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11-25 3:10pm Angela, Open Book with Derek Kevra

Nov 25, 2013|

OPEN BOOK with a guy who’s won the hearts of many--WWL-TV meteorologist, Derek Kevra.

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For forty years he's been part of a great team of channel four meteorologist. Derek cab for a hit rampart street and fit in immediately. His easygoing but professional style earned him respect from everyone -- channel four. But his great smile wonderful sense of humor and terrific sense of fun in -- them to the whole community. Whether explaining the intricacies of an approaching storm. Or helping American Sally learn something new in technology. Their cobra became one of our own. That's what meg saying goodbye it's a tough. Derek is going back home to Detroit where he started his profession and where his family still lives. I bet he'll leave New Orleans with more than the dog he adopted at the SP CA and some great recipes for red beans. I bet you'll take home four years of extraordinary memories and the knowledge that New Orleans will always be his second home. And I mean that from the heart thank you -- -- now you did you'd just. Day one you just fit it's like you had been born and raised on rampart street at all. I I'll tell you it's down. It's exciting to be able to go home and to be back a real Ralph Stanley and a part of that but it is really tough to leave a play and and not just -- WL which. You know is fantastic place to work but. Just the city of New Orleans. Eat it it does grab you. And pulling trying to pull away from that it was a tough decision to make it really wants. I'm sure it was an an an but the power of family yeah. And is -- your parents in your net siblings yes in nieces and nephews and yeah it's it's funny I come from big family. Big except the Stanley and it a big family itself I've got my mom and dad who were both still around which is. You know could could hit her it at three sisters. Only boy on the middle child of the three sisters -- the difference. Right and also the peacekeeper and try to make everybody happy and you know that's what -- middle children do. But all of them -- to marry one of them is engaged. And I can see them starting their family. And of everybody in my extended family their war about three of us that moved outside of Detroit everybody else is still there. So it makes it. It makes it hard when -- as the holidays and things right things and not just the big holidays but also. This is an easy get togethers like Saturday when I find out at one's going to barbecue a mom and dad's house. It's -- after awhile to be away from that -- so long -- so when the opportunity came up for it you know to take a job out there. While it's tough to leave I think it is I think it is the right choice well tournament this is that you're going back to the station -- internship where you actually started I -- -- -- it was -- -- first introduction to TV. And I remember my first date there. I down. And I was and the energy was so fun. And I remember after my first -- in turn and I came home and looked momma that's relative. And to be able to go back -- that not just home but to that station with the same people that are there that she'd be -- all actually he's a great guy. Mean he's no -- Oregon though we can't you know a car Garland -- -- a wonderful. But he's a wonderful guy to be able to go back to work with him. He's really excites him. So your little boy yes and you just love to look at the -- she liked the raindrops what was it -- for me it was us notice. It was -- because in Michigan you know that was when we. Would get off the schools some random Wednesday in the middle of the week. It was because of the snow and so whenever there was that threat of Iowa's got really excited. And I would want to not only that kind of track it myself. But also understand what was going on and so it was those snow days are really I think got me in love with weather and being down here. Now I haven't dealt with a lot of snow I think any you re acquaint myself with the idea of still forecasting. You -- then started -- in Oregon yeah so bombed the idea I went to school for meteorologists there intern at that station. And then got it. Got a degree and then to see your degree from college any college graduate -- first thought was. I have a lot of money to pay back so I need to start making -- So on I start applying and I got my first offer from Oregon is a little town -- for organ it was a nice place to Spartan. It had different weather itself we forecast for the coastline and we forecast for mountains and forecast for rallies so as good places start I learned a lot really kind of cut my teeth. There. And then after two and a half years. There's an opening here and applied for and doesn't get it I applied for and they had another candidate that they were bringing and and I was I was shocked that the the news director at the time Chris slaughter told me. Holds its rate he said he said. We've got another candidate who we really like but if you impress us who knows and I guess site and some impressive because they -- -- -- job so far. We should I'm thinking about Medford Oregon to New Orleans, Louisiana on my little culture shock yeah I mean. All of this time -- -- might point right now on twenty so I started Medford and I was 23. Was there -- 254. Moved here than for the last four years. And in your twenties New Orleans is the place you wanna be picked up. Going out lots of fun things lots of festivals and concerts and all kinds of stuff in Medford date you know I think that -- -- -- What they were friendly -- they're very I think that's very very important. But you know you just sort of jumped in and and you learn to like this town. Oh yeah and I came here. I moved here by myself I was dating a girl the time Melissa. On and she still had some college to finish up she was a little younger than me so she had had another semester but I moved here by myself at first and I thought. On well this is where I'm going to be this -- wanna be. Let's let's