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11-25 12:30pm Garland, nuclear bomb

Nov 25, 2013|

The United States and five other countries have reached an agreement with Iran to limit that countries path to a nuclear bomb. Is that a good thing or are we being fooled by an enemy? We were joined by Dr. Behrooz Moazami, Professor of History at Loyola University.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back we're thinking about. What solo or -- rolling. Historic. You know honestly -- there major companies and abroad come into historic nuclear deal. And -- keep -- from involvement weapon Israel says it's a historic mistake. Saudi Arabia's not happy about it. And it's if it's fairly complicated -- we have an initial. Agreement that puts a number of safeguards in place and as always we go to the experts and veterans them what's going on. -- dark -- -- more resolving professor of his from his loyalty university and also an expert who brawn and intimately. The ought to welcome -- What's your overall thoughts on this. Good idea bad idea of religion will continue will get more detail would -- -- your conclusion. I don't -- of them did conclusion on top but I'm sure that you grew it's a step forward for everybody. And this is having. Tension and abilities and when news -- tension that is more possibility. Having some constructive. I do not. Mean that. All of that it is -- Going to sit down doing my opinion the next six months. I think it is no chance that this does not come come it's is gonna come to happy ending. But this is a good chance that you're going to not have laws and Ottawa it's a month that's great that's an important. Do you think you won't keep via nuclear weapons from Iran. I mean you do I needed I think he's the engine will. I think I think it if he had a great chance to do it. Because I'm just nominee and I'm just in these economic team at its front of me. I'm going to be. What's quite an important element there is -- so. -- -- -- So it is being abducted in actually this you're not an agreement at that time action. And that's that's an important and -- Let me read the first that you put. It's amazing that that's not only deepen its -- some of part about it. They're good for these negotiations. He used to reach Manchuria -- -- the comprehensive solution. That would ensure you won't put -- Extradition to peaceful. That's an important backing him and six in the export all of -- agreeing. So. I don't I don't think. I don't think I mean it might end up to something else. And the agreement went in the episode he'll since and but it's a good time election. The figure above what familiar term in your area of historic nuclear -- you -- between you and -- Tuesday's whether. Major -- is -- and it's beginning of talks beginning of the agreement. To try to get it wrong not to develop nuclear weapons. Where doctor big -- was only an expert. Owner brawl and at least a -- more old professors that are. Doctor -- one of the things I've been curious about -- remember. Other -- sure wrote a number of times that. This supreme leader of raw and Ayatollah Al community. Had come out and instead. Libya is a cautionary note of what happens to a country when they give up. They're nuclear capabilities. Does it surprise you that -- -- who has come to the negotiating tape. And we know. On the -- and I'm surprised by. I don't that -- agree. I'm in the most likely did not have to do so. I'm not sure. So musical books they could -- sanctions. And they people. So there are there on yeah. -- They're building on all of us here. Coming down from some of that. And that that's that's what true but also what this -- important describe. Quite important is happening is that somehow the look to -- the united for the states and -- -- -- changing as well. And -- is that product that they would start at first it's -- here. Not that Iran I think that -- -- the eco challenge is that this happened in the it seemed -- that that it is gradual gradually even out of the United States other -- -- -- And then gradually -- in other than the. To come up with the so -- -- and exit the strategic. Public student as a part of the exodus that insurance one from the United States so its two part come on -- You have to you have to keep -- -- I think you run -- unyielding in -- statement you know and it's some sort of agreement coming up. And that that that report and it means you've been pitched chest for the short time it's cool it is. That group postpone some of the attention. Yeah but no mention. I understand the -- attempt at reducing detention in particular. Income progress. Towards some country and not getting another -- equipment. But. Again and I go back to the this room leader -- meaning. When he's Serb fingers last week. Is -- Is the rabid dog of the region. There's -- through June regime is doomed to destruction. In the -- reading on a regular basis of donor recruitment shows on. Talking about her role and being the financier of the trainer of the supplier of Terrell more than anybody else to rocked the world. And out of this just initial deal. They get five to ten billion dollars. I know a lot of its own money but it's still Monday they're gonna happen and Halloween. We balance. The -- of the extreme feeling that this is -- terrorists nemesis. And that they won't wipe -- roll out but we think we can make an agree. What first I'm not true. That. -- there is hidden. The militia members. IP -- That stupid that it has been had been making up. But as they have been used -- language. They are a bit that means is these. That he do what they called design is the most stupid. And but one person in the -- who -- quite out. He used. They'd be used language and not. Implement it. Appropriate. But that's straight to use the same thing as such I mean when that could do in the when it cause. In the real on again in the world in shape but the the -- appreciate that the sentence that -- that. On Politico under the language which is not appropriate well. And with politicians to be host I'm I'm I'm I'm I am sure that -- and uses them shall we shouldn't have used it. But I slept -- that that have been put in turn them consumption. Both sides have been doing. What's how many. To sit in front that the from the thousands. Are not who didn't want to force action language that can understand. Batons. -- that again. That it saying that. -- it's got a little (%expletive) what you put on the council. But let's -- with gift to help the words on hear your words from sending. But five to ten billion dollars initial dollars and that this arrangement grows further. And wrongs. Economy is in horrible shouldn't. Well they'll start getting help your economically they'll have more money. Does it give them more money for terrorism that threatens -- Israel and others. The support of the money that is being used for terrorism. Is not much it's not gotten it's that actually is this that month that Monday that -- -- slip. It that this baptism out. -- I mean you're talking about. Perceptions. That would be -- I. Would be watching what's happening. And I'm sure we'll have an opinion about that on international system controlled if something goes wrong you wouldn't know I think. You not criminal -- I'm not saying it but -- isn't -- -- insurance as the catalyst that you might be. That they could not be done -- you can stab at the ball I mean it's important that but what can ignore them. The United States and Iran -- Six times the negotiations before it's one. I mean we now know that since March it would be full on person. But not the president the negotiation -- the start of the and you run and then Americans. And not have known about that if it's a secret no secret negotiations that runs Google+. Functionally it would know. That everybody we would know that some money has been skate someone who hasn't even some poems and position so. I think -- the. Patient he should be more. Optimistic in the future. I'm going to put the cows that but improvement. Doctor is always appreciate each come grown learned a lot to the discussion you have a great day. I -- thank -- governor of the -- seventy 153. Of them were common right.