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11-25 11:10am Garland, La. Immigration Reform

Nov 25, 2013|

A large group of nuns and catholic clergy are pushing immigration reform. They say the current immigration laws are causing undue hardship on families. Is it the age old question of what would Jesus do? Garland was joined by Jacinta Gonzales, of New Orleans Worker Center for Racial Justice.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Think about a article I wrote -- the advocate over the weekend. And it. Talked about the that I was immigration hundreds causing hero among many in New Orleans area. At the start up. Talking about. -- about the -- removing that's and it's an immigration agents hand cup there. Her toddler daughter stood frozen in -- While the baby and her husband storm reached out tortured and please let me figure broad mine's kids at school Lehman's she's admitted -- plunderous. And the agent refused and told himself crying -- -- -- country anyway. A look at you -- the one. And the government -- in Goldman it's stopped by immigration. Agents and this is local on the way to pick of the shop from the BB. Sooner. You fingerprinted detained in the back of the -- and -- -- it was Charl Schwartzel the babysitter he couldn't call into one instead -- -- round funding and fingerprinting others. While they jokingly called -- they jokingly called owners. And then. This this isn't anything new -- different. We read about this her about this for a long time. This is who we gel it's is conservative. And is all of you protection model you -- the text on a regular basis. Whatever we do immigration Euro would say. What part of illegal don't forget him and I do understand that it is illegal. And I understand that that something. Should be done about it. But the question is -- in humans. Always had been. If we can't stop the aggression which was certainly don't seem to be able to use every experts -- ever have on -- show. Military. Or war era. Surveillance experts or privacy experts nor. Protection experts have said we can't close -- We get the money we've got people than even that it wouldn't. So my feeling has always been eleven million people we would benefit from them at least paying taxes. What this touched -- and was there humanity's. Very conservative state. But also very capital and consult the Louisiana. And this -- hundreds of people from your -- hundreds of Catholic militants. Amid teamed up with New Orleans Catholic arch diocese and -- university's judgment social search institute. Failed to rally Saturday in pro and a boat oil. And these melons are representing more than a dozen religious communities that -- statement urging. House of Representatives to act on the -- bring him a comprehensive immigration reform bill -- send them -- -- and a little bit about. Juxtaposition. There are of a very Catholic state that's very much a difference in the kinda embassy. Being coal. By their very Catholic leaders it's that that's not the way to go we -- to have more humanity. Good to talk about this I have has seemed to Gonzales. Literal organizer for congress of the labor groups do want you workers and report racially charged the seemed to -- sure appreciate it well. And -- thank you so much for having me. Sure were you part of the yeah. Catholic nuns in this social research institute in the row you have loyal. I'm listening can't physically be present and I'm on Saturday but I do work very -- freeware and it does that person -- center and mania at the the ten network president I'm and a lot of the work that we do in one of our members. Airlines and making government was able to attend a rally and give a personal statement about his experience. And his family story. The whipsawed reports. People rather heartbreaking stories of people in this story. They pointed out the only people taken institute tension. Well those who've ever prior deportation order or criminal history. All of the people's side in this story supplier deportation orders -- -- what you see are the ones that are being stopped fingerprinted. Rest. Those that have already been deported. -- In the field and it's actually been getting a lot worse in the last year and that's planned there's a lot of attention being -- -- just now. Is that we've been seen and increase in the -- that -- and what these -- -- that immigration agents or Carolina and choose neighbor. And they're stopping in fingerprint keen eye -- anyone that looks orchestra be it Democrat which usually means that long that they looked Latino comments on their stock. And so it's not only people who. Have immigration history that are being stopped. Yesterday I was attacking the young and the US that that. But -- Latino. And he was stopped -- Hancock. And even though he was telling the immigration -- on the set at an imperfect English computer born and raised here he's twenty years it'll. They still stopped him and fingerprinted and and her after the small child. And Delaware seemed an escalation of the and -- -- -- and increase in racial profiling which is athletic credit in a lot of problems. And a lot of the people who are detained. You have higher immigration orders that template for the listeners understand that many times people that deportation order. Simply because they get a shot to a court date they might not even -- -- hurt. Patrick Campbell and your -- look -- K if she was told we're gonna you let court date she never refuted and the man and yet it deportation order. That's her and her family here packing their article mentioning that stops fingerprinted and she's been arrested and separated from her two small children. It's intrusive remember and -- Catholic south Louisiana. State -- so. Very -- very conservative. We're thinking about immigration. And hundreds Catholic nuns. Annually scalpel -- -- -- diocese load universities should of would so full institute and all