firemen you're not gonna go. Order apple Feeney from -- you can -- I mean you'd just you know they they expected to become mentally. Was that part of the appeal of the job. I like the job because. I don't like sitting in the office. Just I didn't a large portion my life I couldn't stand on wore on I love my job now of wake up every morning and -- like helping people and you know common sense goes a long way in its field. And you don't have to necessarily be active with the books but if you got some common sense -- a major reforms. -- earlier with the one who says that you were a late bloomer. Cook because this is sort of your life together a little later yeah -- I've had about 29. I was -- and this tiny little blow. -- nor can go and down east working Telekom and Telecom business Scotland boss because of voice over IP. Took over slope you know telephone guys lost their job and I was cut grass for somebody else not make a whole lot of money. And logistical grounds that. Man that put them on thirty are really got to have something goal and hit noted that for the -- -- out all Owens both the beer. So law and just kind of got serious cup party in so much and in workflow -- -- -- little bit harder gun almost four and you've been there how long a bit long I've been on a fire department since 2010. And actually. It is is the best thing ever. And from the annual submit your -- and in my life before that okay she's a nurse. They also got some people won't nurses and farm and yeah sure exactly how yeah. Think most firemen are a lot of our large portion of quality thirty about the 40%. You have a wife -- girlfriend foreigners. You know it's shift work sometimes yeah and it's who you meet and it's it's your world. Cedric and I always ask people please send me. Think you wanna talk about the does this is an open Mike this is about you always do that. Couple of you were a little late not centric he was right on time and this is what he said here five bullet points. -- -- -- Fire fired equipment annual guns and hoses basketball game between and a PD and fire department and she deter. Him so Cedric let's talk. But she editor. Actually became farming for the rehearse it that's their legs firemen. I saw those. So there was in this news it was a move in an interview with -- with the firemen. And she's like Lucy slowing down -- in the count that yeah there's you might see me back so that's why don't initially called. Not yet -- waiting -- -- and help out here and let me today she is a wonderful human things that she is gorgeous she's a wonderful human being and I have to tell you that. Are you interested that she's a wonderful human and use them there -- -- do you -- being. You know I'm sorry that she does not with -- and into that I -- when I read. The stuff our our equipment and she that your group OK so you've been firefighter how loss excuse six years. This is -- very good all right you you have some children. That's the three beautiful boy is that with its annual. Five you'll in nine Euro but if you don't you and your two year old is today little boy yeah boy and you. Our single father I marvel at a 1616 year old daughter -- sixteen year old daughter named -- and she's incredible young lady. And probably if everything I've done in my life benefits. The most are satisfied and without a doubt it's even if you go through her adolescence. Yes -- that that's probably the more difficult of those reports. But -- in a partisan thing and everybody out there is that if you can be one thing -- might be a great. That. Okay that is a beautiful thing -- -- such a lucky day for me. Believe me this is the perfect way to wrap -- a week. Three incredible firefighters with the captain -- dingle firefighter Earl munch and firefighter Cedric Smith. And they are all in this magnificent calendar. That is the fireman calendar on telling you it is his top qualities any calendar I've ever seen and the pictures. All -- every month and they keep this for several years it doesn't have to be an accurate. And -- and visually it's magnificent you've done a terrific job and it does raise money we're gonna talk about that in a minute but. This is open -- are likely to ask anything from and I would like to now. And -- all of you have been married and had relationships. About your thoughts on women. Not all of -- There's an article just printed circuit. A little and. I think everybody scared to drop a note of on this -- you know it's slow does have a figure tomorrow. When both I think that would be the correct and I don't think with the pulls me over with Apple's remote with a mean follow home. Little bit what -- -- should deter you know Stephenson -- -- uses the C -- I'm can -- -- what do you think what do you think makes women complicated if you think in fact they are. I think men and women are different sometime in this day and age wind is this a push to. Get rid of the differences -- overlook the differences. On. Those differences on it now and I think that that makes things complicated it's on. And it's a very Smart answer by the way -- -- brought men and women are different. -- I've always sent not one better than the other men are better women are better but they're different absolute yeah thank god. Yes. Yes. I think it's. I think it's hard to be a woman now because. Most of time at least my wife has full time job she properly works more -- me she's