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11-23 10:35am Tiger Tailgating

Nov 23, 2013|

This segment Deke talks to Jeff Palermo (WWL.com columnist & LN Sports Director) about today's LSU game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back out -- -- LSU and -- everything and let the house yet folks on the -- because it's him but who would drop audio can be cold and windy that's go to wielding coveted on my one. We'll thank you for calling WW. -- and today so I'm going to be an exciting game and I'll call them up the point spread because -- Yeah I'm I'm looking at this plot point there was a plot point that they last saw. -- -- -- -- knew -- just Adam. But he can't stop documents on that you'll. And we couldn't couldn't Koppel you know you I'm. And so as a little girl and stop them when we knew about it and you now we supplement. But I understand. Well other -- that we take a challenge at home and an alien amnesty that the the mean it might sneak that LSU defense is that where you want it to be obviously. What made him defense is even worse that they're flat out. And as the get -- -- -- over at the bit if he's there and let them -- a -- to be taken this approach. That they -- more opportunities. You know more possessions that John Ayman al-Qaeda elected Reid's approach but they got -- play man the man. And then they -- -- government Birkhead hang in there and they believe in adult and doesn't hurt over I think he's gonna exploit they're the pit. Though they just flat out. You know bad total -- that they dead last in the SEC and I don't know who you -- theater at the bottom and SEC like Kentucky -- team. Our whoever. Like Tennessee but. Eight and it got the worst defense and not the one thing is. You look at the third oval marked and oh. I wanna see it either two or three in the SEC analogy was like twelve. But that's going to be key it if if LSU I think David you would think it might be plus one. That and that that I made it a point spread but to me whoever is like plus of plus two could be the difference finished -- type game and win. Economist at WWL dot com and always and that was directed at them -- on this Jeff without a great last night. Holy -- Catholic gains Jeff the tigers came -- put it don't abandon last night Andrews. I think Iowa holocaust would really good -- -- quarterly -- Three touchdowns and get ready to hear a lot. About the -- Michael chick that yeah he would he would happily my first chance. Seen him in person -- junior already considered. One of the top prospects in the nation. Alabama LSU obviously all over and so are countless other. Schools but he got decides. It's got the make up. EU would do it and now I'm only crossed defensively it was really really good so. -- -- I like their chances you know get out. They they. The big shot built up against bird I think it helped that back yeah in other Coleman -- got to make a lot trip. I don't cars -- and -- -- you went down to the final was destined to lose this thing because so they'll be -- -- these days -- week. Yes I Alberto earlier this year in part kind of you know running team and I think guess they call it crosses got -- out of line slowdown that bird running game. Yep 8 AM and LA if you just take a stance yet fit in look of them know we breakout game -- Where's this where's this LSU program Sama -- saying over the course of the last two weeks it. I'll always do is we we've fallen several steps behind Alabama Maine and I think sometime this tunnel vision by. You know -- Alabama. Because they are the best team -- -- -- -- team in the conference right now but nation and it you know in the nation where where is this program all are they really -- death in their own division where they are right now. I still think there has -- Mets I'm still wait and see what fact that Spain now would be like once Johnny grant -- lead. You know all burned. Is that just. I mean it's obviously a great run. But you know Florida had a run last year. And look at weren't there. But I deeply Auburn's better than what Florida one under -- in compared rightly so you just can't take. You don't want -- and fail like she you all been at Pella viewed now. Ahead ballots he's program look Tibet since appearing in the -- yet national championship game I think compared to and it is there. A wider different between Alabama and -- you do that one would be being back in the Mercedes-Benz superdome yeah I I would say that. But that doesn't mean that this program if you if you inserts. You know a letter for -- and -- wanna beat. I young cornerbacks they're getting in other -- -- in other brand and air over you know somebody else. Yeah you know we've seen I mean Johnny -- and the EE. Basically turned the program around Cam Newton won these and you know credit program around so. I'll take there's a couple of special player but I ran at the you can take -- -- you'd be -- After having them all eight seasons back great seat and so. He's got a couple big prospects and I think or -- program to. Tibet going in the right direction I think yeah. You know getting the a signed letter of intent from -- Burnett would be the would be the would be right step in that direction attack to occur. Now to have you brought LSU's defense and when I look at this you know where you rank it as the scene actually. Is not as bad as they've -- -- to the reception. You know little beavers they're ranked -- toward important nation. Were you prepared day in and -- dead last in the SEC 1051. Record in the nation. I mean that that that that is like that is pitiful but -- they are opportunistic. I think as they like listening early with three. And as the easiest spores are creating turnover. It took me there isn't that different. When you look at last year you bring a tyrant Matthew. A look at their game and in Oregon now playing in Dallas all the studies trading kernel is making it different and I just look at last night it looked in the past that last year to this year. To meet that that's the key if you look at last season elegy with plus sixteen -- -- -- -- right now they minus four. Now we look at it they have a terrible horrible war all are apparently necessarily. Mean if you look at this season's not over. The last yard had seventeen turnovers. Right now we -- sixteen turnovers that different players. My guess at last year we got 38 at 33 takeaways. This year we only got well. A three day event that that's the difference and I take it away. The ball and it and that's why did the -- of reception David got it good and McCain get people off on you all the field on third down. And they've they've just had some bad man do you know back after Alabama. The second half against Auburn. First half against Mississippi eight. You know -- and move the ball audible economic -- and gave it to give up yardage but gave back to your point on turnovers. They don't get enough about decent pass rush before. -- back in two making mistake about what gone up against. In court -- -- they'll turn the ball over that -- -- and Aaron Murray. And obviously -- care and you know I think when it played -- quarterback -- -- given up -- -- -- Spotlight some ridiculous stat like data Marty you'll be -- -- wanted to incorporate that you know that it played very odds they'll. But there's no lack of -- pass -- that they had been a big issue and and I think a good defensive secondary they have so many of these young guys back there there are more now concerned about. Playing their technique. And they're trying to make sure they're doing everything corrected they're supposed to do. And they're not necessarily think about how to create turnovers or that it is just not advance an opener game yet. The beginning in her -- mr. bean balls away from ball carriers. -- -- Ally. I've -- these -- I said it was and not that great genes so based on and a statement that while a -- Wednesday. -- -- I'll say 4845. Mike McNamee property but it beat you deep dark in the court over or. Yes I -- well I can't thank you much appreciate it all right I that RI and -- LHU and the ambulance WW.

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