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11-25 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre

Nov 25, 2013|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about LSU and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning David yes oh my goodness gracious that forecast does sound. Thing we've -- you know but it could be worse -- other people and our taxes were. Were on the black ice and sliding around and bumping into each other not to not gone down high winds so it appears all that cold stuff that's coming down. By the time he gets here it'll be ranked in the range. About that a cold comfort you miserable rain and try to do things and with Thanksgiving Day game it's not done it -- In an out with umbrella of the Turkey day in Iraq. It would not complaining now now will be working anyway let's that. Right eight. Well the wrong with people gonna start out this morning are literally hang in and there's enough of America all -- -- -- went up. -- -- -- You can't it was I -- caught up with this when the virtual police pursuit it was like a kind of Spiderman escape. Sounds good but of course it didn't Rourke. Happily through Santa Ana California say they active elements that appear accused beer at the they still be here who tried to escape by climbing down outside of a hotel. Officers went to the rule investigated at half by other nearby convenience store with it got to the years they saw the -- and just trying to make their way down. -- stories from balcony to balcony with a beer yes Spiderman. He had. Of course it doesn't end well maybe he has some of their beer I don't know one god fell and broke his leg. The other guy you know was arrested when he reached the ground. Went offices -- down I think it's well what the equaled the brightest thing to dune are not good idea. Not that it now and the -- in jail as -- are -- a broken leg yeah. Now intricately I'll fix that first yeah throughout but yeah jail right right right so I guess -- -- beer I don't know why the -- the beer and a premium and then they try to go from balconies about ethnic they were drinking. -- this thing you thank I think you which repeat it. How do we get there again you're good weekend there could be it was weird though you know saints games and all I know I don't know what to do it myself I was wondering the same thing as a folks about it. Watch the Dallas giants game a little bit in the giants suck this year I mean they're terrible all my game you know he lies just washed out there and so watch that but then the game last night well -- the Singapore was the killer that is they live there now so we'll find out but Steve -- they don't have all the screw while not. Absolutely thanks a lot merit good morning everyone thank you so much for joining us coming up we'll have another check of -- Monday morning forecast. With meteorologist Laura but -- at the Eyewitness News sports has thinner. As I mentioned Steve Geller -- and with that the -- game last night and all the sports. Thank you for joining us this morning I'm Monica the year in for Dave Cohen on the early addition of WL first news. 517. On the early in addition -- if you -- -- views it is a chilly and breezy start to. Our week we'll see the clouds increase this morning and then eventually some rain on the way look for an 80% chance for rain by later this afternoon and into the evening hours -- will sit in the fifties all day. And even overnight flight tonight -- just about fifty degrees rain at 100%. Overnight tonight. And 90% tomorrow's a continuing through Tuesday we'll pretend the fifties when state those that rain finally moves out appear. 40% chance early for some showers highs Wednesday though will be cold in the upper forties. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator our meteorologist Clark knocked out. It's cold this morning 47 at -- 46 at New Orleans international airport in 41 degrees. In slide down if you went to bed early last. Steve Geller isn't that all the -- good morning Steve. Good morning and the New England Patriots stormed back from a 24 nothing halftime deficit to beat Denver. 34 to 31 in overtime dropping the Broncos conniving to. Good snap the hold is down the ticket is not doing good patriots. With the biggest pop back in franchise history. Tony Carter fumbled a punt to set up Stephen just douse these 31 yard field goal with a minute 56 left in overtime. Tom Brady completed 34 -- fifty passes for 344. Yards and three touchdowns as the patriots improved to eight and three. Well the saints are back in action next Monday when they travel to Seattle to take on the one loss Seahawks WW wells Bobby Hebert is feeling com. Hopefully heading into -- big NFC battle. The -- he learned a bird hunt you just got the falcons in not -- getting knowledge the sea dogs comical on the Seattle seagulls -- -- -- -- be just Iraq will wings you gotta go there will swagger because they got the twelve demands of the got -- dissolved and. And NFC south news the Panthers came back to beat the dolphins twenty to sixteen. Carolina has now won seven straight and their matchup in the superdome against the saints on December 8. Has been -- the 730. Instead of being a noon kickoff. LSU wraps up the regular season at home on Friday