donors. Alone if she's wonderful. And but IE. Understand the fact that she works as much as ideal so I do a lot of stuff around now. Washington here is a wash the clothes. I mean I'm gonna get. Fish for Hartford is that the fire -- -- -- you don't -- -- -- -- they're gonna come up you know I do it is good to go out and I don't know -- and not what they're gonna say. Hopefully we'll know it all I do a lot of house work -- That tells -- all I mean I got that you know she's exhausted when she gets home from work worked really hard. But she definitely has tougher job than me ER nurses top job and fire away. Blew it I think a lot of times women. Are expected. To. Work full time schedule in there and come home -- -- -- you know idea of what people have that they should do. Like I just I don't buy it -- at this day and age with but with both. Partners were seen in him that you can be advantage if over at home a wife a couldn't change diapers and she would would that you know -- there's no way felt like that's gonna happen and you got. Put any cool -- This problem I've come this far. From an expert but listen listen and to -- I think that that would be the key is to. Accept new roles for both sexes men and women except the roles were traditionally. Belonged to the other. But at the same time. Enjoy the differences that are there so that's the balance I have I have yet to successfully do that. But beyond I think that if anything you you know my wife. She's she's great -- so much but she loved the fact that she doesn't expect me to do certain things. You're not gonna give me to go to baby shower I'll tell me -- no it's okay it's unisex the guys are joining. You know now I'm not -- baby shower and she's fine with that she you know she doesn't expect me to go do girly things -- Is that sounds bad I'm sorry. Doesn't sound better also a very honest and you all know each other and good for you mean -- when you say you love her I mean that's the bottom line right there and you're trying to help you see that she's worked -- -- Working hard and it is a partnership yeah that is the the rightward and you also take your two year old Everett bike riding 45 minutes everything. -- Just about media is always the weather's nice moment. But you know that's another thing I am always I have him you know -- work 24 on forty now so. Usually two days -- off she's working you know so it's me and him. And -- trying to him outside as much as I can. You know kids need some -- they shouldn't be cooped up inside all -- he also he loves it. Of a lot of times we don't it would go right for half an hour. I'll pull back at the house and when I go to pick him up the seat he'll start Boston's thing you know you know but it's -- great way to get outside and get some exercise with him. And you know but it goes back to the commitment you -- obviously have. In your physical fitness and it's phenomenal bodies and on and say that over and over but it is about physical as you have a very physical job. And so it's you know good for you that kid's going to be firefighter he's going to be pumping iron for. Hopefully smarter than you are I don't know I didn't -- you have these guys and guys that these guys -- and really really good shape. They kind of threw me in the calendar because they wanted somebody more like average work in. And let me tell you wanted to integrate -- mustache and plus there's -- I did have a good month that have a great mustache. But Lenny you have been in the national calendar. I was I had the honor of being chosen for that a couple of years ago and I think what it did was as a great experience. But what he did was it made me realize what a great local project this is. The national thing was great. But here it's such a part of community and when we. Go on different appearances to -- sell the calendar it's so much fun to see different people from each neighborhood come in and enjoy have fun with it. But it is a great local project the national was fantastic in the great experience but this blows it away and I'll say this right now this calendar. Really it blows away any of the previous ones include the national. I'm telling you this is outstanding and not only are women going to enjoy it and clearly just for women but I think it's an inspires America. I really do I mean as Helen our producer kept saying their ripped their recent caught up a -- it's more than that it's -- Or what I'd like to say is I'd like to say that. Being in shape you can start at any age at any age summarize that I worked as a fitness trainer and in the past you can start at any time. Some type of -- and fitness regiment and is gonna benefit you. I turned fifty in May and fitness has been a part of my life for my entire life. And it's not just out of vanity it's out of being able to do would feed job and too long to perform your job well and when I retire. On -- to Lamar retirement. But fan but I out there who's -- might be in the 5067. -- -- I've seen people in an -- who begin doing something anything. I can't recommend it highly enough. You get in shape. And -- Apply for the fire department. I was in horrible shape in mind. And lots more horrible shape oh god yeah did I've got no exercise are all right it was you know -- food and garbage. And on in him when I'll put an application house that I -- to something you know only so I started jogging and -- it. First couple of days was