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WWL>Topics>>11-25 9:10am Tommy, women in combat?

11-25 9:10am Tommy, women in combat?

Nov 25, 2013|

Tommy talks to CBS military analyst Jeff McCausland about the rule change to allow women in the infantry and combat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- caused owners devious military analyst and colors -- assistant. About the three Marines understand it Levy's all the best same stringent test that it takes to be. Field infantry morning. -- currently it's majors. Now order a lesser thought yeah. Current morning -- One. Thanks taking time -- sell me what happened with these three female Marines. -- -- you know Marines graduated last week in the Marine Corps training boat they report. That the per there are 38 year history of the core -- female. Glad political murder. Stringent in difficult -- -- basic infantry. So wait -- or is it training different colonel Lloyd did because they segregate men and women ranked. There are our partners that they really -- Standard there there at the very beginning of the -- Yet the court you do at least 30. The crunch is -- in a country -- about in the -- that you figured the course. Yet they later. Paul miles by the -- On the back. And the Oakland -- -- very difficult -- -- -- It worries that interpreted compliment -- obviously this is foreign policy look going -- -- Marine -- -- it. There's. You are there there and other people article what are the third different angle and chiefs have called for their vote victory. But within an -- is to include current part January. Acting. I don't know of it's if it's apples and oranges or apples and apples -- but I know. They're female firefighters that I presume has to do the same thing his men carry our latter up the stairs and Miller -- -- rather at Sears -- and earnings. And I guess of the police department -- kind of thing is this. Comparable is is completely different in terms of women being field infantry and I guessing combat. Political. Culpable does pull out there yet but -- the military Auckland thing. -- By Al people grow them all the upper body might pick up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would likely it was her. Victory at the remote Arctic that -- out there. To round out -- and they look different because -- nature combat. You're isolated to accomplish the you know -- My own physical well probably could -- also cultural well -- it looked back out there and conducted correctly it is. While waiting on a one -- indelicate years so let's phrase it this way there are certainly some hygiene problems that would. That would come up but when it comes to fraternization. Night. I can't believe India and no I've never been a admitting combat situations. That hanky tank would be on my mind what would it really when you would you Donald is a blow -- -- -- this year Richard. Well what I've -- Vertical. Support late comment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All other workers inspectors. The earned her mind on board. An air between between Mary Angela. Between here and islanders. -- that for the cultural. That's -- examined as we move forward making -- big European. And vote on the version numbers. -- -- actually are entry. To make -- award change nuclear and a Putin ordered to. Email folders or email marine who want satellite company is that it worthwhile. You know or is that a token that would -- many critics might call. And that's the other question it's to me it's not about a -- entertaining them of fairness it's all about what makes the most effective fighting force that's what the military units those right. And it -- a weak weaker manner whom every if you think about it yet but but overall for the women and -- does that mean. I don't know does it help or hurt. Our ticket because it will extinguishment. Adequately. Likely of that the last decade but make sure we don't I -- -- an -- Oh email goes lowering it. Urban. -- -- of that and our record. If -- are -- through practice so thank you. On the corporate. -- -- -- You'll look at the Nittany term. -- altered while standards. Make it very clear about it being is an excellent group. -- colonel just now said mind numbing boredom bus followed by moments of intense combat and let's not let my first marriage. I was like that -- A very well. You. Know at turtle appreciate your time you -- Thanksgiving. Our equipment.