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11-22 2:10pm Angela, Fun Friday

Nov 22, 2013|

Let’s Have Fun Friday—we talked Race to the Lake for Team Gleason, Fringe Fest, movies and lots more. Angela was joined by Mayor of Kenner Mike Yenni & Dave Poleto; Kristen Evans, Jude Bourque and our resident fun guy Ian Hoch.

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You know at the end of the week you kind of tired. I have to tell you after sitting with those three firefighters science uplifted as I have been a very long time fired up fired up with -- -- like let me know what a should get it. And once I got it. Wonderful wonderful guys who do a great thing for the city silent thank him again. And again it's a wonderful calendar button we will be treasure in that for a lot. You know over here for yes we are because it is Friday and we wanna know everything is going on in this community and wonderful events. Our man in the know. And poked it. Our man in the know and he doesn't know everything he -- also gonna have our movie man Zhu -- Boris. But we're gonna start to -- talking about something near and dear to your heart because I know you're involved in everything it's true but if history. Come hugest fringe festival in New Orleans French festival in 61 this here's my first year working for them and it has been. Such a treat because this is an organization that started at -- the ground floor. And has worked so hard with all volunteer staff over the last six years to make this festival. A huge. Successful. Really important driver. Of the cultural ecosystem in New Orleans and especially as it relates to -- were expecting about. You know -- between 14161000. People come of the festival this year. And in the festival is not in 1 central place now you are not exact let's talk a little about what the French vessel actually is because a lot of people are filled with the terms on it started out in Edinburgh Scotland. In 1947 they had this festival. And you know they -- sort of the offbeat things that weren't going to be popular in the big cities and became this. This driving force for every year everybody would get together in the same place and and they would mean in networking creatures were together. And that model has been copied all over the world Philadelphia new York and Los Angeles Denver and Houston and London Paris and everywhere. And -- six years ago. The new orleans' French vessel came into being and it's it's and it is a multi venue. Festival of and weird wild wonderful offbeat theater performances. Theater singing dancing puppetry magic for less. In harmony groups groups solo shows. I mean it's just and it's a great opportunity for you get out to -- and something you've never seen before. And I understand on Saturday and Sunday they're gonna have a family fest yeah absolutely I mean did the appeal of this is has really gone way beyond just what we you know I would affectionately refer to -- the the theater nerds you know the people go to see everybody's place for everything it's. It really is a great event for the whole community there's a family fringe. From twelve to five on Saturday and Sunday where. You can bring out your kids can bring your grandparents and and have a great time watching all ages material chosen. To a lot of hands on stuff we had a ten different program this vehicle maker land where we've invited makers from all over the city who are. Inventors and sculptors and and robot makers in the common and the so it's all completely free. So if you've got a child. That's that is a creative -- out there is there's -- on the line I think maybe okay. Well I'll just finish that sense if you got a child as a creative type in New -- -- and get some really great free programming for them. Our family fringes are really excellent point -- so wonderful idea and is a wonderful life. You know and it is Kristen on Milan -- -- UTU haul we're super -- are you doing. And being -- a little bit -- Figured I figured that clearly couldn't reach -- size and its uranium sure she's running around trying to make sure all the ducks are lined up. We're not scared are we show must go on. It's. And that are paying a lot tomorrow from outside and certainly some sign on your name brand. With free workshop performance there and make early and actually it patent and things like that answers can be a lot of and the parade and -- image in the 3 PM to mark up. Ahmed immigrant is that the corner at her hand and he completely open a couple of -- You are at and it up again and. That's great Christian you -- the director. -- executive director so you've been working all year to pull this together. Unless you immediately restart in and where it you know it -- It entirely your -- It without screening and more were able. And a out that more were able to pull it not to be here to communicate that a lot of. How many groups are there that are not from the New Orleans area who have come in to perform. About forty plan can't account for sport and it come from from a -- -- -- Straight up the middle we eat and at international performers. A former Montreal power. -- performing group that it's. Had members Mexicali