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11-22 3:10pm Angela, Morten Anderson

Nov 22, 2013|

OPEN BOOK with MORTEN ANDERSEN. He tops the list of all-time favorite Saints…and is now a semifinalist for the NFL Hall of Fame.

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Morten Andersen has been named a semi finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. My question is why did it take so long. He's had a near perfect 25 year career in the NFL setting incredible. NFL records. The most points career. 2544. Most games played. 382. Most consecutive games scored 360. Most field goals 565. Most field goals attempted. 709. And that doesn't count the Pro Bowl records and teen scoring records. To like I said what's taken so long. All we know is that he was beloved in New Orleans for the twelve years he was here and is just -- loved and respected by who -- today. Morton Anderson may have moved to Atlanta New York Kansas City and Minnesota. But he is ours and he always will be. And I -- forever grateful Morton that your joining us for the next hour. It's a pleasant view it and. I tell you I really mean that people -- -- -- is if you never left we know that -- Atlanta -- -- here always. And I have to try to the -- did you watch the game last night. I I did for a -- for the second half oppose those doing a at a roundtable discussion for report charity event for fundraisers. And I didn't get done do get home to about 10 o'clock but I did catch. -- the second half of the games so. Again the right team won. It. That was my name and question. Yeah the right seam line although briefed and had the best this is that the defense took care of business then and did enough -- to win again against -- truly you know. A dismal Atlanta team this year. So so the right Timor on Nintendo. Then moving on to Seattle for the next when hopefully. I I do enjoy -- -- typical game for me to watch because well not a lot and I follow dispute saying number one. The -- out in the open right there and a lot of people say well how could you go to Atlanta out. It was simply a it matter of finding a job when when I was released from the saints and so at Atlanta was the first to -- and and the best one at the time so. Have nothing to do try to get back at the same sort of thing and -- -- -- although at that time at the time it did serve a purpose but. I will always be you know an all in saint. And and that's what lies and and the feeling is mutual about people in the long ones they are resilient. They're passionate. And Dynegy is contagious and you know when I come back to the city it's just it's a beautiful out there for me. Limiting I know that your the semifinalists for the hall of fame and and they're gonna find out. On January 088. That if you're in the next cut but I gotta tell you if you don't make it this year. There's going to be a stampede of food that's. -- -- Will welcome it can and figure out what's going on but you know I think I'm okay with that really Angela I have patience with this I realized that this process is very very tedious and difficult for the voters. There are a lot of guys that are qualified that have been waiting a lot longer than nine -- You have to wait five years. At a minimum before you can even been nominated after you retire so. My first view was last yet made it through to the semifinals last year. My hope is that. Make it to the final fifteen. And I would be very very happy with that this year and then hopefully in the third or fourth year. To get the call that medical jacket Mike -- -- but again it's a very typical. Think -- because if you do it's how you control. Your skin so on the wall you work is done and you just have to trust that the process is -- credit. Will nobody go to war time. That that this isn't just your numbers are breathtaking. -- how many players have played for 25 years. A Georgia Atlanta paper a 26 years he was forty nine when he stood 48 when he stopped I try to come back. At 48 but they're really weren't everybody kind of shook their Internet speak. At that. Not not again Morton we're gonna we're gonna go young and cheapened. It's totally understood that but I did try -- But I also realize what at that stage. Coming back for a 26 here I couldn't prepare the same way because because of some some issues with my knees and you know it takes its total or for that long so I was very happy was to be most difficult. There was typical period. Ultimately it's not about that let's talk about the transition from. I'm 25 years doing something one powerful thing like that with great success in all of a sudden one day you're not. Well like like my therapist told me and I -- I did seek help because. Because I needed I needed just an objective. Side my wife because she she was spot on actually talk about troops. It was just brought my attention it was it was a it was the death of something of public career will. But it didn't mean that. That I couldn't continue being passionate and have lots of it is something else and to use that platform that had been so privileged to have pro football and that's what I've chosen to develop. Took me awhile to figure out you know it kind of walloped in my own little. Selfish world for a little bit and then didn't and I got decent living. That was the best thing I could do and I think a lot of guys struggle that struggle with the lack of structure. You wake up and it's Saturday the day and