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11-25 2:10pm Angela, Crime Scene

Nov 25, 2013|

CRIME SCENE—our focus-- Terrebone parish with Sheriff Jerry Larpenter. Just how big is the heroin problem?

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Overtaking a little mental shift here from city budgets I thought that was really very very interest thing I learned a lot enough we have a lot more to talk about and they promise to come back. But we're shifting now to crime. Jury -- and turner spent 22 years to share with Carolyn Parrish then decided to run for mayor. He lost that race but found his way back home to law enforcement. -- law center is share again. Taking office a year and a half ago and facing some very tough decisions. He had left the office with a nine million dollar surplus. And came back to facing a shortfall. It's really quite a story and one we're gonna hear this hour. We'll talk to the sheriff about what's going on and -- -- parish crime ones as well. And I wanna welcome you very much and I was very interested in the stories affect you Hewitt spent many many years in law enforcement then decided to run for -- And then actually -- president -- present a series that didn't work out which is settlement go back. So he'd only been gone -- four years four years -- in four years and you had I think nine million dollars is a lot of surplus. Like I think it is it is publisher of around the state a lot of public officials -- -- -- -- You know. I guess. The people who domain terrible Parrish art can be used -- it. You know -- jury or corporate could stand a record to you whether it's -- -- what is it appeals. And and I used you know being in the rail was blue whale was raised I guess. I've been run in my office that Exel. As a young key is a well born in the history here from them off cellphone from then we talked to Obama last thing. My name is Laura interstellar LE RP ENT York. Al Al with race supported my follow that couldn't read or write or my mother and my grant Paul. -- was a blacksmith on plantation in. He dropped the EU in Al name is supposed to be LE RP ENT EU war will want to. And of course Obama for the love just spell it like I guess the outpost Mathis felt that. We kept we drop the UN -- LE RP Ian T Moore. Now there's many orphans around the state and it -- do you -- some open Minnesota and we'll come from Nova Scotia. But -- we've been terrible -- all come home one of twelve children raised the mine -- fallen there. We were raised their report and hop or we weren't too relaxed and with a high school and in -- -- in -- Course in the parking lot that student would drive in and -- and run a yellow limousine. Plus Monica life when you look very -- But -- a service. And got involved and -- law enforcement in the special forces united states air force. Followed a flawless was fifth and spent almost four years. Overseas in the war two with three invasion that he and in Attila the air force I came and Joan terrible parish here is offices patrolman. -- patrolman. It was a detective for about seven years uniformed command of swat team commander. Chief deputy in. Unfortunately. Share for the Tom -- rules and died in office and I'm sure you heard this name before. While I succeeded -- run foreigners -- term. And -- and in a full term in the house thank -- have been elected seven times. And of course I was out for years and 11 miles south for years that was unfortunate enough to win parish president but. As as I go around the town myself alive -- on people Pepsi you know. We -- waited a week we voted for use you know we we usually you'd want you wish you wish that we wish she'd come back as a share of so after here and all lists NC would have took place within -- all was that decided -- or from a so we yen and was elected first. Primary it was a flops than vote. So the the good lord bless me again. So. It wasn't until it wasn't so difficult it wasn't a difficult. Even -- We had to Bora that the price sheriff had a board nearly three million dollars. The year before I came back in office. Captain America we did nine million dollars. Let me yes it is a lot of it was waste that added additional employees bought additional vehicles. -- vehicles that wasn't needed and now office. We had the sale well a file in thirtieth with fountain with 3300 it was purchased for 300000. Then -- -- walls on its shall we we've sold it and -- to 160000. Public money. But within. Within a lash year of meat coming back announcement taken office. Approximately 100 people left office. And unfortunately got laid off 23. So we got on numbers -- down a little bit hard and wanna -- But so you know it's like anything else. You can't live what do feeling in the annual mine -- -- Burger King pocketbook. You have to live with the union means like everybody else. And what about the there were credit cards and -- Police cars going home that shouldn't well you know -- lot of things that I I don't wanna talk about because this possible ongoing investigation that is. And and