investigate the -- -- let's do an oral test offered site I tried my best to jumping and to the city right away and it was so great that I mean the. That's a beautiful word inviting anybody who knows me knows that I love a love story I mean I've literally gone to a wedding wasn't invited to I just love love. And Derek Kendra has a great love story and this whole segment and one of voted to pay attention known as and it it just is still moving so. Here Melissa arrives in new world. Right so the -- -- -- girlfriend Melissa she after six months of -- moving here she moves here Q. On we've been together for about three and a half years now. And back in April is here we're all kind of starts all right back in April. Her and I went to Italy is a trip that we had saved for you know losing money we -- days immediately. On. She thought. Into it's -- of the -- that was what got back she thought I was gonna propose to her when we were in Italy this is back in April. On but I told her I said that's not the plan. On it was never going to be my plan because there's a trip that we save for for awhile if I was gonna propose I'd be nervous the entire trip and out waste -- analysts. So I said. I'm sorry and he the thought that she says it's on the unity so -- that was in April fast forward now to. Saturday. The biggest Saturday to two days ago two days ago center. Melissa every other year goes to Disney with her mom and -- her parents divorced both remarried. On her much -- both of them are very loving. Her mom and step dad they go to Disney every other year with her brother. So they were going this year. She had invited me but I said I can't go because they have to work which I did it had to work on Saturday. So I told her I'm sorry. I can't go so she's like okay he disappoints you tell he says this. Actually this is funny on Friday the day before she left she goes yeah I you know I -- I am really said he can't come that's -- cute she said. I was thinking maybe. If you came you propose and I said well. Yet but I'm not so it's a so here's the trek I was I did go as planned on going to whole time. On she told me when it came to her being proposed U2 and three things she's that I want my mom to be around. Which considered a model is in North Carolina that's something -- were so she's a woman mom to be Iraq. I'm she said I want someone there to take pictures so I can so to conceal things we can have that for posterity let's take pictures of its okay. In the last one was. Her in the pictures I hope to not look. You know -- sort of look -- As most women but whether be good policy so Smart -- three things I had to work -- that's -- -- how -- -- site but. I'm going to surprise her and on her vacation to Disney but not just Disney I'm going to go to -- -- -- -- And I've got senate has all the countries. Will Italy is the country in accounts that are. So I thought I'm gonna surprise they're in Italy in a -- honesty is Easter. So I talked -- months of planning. As I'm planning this I think you know what I should do I -- -- dad -- step mom I don't know picking come but I'm gonna like them -- they not only. Can come they want account. And my parents catch wind of it and say -- we wanna come to -- now I've got all three sets of parents. All -- so now we're we're on we're at Saturday morning her flight leaves at 630. -- book a flight at least at 8 AM to power a half after her I wake up. I had everything of -- hidden in the trunk of my car. And I insist on taking her luggage outside -- out at -- delights like -- -- in the backseat and all my stuff hidden in the back. I drive for 4:45 in the morning to the -- for a drop her off. I'm trying to look as -- -- he is possible I got my glasses on like. Igniting brush my T I don't think England and not that I proper office they have final CU in a week. I swing around actually stopped I hop and -- -- some some breakfast. I had an alert on my folks and you her flight her win it's -- -- flight laughed I went. Parked my car went into New Orleans airport took off. So we both have a couple lay overs we land in Orlando I get a text from her mom in Orlando. And says hey Melissa -- flight got delayed she's still in the airport. So I'm at the airport she's at the airport to I can't see -- cannot -- -- do not want -- surprise -- -- So I weighed on the plane. I'd like the last one to get off the plane I get a text from Vermont OK she's off the plane she's out of here or picking her up something -- -- it. I called my mom and dad they come and pick via. And our probable on the airport we've got about three hours before the ball's gonna happen. I'm wasting time with my parents she is with her parents were kept me in her step -- tax eagle putt at the Euro all the details. But 5 o'clock my parents myself and her dad and step mom who she has no idea and these people -- there. We going to at -- we go to to drink somewhere. You know calm the nerves a little bit this artist I'm I'm getting all absolutely I'm nervous listening yes I'm getting nervous and worried that got here we go to Germany we get a drink. Her -- -- attacks and says we just -- walking. So they go I hear it it's not is that it's not so we get -- we go to Italy. I had. I had -- essentially stranger on. A -- I should explain why on so we go to Italy. They hide the parents all -- and there are all freaking out because they're like they're also like to take it let's say hey -- all if you listen. You'll go hide right over the OK I'm going to hide right over here with me I had brought. Never lately trip from April when he got back we made a picture book of art director I've brought that book with. So I grabbed. The book and I grabbed a stranger answer I need your help sir strangers are come with me so I said and heater up he came he it with me. The parents hiding over here they walking. The step dad. Says. OK I wanna take all of your pictures in this spot it was a spot that I previously picked out a gorgeous area right now. So he -- all of them walked to the spot he's taking their picture I held my stranger friend I -- Europe. It'll nudge -- the a year. He