you don't have the structure of going to work knowing exactly. The season so. Am obligated -- little and so. I created structure -- you know I just created my own miles structure and it's working out really well one. You know I I took the state court I guess yesterday and here. He was saying that. He missed Sunday it. That Sundays if it's part of the you know the camaraderie of the team it's it is the structure but it's also that particular day. And do I used to wake up Sunday morning you know in a full sweat going. I'm late I'm late and my allies were -- on certain yeah it frankly just -- technically been funded and not going. Let's go play with the kids go make me breakfast. Those yeah you know. Levity levity is something we only believe me when we split in this fantasy world for as long as we did so. But I agree with Steve on that Sunday afternoon to three outs when the lights so bright and and you perform at the highest level that not invited there's no adrenaline rush in the world that will replace that. And that is exactly his words there's no adrenaline rush like it. We're talking with Morton Anderson -- -- nominated for second time in the quarterfinals as we say. For the NFL hall of fame and so appropriately. We do wanna find out what you've been doing of late but -- I'm so torn I still wanna hear your thoughts on. On your experiences as a football player the 25 years making more points than anyone. In the history of the game I think of all of the stats that -- the one that sort of takes my breath away. But do you remember -- do you remember every one of those points. I don't but -- -- one distinction I wanna make. Is people say you -- all the recognition it's not quite that ship them. With all the guys that played with. -- travelers holders all the offensive -- special teams coaches so. It's important to note. -- these -- would never happen without. -- should really talented guys that did their job very well. I'm indebted to true but my teammates and I always mindful too. You know focus on that more than. Individual actually it. When you think back on New Year's as a saint. What and I hate to ask what is your favorite moment not I don't know what are some of your favorite moments. Well. On the field that's yeah yeah yeah yeah. Does that mean that there was so many just great moments. The city with the kit digital hospital that that hit home with me that may -- the person and sedate him and that got me. Focused and passionate about philanthropy just like like you luck. And like so many people in the -- and so. But on the field it was a new it's new is the one we made the playoffs. On a -- two win against programs I don't Cambodia. Late -- maybe. And we had to retake it and it was going to be received an awful place when not just a moment actually -- in the course. That was a pretty good party that night. Being in the city and celebrating in and play in the -- unfortunately we didn't go far but we did that -- else. And I think just the -- is also the bum Phillips here is great when I was drafted and I really thought it. I was going to be cut the very first pre season game at a dismal. Pre season and -- Phillips god bless -- was. Was just very patient with me and he brought me along and put them in the gave me time to mature and 83 my second in the lead became much better and some game winners. And those type of and those type of experiences happen to you and you get a lot of confidence and it's believed the ballots that took with me from there on the there's so many great exit sixty are against the bears and 99 in the superdome on Monday night. -- let's -- against the Dallas Cowboys would Tom Landry s.'s last isn't that coach you -- on a 49 yarder there. From the left hashish yet remember all that hash marks and distances of the game one but all the ones I -- but I've chosen to. Delete from the from the -- Let me tell you something very funny about that again talking to Steve court that the other day and he said. All these years later. He says I remember the mistakes. He doesn't remember in almost and a haunting way and and with regret and you know one cannot I was -- cannot live with regrets. But I had been doing summer searched this is so bizarre if you're saying that it was doing some research on and completely different subject this is not bright and you have been interviewed him. And it it happened to -- Thirty years ago the other day that was the Monday night game of the dome against the jets. And I hate to even bring up when you miss that you missed the tying field goal in the Atlanta. Remember the good. Let me tell you don't remember I'm so glad you raised it. Yeah well. You can tell of the mind. The market until about it. Michael felt something did and I I choose to. I just don't choose to focus on the positive that the -- it's it's important to fail in the forms business. That's not what I'm saying very important to fail important failure business if you didn't you wouldn't be our broadcast that you are today. I mean -- -- you know so so we we learn from those things and we try not to make that same mistake again and weak week. Ongoing skill and technique development and we try to become better. You couldn't set a better. You're absolutely correct and I'm so happy to hear that you don't think about that you do remember those. Very special moments again both on and off the field and the relationship she had and you were talking about -- parlance we recently lost. And -- and also Jim -- and Jim Mora was in town recently that he works with channel six sometimes. And yet to do a whole program with him and it was great iconic ketchup and see where he is in his mind right now. If it is metal -- -- -- he would he would stand by the meeting doors when he just came and 85 and he would -- -- just -- looking -- -- and so. He's smelled it and and in great human being a great football coach misunderstood to a certain point I think. Because seek it because. It is classic press conference is that he has so do you he had memorable. To go to what is children that. The playoffs we know -- but -- he says he's passionate about what he did him and he cared. You know that's. And what it -- he made whip Jim fix what Apollo Apollo fourteen. And -- things to me. It was a great sports six sensitive that ever lived I was. It was unbelievable. -- turned adult franchise you know when Tom Benson bought the chain it was just things. It was an eccentric hiring Jim Mora. And then getting the right people see. Added that could yet. And all of that franchise and he took he took it to go to another level that's really one when success started from an essential because it contains. I could not agree with you more on that and I even said to -- more than Jim Mora era. Really showed I think the fan. Myself and others that we could win. I think we always wanted to win and we always believed that all of the sudden it became real we could go to a playoff game and I think that since the total dynamic. Of a four for this the history of the saints in the senate and now look at world. Did it get -- became an event to go to Hussein not that it wasn't before but it became. The in thing to do is to go saints game and the expectations -- that we could when we were competitive with anybody we were. We have an unbelievable defense with a dome patrol we have a quarterback that running game and and we had good special teams that's what we -- that's what we did. Morten Andersen is our very special guest today and done and I really appreciate your candor about when you got out of football that had been you know the dominant thing in your life for joining five years that it is a process to go through when and and passenger were morning. The end of that and I think a lot of people would like to know are you now it's been what you have five or six years or seven years. Are you happy. Yet I am extremely because. And other things that. Selling now I'll never happen. None of those little of what happened I speak. -- -- all pro athletes who never have something that replaces what he had when you played. It was funny when we're one of the excesses of so so the -- -- -- that this is talented and in particular issue invariably have a ceremony that you get. Really. What are a lot of my nephew if we're gonna spin around and you couldn't do so. But besides I'd distill what my issues might put it you know I have an ounce of smelly old two and as the -- you know round. If I ever get the the year ago and they note that this little reminded like an old Circuit Court -- -- -- thoughts. -- well but that the night the other night -- that left me I don't wake up Sunday morning anymore in a panic and a and I am I am happy because I am unable to -- to use is great platform that has been. Opportunity through the -- so in effect on people's lives some. Stability -- large. Well I the company you know -- in port management -- doing international consulting. The event planning. I have executives from Europe coming playing golf. Almost wanted to find a way where -- could play ball and get paid for it I think of combat local and doing that. Yes so that kind of on the for profit side on the nonprofit -- of a couple of -- to -- sport and they isn't. A couple of other courts. And so forth so it keeps me busy travel but just enough to. To you know not too much it would go on my on my schedule and then the nonprofit really. -- my focus has been lately it's Morton Anderson Family Foundation. And people go check it out Morton Anderson dot com it's really -- to look at it and it's a funnel upside lots of -- pictures and memories in them. But. This. The very simple phrase that we were based on this what you people quote what people -- You know it's funny I spent the first fifty years in my life accumulating wealth but it seems like. Now the second part of my in my life it's -- second chapter on giving it away. Itself. -- really cool thing to be able to do Nintendo. The focus of the foundation mr. effect positive change in young people. And also the focus is on military person now and police officers we we do events. How special operations forces and have a big golf tournament of the year. We raised over a 1101000. Dollars last year for the first time. We have to do is -- Yeah it was a big event the US Marine Corps on the issue we have to Navy SEALs last year we had soldiers come and that have come from overseas to Afghanistan. -- -- -- people that mean he's a special operation guys completely different ways without knowing it and but these guys. So you let them win the tournament. It's very much so whatever they wanna do and it. The quiet day yet they're humble that are selfless and these -- not -- you know people talk about sports people being heroes. I just don't buy it the real heroes of these soldiers and take a bullet for us and for freedom. So chosen to spend an