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11-25 7:15am Tommy, Common Core

Nov 25, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Brian Beabout, a Professor of Educational Leadership at UNO, about Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm bill if -- didn't hear this this state has cited and education superintendent John might join in the next half hour. I -- to delayed. Some of the aspects of common -- and it's and it's national trends that's developing. I think there's the eight state. That decided sued down greater delayed participation. -- left the test development consortium partnership for assessment. Of readiness of college and careers and I don't know if this is a situation where. They uncover more things they learn more about it and that's when they decide to -- or because so many parents are opposed to it. It was a political decision. And using it should be all about the students that Bryant be about joins us right now you know professor. Educational leadership morning seller. You're pretty good doctor tell me about common -- gas a lot of people have heard about it don't know what it is some perhaps we should start there. Sure the common core state standards which were adopted. We -- imported ten. Were the product. The National Governors Association and related educational. Entity. To. The establish. Educational standards they've been -- and state the state. There were somewhat higher. And they gained quite a quite a bit of momentum around the same time that we adopt them this recent decisions. To allay some peace in the rotation was announced late last week -- is in a while back our original. Participation in -- skated their party are going schools my -- second grader is caught chairman disputing common core state standards did not hear about how does the great apple -- and that's been an adventure. Late the -- to the doctor of professor of educational leadership -- you know had to figure I don't know music and great sound. So they've they've and greet reconfigured some of -- you know the vocabulary and an apple work. And it took me to mean evening and I got it I'm a pretty good about that Arctic. It. Would -- -- you get picked on for you too which is nice and a. And so then that the news good news is that we're we're delaying implementation. Based on. New standard now court ordered a bit superior to become a core state standards. Are the -- -- students. We have the power. Which are based on their virtual put into place. -- in the script -- to England when the sprint -- and we're gonna still continued four. For the rate critical and believe them for schoolers -- it in order. Detail that they. Well I think one of the more substantive changes here. That our new teacher evaluation system -- It's not going to be based on student. Value added data from the state that for the next couple of years come on the leader -- got political and not actually pretty. I get an educator a lot of parents you know pushing back against this they say it. And how some can say it it's too hard others and say downs everything down. A lot of -- of -- examples of homework so if you could doctor did you know and get us out of the -- just explain some of the things you've seen. How it's different in your second graders homework in why you think it's going to be either better or worse. Yeah I think the opposition a pace that you think people -- -- about. Expansion of government and our institution. And those people may or may not know much about the standards. And then people who. And maybe spend much time at the standard that while -- present some real academic and -- -- art teachers. A crop. And standards are a -- there's there's a lot more opposite on. Reading -- content area our commitment that. The summer but now confident. It's. Put out integrated -- -- stop the -- and first heard it might look coltart ordering kindergarten is certainly remember that challenge for teachers and yet. Bill will become normal expectation that it would come at a bank. There's concern that would. Ratcheting up expectations in time where the accountability system vote for teachers and keep the certification. And it's been promoted from -- the next record high school it is very -- so it's time to experiment didn't feel a -- with. And so expectations let him. People are are the -- -- to their proverbial -- for -- expectations and I think that while seeing a sort of political compromise on them. Are they that parents don't like -- -- howling at the hurricane -- you said it was gonna happen is a common and no matter how much opposition people -- -- Well I don't believe in democracy -- probably sufficient amount of up this pit stop that but I don't see that likely. I think become core state standards. Are are pretty been in in the department and its. -- -- Press release that they've been out for for that these changes are about they actually it'd been an increasing gap between. Movies -- -- scores since 99. -- The political. In the national. Which the company which not everybody takes -- -- temple student actually protect those and -- they actual -- performance. Not grown the the level of lead performance which should they consider some tinkering on the part of the state to make things look perhaps to review that -- 100 and well before we let you guys adage about the politics of this do you think it would have been as much push back in the eighties there isn't because of the polarization of the nation. Yeah. Polarization of nation never. Political situations regret that the states for dialogue. That we can thank you. Doctor appreciates a desire to catch up overrun in -- have a great Thanksgiving we have. -- --

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