there are some things that I think we weren't right and this and different ages is looking and it has us beat today. But I think it all on the lighting financially. And you know I'm just happy to be there and and try to get things back on track for the people I don't have to I didn't have to come back I don't have to come back. Hostility shares off of the 500 a month and dollar for a good salary. And you know I'm I'm back my salary is frozen make you would this year makes today. Animal league and paid one salary but I enjoy -- religion. I didn't -- public retirement the first time so. Again when I took over unfortunately which are frozen we have 6000 dollar deficit. But we managed to live within bombings and it was a terrible parish I look at ism. Meaning you'll split when Donald crime. But we do have crime we do have serious crime after crime -- talk about that that I'll talk more about about. Now argue within your budget hadn't paid off. Alias so everything is back to normal and cents. And a we -- it would it would which we get out the rated the first shear in the world sixty year. And we're looking good. Terrible apparently affiliates is similar to -- -- it would sell the chips and the coast where thrive. We're well -- metropolitan -- file surrounding parishes because terrible parish is -- the first with the penalty efficient initiative we have. Not only would all feel industry but also the medical industry. And also -- the idea of shopping shopping industry is just unbelievable restaurants malls. The department stores. So we're we're a magnet for many surrounding parishes that people don't wanna go to vin rouge. It doesn't wanna drop -- company knew all it's because of the traffic and maybe the crowds so I'll I'll textile sales tax is doing great. We prepare enough self right now because what we do we put on extra patrols. During the holiday seasons to make sure that we protect everybody in terrible -- as income shop. Spend money whether what is the department stores eat go to movies. Or just on the and have a good time this this world about so I think of people terrible parish. -- appreciated what we have done. On on -- -- administration and we were able to pass slopes of taxes. You know because of people and terrible parish -- in the -- when the people trust you you can get a lot of things. -- Jerry lark lender is our very special guest today and he sheriff of tear down perished. Quite a story can -- share of four point two years stepped away ran for parish president didn't win. But ultimately for years later went back to become sheriff and inherited quite a sort of a financial -- but has gotten that ironed out. And is now back on track running here. Sheriff's department. Let's talk about. If sort of painted a wonderful picture chairman parish and certainly established kind of break the people like -- from home largest. The most loving wonderful people but you live in the community where there are people there's crime. So what kind of crime are you facing. I think. We're facing pretty much -- -- -- crowned as every different their communities and countries for Mason what we've seen a spike again. -- is heroin and I think the issue we'd we'd lost probably at least nine or ten people that committed suicide grows. Heroin is a serious problem. That's in minus. Thirty push year's pro are coming back. We we have three cases and heroin that that I knew of and all three got life. And what I've seen. And I'm glad to see. Instead it's the corners around the state the district attorneys around the state and even -- -- association is now. Hopefully control bill together where these individuals who will sell on heroin. Can have harsher sentence than five years Angelo always say it the years ago. Listen we're 2013. Win that 196568. With a hippie era. We educate our children we put in -- -- program we we bring kids to shield. Parents and educating key is your educate and children the media television. But unfortunately. There's still going there's still abuse and illegal poison I call it poison. I'm hoping that the legislature could see fit to change -- herald of some of these -- charges. If in my opinion and it's only in the country more from terrible. If congress would pass laws back in the sixties above distribution. And make it more harsher. Will have a better country today with him on we wouldn't have lost so many people to prison systems. In my opinion because. Thank you view looking at a life sentence. You know I don't even think twice about doing some. And and I think now is that you have a lot of different psychologists psychiatrists you know coming at Hezbollah people -- -- But we really need to look at. The situation that. We have been educating young people. We have been educating these people but the whole -- of the dangers of drugs. And I think we need to change the word drove the distribution poison. Because I think -- a kid that's grown up their mother is not gonna give them the drones the mother's not gonna poison you child. The job I gotta go underneath