got together for a rally Saturday in program loyal. And they're calling for a comprehensive immigration reform so. Only one of the leaders. Of catholicism in the say it is saying. We're gonna do something about the immigration issues and and they point out of a number of rather set of stories about families being affected. By deportations. And browse. We've got to go that says people -- to have looked Latino. -- approach via federal agents. And we've got a little double -- bureau -- -- jaguar opinion -- and it's a group of nuns Catholic -- you're pushing immigration reform. Stating that scurrilous causing hardship on -- soared for a gives immigration reform that 64%. Or against certain that it and a Berrian whose. We do have a -- about icing to the Gonzales. Lead organizer. Congress of the labor with -- -- workers and report -- from Joseph. Three days in the some of the media reports I've seen. New -- revenues. -- wide net towards it looks you know local gathering spots it's laundromat. Grocery stores parks nightclubs apartment complex. Agents use mobile fingerprint scanners deter people from past history. We're of immigration authorities have quarts of any sort. You know but in no other city or these -- happening in community locations. On this kind of consistent basis you have any idea what. Actually weren't wrecked truck that's part of what we're trying to get him to resign and and none of them at thirteenth we filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Let the local I -- that the at their headquarters here -- there. 2% we try to get an understanding of why it's happening in New Orleans and and that you -- Vienna and let you know their origins -- and we are seen in other cities they're -- -- other programs that there aren't the type that civil rights violations that we're seeing here. And you know it just a couple of months ago during the summer old army he and his family were inside of their ball a -- and that their neighbor's home and Bible study. It is -- knock on the door. And made all of the men and acceptability. Put down their bibles to be able to fingerprint that and what is the kind of harassment and constant. And -- that we're seen but we're not seen it anywhere in the country in the -- were trying to get -- -- there. As a deliberately to read some of the yet to actually get -- and and these are common we'd get him every time we do an immigration show. Says many illegals commit three -- four -- DW was without deportation just read the police beat you your guests who came with. Number one I've read police beats uttering the words you would get the information that says it's. What ethnicity. Or or what group of people. Commits more do you W a positive view of who wanted Texas to Romeo a -- and also what are your thoughts that are do you have reports that. Three of four times the UW guys people that are here illegally. Well no I mean. You know quite a bit bigger community at the statement that general community like Eric Hudson -- that have committed crime -- and a lot of folks that have not. -- you know -- the the story that we've highlight. Actually looks -- That they'll have communal. And so that's that's something to put out and a lot of you know -- story and the story goes down so let's remember how much the cut and a misdemeanor. That it could use that argument that there is that -- think that statement. At all so you know there are. Are mechanisms a lot of inside of the -- immigration is you know working in do you mean immigration law and doing other -- enforcement program. And so you know this idea that you know that's why they have to be going to a laundromat or Bible study group is really kind of apps that are. Well what about the people that just simply say oh Garland. What is it about illegal immigrants you know and understand what about the basic argument that. Weather's good idea bad idea that illegal immigrants are here it's illegal. I think I think it's actually been thinking and I and given our history. I think that we should be able to really rapper has around there are times when our lines are outdated and I'm just and morrow. And it's our responsibility. As a community and that's part of a democracy. Helped -- And that's why in the Catholic church and then the extent that we're out there on Saturday and you know our members as part of that hundreds of day laborers. Have been trying to immigration reform passed and try to get President Obama -- not duplication. Because a lot that are -- and aren't working and so you know. Is there were many times and discrimination. And segregation people. There have been times in our history when women couldn't vote and didn't have been history when slavery was legal. All of these banks have been legal perspective to make and moral or right and -- as a community. It really have to get together to be able to change our lives to reflect our values and Kelly won a function of the propriety. And there there or at least a couple of countries from everything you read in Europe. That I have -- Lowell opened their doors to immigrants and now. Their their very different. Demographics or are changing from the country they work. To the country of the immigrants and there there's a lot of movement to a restrictor literally cut immigration. What about that argument that. You know every country. Has its own identity. Its. We -- doing things and to. Turn the country over to people that really represented another country creates conflict. I think that that beautiful thing about protecting the United States is that we really do have a different culture and and countries and trees and who the state that today is different than the next -- -- the hundred years ago or a hundred years ago before that. I am and I think as long as we you know what makes America America. And our values and are the way that we are able to a democracy that allows people to participate