walks over to Melissa with our picture book and he says. Excuse me miss I think he dropped its. Oh my god and she she looked at him and said. No I didn't and he goes. Now I think you dropped it. Says she walks over to them looks at it realizes that it's her picture book art picture. And I had a group written a note that said open. So I'm in my spot Heidi I see her get the book I see her re opened she opens the book I think this is it for me. I walk out while she's looking down at the book I walked probably twelve feet in front offer. Inside the book accurate look up. And she looked up and narrow standing on. So. She sees me. And I see her and I walked I walked to her. Yeah of course -- what what are you doing here. And I thought I move would be way more composed and I was but I was not like I'm -- -- Choked up I had like something and I wanted to say that I -- it hard to get it out. Does she says again what are you doing here. And -- older like finally I got what I wanted to say I said. We've got a lot of changes coming up in our lives over these next couple months. But the one thing that I never want to change. Is you and I got -- mean. After she said yes. And then after that. We hug she puts it on. Town he had noticed that her parents were there that all the -- so they come up against she's sobbing at this point describes annoy everyone was there for her. I mean she was you know as she should be the center of attention everyone's holiday or just love an -- -- great. It was very very pleased Derek. I'm telling I have a goose bump on top of his hat that is a beautiful fought out thoughtful gift. That you will have the rest of your lines and I'm sure she still crying and then you had to turn around the next day and come home to do the news right. Yeah the weather yet if they once I was on the on doing the news last night I did that flew back early that morning and yet had to do the news. That was some big day I hadn't really thought -- -- -- troops are thought to be okay. But I really wish that I was still there because she's still there I I -- the proposed -- have a -- I -- -- which are not individually you Balkan just have all that joy and then in another week you'll be together you actually almighty so. Well we have just heard without a doubt one of the most beautiful. McConnell love story -- it's it's a thoughtful and that to me is love it yes thought thoughtfulness and thinking of the other person. And by golly you get to the nth degree. Well thank you I knew and you know when I was trying to figure out how is gonna do it. Is that this is her thing. There's about her -- make sure I get everything she wants and again she said mom there her mom was there. Pictures of it the fact is that Disney World it. -- -- -- Through no red -- that every camera -- -- I didn't tip for offering thing and down. Her being her looking -- -- usually pretty givers are because her mom when they were getting ready to go her mama's doing is trying so hard to get -- set. Can honey do you want you wanna do your hair. She's like and scampered up in a -- she's like. You sure you could maybe take classes up which contacts. Have OK and so dry it's so hard about tried so hard to get her life. You know get all dialed up I didn't care any of that beautiful to a beautiful. Everybody was there are parents had never met each other. In so that was something that was really important -- -- she wanted everybody to meet. And so just. I was trying to do everything she wanted. And I think I did. You did there at eight plus -- star and how many different ways I can tell you you did good can thank you did great and I feel like I. Was lucky one if she said yes match that if and that is all that matters -- you've also again created a memory of both of you will love for the rest of your mind. And you know and that's not put down somebody just as we -- -- and this is a beautiful memory for the whole thing right. Because little did they know that you already you know Melissa already have a child. That is a four legged and Harry -- that you got at the Louisiana SP CA room -- -- little roof so does Bruno that this is gonna happen. I try I try to tell Rio she looked disinterested as she was chewing her bone last night I did. I did by brew a -- doggy T shirt. That says she said yes on and so I'm I'm glad company now lottery when Melissa it's home -- she's still in Disney till Friday so when she comes -- shall see that but. And we love love route and we're so glad eager for an -- PCA now. We mean that was what we wanted to do when we were looking to adopt dogs who drove there -- we looked around. That was a story to we we got to SP CA on a Saturday. We want -- I was I wanted to Golden Retriever Melissa walked right to read said this is a dog that I want this is the dog we're gonna get and I said well let's look around. But -- -- is. Look and so I'm looking around Melissa didn't move you move it she's like this might I don't -- -- what else walking up in the stock so we I walk around I look at other dogs are cute. We and it inherent and he really loves both of Apollo Group is that it is -- the need to fund in Detroit yet I. Well she really small 220 pounds he's a Beagle mix of the rat carrier. And I love both of those personalities -- in the rat -- they say very loyal dogs com. But she does get cold so we'll have to viruses. -- -- sweaters a little boots and all kinds of things and don't guess we'll accept. For a little rubber boots absolutely not seen and I've actually given as gifts well for people up north and they appreciate Laura -- toll on an electric blanket and -- get after the dog. Played in Michigan laid down on -- she told me today this -- -- -- All of them are gonna mission terrible now yet -- and it's them that they are great. They are Margaret you'll -- of the best team just a great team of people think and I know how much each one of -- Helps the other yeah. And that's what you know not everybody is lucky like that right have a working relationship and not everybody can say that their coworkers are really their friends and I I would