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11-25 10:30am Garland, Governor Vitter?

Nov 25, 2013|

Governor Jindal's approval ratings have gone up and David Vitter leads in the upcoming race for governor. Will we kick out those who can't work together to get things done or (as usual) put the same politicians back in office? We were joined by John Maginnis, Publisher of La Politics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A finger to -- -- a statewide politics in particular poll which movement. On the southern being -- -- consumer's search from reduced said the authors of that pool with the slow -- pensive. But we have Joe McGinniss moved to -- -- and his publisher of upon the two weeks. Just it's about a number of things in the -- Non purely -- -- and -- the Jones and and watch in the political game all the time -- welcome to shore. Hey there aren't. So abusive view. What what do you make of -- gold and you know -- with the headlines it says Jindal was up by four point where there's four points. Margin of our. -- in the of these is just about in the same position. So it is tolerable or are marginally improve it does feel when when he used 37% it was a mortar whether it is. That he wouldn't -- off but I'd just been adding that lives -- not the is helpful to him. And you know we on the same atmosphere -- budget cuts on on the same time. That that or Portland. Six months because. By the same time it seems like all it's a lasting damage on it into is not easy for him. Bounced back. In popularity. What is better demise about Bobby Jindal that pictures. There is this any different than most governors coming through in the second term. Of this happens to a lot of governors -- -- -- -- they get less popular special and they try and take on some big things in. He certainly did with the vouchers and a privatizing healthcare. He -- those things it. Eddie is done. But -- the general -- popular across the board he hopes in the long run they'll be able popular. Birdied -- of the and you wouldn't depending and you lose you just reading. Reality. Part of the poll. Where it's -- did general 2000 they'd have spent some money. That was based on oil again oil revenues nobody knew the economy was gonna go to their own. Then he couldn't raise taxes period cut something that's -- cut. Charity hospitals -- on their -- -- yeah if birdies right if if there was a reason for the unpopular things that he did it. Do you think part of that was at least from my view not much of -- communicators. Not much of a walk and talk to people. Sure I think that was hasn't part of the general problem not just talking to the people at large but. Talking to people and the legislature and he did it and they go along with what would he try to New Orleans -- and what he's mechanism controversial decisions. But I doubt that made it may just be here as part of his strategy that it -- it on bad -- just bless you talk about the better. Talking about the and next governor is election couldn't see that -- reducing the evening will be used to with a bit. Well it's a lot of it depends on what does senator David bidder wants to do these kind of plays -- right he's. Put it out there that he or it is apparent that he's interested in this job but he made no commitment. -- running for governor so he's not really that the front runner -- people -- fertility shots. But as well as the so that these people also adamant. 30% and John Kennedy and 19%. -- -- -- They were wrong but I doubt that yet bitter runs. Eric Kennedys will run it is facilities here base. And saint. It is about the run -- thank -- Jack Kennedy would benefit. Most of all. So yes important with we will have no idea about the race shape up right now and also in that polish. Represented Jon -- -- an 8% he was the only Democrat in people. And he's just not known state when that and and or maybe it might be a better them. Democrat may get into the race stated Mitch Landrieu and look -- Bernhard that would. What do you think lenders chances would be. Well I think you're in now on we'll think that it was it's a lot depends on what happens to his sister next year. People think well of this system windows boost his chances I'm not sure so sure that you -- -- that -- -- syndrome. That -- they did well order for him run for governor it's his sister gets elected or adversely -- -- defeated. Maybe regulators that is situation may be different lenders. So. You know he's got to get who has on election first and then his sister's collection. Before he really can make -- transition. Good thing good about your latest political poll from sultan reviews opinion search for rouge. Says governor Jindal lives about four points -- the polling has some poor person. Morton or. So one side he -- -- saying look on view of this me go out of them that we have John Maginnis with this publisher of law politics. John. Well I'll solo politic dot com this is important. Enterprise thing here. Absolutely brutal -- give that will give that web site again before the show was over. The -- rescinded to hold what causes somebody to want to lead -- senator beard governors seemed like. Governor you're their food through term suit if they like -- first term. Senator's view of their four virtually as long -- July canoe you urban reelection but. Often to politicians get thrown out office. And they always have the chance of lucrative lobbying job because of their -- wonders synutra wanna become a governor. Leaders that the look at what's been going on -- senators think you have representatives. In the last few months and you know a real well positive pleased to be. And Washington and and I think this. Are people of there was plays pretty org or whatever to do anything. Done. And the same time. If he David bitter you look at there's nothing quite like being in the governor of Louisiana that's. Both of them in the governor -- State capitals to follow it any other State Capitol the governor's mansion grander. Those are just you know. Separate things. But the power is is greater Cleveland the ability to be at a make an impact in. Get things done. And and to be seen as he would -- man is very alluring. The any politician in Louisiana that's. And always been this sense that the well for the governor's. It is the position that seems to have the greatest that. That the -- that are he's been and in the congress that he got elected. Two. Senate in 2004. And you know by 2015 have been eleven years there are 202 full terms. And he couldn't. Look at some -- running. To get elected governor and and served two terms and you know that'd be and his. Early sixties and he kids you know not just -- obvious he would probably more B. Yeah Reagan did it with a big all of law firm and Soviet. The -- Greece over the Republican Party. So that's a lot of illiterate they've developed you don't notice -- Wednesday that they wanna come back to Louisiana and certainly he's put his family through enough. And he he may be ready to do what they want to the draw big a lot of it's going to be. He I'm really not sure that he's it is -- that are things pointing -- wanted to run for governor update these. He looked at the climate is like sometime next year and let him make his decision. Sandra -- drew ratings. 04 percentage points for excellent ratings good ratings down only about fourteen points. Negative ratings up ten points what's your chances reelect. Lot of that depends on people's attitudes toward the Affordable Care Act. Eleven months from now. And right now it's of the good news or in this poll is that the election is a year away. And the unpopularity. Of the -- Leo for which there -- right now is. Navy has most intense and make it worse. Next here -- is fully implemented it may not make it better. But there's certain things -- and issues like this. Become bigger then. An election bigger than campaigns is the is that it's that time. That he rash or you just -- by. And you know people's attitudes toward. Obama care is. You know it is really had to -- -- right now. Mixture -- maybe not so much in Indian people thought that the it is there -- -- alone would be the end of Barack Obama's chances we get reelected. Lou and effective very -- in 2012. Campaign. I didn't think it will be someone next year just that it will be living with the they in the previous CNET. The changes in and -- here and don't think about the poll is it was done also a bad environment for Lindsay she's been getting pounded. Every night on. With these as rob -- and use the reported group called Americans for prosperity. Just slamming her up for a vote for. If for which there actually approach her with President Obama is so it is not the kind of environment you have. To our election -- of that city unity. Commercial bills -- about her opponent -- capacities slamming him. And you don't know about the the issue of the session Medicaid she's -- he's against it. To cut easily. They piece of cement or ten next year. So. Right now the -- the -- matters not a good time. For -- and do the same time sheets. Prospects could well -- -- -- didn't think it will open it is not a poll reflects system pretty built in attitudes to order -- percent -- Williams is that. Middle 20% this the the election. When -- of course and a little bit different direction. What you see is happening with these -- -- -- and damage lawsuits. And -- and seven oil company's -- incumbent. And a big issue in the legislature next -- certainly -- get there is a lot more defense of them that's seven vehicles. 50% favored the the continuing velocity. Winners and another poll came out -- so restore Louisiana. Aren't you restore Louisiana canal group John -- and shoot 75%. People think that that those those those flaws usually continued. So well legislated in the thinking twice about within the vote to produce something that would. Stop that the losses but that that's just one -- look authority lawsuit the other one it. -- -- -- The legislature can't do a thing about those because those but it broke a local government and Andy. Ultimately not that there Lou Lou is we -- moving towards. Some bargaining. Negotiations over this is clearly what the general administration wants. And there's been you know and then maybe it coming up now along the full week. Really have a reckoning about what has been the oil companies contribution. To a social that is Priscilla. The corps of engineers. Probably knees and brought to the table to that the gentleman tradition what should do that. If you're in the region and you won't know what to think about sort of state politics. I would submit you need to know what John would give us fiction John boarded the punt -- Well politics dot com. Myself in -- helpers which we try to put new stuff up well it's Batman. And and his group from stuff we do not newsletter but that is closed up that we we have -- -- -- -- -- -- politics -- John you know what my level of knowledge of politics is thank goodness -- you'd call -- good talking. To. -- -- -- bill brigades celebrity AM 053.