you you're saying can look for adrenal or any type of both poison to drink -- take. So it's a mindset from an early age and I don't I don't know if parents are. On their -- Nike is about the dangers of drugs like David in need to you know it's all about the money -- the bottom line is -- Monica -- money. But the problem is is that. I see it though we're talking about these reality show -- The more you see how he rolls so called Iraq -- he rolls. Always basketball players football player as everybody else -- and paroles turn in their droves and you movie stars at -- drugs because. I don't think they realize that the they don't care maybe that. You know -- it done man if you do some positive for positive attention derided get attention but don't some negative and it's unfortunate. But it -- realized how it impacts of youth and society. And and and it really a shame because when I grew up we didn't have all that. People acted very professional in the -- and and in the movies and and and professional football. I never seen a debt to. Until one service but it won an air force that you couldn't have them it was an in the navy and marine bullets awareness. So today it's everybody's all professional athletes of color themselves from head to toe with -- to Russo. That means out kids need to go I didn't and we ought to be walk around in America went with tattoos from one entity other. I don't think. -- back in the day when when an appeal over which team ended ahead ten to boost. You know tattoos came in through. Year motorcycle gangs. Two par it's maybe somebody apart I don't know John defeat and -- at two -- ever read it. And history book. A related all of a sudden now people say and well it's it's it's it's it's -- about heritage and I don't thousand troops. Paula history books I have read that never had nothing about it too much and never you're never gonna arrest somebody for -- it never will and I don't have anything against it. Even though I can't tell you that I'm just mostly an attempt to with a woman and a good. And laugh but this is very enjoyable let's kind of go back a little bit to the crime than heroin is a very bad thing and it has killed. In Jefferson Parish of the numbers skyrocket just a tragedy. And it's overdoses and it's stronger than normal and everything you hear you have what are you doing as a sheriff. But in in prevention. Well I'll always love believe in prevention. Out of our resident would be you know I don't wanna a -- -- proactive and reactive. I'm always had a real strong narcotics division and terrible compared with about eighteen people went on narcotics division. The -- police has one word very closely with Tennessee police DEA. The ATF. Every other federal agency of the US customs. I have to also assigned to DEA task force than have them prior to from our retiring. We. We really do a lot so we probably in the last six months. Made wanted to biggest cases with synthetic marijuana in the country. I'll wait to see a spearheaded at work that all the way through with the help of DEA trying to Trace the money to Middle East and cut countries. We seized one point five million that we have seized right now one point five million cash. Shall we we're doing everything we can't we're our -- on industries. Talking to people talk in this CI us confidential informant we are doing everything we can't -- growth -- the terrible parish. There's no way you gonna do we talked about the purity. It is pretty much 90% come from Mexico today they can understand he -- to crops a year. Where prior to it was about 3730%. Comes from Afghanistan. And can only grew one crop year. But. You know we everybody's talking about here you show a lot to talk about the borders. You know I don't I don't know there's a way to stop it. The only way to stop it is is the demand for it if we can stop them -- and foreign yet it's again it's about money. But it is it is a shame you know we've worked closely with the with everybody in and and you know I hate to law. To have to go in and tell anybody that parents that that they've lost a loved one because of an old bills. But we would do everything not only not only do we. Make sure that we try to give people for selling drugs or. You know position growth and geo will also try to help people -- yet -- of some type of health who recaps. Aesthetic so you know. In which you gotta help yourself. Had. Tragic case and in our parish where two Brothers where seriously. Poked. On some serious drove a one on shot and killed the other one -- this year. And if you looked at -- -- and recognize them because both numbers on series -- and they age probably forty years from with the -- -- was at that time it was really. Ironic about it is that you look a lot of people tell me I wish. They're out dead dead -- fall -- was was a you know was my fault because he's a multi multi millionaire. And he's a dollar gentleman is a real good nice guy. And if that would have been my falls are thank out of -- nations in every day in an accident. What can and do -- but I did at them -- for the windows didn't have any money. You know while I was rich would love but I rather be rich -- -- of them which. Money chair -- sheriff Jerry lark Fincher is our very special guest today we're talking about crime in -- parish. Heroin being one of the big ones do you have vikings and just murders. Yes we're we're probably average in a bug. 34 murders a year. Is drug related as well most of us has been drug related and record should you know yeah other. A problem that you have is domestic violence would. Most of all -- Homicides in the last 35 years world mostly drug related. You know when you look at homeland as a whole. We we have had some serious crimes. Try not to leave the long Morales. Try not to leave you well and leaves out. If you have anything of value you know you have to put on the -- key today. It has become a problem where people steal and people addicted to grows they're gone -- the pawnshop. -- a talk to a friend a few days ago and it's unfortunate tone. It one droves but just as bad almost as bad not quite as forced the body the mind may -- and talk about gambling problem. And a young man had to gamble probably fondled 1000 miles. In profits and smarts from a from a fall that. But droves is no more problem not only terrible but it crossed the country yes if you take groves of the country you wouldn't have -- couple percent. Of crime perhaps going on. And it is really physician. It's a shame because we were talking in the commercials it right now -- on parish has very very low unemployment. So there are jobs good jobs with big companies excellent job and you can make money and oftentimes I think we here. The reason people do drugs and sell drugs is because there on the jobs and are not educated enough for job. And that doesn't seem to be the point into -- parish. I think enough her decision before I thank these people gone out and and trying to purchase narcotics. If they would work half as hauler to go get a job and keep the job to be a lot easier. Because not only you have to worry about where you get money to supply you your habit he has to keep looking over your shoulder to make sure the police is not common. And of course as we all know we will share. That head of prison system. We take these individually hand. And of course there's -- group on the edit its stated they have them with some mental problem. But but the reality is they have an addiction problem which cost the mental problem itself and news. It -- they weren't born like I don't think I don't think the majority him aboard and what -- an addiction problem. It's unfortunate that they have made bad choices in life. And the course they have to live within. But the of people that we. We did in now prison systems is just unbelievable win not only help correctional officers have to deal with but also -- medical staff. I guarantee you we -- -- more mental patients in our prison system. Then mental hospitals and his son now we have actually done in time challenge not -- guy that I can assure you that all across the country. Prisons have become the mental institutions. Which is unfair to the prisons unfair today. Patients or that that the people who need mental help us. Dissident just in my parish I told you I have approximately Peter bids. I can assure you in on his opposite number and mental problems on and if you've got a drug problem you got a little bro you know you mentioned 800 bands I think that is a large -- -- -- It is. I mean well are you getting in some state prisoners -- -- all local percentage yes yes now and most of what -- let me just say it is there are all local -- -- convicted in terrible parish. And I don't know for any other sheriff do what I do solemnly do some of the things that I do but I've done this long before. It shares and Phoenix adamant pay cuts and make an intense I would love the tournament just like -- -- I was around which all affordable and unfortunately. We in the swamps on -- won't -- but I don't think the federal courts would allow me to do that put -- attempts. But the them the most credit I have to give credit to for terrible -- criticisms to people. What -- former governor of which was secured a seven million dollars and linen -- there but it's 11. Instituted but also judge frank -- old. You live afar on now counsels. Rear ends. And and we've changed things and terrible -- -- just thought it would nominee prison Beers were released into aren't felons a marked re Cox just turn them loose. So now what we do is. The -- was gonna bill made 300 billion prison. And I convinced on the building 500. And some -- is of course now it's 650 units in prison system. Because of things you can do with the space that you have. What what would have done is that I try to keep about 200 DOC prisoners the state pays media. I'm a thing on their own share of understated his staff to parish government of contract dominate. Of the money in the parish made actually parish and spin anything on the GO. Seventh at seven main team from the state dreaming came from Texaco buyout to Mexico to perish money. Since in the parish they're paid well over ten million dollars DOC money and of course it's a partnership between him and have always -- it. If you lump. Share the wealth or or or or you know you you you you go hidden in and pool your resources together you can accomplish a lot more sort of what I do. But pretty much every entity in terrible -- -- the council an agent school board pairs of Kennedy's office. I like to share. Our resources to accomplish more but that's how we do things in terrible perish without inmates. Well over talking with not Turbo parish sheriff Jerry -- -- very interesting program -- talking about. 