and to. Freedom and civil rights. And think -- -- in the continued with that history will be able to commit troops that are you know that beauty. America. At the same time that have to be able to be open. Can you cultures to you music you can mean the couple has given that the beautiful traditions that we are ready yet. Hadn't been for different countries in different parts of the world coming here we wouldn't have the tradition and the history that we do. I think it. It's important to remember that should be able to continue. To have that -- and that rich culture that we have to continue to be open to people from from all it took place. -- -- to project called -- march -- true we cover on regular bonuses perhaps we can steal some lower your time later. Thank you so much reason to. Are covered by just -- -- and -- read detects a Christian medical view and hold on during the -- welcome your comments. What do you think injured your blood in the capital goods -- hundreds of Catholic nuns. A New Orleans Kelberg arch diocese loyal university's judgment social institute says enough. Of beat Roger that he does a lot of these. Illegal immigrant families and an illegal. Apparently. -- only from the country but were raised here born here and or citizens. Are also going through these abuse at least according to reports. What are your thoughts doubled up to secure 187. -- that 77. But think about articles. -- Talking about and a escalating. -- from the US immigration and customs enforcement and we you know. New Orleans rated saga there that are going to ice agents -- laundromat and grocery stores and parks and -- clubs. Apartment complexes -- use in mobile fingerprint scanners checked people for a past history of an economy illegal immigration. But in northern city of these -- it's happening. In community locations on this kind of consistent basis. So we're trying to figure out that outside of that and within the story. You gotta be pretty hard hearted not to be used them emotionally. Affected by but he said some words what's on the via people going through one particular. At the beginning its historic immigration agents and hopefully by the name remotely humorous or toddler daughter's the pros and Peter. Debuted her husband's arm reached out towards her and she has these agents. Can you please let me say good -- to my kids in the agents had stopped Portland it's not true country into. And a number of Catholic leaders say enough. Hundreds of Catholic nuns. Teamed up with New Orleans Catholic archdiocese is lawyer who universities -- isn't so -- institute. Told routing -- Saturday -- to in or rule. And there are asking borrowed. Change in the US immigration laws and and to do something about the situation. President Bush been holding on recordable appreciate it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I could actually have a degree of social work. But I spent 33 years as an officer in the military. And a graduate. Of the war college. Expects or the wars. You know. Children -- for. I had a real problem with this. Just as much as -- wannabe. A humanistic approach to immigration reform. She still want to talk about economic impacts. What else is coming across our southern border. The and the undocumented. Mexican laborers. We have any influence of people from other Third World countries coming across that border. And don't want to talk about that in fact or what to do this country. Get real torn. Between. You cherry aspect of the national security aspect of the economic impact that it -- having our country. Law. I don't see anybody who really. Disgust. All right all right all right guys here were -- that -- -- your response. When you said -- -- talking about it journalists from the show could we've done at least at the -- over the years and I share. Your concerns about security in this country in particular. On the southern border. I have not had blunt. I'll -- over year. Military experts. Surveillance experts. Security experts. Politicians liberal or conservative. When I said to him. Why don't we take. Other 50000 troops with -- South Korea it would take 30000. Enron rotating basis letting go home on a regular basis. Seal the border. They did everything put paint in classroom space on me and kill themselves -- No body says they can do. So. I function they're on high school degrees -- I got to believe so your concerns in my concerns coupled. There are gonna steal it because they say they care in this one of those few bipartisan. Things there goes across everything. Let's take a look at the financial side. Eleven million plus or paying taxes other than Social Security. What they're paying -- Social Security. Is put and they secure funding can't be touched. It's worth something like. Fingers through 300 billion dollars. It's a large part of the interest that goes to paying Social Security for its so. There is it an intro meant to we're benefiting from them if they became legal they pay taxes that's another bit -- but in the meantime we can't close the border. It and we're getting little economic. Benefits from eleven billion people were not citizens but you tell me hope we get them out. So what do you do it. Well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- senators. Collins loans payable on. In a position of policy and politics that they. No wait there's no although producers have crossed the bipartisan. Five part of a little conservative Republican Democrat. Well I think -- you -- you say. That that's what -- told you and I think you know. But I heard the opposite as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know people. And and and and where. I. Don't agers are shoots eight years -- seal the deal that -- did you lose. I think exactly the way you think -- you wouldn't change your mind if somebody did you prove positive. That's what we call it I think. I agree with you I think what you do it. But I