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WWL>Topics>>11-25 6:15am Tommy, do you have faith in Les Miles

11-25 6:15am Tommy, do you have faith in Les Miles

Nov 25, 2013|

Tommy talks to Ralph Russo, a college football writer for the AP, about LSU's win and Les Miles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ralph Russo joins us right now on Associated Press college football writer we wanted to get somebody's perspective from. Outside as it relates to less miles because it's hard to separate the emotion when you're talking about us good morning Ralph aria. I'm eager are you good thanks for taking the time you know less miles of the tigers can be Arkansas and and go to a bowl game and when. They'll have a chance to the the only -- -- team in in the entire history. To have four consecutive ten win seasons. However if if they don't beat Alabama a lot of people here are very happy about it so where would you think less smiles stands in terms of being one of the more attractive college coaches not appearance video and sound -- in terms of filling the position of head coach at any other school. Yeah I mean you know listen if you ever. Putting together those guys into the basic but Ottawa on you know you'd just meant to check out that the record to make sure it's what it was in mind. You know what you -- it in the back you minded it true. And let the big guys it's 5120. In yet. Over his career that in the league in the country in the division in the cup -- league in the country 31 games over 500 so at this point. You're you're put together a list of the best coaches in the country he probably on now. I think if you compare him to -- it didn't. He's not gonna come out looking quite good and other than but other than he's gonna look just fine so your it's your standard is we wanna be Alabama. We want abuse that program. Will then yeah it's probably not gonna look very good luck. Is your standard and pretty much anything. He's gonna look pretty darn good and that you know Urban Meyer included. You know -- that guy -- put at the very few coaches that you can clearly say -- guys. Is better than -- model. Mean you know he's -- grade and you know you -- big gains. I think the difference maybe between him and -- and a guy like urban or or or actually been. -- you know occasionally will lose a game where you say well he had the better team. And he should be -- law. But the problem and when you're sort of use that standard and pretty much everybody yells that you hook so like. In my life who would be eager look in the -- I'll do them all our greater chance you would change for the worse. -- work -- saving fuel and for the better because it should they're not that many guys out there were better. Yet at first off I think it's an emotional thing here because Nick Saban was here before so. Last got to constantly be judged like you're -- by him not just because of the SEC but because Nick Saban was here. Before and I think the other point you you make Ralph that I like is that. Other coaches I guess have clock management issues other coaches lose big games but because it's not your team you really don't pay attention that. Yeah -- in the note -- -- -- -- you're caught in strictly you know gain management strategy. The electorate had some some cookie -- and -- And -- of issues and he's not he's not a real good interview -- He cutting up in his words and I think people look at that which has not -- do with coach and team right. Who that would that none Google go to beat the team an obviously bad this is different between -- national perspective and local perspective. Yeah actually. I think we sort of love. I mean I loved loved the fact that he got sort of strange -- until the language. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've already -- tearing Ralph I'm glad you said that because it doesn't bother me at all it's like -- -- is attitude sometimes. I don't know if -- noted just -- the reporter he and Tracy Wilson CNET and this in this love hate relationship. You again from from from where I stand and effect -- the -- local time because we are shooting out like me on national writer. You know again we appreciate it appreciate the fact that you can be fairly and -- his own sort of -- equal pay. And allegedly. Did and I didn't. And he gives interesting answers yet and you know -- -- route is the -- finally got. -- but it's better and who you know or incidents -- but it actually it is pretty good but the the request and be better at some guys. Google really do anything and emotion and the you know and and you. No iron curtain so to speak of what because what you really think so I think he's scored that concern. You know again from a national perspective I think lexis sort of -- -- that where I can understand locally from Orange micro. All right so before we let you go in terms of now is tell people before you write him off or anybody off and any business you better have somebody. Better than them the take their place -- wasting your time your sand if less miles decides to leave. Who would you get his urban -- not going anywhere Nick Saban is not coming back. Yeah commit to the point you think about some of the guys who whose names pop up hot coaches like a guy like Kevin -- the perfect example what you do have a problem. He's the -- everybody wants you to -- You know so. I don't know you do and he he wanted to go younger more towards earth could you try to you know go that route and take it you know up and coming -- I do think that -- you start saying it would replace Mathieu won't like and he. -- good luck the west didn't hear you might even exit scope you know all we understand that that you're talking about we start -- talk about replacing let's talk. Away when -- late but I got to ask you quickly now do you bring that up. Chances of Nick Saban. Going to taxes looking for another challenge trying to win -- a third national championship in as many schools. I never seem never to anything but that's the only level -- that I did that Beckett should be well I guess anything is possible would be -- chance to pack up. I zero during the union number. One point one well hey I really enjoyed Todd any Ralph and hope you come on again and he --

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