from right on the border. With Mexico. And their action and there are performers. From both sides of the border that we're so -- the Tonga on after the performance from Al. So we're kind of making a name for ourselves here. You know like you know. I -- it. And that -- for being. Britain is acceptable -- -- much and it's gotten a great reputation among the former former lot. -- They. Want me after performing in -- on screen that you know and I'm here -- -- -- which -- -- So an age that that that that's the one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And their -- And the bringing the art here. We I just 7000 years but we are. We are part to the whole community. Has has a tremendous creative vibe so that we bring people in. And we enhance those and get my opportunities who are already here. And then you're now looking at the next generation inviting young kids. For your family fest and averaged just -- to being inspired. Absolutely you know I have such delightful experience that just sit back and and that. Read error free but I think any Howell how much luck getting the -- and how important -- we have our tour going on. Can. It in well. Keep the the art that. And you know any time they put them aren't -- court -- -- damage you know treaty put them in their windows. And any. -- -- -- And work our technical outlook if somebody wanted -- cool. And chip and -- get it up or he would probably anywhere from -- Re up to me. They are they -- -- -- -- and you're going to come to light in the neighborhood collecting the electorate. Aren't sure bet if you do our part to get to pick up. Car -- the like Oakmont. A lot of -- match and going from like the site was not collecting cards and that is that. That Robert. That is so cool. Well look continued success to you -- hope that does not rain at any moment on any of these great performances. And that we will be talking to you next year. And -- and everyone out and going to be a lot of reading and -- and. Thank you Chris and -- see a couple hours. An umbrella. -- -- Just for anybody who is just listening in that last segment ending catch a web site in New Orleans fringe festival all the information could possibly want about it. The schedule the show's social media buying tickets -- and oh fringe dot org and no fringe dot org that's where. That's for all the information that's where you need and if you're curious about. Very very happy for them six years and flourishing. -- quick thing before we go to -- movies something very special tonight at city park it's the on. Celebration -- preview party. And it's 25 years and let me tell you the grandest people have put this together for 25 years. That is tonight to get tickets at the door it is their big fund -- so it does cost money. But they'll get any state money out there remember that this is everything they do is to keep that thing flourishing and then on Sunday at city park. It's going to be a family event and it's five to 8 PM Sunday. Unlimited rides for kids unlimited kids -- it's a very special thing it's going to be. Thirty dollars per person children under two -- free if your friend a city park it's 25 dollars help support city park a jam and our community a lot of you know as a general life. I'm I think I have an idea all my god we love this man yes mr. Jude who is mr. movie that -- nude yes I've been singing that. All morning behind it is -- and I'm sure he's heard a few things like cats real funny URL that you oh yeah I get humbled any harmony next week. Ray -- I love this last hour and so that can you talk with both arms and what did. And I have it written it's going to be my new -- door. Where you complimented could you give that people what you compliment that arm and saying that quotes yet and -- piece of equipment and yes I would love. -- -- you are. Every reason -- the calendar. We're paying. And the end of the French -- on both side of it to promoting that. I so I wouldn't and in that Coca figure to look my -- is an actress. And with their prepare fringe festival on boats -- is that it is also happening and -- What's happening in a big way. I -- I -- -- -- insurance didn't touch with North Korea comfort to and you can go and see some -- okay. Our support don't always a lot of -- -- -- -- -- don't listen listen -- yes. Get out there to read her opening forgery count next Wednesday that. For a pretty exciting movie or something for everybody. -- talked last week and mentioned the -- -- And you excited about that one. Yeah Matthew McConaughey. Vehicle. So it is and it's based on the real life man -- real story. -- -- real life cowboys faithful and described him in the -- and just thought they. CPA looking well. School crowd out in 1980 side that he had a Antarctica -- -- thirty days to. But it -- gonna take that he went out and became political renegade. Barlow. Go out finding were ever in the world they had been. Quote that were helping people. Padilla gave that group them and he would -- compact out. There are different cities that had these groups that people needed to drugs and they were called -- -- club. This movie is about this story there and tell -- about this and well armed Woodward. And