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11-23 12:20pm Tiger Tailgating - Bryan Lazare (LSU)

Nov 23, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert talk LSU Tiger football with Bryan Lazare, Senior writer for TigerBait.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senior writer of -- debate back how violent yards on just now -- to go back to the are beginning of the season and the consensus was Las Vegas mini city over unknown LSU would be ignited three and out regardless of how disappointed people who maybe aren't. I know what has -- has not happen. LSU still got there are both try to impart on the Prius that a three regular season. Right B you know I think most people started the year -- -- you know eight and four could be below and I'm pretty -- but most people thought. All the breaks went their way possibly can and do well there in time. So one game right now which. People we're not anticipating -- you go to -- met at Ellis who won it in the -- right here you know wait until right where most people thought well they locked in. But now he could be -- Arkansas on Roddy -- get that nine win regular. Now -- right now but I'll look at -- that and I think it is even when the team -- play Drew -- the -- the and it's against you know great offenses. We'll keep him on the sidelines and I'll look at Jeremy go right now. A segment SEC and -- 170 yards a game. Averages six point yards to carry. And you look at moving the clock at sustaining drives. You got to say why not mix it up and have a long drives and the reason why bring that up. Once they get LSU has blood on their favor that you lead a nation at third down give birth to pursue a job but this is pretty remarkable. Considering if you -- 50% that's considered great were Ellis based at 58 birthday it. The best percentage in school history that is outstanding but today -- you -- that you need to convert on third down. And keep -- -- -- fell on the sidelines. Well the only problem -- lower body clock. You know I think that you know you look at. And it school or just about retirement at the ball though I'd write that -- matter it's a matter you don't -- out and if you would feel like your all and it work then the opponents off and then -- it eat up clock and keep mark. But people have forgotten about it. You know -- and -- can -- that is much worse in LA and and yeah certainly Alex you've -- -- Every now we get the ball so really -- LQ. You know just look at what's happening here is an element -- while it may be a late in the -- and I think every not. Every non talent you yet -- put a holiday they got talent now we need seven point. That -- right out. Along. It's all our all our our. How we do we not -- that they cannot really. I don't know not that. Much because Alex gone in. As a. You have pride in all those lines you know you look at the passing game -- -- -- quarterbacks that that America the first -- school history. The throw 2005 yards or more back to back seasons and you throw it -- Beckham junior at a what you're talking about his progress and you look right now leads the SEC ranked number two in the nation. Well -- -- started to record nine average -- -- beat 42 yards every time he touches the ball. If you look at now -- get Redick does that -- at the what accumulated 2009 all purpose yards. Which is 31 shy away from analogy -- the season racquet. Did you look at SEC analogy is still having seen him. An article -- that lead to seven yards away from breaking the record held by Kentucky's. Randall Cobb. It Q now that cannot know Randall Cobb has been at the NFL player also. With the Packers thought that at that that's a pretty good betting recap of what they'll Beckett who is able to achieve that. Yet you know back there and had a very good year -- as Jarvis. Bobby you look at -- lower skilled position. God that -- quarterback -- -- on and back in and that you repeated. Landry in back of you know what they're gonna do well he's seen it you know both receivers and probably. Campbell a thousand yards receiving healed and I. You know he's about forty yards late inning about -- -- and that mercker certainly you know should get freaked out art that never happened. Wore it in a single beat the relative that you don't count that those war got it. -- -- -- -- -- you on Twitter at the L door at the LB oh -- Bryant thank you so much with -- after the game OK can't carry the.

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