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WWL>Topics>>11-25 7:45am Tommy, Common Core

11-25 7:45am Tommy, Common Core

Nov 25, 2013|

Tommy talks to Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White about changes to Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're gonna talk state superintendent. Of education John -- about common core. And we did do that right now as a matter -- quickly it was guns and wanted to -- a couple of tax on says. My problem with common -- is why am I sending my kids to private school lift their being taught the same curriculum as a public schools student. So I would infer from that that they think the standards and private school -- being lowered to come and -- -- and another text right after it. My son understands that but it Saxony has another two to three hours of homework. After school. So I don't know if that's a matter of convenience or you don't think that anymore is being -- with the extra work on my joints right now Louisiana superintendent of education morning John. There are pretty gonna get another Texan pops up right here from common core what is a better way to introduce socialism. And it goes to the political. Component of this which I don't think would have existed back in the eighties but you tell me. Well I do think your right that a lot of this polarization does that is that. Product of a very typical political environment we're happy to be independent Lebanon do kids. Look -- let's be real we've got a job them in this state it's. The -- of the rest of our country but if we don't want graduates from California and Pennsylvania near -- between taken as jobs but we want our our graduates stake in -- job. We got to get them able to read and do map as well as any kid in the country and right now we've got -- -- ago until that the time. That we get their salute to raise the bar. In terms of Reading as a material. Substantially changed jury isn't viewed through different prism -- they edit text here earlier about. Common core -- they were reading an essay I think by Jack London about the evils -- thesis on the evils of capitalism there. Has anything changed agenda wise and immaterial. Then there's no common core SA there's no common core book there's no common core curriculum this is just a basic -- of descriptions of how well should it be able to write an essay. How well should -- be able. Do algebra and look I think it should be able to do algebra in the Louisiana as well they do it and organ or Florida or anywhere in between. And right now we're not there yet so we've got to raise the bar. But local Korea a local school systems in local schools are the ones to choose the major on whether they want right leaning left -- anywhere between that their business and it's not we're not gonna tell you. How to teach your kids to read. But we're gonna demand your kids be able to read beat on a level which is good as any kid in the country. I've heard so much from parents you know all of an anecdotal about. Different ways to do -- they tell me that two plus two doesn't necessarily have to equal four is that the case. And that's actually not the case but let's talk about where we are with -- Right now only 8% of Louisiana's -- state algebra in the grade. And you wise that will when you try to act as we've been teaching -- shortcuts. Forever. If Hitler -- and they learn how to induced you know this quick way to survive in this book went multiply and all that but what they don't do. It's actually understand how to break down numbers put back together again they can do the math problem but they can't understand why they did it that way. All were sent to kids now let's think about it. Let's critically think about it let's reason your way through -- so that as -- on an algebra and calculus and then into life. You can reason your way through problems it's time to raise the bar and our state now Tom you've got to do and a gradual way. We don't think that just turnaround tomorrow and say well everybody is not a standard whether teachers or students. Is an acceptable way to do it we do think we need to state this changing gradually. -- it -- it'd be. Is so gradual as to start with there's some money suggested with a tax severance kindergartners and you move a -- one year's time which I guess would take. Twelve years -- fully implement. Well I think we should. Make every family and every child make the standards available to them now and we don't want to say. We'll just get your thirteen years old rocket teacher to a higher standard to. How -- and you wind up with. Twelve years. As far as the theory goes with until kids are prepared. Yeah exactly you don't wanna wait that long. At the same time. From an accountability perspective and some of the sanctions in the tough measures that conflict that yeah I -- think we should say is that ever Tom we're not gonna change its education system overnight. But I do think we should raise the bar for kids. As quickly as we can and then over time -- in some of the tough measures that come when that. You know we talked about less miles earlier this hour in and you know us some people -- human Massa leading and replace him with generally have an answer forming units an emotional decision does give some -- on here with with common core aware. Some people for whatever reason don't like it may be because of the political argument. We're 49 in education our fiftieth we keep flip flop and would Mississippi but yet. They don't really have an alternative idea. But we've got an alternative -- it's called the bubble tests that we've had for fifteen years and there was a time when those bubble tests were kids take paper and pencil filibuster bubbles. Served their purpose threw well but coming I think it's time we get beyond that -- You don't graduate from high school and then you'll want to sort of bubbles. If we get beyond that raised the bar past our kids to think critically like they do in the real world we'll have to solve problems if they learn to do that. And they're gonna do well on life they're gonna take these jobs and make an abundant life for them and their families right here a moment there's nothing more important enough. John who's boss. But about this is the Betsy or my rip off the teachers -- kids don't know -- -- how -- the governor's involvement -- well round. Well governor -- -- -- to to support mean in coming out like I really you report to -- -- state board of education levered support and. And there's a point to this and it's that the governor's probably as a right as you gonna find in terms of what he says when he's campaigning Louisiana very red state so. It would take some kind of conspiracy. To. Implement a program that people say is the equivalent of Obama. Care and education or something that is brainwashing kids because I wouldn't believe that the governor would sign on a matter of the -- board -- thing. I can't believe it would and certainly can't believe that president Romer in the best for when either. You know. -- but I after the governors say is he wants higher standards he does not want a federal curriculum and the best you board turned around pastor ruled that we won't take a federal curriculum. There will not be if federal curriculum now -- ever. In the Louisiana. But that doesn't mean we're gonna hold markets to a lower standard in how well they read -- -- You know from any other state in the country our kids are just as Smart. They're just as capable as any kid in America it's time we give -- the chance to show that I gents thank you appreciate your time thank you.

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