that's the cotton is. -- only one of the top Oscar nominees. That are going to be on talk about this year so I'm excited about that it will be great. I think even just the trailers I was yeah as a true national -- and a news -- and in this this -- -- and and she's that he lost fifty pounds to do this wrong. He -- yes tremendous I mean but I think it'll be a very because apparently from the truly see it can have sad moments but it's so funny moments to. But you know what is heard and read about it is that it's a movie about dignity. That kept them. And the resilience of people to keep going and fighting no matter what and -- that different people because. In the sporting world. -- -- have chaired -- people remember him the board and from my so called light weight back -- Yeah mostly it is making -- -- comeback this movie all the law like thirty capital for the movie and it plays its. Transgender. Character who is just blown people also just for the heart and soul. Great character are importantly I think it's going to be. A huge huge impact on important to let -- yet. Now you're number two is the hunger -- -- Venus and. That catch fire that is part two. Our amateur either -- -- part -- I went -- like the time. I'd love to rule that declined to oh absolutely you know there are beaten these. Book animated movies like the vampire books the twilight series. Unlikely that theory -- this line I think makes the -- even better. They have great production value in the senate the content that make. And it's led by an Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. Who plays -- in the speech -- -- -- exactly. And little else. I thought he -- Absolutely can you know that you see here on Letterman the other night you get that. What it's all like irritable bowel syndrome or something -- an -- guys -- you know a classical Jennifer Laura style she goes like she is totally out does resulted goes way into detail about her idea sooners struggled with and -- an. In sales -- charming it is yeah you -- David Letterman bludgeoning tomorrow. And cheaper pricing and and -- one thing about -- I think you can have a long long career. Is that she you know she didn't -- that period. But she's so good the band in the world should have a lot of double think and I'm looking toward -- -- -- could be. The director of this movie is Francis Lawrence no relations. But people may have seen his videos he did. What -- -- Lady Gaga bad romance video. And if you haven't seen -- Angela. You know YouTube later to find video just really out there. And keep doing that kind of vision to this movie so I'm excited about. The way that the movie studios really keeping this. And hearing going. And really fresh. It's going to be -- Another one and is supposed to be fun to is delivering. A tense moment. -- -- he's -- -- you can do nothing wrong. I'm -- that the pressures on the ball. -- on from old school. You decide he can turn it to Mitt. Brad Pitt reference Vietnam -- good -- to be a chance. The politically. Is that our little story where. This another man -- could decide. -- would that work life and everything like at all and he buying out. Cute altered -- -- and 33 children. Because of sperm donation can make twenty years earlier. And you guys. While like hello daddy right on. -- -- It's the type of comedy that she knows is going to be just fine in light movie. The type of comedy and people comment compared to what Adam Sandler has made his career out. Not any. Very very serious just a light on the movies you're looking at bat. That's coming out and starting this stale -- And then on Wednesday. When I couldn't beat those really snuck up a lot of people would do it has this animated feature called fruit that. It is based on not -- Christian Andersen. Story. You know clean. It has harmed. Broadway. Musical voices in but they're just playing characters. And it's being counted as the best thing did he has put out and -- and -- I'm very excited there in other animated. Her. Category that's out there. And touted to be up front runner to the Oscar for. That -- and the immediate future about going to be another Thanksgiving treats cool about. So market try to. -- You are the Thanksgiving treat really mean that you are a joy. We can't thank you enough for gonna look forward. Actually next week we're not going to be here that's right you know. Real quick yeah. The last week and talked about the debt and holiday where it. It's the best forty experience that you couldn't have at the theater and by that I mean -- audience laughed cheered talks to the screen. Well the -- -- there -- so it's it's like it's like being a -- with the real housewives. -- yes. -- that is so -- What a great way to -- about it. That's for them I'll definitely go just on your recommending that they -- ignore -- Thank you so much they do but I we've got movies we've got French best we've got pom wonderful things happening at city park we've also got. A great thing happening with our Louisiana symphony Louisiana. Philharmonic. It is the hundredth anniversary of composer Benjamin Britten and they're going to be three events this week. Tonight super thing -- Hilliard Jackson