absolutely. Call Laura and -- great friends and yes I mean they're great Alexander's wonderful well I I just worked a little bit longer with Lori and Carl on but. And even with Alexander she's developing a relationship with us as well just -- right in with the group in the family is a wonderful department you know we are living through. I was caught the evolution of broadcasting. In year ten year via what have you seen ads -- some good and bad changes. It's definitely been a bigger push for online stuff whether it's -- Media because I mean even I realized when I wake up in the morning. I grabbed my phone and I checked Twitter right -- to -- look at what what happened in May happen and so as a weather team and isn't news channel what. Were trying to do WWL is put more information out. From those means. And I think the big shift is you no longer have people coming -- Years ago you know people would get home they were turn offs on they would come to us and we would -- news. Now sometimes we've got to go to them so if there are. Getting their file their information from Twitter on the phone we've got to go to them and put that information there for them to chat we can't assume they're gonna just come -- anymore. We got to do our best it. To them in with -- camera. About a happy time in his life he's making a major change professionally. Our laws that repentant for four terrific years and we -- out Yankee pitcher going back home to Detroit and yes -- big station and what your schedule which shows we do. I'll be doing weekend nights and that'll be helping to filling in Monday Tuesday and Wednesday morning to got a very long morning shows -- be contributing to that tech segments. -- going viral segments and to do that up there as well and then whether where they need me. Since this is terrific but today I watch on a morning news and there's you to. We tell you -- and selling them issue a lot. Yeah I'm gonna miss Elliot time I can't -- Eric no problem. -- young kid I love there no that isn't sure what we have not a friend from the West Bank calling Marcel. Hello. There weren't good. A quick comment that there are congratulation. Our ball. And wanna. I think -- story. Follow spot for consideration ball on mark group. And I couldn't agree with you more beautiful. They give ourselves very very kind of you say the hallmark. Thank you thank you -- call. Okay let's talk I'm looking out the window here it is Graham yeah we got some bad weather heading our way it's already here. It started to push this way the heaviest rains probably going to be later this evening and overnight and tomorrow morning. But I think the bigger story is that may be some sleet -- the lake it's possible to see some sleep that would be. On Tuesday night into Wednesday morning for areas on the North Shore but probably closer to the Louisiana Mississippi State line. His chance a chance and then Thursday. Thanksgiving will just be -- Yeah it'll be clearer on the federal -- probably quite -- sunshine but highs will be like 51. You know it's gonna feel like the forties all day. It's just like my own personal thanks to get into whether that's a this is what I may just call you periodically yes even gimme the Detroit. Yeah that's well -- you call me people out annually very confused. But you can call me anytime I have to ask them what Egan -- -- about this. The other thing about that a lot I think down I think the answer is pretty obvious -- -- -- is the people are really well when I first moved here on. My neighbor I moved here December 9 2011 so right before Christmas my neighbor came over and set the day and moved it. I don't know what you do for Christmas they welcome to come to my house and never met this person say that home. That I can't I go to WWL and a producer over their Sophia -- still there are wonderful sheet to the same thing she says hey our -- from parents that now. On -- Alito for Christmas this I mean I gotta work the morning show she so he can't compromise perhaps. And it was I mean it wasn't it wasn't two weeks I was here. On until I realized right away that the people here are amazing and that's not to say midwest people are are not but. There really is something about New Orleans and the people of New Orleans where they take you in the embrace you and make you stand and they treat you like family. And they got your back in the going to be there for area. -- that. Well is on set in my intro this can be yourself and how. This isn't the end of anything this -- -- moving on to something that we're still here right they have things called airplanes. That I can come visit whenever I want. That is you can look at the radar and looked down -- -- and say -- look like is good in New Orleans and win during tropical season will tax Carl and I will say. Good luck. I'm not doing -- But you know I would imagine as a meteorologist the challenge of the the weather here hadn't been fascinate you. Oh yeah it's I mean it really is one of those things where on a professional level. I'm being in the spotlight New Orleans and and even been up in Detroit for snowstorms and things like that that is something where you know you never walked one you never wish him for one. But on a professional level you're saying like I really I can appreciate that and I understand the power of that it's my job to forecasting -- to tell the people. How to respond to. And I always have that are seriously -- really -- Well let me tell you having worked a hurricane with you you are phenomenal. Not and we can laugh and joke and we do and that is great Boeing gets down to the serious business that's what you knew and there was such confidence in and everything you did everybody believed everything you were saying with a -- about the people you work with as well as the public well thank you very very good I just wanna think their camp for more than you know. For sharing that gorgeous love story I wish you all the things -- and much much happiness thank you. And that -- carry on I'm gonna miss the city but I love this city and I'll be back here and I'll. Because god made airplanes.