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WWL>Topics>>11-23 11:35am Tiger Tailgating

11-23 11:35am Tiger Tailgating

Nov 23, 2013|

This segment Deke & Bobby talk to Mike Scarborough (Publisher and recruiting analyst of TigerBait.com) about todays LSU game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A who's who among the nation's top recruits of course those -- in Louisiana all over the coach rubio camp today. My star Brooke I debate that Thomas Haywood is now Mike immediate BO they're optimistic although Alabama's man at the top offensive lineman at best overall prospect he instantly. In the country immediately LSU can against who say if somebody's not my recruits and get back on the track like it worked eleven. If the right guys equal -- issued February is that the case. Yeah I think so I don't believe it is going to be you know emotionally -- -- would have -- -- to -- -- from now. He'll visit that was you he's been officially this weekend. And that the only other kids did this has an offer in state. The that I think it would be a loss if possibly cheap in Alabama. But she's also recruiting some very good kids that stay put together climb back from Illinois. He's visiting officially this weekend. Enough right -- from the east and west side 86 with seven. Wide receiver. Playing his first year of organized football that which is actually the scholarship. Is that tied in absolutely official visitors and the unofficial visit -- this is staggering. We've got to complete this entire -- dot com and it's. 2014. Commitments. Lots of fourteen prospect that will be that are uncommitted like -- Ornette. To accurately and is committed all the as a wide receiver of course a few years ago. He was these in my opinion of the number of players state Louisiana. It but you know he was an academic -- he's sitting job wide receiver Tony Brown Obama speaking old Gerri -- from car. You know waves from John Mayer whose stock has brought to the root for the running back that was offered a few weeks ago -- -- do we can be from John Curtis. In many others from 20152016. An even course demos from you -- -- -- rouge the 2070 commitment as an athlete. Just look at the list scanning that this probably closed -- Fifty. Visitors will be on the sideline. Later today. Now of Mike Bair Whitney and -- what's your opinion on this and I'm a lot of talk a little bit about the perception. Where -- is at right now. And then you look I guess the proof -- the putting if you -- their rank. Right now and elegy fans get a little ball if not top five. They always -- Ellis unit top -- if not the top twelve with. If you look at elegy for Obama right now. -- few recession that followed out of the group would be -- college of programs but despite its three losses we don't know what's gonna happen today that I think. This game is so important where I think you begin at the nine wins. That in a night looking at the article -- that night went I think that's a good enough season. Considering the strip this sketch and all that though. With the guys that are with the help coach miles is talking about and the reason why of I'm a bring this up is because maybe you could break down but he was trying to say. He doesn't believe that tiger is program going anywhere. But he says that I think is a program that sustains itself yeah -- within that. But he says we're terribly close to being in big gain. Knowledge they gain the national championship I think that's what he's talking about. The personnel within our program and the guys are recruiting and it will be dominant. At dominate football team I don't think any series of game whatever that means -- -- That's only provide you with a comfortable conclusion. Valid in I don't know what the hell with the world he's talking about we talk about being a dominant dominant football team. I mean they all want to be that you truly seeded Dominique. That would be -- lately would be Alabama. So to say where Dominique -- book you I think we have a chance to be a great team. But I don't know what Dominic. Well you know he made a comment in the way -- ticket was in you know we're but he had a different. -- the coloring in order disrupting. His comments but I think it is no immediate comment summon up the open -- to -- an Alabama. I think he just thinks that. There there you know obviously blow up multiple -- Alabama I think he thinks that there. Not far off from you know that game being closer and it being -- -- I would. Think it's. Keep feels it's because of the use obviously losing him and they -- last year. And then what the outcome in he just didn't think it. That that's a sign that the program is is destined to. They'll pack finishes in the league. I think it'd be maybe -- you know. It is wishful thinking but -- Look at today's game is vitally important most yeah most people point 93 got ignited -- -- -- -- loss. Make this game -- must -- in my opinion because. You don't go forward this year. I think you can make a strong case that next year eight forward is the top of the mark. You know. Eight source evidenced by the very real next year and you don't wanna do it two years ago. You look into the team right now at a program that is ultimately. -- -- freshman coming here that you're supposed to begin. And you being tuned -- on that we play a lot of freshman and you eight point seven about next here. Have -- come recruit -- what I -- here noted that it other recruits that and I think Mike is being realistic on or you then yeah tomorrow. Yet fans unrealistic -- camera -- if you look at the latest on the by UB. Go to tiger -- I com we've got a big list posted also confirmed. That those guys actually showed up and -- and is probably good chance to build decent guys that we don't have analysts that this show up. Lots of it in game coverage we have -- -- singles on going during the game and pick out message -- so we're going to be working nonstop for the next. 48 to 72 hours to reach all these recruits that the games with. Mike will be puppet theater in the post game your battles all the locker will pull it should be entertaining tonight after the game. Look at portrait thank god I thank you very much welcome back to get off -- report of what's going on in his state of Louisiana. Counted out LSU they had him right here on WW.

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