Indian space money. For their families and then when they come home we try to help as much as we can kind of like I -- between them. You know the government military and and and the soldier so it's been very credit on. That is stripping annual isn't part of your foundation also concerned with kids and obesity and keeping physically. That's correct you know we we do the Boys and Girls Club we've done camps and a we try to focus with what the president's council on fitness sports and fitness and on this is someway it is an epidemic and it's something you get it you know the the basic program in the NFL is that it's a very effective through there. And it is important get away from the computers in the video games and get out playing. Mean when I don't think yeah yeah yeah pre meeting press. Up to sundown. With Morton Anderson and I really appreciate Sam you've been waiting on the line to the show began you wanted to say something. -- -- Are you have been handled them apart or their promised more that's and we're emotional too when you're an oil and -- a -- -- -- and I know a little -- Not that it got people now. You want what the party are -- and Greg elect Obama saw it was what you're. When people out to dinner and then lightly drag and dropping. And I -- -- but drug drop out back to normal with respect that a lot. It's not -- to the people think they get -- Laporte that's not a outside predicts a record decline. Let's -- could talk you can't get -- -- as more amazing man. Your point Chris. You EEE you've played like 43 years that that would form a good tactic by itself was the percentage over that long. The percentage made over 25 years that's what I was amazed me. Well that was about it more moments and then nine -- 8%. And so. I'll take you know in any business if you baseball. Player if you you can hit the baseball. One out of three time yeah and also you know words. In a kick in the moment and particularly at a have valued -- 88%. Now to the average while -- that was really -- Twenty you know. When instead of group -- back in the seventies. 70% looked good so it's gone up. Exponentially. I think than longer I think he's that you're Terry Anderson has the highest in terms of the percentage -- clinic. Well actually weighed on the list now takes a hundred K. To call -- these guys erupted in the mid eighties now. It's incredible bullet fee for like 25 years ago amortize it over a long period of time that will drop. Okay thank you so much on. Steve. -- -- -- -- -- Well yeah but but Martin currently. I'm headed home all -- -- -- memories. And I thank thank you. Football kicker and at -- It. You very much appreciate your support and you got a pretty good one now down there and he's gone through his it has gone through. If you struggle but he sure that particular that I didn't it looks like he's back on track so happy for him. Yes that's that was wonderful news and I know that I think a morning news called guys called -- announced. There was no doubt he's gonna get that confidence back you know it's that let me ask you than it is it 50% mental and 50% physical. Note I would say it's more 802080. Mental twenty them out to sort of have the skill. Good mechanics. Which is right between the years it's really really is that it can be made or missed before you can go out on the field and down. So it's it's the -- the right to be successful on Sunday and that's what I spend so much time doing is it is. Prepare mentally. Force situations that would defining moments where other people so this got to be a lot of stress and pressure him. Pressure only happens if you skill does not match. The task at hand. So I try to hone my skills that might work mention. Really focus on what it was I was doing and make it as simple as possible and just. Focus on what I control. Much easier said than done but I I hear what you're saying and you know god bless you for that. But just to hear the roar that crowd knowing that at that moment how important -- kick would be. In so many games and you just did it. I've settled. What. I was Maya pregame meal and I heard the -- out schools. Yeah. Yeah I set up the energy because I could I create that. Those might -- -- that's Sunday abstinence group. And he would the people. Feel their energy. If you get -- 5000 people together in a small space. You're bound to feel energy and whether it's good bad. And those moments where and when the game was on the line yet to perform at that you know and and come true for the team. There's this special I was lucky enough to have more than anybody -- -- the game there and dispute. The release everything slows down people talk about being in the zone but you know in the sports business. The ball -- big the goal post looked pretty everything's slowed down and so. He went out in the moment David was slow and it went back to real time afterwards. And -- hot flash came through you and it was like lightning -- -- -- -- This may be the world's fastest hour Morten Andersen knew or not only a phenomenal NFL player. The -- wonderful human being and that's what's come out today and everybody wishes you much success. I appreciate it islamists. A week. We're running short on time what an -- who watch those cities and what and at that you've been to the city and Hewlett partner -- metaphor but you'd like an old -- that it's just perfect. -- I'll take that is a great compliment especially for -- thank you Morten Andersen.