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11-25 10:10am Garland, Jindal's approval rating.

Nov 25, 2013|

Governor Jindal's approval ratings have gone up and David Vitter leads in the upcoming race for governor. Will we kick out those who can't work together to get things done or (as usual) put the same politicians back in office? We were joined by Bernie Pinsonat, Pollster at Southern Media Opinion Research.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back busy day in the big -- and you may have heard by now the United States. Barbara conjures a reached a tentative agreement with the wrong and to live with that country's path to nuclear bomb. A lot of people asking two questions is the good thing more that we get fooled by an enemy. Will be talking to an adjunct scholar at the Middle East Institute. And we'll talk to a professor of treatment or university who's also an expert on the -- in the Middle East. This -- worth doing good about statewide poll from the -- Auburn media and opinion research. And pulled it has interest and results and and some portions of and we of the author and India. Director of southern media and opinion roots are from Bernie opponents of that poll. Bernie welcomes your appreciated. Garland try to talk to you. Tell me about the fallen in the headlines it's a -- -- and -- down good -- leaves the governor's race still to me about governor -- While Jindal is distilled down he was 38 he moved up to 42. Is there and that is exactly. The dirtier you know as a governor you -- -- be a -- You look at popular is actually in Louisiana you -- you should be in the if it is -- sixty. Jindal is is going to be tougher for jungle book. Criticizing Barack Obama running for president. Being away from the state there. It's probably difficult for him to get about 5354. What which -- next session without budget deficits the -- and having maybe a 150. Million despair that he made available to their climb out of the the negative but you know as. When this sort of respect and that's where is it -- It's it's a little improvement but model law. Why is she more popular in the -- of Florida parachutes. Well that are. It the coverage here which was decent actually it was there was better than decent. The other Baton Rouge area Florida parishes. Debt excluding saint it and it is kind of the viewing area of listening area. Radio keeping. But that the conversion of the charity hospital system here Baton Rouge was pretty big deal would shut down. There was a -- a big charity on apparel and nowhere is that is now. Moral clinic. You have the lady of the -- taken over the most of those patients you have a you know what should medical -- Brothers and new hospital built for doctors. And in the criticism by a black legislators and public white legislators. Has been muted by the results. That. The patient bought into it now have better facilities are accessed about a doctor's. It's learning about it is turned out very well here and he's getting some. -- you know some. -- compliments. And obviously people and better manager. Are pleased to forty did. To understand the struggle reported drizzle a slight increase in positive ratings. In particular round Baton Rouge. Includes. VoIP -- Democrats and independents. You know. Mainly because you know white male Democrats. Related to the charity hospital related to better health care facilities. Because for a lot of the things that -- giving credit Foreman with our charity hospital. -- and you know -- forty years outdated we have gold system. There's been no one had been able to you to do legislature I don't think you could have -- was actually done to the notion of board of supervisors. Who was falsely -- most of the facilitated or not. Modern and people at all and created these. These. Partnerships. With our commercial near your regular hospitals so. In the -- visionary if it did give him some good publicity -- bumped him up a little bit. Retain your -- political poll from -- -- media and opinion numbers for each pollster. An occurrence and that. -- -- -- at this moment. Our governor general operating -- just a little bit in particular round -- rouge -- One of the region's. Sidon is the conversion of state -- charity hospital was boost your real big screen. And didn't quite happen that -- as -- that might give them little kick in the -- Bernie you don't want to bring him whether -- caller on uptown and I appreciate calling Rome -- Good morning and 1 morning I mean I have to say I'm dubious about the conclusion that in the -- student you know close in the public hospitals. Probably won't accept the governor and I guess some very far right supporters who were offended by having public hospitals in the Louisiana. But that was Beatles -- pushed through without replacement in place. The -- and all of the parish and local partners in the hospital itself. That -- the -- partnership to save it. People's lives were put at risk to -- governor Jindal political aims. I don't know that anyone think that's a good thing except him and his supporters so I'm very dubious about that. Bridges Colbern knew what what are your thoughts. Well. Most of most of the business community business leadership. And it's been discussed we've had a charity hospital system. We have actually two systems and -- no but -- no other state had that. Everybody's been moving away from that. Certainly it was controversial certainly there are people that. Did not like it certainly there -- large number of state employees who were employed they're didn't like it. They were talking about -- percent Garland which is almost within the margin of error but what the caller you know jungle as a lot of a lot of detractors to remember these 42%. Negative. Only 42% positive and in for example. Female female Democrat. -- white female Democrats plus thirty minus 64. White male Democrats she had a slight uptick -- from forty dropped to 51 why would be -- still. He's so. To -- such or court. Opinion of him negative lap because women are more sensitive to the budget approach to health care our registration. Remember this this this sort of slight improvement in -- this was an improvement in the system it didn't walk out the fact that Jindal had to cut. For -- 600 