changed my mind because I didn't go out and talked to I did go out in person. In not one not one bird or would you say you're as -- in court and get so he did being weakened. There it's it is is it's typical. Almost of the world. We have our way of thinking. We have our group. It's -- little box that -- -- about -- count about. Eleven million people. He can knock cattle farmers. Where do you hire or no ice agents. To go to their homes built upon him to move the camera or run him out. -- God. Be government. You don't pay taxes. For the -- agent and the infrastructure. That it would take to -- about in Britain you can -- a border. Let's not think -- And government leaders hundreds of melons. -- what's so for research institute. Also -- -- looked like it is it's giving to be fooled what we're doing with the illegal immigrants is has to change. But I better check your views I don't they do too many people and sought billing to other -- double bogey appreciate the call. Golf and Garland wanted to wanted to statements you've been about illegal not paying any taxes that they. What made legal in the system that they would pay -- change and you show that they they're paint so security in some shall security pullen. What Social Security on -- -- -- into when most of them on doctor working ultimately the table for cash okay are supposed. Or me or to -- your question right here it's earning suspense file its. They go out and they give illegal sort of security Yemen and everything from Medicare Medicaid cards. Everything else they -- about 200 bucks 15200. Bucks. Then. Day you get higher because they have these Social Security number. And the employees they implored her -- -- -- -- -- -- of their legal gotten through security number -- take -- the Social Security earnings. They suited to sort of security association. The numbers. Don't match everybody in their system so. They put it in eighty suspend its earning suspense files that -- the ruling the pile and they. 2002 alone there were 78 plus billion. Dollars in it. From 2001 to 2010. There's 89106882000. Dollars of which. We use in proves to supplement. Our feeling so security for. Well that makes me feel a little bit better you know. That would give which -- four or four of them being here taking American jobs. Changing the culture. Any amount and an untold burden to our health care system. Let's say everything you're saying right -- of your total for a -- what would you have -- do. Dario who knows you know I was you know. It's been dilemma if we don't know. We don't know -- to come -- it's well you know hours nine million back -- -- to Mexico. You talk like it's never been done what we're we're just look on the Superman should -- with. Yeah yeah Google and Asia I don't do it once and before I think that was shot. Some illegal sent back under the Truman administration the CDC. Nine million. Of its work. Round them up I have no idea I didn't major research on and I read it somewhere. You know could include could be one -- it's out there that's not what but in Belgium -- and our world you know it. I don't. Or Newsweek saying we cling to all of these little talking points when those people putting you know well somebody told me sore herded -- think. That it can't you can't take eleven million here or are you get. -- -- -- Circulatory. And and -- do -- show Republican -- out to right. Up -- Indians. Do you really and truly think we can put eleven million people how are you gonna go get him. You'll read. Nor conservative. You're one of the most conservative states in this country you hate big government. You hate taxes. I either pay. For millions of -- C agents. To go get them. You can kick indoors. You can draw all the businesses. That employ them. I'm not saying you shouldn't do what you're saying. You don't like the situation. You don't evidence report. But you won't get -- In my very simple question. Bias. OK. -- argued that -- This year roundup Colombia. Oh good. Opt out let me sit there and talk about people figure out how to box. And that's the hardest thing in the world yeah -- it's. -- what would. Right and wanting to Q and you probably haven't thought about it. And I think it's because you learn things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you are -- really you -- what -- is that -- -- not about partisan politics. And that's certainly something that's -- you because. There's no way he could waddle and -- and people were you know 300 million people in that -- no way you have to. Political parties to cover all the attributes. So people start how about power and -- politics is just on. Southern at all that we kept it that we -- I have to choose sides you know to get. Yet there and I think right Pittsburgh point. I guess I'm different because accidentally go into this will. Every day until people there and over the years let's do it on skill with ten. What I think has been proven wall. Eight out of ten. So I have been forced. To change my way of thinking war. To look toward the true. But I submit you to join the club. You've got other people around you that make you -- safer because you're right and everybody else wrong. You're going backwards. To Poland and the true. And funding education. Do Murray search quickly. Pour beer jewel in the called road to political fact dot com -- -- you probably won't leave. And it says chain email says three presidents -- -- Truman and Eisenhower. Reported a total of fifteen million illegal immigrants. When you get to the they have -- engaged -- says faults are true or in between. Totally faults and all the email fairly accurate about Hoover when it comes through Truman and Eisenhower totally. -- And it goes into great detail. About what actually happened. Imports out this is a chain email. Sent by people that think one way and sent through their Britons who think the same -- Double audio because it's nobody mortified at the Ria.