is going to be the Centennial celebration. Saturday they're going to be at UN hope for chambers series and Sunday at Roussel -- loyal and this is you know the granted musicians we have in this community. But let me tell you it's not all happening just here in New Orleans it's happening in Jefferson Parish. More specifically in -- and we are delighted to have Kenner mayor Mike Jennings and -- plead. Who is going to be the organizer. Of something and you gonna wanna know about that if you heard it here. It is a new signature event race to the lake gentlemen thank you for joining that. I don't know what are we don't. I'm very excited -- this sounds like it's going to be able to tell me where does start. Podium and starts in the last frontier park and it starts at 8 AM. Jamario. Where participants are gonna take that ten K or six point two mile either run or walk. To the finish line in Kenner Louisiana. Right on my part trying at Lake County. And so you're thinking of this is the Jefferson Parish version of the Crescent City classic. But if there is you know that you'd ever want and aspires to be something that's great at Crescent City classic is you know and so. There if we deterrent to an event like that in the next 1015 years. We would be on it really -- at the bit that goal or are certainly western branch beats signature event. -- -- because you know Orleans parish get all sorts of these type of event that we wanted to build up and I belong to that belong to the people. Under -- parish are. Well I'll tell you mayor Yemeni. You've got one phenomenal parking -- and you're part of what a great way to began. Well ill and left and it actually in Jefferson Parish are probably now which it was in Kenner most of my. -- that was elected parish presidents spent a lot of money doing everything they could help develop laughed and your park would we have in Kenner is lake camp. And lake camp as a phenomenal development that we've done over the year field in unclaimed wanna bottoms. That owned by the state that we develop out there for big large festival grounds that the time along with the boat launch and of course the treasure chest casino. And you know when Dave his group came -- about this -- output and support to try to keep it all in Canada because. My goal is trying to attract -- younger generation that we seem to be losing in this whole metropolitan new -- area and try to draw them back. And if you get like this that cater to the that younger generation and we're certainly trying to do everything we can't in -- And welcome to defeat them with open arms because. What a great Rahm being used it that. Everybody's gonna hand like you mentioned laughed and here's the great venues starting in an inning Utley posturing with the great festival out there that it ended off. Is going to be opting more than a lot of these cars are gonna expand what we've been doing a lot of infrastructure improvements in the city of Kenner mainly roadways. Were able to get 27 million dollars -- the path to progress program free money for the city to these -- At portions of it be running on brand new blacktop streets. Without potholes no problem that you may. Haven't areas yeah tall buildings that's going to be dynamite to be wrong to just watch people. Absolutely apple I think I think the golfers that chateau golf and country club we're going to be in for a shock when they see hundreds of broader. Turning off of vintage heading without them charitable ought to make it you'd turn and then heading up north intractable born again tomorrow. It's going to be something they've never seen before and I think I think got so they're not gonna hit gentler broader clear clear the -- are you gonna be running. You know I have a runner but I will not be participating in this race because they like me to speak at the beginning and it like me to speak at the end and we all us. -- Thanksgiving that -- do about tomorrow in south -- that I have to be a part of which would be. In kind of the middle of all this going on so. -- -- -- got to be more places than just one tomorrow but I next year Michael that two run in this race because I do enjoy running and a -- a good portion of weather races. Is where as well I'll start my morning properly running it through the -- it -- state -- well and so but certainly. Certainly like to be a part of it next year they did invite -- right in the pace -- I think unmistakable format is on the back and state. They -- the -- -- have to go to the others that and comeback. Well it sounds like a tremendous event and done and hopefully it will be a beautiful day. And again it starts at 8 AM but if people wanna go they'll get there much earlier to sign up. It's about right and and there we hope that that would do it didn't really unique things that straight game and we're so excited that it Spanish and in -- and Montgomery regular a year by. Not only that it runners and walkers we actually have -- -- connection in scheme that will have a market of five that will be in the back of that pack Whitman -- abused down there were a little parties around you know they're not forgotten their they're gonna have their own tested there