million dollars from from the health care budget traditional Irish charity because of their you know the kids. So that we don't have one million vote independent back. Agenda what to 38 because of huge cuts to the budget but there about fifteen months ago when he never has recovered -- slight slight bit. Upwards such. Do most governors in -- in their second term maintain that. Through these 60% approve route. Well it becomes more difficult because. If you -- you become. Less controversial because it changes things done when you're doing a lot of things irritate people -- there other. But gentle -- has been particularly on the down -- -- -- -- -- Teachers and their families manner across stated that he did some reform to. You know stay retirement system that made all the you know that -- -- of -- -- -- travelers we haven't had money to give raises Tuesday employees. You know the list multiple handle on it and it and course. -- have three or 400 million dollars a year cuts I don't care who who would be sitting in that trader. Are you going to be unpopular. Questioned whether that reported -- votes in years and I'm sure he would you know his popularity may not be. Sky high above it this Pilates would be popular and you have to turn -- me involved has spent verses. Threw for 500 million dollars you'd have to cut. All right. The funeral mother -- spring you know the -- so you have -- with Bernard -- -- -- British and taco. Former employee of I don't believe that. Deterioration. People really think error Bobby Jindal for doing Terkel what he'd do it can actually he hurt accurate now we're -- The ER and -- It turned into. A -- tax. People are not getting treated properly. We had a guy sitting in the around probably -- -- having a heart attack. Well look look to -- he moved up. From four point four per -- At peace and it -- I'm Italian I'm always getting -- HE. Female in the hot they have a starter and people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Though is that your question burned several of the -- legislators engine legislation in general. Complemented him and so there was -- better and better access to -- open notebook out there a better act that well. You know that far you know you feel that way and that's why jungles not exactly popular talk about things he's popular. Nobody's playing this is in the -- there is life had a slight uptick in Ridley was it was huge news group white male Democrat. Mobile. -- -- margin of -- There's possibilities. Has moved up and all right to his its main thing and tell us. Give -- and look nobody is saying what he did his overall popular butter when it's sort of -- there has been. An uptick in this poll. You can also say that. Slash yours didn't have to quit last spring he didn't have to cut quite so much out of the budget. And for the last four years Larry has had to budget cuts and it is dramatic. Disaster for his popularity but it's 42%. I'm up to -- we're not talking about someone who's popular. It's the degree of being unpopular he wants 38 -- -- -- fortitude. That looks a little better to -- but remember. There. You can walk around the country saying number of popular governor which he had the ability to do. And 20082000. NAFTA 2010. You know the bottom to allow for Margaret. Did you load look at anything in your poll. On -- builds a decision to. Not expand Medicaid. Well here we pull -- a lot. There's always about. Well it's probably. I don't know -- I don't have a question from there but it is bin. Did it drifts back. For the jets within 45 points the way. -- but in the in the latest sort of saying. -- the that this support for obamacare is really. Brought into the tank it's fifty you know. I think we're talking about 5758. It's really affecting Sunderland group. The bottom line everything up but Obama territories and is very negative. And if you're talking about expansion of Medicare in -- else. Jindal who's supposed to. His his. Here -- you know his position on reverses land -- it would probably it's probably shifted. Shifted back in where were more interest it and obamacare itself because that's where the news -- now and that's where there. -- earlier parcel has erupted. Got infected says the -- makes it tough decisions save money gets -- away from the type of entitlement culture. And Malaysia don't like -- Crimea river. It's a very conservative state is is that eighty. Fueling -- Majority you'd think in this thing. Well it is being able. -- tradition it's what he's saying is. That's we're we're all field but. All the health care health care as a little different from when you can't help turn your governor. Even Republicans or were upset with him because they cut to charity hospital system funding. You know the charity hospital system is part of our legacy it's -- -- change -- when he. Had Indian -- I don't think he had much or Tuesday that a raise taxes and about a quarter -- taxes so what is towards. But when investment charity hospitals. And and you cut. Funding to. Universities and our education which bubble that's all they can't cut because everything else is protected. You know -- -- -- again but very few government going to be popular I don't know of any who -- you know he's he's had a -- He hasn't been able to raise taxes he allowed the legislature was important news suggests that we kind of what. 400 million dollars the state budget was an income and we're reduce income taxes and then the price of going to ask bill which. Garland and attempted we've seen governors think they have a lot of money goes spend it which you do graduated in 20091011. The bottom tall mountain and he hit it on popcorn. Bill Richardson Garland real living through -- -- about a Bernie I appreciated the poll and the call. Love to have you back to later today. Per hour. Commute verdict and some pollsters southern medium covered up next road dogs John McCain and his publisher. Love politics like in -- -- and Louise you know -- usually. Recover and bright back will continue this poll and thoughts about governor Jindal. Thoughts about who's going to be running with the upcoming governor's race the -- -- weather and -- and it through Andrew still has treatments stable there's double of the obligated celebrity immoral 53.