bad. Put you know that won't further and further and and cannot -- right you are in. Eight calendar well I'll I'll I'll thirty pounds last year us on account and I was thirty pounds heavier weight of up to a five. And -- that's my goal to -- good enough shape at least in theory change. I am just having the best -- possibly I've had since I've been -- up close look up. I'm so sorry there are no cameras to show -- smile on my face and the bodies of these men. This calendar were continuing to talk about the fireman calendar and it is for a very good cause let's talk about that real quick. All the money in their twenty dollars each goes for what. What we're we're trying to do it by thermal images for each vehicle -- thermal image or is it if you look at it looks like a cam -- hand held cam corder. But would it does is it picks up heat heat from any source. And where that's going to be the most useful beneficial for firefighters and for the public. Is that when we go to a burning building. -- like in the movies where there's a fire and and -- a lot of fire and a little bit of smoke. When you go to a burn build and -- you can't see past she knows now an even a relatively small far depend on what burning. Produces a lot of smoke with this will do is we can look at the screen have a right up to our face shield. And if somebody's down on the ground because it passed out or because of fire safety classes have taken to have gotten down low with air is going to be relatively clean the longest. We're going to be able spot them where with the make and I we would -- him. And another benefit of it is that it's also great for reducing property loss does what often will go into a building. And we can't find a source of far or there's been a significant far. And this we can look behind walls with that it will show heat any any type of -- -- You know the last night at the end plantation burned many Arabic right and they're saying that that was suspicious. Because there was no gas or electric going to it so you know. And I'm just wondering I'm looking at that piece of equipment and he says roughly 101000 dollars. And if you if every company gets one I mean if every. Truck gets one. You know I wonder if they've had one last night if they could see something. I don't know the details of last night it sounds like it was fairly involved when it com when her into the ground and make it came out. For that it's not going to be as useful as far as -- to help fund a source of fire in general it's much more a book of -- a life safety school. And a preventative tools force preventing any future. Damage to a fire that's already. Happen unless the threaten what is the scariest moment you've had some fine fine. Mean. We hit it was the true little -- notes -- you know. I was -- protect the Expos and Apollo pop Andy at my feet. In -- the solos in almost set the line down and quit. And it's a lot of guys there what. Are killed fighting a fire we do lose it was. Of the line is down in you know it's part area's youth through those who nice manner in many debuted its away from Wheaton. Yeah. It's this game knows those on the bills only or maybe you. Full month's women's. Yeah gosh. Scared and what about you. I had. Was involved in all call wearing head some children trapped. In the home and just when we arrived on the scene at. And found out that yes there were our two children trapped inside. That was scary yes you know just the fact that you knew. For a fact that there was somebody in there and and while we're able to get to -- week yet we war. Oh my gosh -- Monster mile and taken and after 21 years that there is quite a few but on the one that was the scariest was on. Going into -- fast food restaurant -- somebody was stuck in the bathroom. But we really found out was that somebody was in the bathroom having -- -- Who only college that is scary so we went in there and the baby was actually on its way and the young lady said as the ambulance come and I said well -- -- -- is -- but it's showtime now so. That's my scariest was delivered a baby. You didn't deliver it we have that the moment. On tone that. News very very good stay more captain Lanny. Our guest today and I just wanna say. I again even though we're laughing and enjoying this about the calendar in your wonderful bodies which I'm really enjoying. This the respect that people have for firefighters. Is pure. And you were telling me in the first which I think is very important you -- fight fires everyday -- everyday somewhere for a but that your job has expanded so much into the medical and -- so when somebody calls to 911. It goes to you Wallace well. Well we supplement EMS and we've done that for roughly fourteen maybe -- fifteen years. And when there's a miracle medical emergency and I think from a heart attack to a baby being born to two unfortunately gunshots. When EMS is dispatch we are frequently. Dispatched as well and because of -- locations throughout town. We are often the first ones on the scene. And even. Seconds and minutes can save a life. Seconds and minutes and you were saying that -- -- you were on the bridge with -- poor baby who was killed via Syria was unfortunate only god I just. And that's another whole show wolf we'll talk another time. Tell me what is the best part of Europe firefighter day. But we have before launch no. That's an obvious answer is that I think the number