against Arkansas the hogs have not won an SEC game all season long. But tiger's head coach less miles says they still present his team with a challenge. Pursue very good Arkansas team my nose -- watched him enough to know that they can run for forming -- You know you must play good defense you have to be physical you do that -- every chance. And the top three remain the same in the BCS standings with Alabama at number one staying ahead of Florida State and Ohio State. Auburn is fourth followed by Missouri meanwhile Alicia who comes in at number seventeen. Today have four it's the second -- show from the silver slipper casino that's followed by the saints coaches show with head coach Sean Payton. At 730 you have a choice Monday Night Football between the 49ers in Redskins and the big 870 WW LAM. Or the pelicans at the San Antonio Spurs are 1053 WW LFM. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports Steve Bobby called hope rapidly and that is funny that the Larry gas -- and getting a little bit bolder now with his talk about it the saints have been rolling because Seattle Seahawks definitely a tough matchup. Especially in their house yes so go back. Do you do you could go back to the states playing the last -- Against Seattle in Seattle but memories come back. Exactly -- it was a terrible terrible game outcome that NFC wild card game in 2010 and Marshawn Lynch the run I think nobody will forget where he broke about nine tackles he actually took his left hand. And show of Tracy Porter at the way he went flying off the field like a rag doll. And that propelled the Seattle Seahawks the victory and the saints that was the year after the Super Bowl and at what had aspirations of a two. And a huge aspirations outside Hamburg -- incredible members were. We'll stop that a look at for a little payback yet as -- -- -- -- he does that hall. Big flood stage. We'll talk with the the next half hour coming up we'll have another check of -- Monday morning chilly forecast rain on the labor law about felony Eyewitness News. -- -- -- -- about Thanksgiving. Is days away and this holiday changed what you your family over the last few years to less traveled. That is because gathering. Is Thanksgiving just -- stop on the way to holiday shopping in Christmas. Do think 01878868889. You have attacked this that a 77. This is the only addition of WL first news. Good morning it's 520 or on the early addition if you know first news I'm on. He aryan for the vacationing. And gave Colin rescue you this morning you can collars attacked us about how it's Thanksgiving it changed. If this change -- in what ways do you spend less time would be gatherings he -- spend less time going from house to house the hollows. Is it different and how slow the -- -- the call at 260. What eight and 7870 are you can give us -- tech sci -- at 8787 McAuliffe that final four to 601878. Until free 8668890878. I'm also apologizing for the weather is going to be a chilly start and -- -- right. -- coming for your Monday increasing clouds this morning and saying breezy and chilly Temps in the fifties for much of today with the rain on the way in -- by lunchtime shower should begin to push and some heavy downpours possible overnight tonight. 80% chance today than 100%. Chance overnight for some heavy rain with lows around fifty. Tuesday the rain continues 90% chance that could be a few strong thunderstorms may extend. Highs Tuesday at 55 but the rain does begin to move that appear on Wednesday. We'll say a 40% chance in the morning -- showers then clearing but coal ties when state 48. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- itself. Thank you are right now it's 47 degrees at Ottoman feels much colder 47 and a dozen national airport and 39 in slight -- Well this holiday season many people do have the day off and then the rest of the week off. But -- changing for many many Americans they say that they've not -- disband as much green unless they seem wore red debt. And despite signs that the economy is improving -- extort chains don't expect Americans to actually much too much holiday shopping. It had that much that cheer anymore -- -- they can see the boulder -- signs offering those huge. Huge discounts and as a result shoppers likely will see big sales events earlier. And more often than in previous holiday seasons how early can could be and it's going to be the film. And yearly and this is a problem that retailers -- all too well and says the recession began in late 2007. And stores have had to offer. Financially strapped Americans even bigger price cuts. Just to get them in the store with those those who was discounted away at profits so while Wal-Mart. Targeting schools are among more than two dozen major changed. That have lowered their profit outlook for either the quarter of the year that would give people in the air so -- gotta slash -- just shot was giving it all away. So our question this morning is us. All of this change for you Thanksgiving I mean are you doing things differently which a family do you do -- traveling with your family. Do you go to list of family members and friends house as it pretty much the same. It was a call at 2601878866889087. At Texas that it's 7878. I was talking to one person just