800. Prisoners and even more than that the 800. 200 of them are state prisoners but -- from terrible president broke the law in chair bound but it was a state law they should have gone someplace else but your housing them. And these 200 the ones that are doing all they many worked details you have. That's correct Angela. In openness with one month plans years ago that if we could get a prison. That -- can utilize all the people who convicted on state charges keep him here. And and utilized and to do some things -- told regulators -- which we work with council on Asian. Policy. 1618. Years now. We took about a thousand meals a day form. We save the Helm over fifteen million dollars to my -- this will be in donut. -- but fifty public schools in the parish would probably paint paint ritual Washington corporate or call him. At least three times is on the share of and of course solid programs for -- would cease the last four years. We've done and done public swimming pools to a week there will close -- we reopened. With sand blast of the -- that ties them in pain and all gymnasiums and parish repaint fresh horse lovers -- repression war show public. Housing we've we've recently done. Twelve story building -- done. Government towels which is seven stories home a tunnel and as a result cleaning and painting that's right we all bottom materials. But we've had nonprofit are even non profit organization would do VFW halls American legion halls. There are running lines called the lines close villain. So we do a lot actually. During hurricanes will put grave. Back in a hole and holds. Don't know if they're gonna go to right. To to home but we'll put to tombs and Andy graves who we don't know what graves are going -- because the -- awful golf and we will retrieve them but. We do that -- -- image that so we've done that terrible -- We utilized these inmates and happy to get out and when it today I'll tell anybody that's when they're out there working. They're no different than you enough. And I don't I don't put out of their individuals that I don't violent time people these individuals in the event. Few DW as a few fifth George modern narcotics charges. The limited. I don't trust in him. Because a lot of them do fall back and we drug test a lot I keep I keep adult narcotics dogs that I run and two jails. And its. That's that's what I like to do well to make sure -- these in Mason I didn't admit -- we notice there's a -- us away sometimes it gets from narcotics and will grow as they've been looking phony act like a Yo-Yo will go his protest them so you know to some things that we do we watch very closely. But don't work today due to corporate true word wee -- bit of bill in the DA's office he bought the Kirch was building. In home annex south and mall and he had a contract and it wanted to point five million and we did for 500000. If you looked -- facilities -- -- prisoners on it. It's stated or villain and it's very proud of we're very proud to help them. We do a lot of carpenter work and a within government buildings within public villains we do church we've done churches. Toledo would do a lot of things I would estimate. Since I've been share -- And out may be low balled or at least not a hundred million dollars that we save taxpayers. So that money went other places in the school system at fifty is because everybody is is looking -- at a textiles. And if we do that across America who -- utilize some of these inmates more. For the I don't had a free run life and on the argument anybody for you rod if they're all mob boss they don't have to. Push is like idea so. I think if everybody would do an American look at the prison system public and utilizes individuals. And I think we get a lot of lot of free labor and may be changed their lives because we have changed a lot of lives who went back in the -- -- -- you know he's an all field only back -- and -- just went back and got a job and then the John Carpenter become an honest honest citizen that's all we -- that you work -- your family pay taxes. It's so simple I just wanna say thank you so much Turbo and parish sheriff Jerry -- winter it's -- -- -- this is really been a thrill to get to know here. -- thank you in July Jordan hopefully one day you invited him back absolutely you to stay in touch with this and not now let's go back to the newsroom and Don --