one thing is the job the best thing about it. Aside from. Don't think -- significant to help the public by the stop in a fire or saving a life and that's the obvious thing. But it really is a family as a camaraderie among the guys and and both of these guys a nod their heads. There's -- camaraderie. Especially when your house that the guys really GL. That it is your own. Your second family. And Earl was talking earlier about cooking cleaning and all of these shops. Firemen do that every day. When we come -- mansion house that's our house. Because to keep his house we clean it we -- that we anything that you do your house cut grass would cut grass. Anything you do at home to keep your home. Maintain and -- we do with the fire station in its work with those guys. That really makes a special. It is is definitely the guy. I love work with the -- the -- we could be -- -- By law exiles that I work out of -- room small. And we have nine so you guys work and -- all of them also one of the guys Nicholas green he's in the -- would mean we remove friends. Is really like befriending -- he sprints and given all the outside the Jeffs who. Is definitely going. You hang out with them like out on only hang out of firemen who. Also -- because you've got a different sense of humor in it and then you know somebody doing a regular job because you got to deal with something awful. In -- not gonna you'll hop back in the truck and while it yup back and -- you're telling jokes. So you can't have all the different sense of humor and nothing. When you go through stuff together just makes you close. As an and that's upon you it is the humorous not in any way to beat disrespectful on this network is let's put -- it is it is a coping mechanism that really isn't. And probably firemen. And -- I would think policemen and anybody who deals with emergencies like that. Somewhat of a similar -- yeah. A nice idea but also Europe together 24 hours and it 24 hours and your all 48 and all of you have different other jobs. And a money you have you used human hair stylist for much -- on years. I've been I have solace 426. Years he has -- -- Canucks a terrible I don't know I've worked there for 26 years and and some promising that's more dangerous of the two jobs. -- that's -- do you we'll have the job yes. Excellent work with of the five minutes or all of the firemen on the colts are more with -- we move people mean -- removal and they're used to the red ball. They read all movers. That was the Arctic and something like that if you're golden. I'll watch -- now plunged to a largely -- OK okay that's that's all address. That the risk estimation crazies come from the got to get out that I'm happy to come lower courts. I don't know our country Anita brake fluid -- being an ugly word of the class these incidents as his own deal. -- relax a little electric town that amount I can make as much money is my life all her daughter's second job so I'll stay on with the kid and you. Yeah and you never regret those moments in the now. Stay with this we're gonna continue our talk with firefighters the best the best in New Orleans fire departments now has its calendar out you can get it by going on. To FaceBook dot com and go and OFD calendar. Or go to NF. -- RN OFD calendar dot com they're twenty dollars best money could spend. They're going to. Helped raise a lot of money for equipment that is needed important equipment. -- wanna go back to warm wonderful guys and flawless bodies so everything was shot in one day. And nobody -- drink for 24. O'clock in the. Well that is to be ready for foot. Photography like that to have your picture taken for the type of physique photography it's not just stand in front of the camera it's it's really often you see in months of work just to be in shape. But then a lot of extreme diving in and little bit -- -- and a lot of dehydration. Leading up to the issue. Not to shoot that again it was all done and Monday. Were you nervous. Centrist. -- of the with the and in the fourth tour. -- rather bag is different when you see you so from the -- that you sixty so yeah at the previously might resolve difference I didn't. -- I mean and he lives we -- standing in front of the camera and having it it's a funny. Yeah. Yeah I felt like I was in good shape when -- that dome in front of Mara and I got out there on the other guys those like little kids here. -- I'm not sure I was early exit nervously but that's the need -- -- -- -- no no you look great girl and him a nice piece of equipment right there hands yes. Brian Mendelsohn and -- them removed but the speaking Ackerman. Other fire part of the -- got to mention. Mr. February -- jurists. Yes I'm so excited that I got there aren't working with them and thank you so dreamy if that's the right there across the lunch table let me tell you. -- is unbelievable it look at the size it's like the first time I heard The Beatles -- You can -- the -- let those guys who meant. Du'Shon this say as a Shimon is very -- you -- not shy after people like -- where according black dynamite. -- -- you guys have worked at these bodies and you two are to be applauded you really are an an eager to be applauded for what you do every day but definitely. For everything you -- thank you guys you've made my entire Friday good luck with the calendar. -- back we're going to be talking about what's going on but now here's the news.