basically said is just get a mile way of doing what I really really want to do I'm thankful she says -- Got to get a Christmas shopping dad -- Thanksgiving I'm starting to -- -- -- is just not. It's -- but maybe I'm wrong we'll hear from you in just the moment to a quick break when we come back we'll talk about thanks. Giving and how it's changed for. What ways I'm Monica experience for David Cohen this morning on the early edition of WWL. First. -- coming up we'll tell you how the hundred games people did at the box office I'll tell you how much -- -- and quite impressive. Ron -- will be of the sport also looked at him in my book sell in the Eyewitness News forecast center. But right now that they are we breaking get what you get text about how Thanksgiving has changed for you right now it's time for the CBS news updates and David I tell you I have. Lot of quick stories about people behaving badly misses out on us to the site lets them. That's the guy -- amateur in Virginia. He liked to -- them and it would ABC's 80 boy. I. He wore a scheme. -- and of course he had the red carpet UK are but he also work is work you know farm. Which it -- woods apartments. And let me tell me it crossed. It. Don't ratify. -- -- -- -- -- Delay and had no problem finding them and thought into doing seek -- get this. Regularity. He did this game it's OK he's that you were -- and -- your name. Is just crowd out. It's the box office the yes -- half -- argue my prediction. You went out -- our congress gay -- expire I wanted to ease in. Well 161. Meal and dollars a year dance in Haiti path open for. 83. Different -- to be too much with being him. That's a lot of money reviewers are her kind. OK with that it this island discussion. For young people is as an adult. I thought this this whole thing started as like a teenage like twilight was dry with a vampires has risen. You know that you know that the teenage -- is violent is all GI. Yeah and the second one is the guy I've been whipped. -- my goodness. Catching fire caught fire at the bottom box office second place with the war the dark world snowing and they'll hanging bad -- -- is still hang in there another twelve million dollars. I your favorite movie that it's well on deliveryman yeah and a number of four with eight million dollar of them have. Running up the top and free birds last debate is still hanging in there bad to grant law. Gravity twelve years with -- and number -- and Dallas buyers club apparently buying this. It really hasn't made much money six the six million dollars over the last. Few weeks I would imagine we probably has some big tease coming -- candlelight even talking about froze all yeah that's going to start on Wednesday -- -- that's really going to. -- OK let's look at that startling is that so I think that's gonna be really really big advocates are signed thank you so much go find out and we're gonna freeze not out. Find out now with -- hot hot hot. I don't know why I. I've looked -- on the good morning good weeks I played maybe some Christmas songs let it snow -- its pilots now and now I'm OK for the ball -- tumor. Christmas music at. Two earlier you know listening to radio -- our diplomats friends do it at. No I don't -- before Thanksgiving but usually Thanksgiving week -- will start -- and -- -- -- -- played on the radio that -- -- this action I'm glad everybody out Christmas -- not figure on the way to and from the stores in tennis and music. You already in the -- but I -- hold off -- until the day after that OK well thank you for that I think I think I have my Thanksgiving tables that already you know ready for this week. Time with you know friends and families -- Thanksgiving says that Christmas music as well after that you can mix -- authentic change these days yet okay. Well let's go and all that is weather here illegally get cold cold cold -- much. But again you know well not quite as cold as yet they're they're looking at. North but the cold for us culled from Louisiana having highs the next couple of days will be in the fifties. -- to win state only in the forty's so we're gonna stay called globally through Thanksgiving. If you it's called I know their boat there's an obstacle -- some hate the colts have a little bit of something for everybody fifties and forties the -- Thanksgiving. And by next week we're back into the mid to upper sixties Saturday Sunday so we -- -- this week at all but -- now we really stay cold all week long you know what that front came through Saturday night. You know yesterday was -- at -- -- state -- the only difference is we have rain on the way today. And that's -- that's affecting our neighbors and -- not. Hannah I mean that's that's nasty it is cold rain and that could be headed our way for later this afternoon and evening overnight tonight during most of the day on Tuesday. Before clearing Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. We'll make some gumbo it is common it is it's get it right I mean because you know it's a crazy -- cloudy to cloudy and chilly evening at annual. Factory today -- -- -- right now but rain is coming -- later on so bundle up grab the umbrella have the rain jacket for later today because heading home for work. Showers and few thunderstorms are possible. Buried