will be second line and all the way to the finish on. At that -- that you need that the runners and walkers finish and articles music festival of the best. Is expected gonna have rebirth brass band big Sam's funky nation and spoke -- also have a a family fun zone -- zone it's gonna have rock walk inflatable. You know state spinning off such a great stuff so it's something we want to do you and that you know mayor and it was so on -- make it's something that we are. Something that you know the entire -- it's become -- and cheer cheer them up went across the finish on and enjoy a beautiful. Well enjoy everything and much success to you and I know that the funds that are raised are going to -- -- so we thank both of you for joining us and thank you. And we'll look forward at one next year but again that is tomorrow at 8 AM starting laughing your part. You know something and that is great what. Friday starting today Saturday and Sunday the next round. Starting at 1115 you know audobin park I really love this they have built a new barn for the two elephants. And they're going to do like behind the scenes tours of these no I think it is doing get a posted elephants were well yes you can get a look closer than it does look beyond OK we'll let it this is this is a up close look at the new state of the art living quarters pearl onions and -- that was the two agents Alan and we love them. And it would be great -- to take your kids to it really would be and again it's 1115 Friday Saturday and Sunday. And limited to ten people shot and you don't want absolutely I can pick up the elephants but -- I don't it was a great concept that they are doing that -- negotiate elephants and let me tell you those elephants that. There's a generation of people who know those elephants and I bring the next generous wonderful we have talked about this before but I think it's important. At Xavier University their big fund raisers tonight they'll cause that's right cause -- The Commodores. And both. Wonderful he was on TV the other night he is still color. Absolutely. At mid city theater tonight only redesigning women. I saw that and it is very funny it very very funny -- and John. Let me tell you next weekend's astronaut and beer product. At mid city theater it's going to be. Bree 'cause of view this is -- film loss on his great. Wonderful guy who can sing and play the piano had to venture in hiding in Los not they're doing. A show which if you look music and just want to sit back and relax. It's the music of Leisle Rico's recoup -- OK -- His and all can't stop the world -- at all the roar of the crowd spilled grease paint. You can read my mind my kind of girl candy man two for the road. Anyway these people are terrific and they're putting together -- show it is next November 26 and 27. I believe that this Tuesday and Wednesday yeah that sounds right 8 o'clock at mid city theater. What else do we have yes not to be forgotten also this Wednesday the opening -- Tiffany. Now in this city has arrived. -- Tiffany's is opening act canal place yeah makes this is very very exciting we are wrapping up looking at a wonderful weekend ahead. And I have to say. Do you know the name. -- -- Joan who how I'm just kidding I know you John -- and my mom is really good to me you know she's going to be in town. I'm very excited I know really who won some tickets all isn't that gas fancy none of junk science is in town I like that. And -- also. This is not until December 7 and we're giving everybody a heads up because it's really going to be a new family holiday tradition in the -- And it's about jazz they're going to have this isn't. The lac Petit theatre but -- whole conglomeration of people and it's gonna be about celebrating as. And then to do this every year it's going to be December Saturday December -- that -- being. And it's going to be a lot of -- psychology Jack yes Soledad drastically going to be -- a swinging Christmas at. The square are closing waiting yeah I'm really I'm definitely I know little -- music I love Paula and human league soccer for holiday music's not my policy moves the other element of sinks -- same people that it felt like holiday music go jump in the -- because I'd love it. That's right and it's just sort of nondenominational and it's beautiful counsel and I sing in -- all the time. What do you do and for Thanksgiving I am not -- my stepson is in town going to come to town with his wife and we're going to go to -- lunch marvelous yes simple. And you're going off to the wildly on time on Wednesday I'm gonna spend my Thanksgiving Day on the beach and -- time and Honduras took the trophy threats I feel really blessed -- -- this is I think I lived through you in ya right you have but a few seconds to tell us about. I really want encourage everybody to go see it shows that the new orleans' French -- organ trail is really funny posh and kingdom is having one final performance from the Cripple Creek theatre company this almost a love check out all the details and -- fringe dot org. And then when you come back and a couple of weeks it'll give us a book report on exactly what you did an Arnold Brees and Santana chart have fun.