it will quickly Laura I don't know why would you do that was wrong with people like and I haven't you love your dog eat a lot lower -- Well this -- little girl a ten year old Detroit area girl he actually had to sue her mom's ex boyfriend. He can get. -- little. Little little little mystery back talk and net that he took the little took the food and -- said that you know I just want. It. And I would return to the ex boyfriend would not return mystery after she and her mom moved out of his -- let me. So she filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family get back amount that it was okay yeah the suit claimed that the ex boyfriend would not return other items belonging to his expulsion audience by year's end including jewelry golf shoes and of favorite poster. And the -- She's and they just like crime and dobbs returns though everybody isn't being court today to talk about it -- -- focus that that court date is today here do you think travel back it out yet can be on Judge Judy. Would it be effect for picnic built -- -- -- -- -- Gary filed a Judge Judy it's funny -- I mean you know people. Go to the to that -- these days with their animals you know I mean it. It's become as big as you know fighting over the house are fighting over you know some large amounts of money when -- divorced I mean you know. Fighting over who's gonna get the pet he's gonna get that the dog that's become a big rise and the lawyer for the -- -- that -- autumn months is not a bad guy you know I really became attached to the dollar they all that dog that's as that is that it's gonna hurt somebody either way in now. Laughs at least you get that done and we'll see what happens after today I want you -- -- and I you have like pre nuptial agreement. Hunt you know money at that I wonder people are gonna start -- like. Pre pre dog agreements you know -- forget agreement the GAAP pre -- agreement if we if we split up that get. Now. Now we had children either just ain't got the for the next you know the he'll have -- -- -- -- excellently tomorrow as they try to day I will about a cold in here that it is chilly excellent arm but now. Well coming up we will check. With Steve -- with the latest in sports including LSU's big win over Texas and down this is the early edition of their WL first news it's. It's 5:48 on this chilly morning I'm Monica. Good morning happy Monday everyone Tom Brady beat Peyton Manning an error filled game. As the patriots stormed back from which 44 nothing halftime deficit to beat Denver. 34 to 31 in overtime. Above all the talent ghosts parade. Eight up for the you're way up in the -- anything. The bronco did -- pop up -- no and it is good about where to find New England at the -- -- Time. Tony Carter fumble that punt to set up Stephen just -- these 31 yard field goal committee fifty committed 56 left in overtime. Brady threw for 344. Yards and three touchdowns as the patriots improved to eight and three despite losing three fumbles. This aides have proved tonight into with a win over Atlanta on Thursday and now get ready for ten and one Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football one week from today. KG came Bobby Hebert says. The keys to victory for the black and gold is the play mistake free and keeping a low scoring affair. We have never lost a game who don't turn over the ball -- -- Reno on the coach Payton. We'll -- -- -- few points we're now 46 wins in only three loss in the coach Payton so when you look at that as a as a kind of rescission when you favor when you playing going forward the Seattle Seahawks the Carolina fan this. Speaking of the Panthers Carolina won their seventh straight game taking down Miami twenty to sixteen. The NFL has announced that NBC is flexing the saints Panthers game on December 8 in the superdome. Instead of a -- and noon kick -- -- be played at 730. LSU football's coming off a dominating victory over Johnny football in the Aggies. But have a short turnaround now they must now get ready to host. Arkansas Friday to close out the regular season. -- have lost eight in a row the tigers' running back Jeremy hills says they know better than to overlook any ballclub. Arkansas gives us solar Tomlin it's always a bridge and no matter know directors of -- Potential we know they go to new places like associated overrated -- -- very recoveries and as an -- that just builds -- its. And the top three teams remain the same in the BCS standings with number one Alabama staying ahead of Florida State and Ohio State. Auburn comes in at number four followed by a Missouri LSU is ranked seventeenth. Today have four it's the second -- show from the silver slipper casino. Then at 630 the saints coaches show with head coach Sean Payton and assistant coach and linebackers coach Joseph bit. At 730 you have a choice Monday Night Football between the 49ers in Redskins on the big 870 WW LAM. Where the pelicans at the San Antonio Spurs on the flagship. 1053 WW LFM. -- early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. She one of our taxes at 877 he said a -- we could talk about -- -- -- down at Texas and am how would you describe that win. I'll absolutely a -- that completely surprising IA has it that we picked LSU in the game because that sort of be. That -- the Aggies offense would be too much for LSU but. They held Johnny -- out to 1641. Passes. 39% completion percentage on real that's the first time in his career he went under 50%. And it's just amazing that the tigers seem to have. The exact game plan that needed for a trip to shut down Johnny -- LV beat him last year in College Station and now this year -- -- day. Out a little off yesterday -- on those things to talk about are you down -- you go to the store like you know people were like. Not talking about the fate at least it's a sudden the little strange for a lot of people knows what. The Carolina Panthers game of course -- -- wanted to you know see what they were gonna end up doing great comeback by them unfortunately for -- they're still just the game behind in the NFC south. But other than that had a nice day with the little guy went outside played a little and that got some yard work done to. Of course -- tonight if it gets really really cold yet few days exactly it's alive Steve. Well coming up we'll tell you about a gun a line up food did not keep his mouth shut -- at the wrong thing that's all coming up plus another look at our forecast in my -- out. A Monica pier in for Dave -- this morning on the early edition of WWL first news. 553. On the early edition of WWL. -- views would not think about how things kidney. This holiday may have changed for you in what ways. One person's center attacks and things have changed for a dad is 8884. Don't cook -- war. So my brother and myself do most all the cooking that Thanksgiving and even for Crist says acting definitely understand that at 86 last week. And that quite as much cooking but it's changed a little bit. Read. Gist of it is what I asked how has -- changed for you this person does not like they're pleased at what's happening but he says. Basically. He has expressed as the war on Thanksgiving. So now very upset that they have families but workers have to work because now they're doing Black Friday -- There is night and Tuesday morning and summertime it's it's getting earlier and earlier. Their. A guy the DA request that all of the robbery victims to come to the police station. The study line up by people it was a robbery that come on down. So what the DAD it was deeply if the suspect at the end of the line. Then he asked each of them the stepped forward and say that. Give me all your money. And I need some change in quarters. Nickels and dimes. But the force for four people -- On your body and I need some change headquarters nickel and dime. However when it was the last the man's turn to recited he brought the case by blurring out. Not what I -- I think it was beautiful -- something that got -- at. -- Coming up we'll have a check of our forecast tomorrow but now I'm not a appeared for Dave Cullen on the early edition of WW -- 557 on the early edition. Alfred Hughes might think this morning to amber O'Leary went to the people on master control and super morning show producer joint field that's his new title. -- -- -- -- Like that he's been practicing all weekend long been practicing. A wet and chilly start to -- week we're setting ourselves up for wet next couple of days at least through Wednesday that shower activity will begin as early as lunchtime today an 80% chance this afternoon foursome rain. -- let's -- in the fifties for much of today. Then tonight a 100% chance for the showers and even some thunderstorms with lows around fifty could see some spots -- heavy rain during the day Tuesday. 90% chance only looking at highs in the mid fifties but we do finally clear the rain out on Wednesday still few showers in the morning. Then gradually clearing skies but it's gonna be cold on Wednesday highs only 48. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Knocked out banks -- are right now it's 47 and Ottoman 46 at New Orleans international airport 41 and slide down. Adjustment the story about the DA actually case was cracked went by people in the line up at last to recite. A gimme all your money and I need to change in quarters Nickels and dimes the first Ford to edit and then the victim recognize the -- guy who says that's not what I said. One Texas as I hope you made itself Monica. I did not make this I promise you I didn't. I didn't make this one up either a guy locked into a local little corner store with a shotgun at the -- all the cash from the cash or. After the -- you put the cash in the bag the -- -- a bottle of Scotch. That he wanted behind the counter -- the shelf he told the -- to put it in the bag as well but she says I'm doing that because I believe there'll -- 21. Yes the guy had a shotgun. And yes she's. Taking this attitude with -- the -- said that he point one but the cooler still refuse to give it to him because he didn't believe that he was when he. At this point that -- with the got his driver's license out of his wallet and gave it to the clerk. The clerk looked it over an agreed that the man was indeed over 21 and he put the -- in the bag. The -- then ran from the store with his of those. And the with -- catch your tropical police and gave the name of the address them and everything so I'm not making this up folks have a great day I'm not.

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