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11-25 4:10pm Second Guess with the Cannon

Nov 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another -- -- this second guess your goal. Mike can figure Bobby -- with a lot of -- -- -- -- -- casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi. In the area pummel binds -- -- -- be careful on the road this kind of -- out there tonight they'll all be rainy solo. If -- on the road Macias here -- Hancock on the Mississippi be careful we can be talking about the Saints Falcons LSU Texas the NL. If that was the shocker not that -- you've scored all the points. But that they they'll. With scored 71. Points in back to back games against Alabama. Has totaled 39. But it's LSU back to back years unbelievable job they did a lot of events have you got to get John -- with a lot of. I had a couple on that they were coming into the game averaging almost 50 points that morning and -- -- -- points some and then they get hit point though you got to give coach Davis. Analogies because that realistically. That you -- we had said this didn't. And it theory it's always do we got a great quarterback who you face -- -- what's the best defense that gets a great off between you keep it on the sidelines. All you have to look at as the time of possession. I read out what we had the ball for forty minutes that -- nineteenth settlement. That's the bottom line is overall of eligibility. With a pulled to do. I mean they ran the ball. Look -- seventeen yards with 344 rushing yards that that's that does that even became a state dominant -- that's like ridiculous. I mean and if we knew hate him the -- wasn't very good we did know was that. The bat well -- -- that matter at least they're running back by committee that they all had our parents we need Jeremy dale Alfred blue -- or do whatever. They all contributed and that you look parents began a career high on thirteen carries within a 149 yards though. Did just that dominant performance by -- to. And died and I I thought we had that he fits this dummy offense this year considering. What I'll look at what we scored how we played against charger you don't weed out defense to -- so what like this and he played at Georgia Ole miss. Now I Alabama. The debate is got worn out but I mean those two games if the people it would have played against larger and over it like it did if they they'll we win those games. You what you look you didn't win football team today yeah would've been nick asked who wanna tell everybody next week. Because of the -- Monday night game Bob May not be doing this Tuesday night here at -- so -- slip up and tonight. A programming note at 630 tonight it'll be the Saints go to shown this -- radio network would head coach Sean Payton. -- -- I -- -- just took the net go to linebackers coach Joseph B it always entertaining don't -- Sean Payton tonight. On the Saints coaches show and at 730 you'll have a choice you can listen to Monday Night Football right here in a big 878 evidently LAL. The San Francisco bought it on his way to Washington Redskins and put those people tonight you become a Redskins fan accountable and I you moment put applauded on us. I know wanting out in Arizona they got a lot of I'll put -- a Redskins fans that they're real quick -- the about the way Arizona has got back into the playoff pitcher are. You can listen to the New Orleans pelicans and San Antonio Spurs on -- -- Q1 05 point three. -- -- -- Bought the new wallets pelicans and tiger fans also they can talk a -- basketball. With coach Johnny Jones tonight. At 7 PM on three WL thirteen good. Bob won at things I'll bring up before talk website and if you put a three on the Jersey apparent McKee that -- look like Kevin Faulk. Yeah yeah they -- -- -- run. At the same kind of mannerisms in the same sort of running style we saw what Kevin Faulk came on out. A Gaby and it goes in at LSU and really shadows all the rushing records that were there. Not a small but Ron. Got some speed got an extra -- out space and he runs hard between the tackles and we all -- -- -- -- -- hill show but man has beaten stole the show. Right you know Mike you know what's gonna -- well for him to and you know this. That the enhance that even I don't know that elegy utilize this way like maybe the NFL might have given the opportunity as a pass receiver and running back. So they they contemplating moving him you know receiver slot that so you don't have those abilities and he's still a quarterback yet but that -- -- via another feather in his cap would you be trying to make it. On the next level. But -- -- you to bring up at the Falcons -- mean and I think Mike hill's agent that we played them. But does that. The bottom line if the Saints have been dominant against Atlanta I don't care you know how they would double at the last year I'm just looking on the Sean Payton. It Drew Brees what's occurred. They've played sixty times and fifth at the Saints have won thirteen out of sixteen people now -- swept out the -- with -- 83 consecutive went. And he's shown in shorts well when two. And they -- the sort of counted yet at and that thing goes to show you. That when you repeat. And they showed how dominant the Falcons have been in the article you looked at 2008 only the Patriots at the Ravens. Had a better home record in the Falcons but you look at their losses they have eleven losses in that -- to -- what happened all the -- over the -- That is the Saints have not been intimidated had their numbers at Georgia Dome and I looked at this when you watch the game. Now it doesn't happen at Seattle he can almost guarantee a win and -- Sean Payton when the Saints have committed zero turnovers they're point three you know. We did -- ball we don't lose point three you know that you look at our scoring -- dollar Rob Ryan we're now 46 and three. When bailout what are your viewpoint. -- a -- don't let Seattle had -- over what a point that unlike couch at this. That's well liked working with you -- you set me up real well with this. You know one of the things this year is flashy Cuba 56 touchdowns. -- you've given up when he won but just think about that. You're eleven games into the season you've only given up 11 touchdown since I mean nobody even the biggest things. And in the world would be middle of the pack. Now we go opera five or six we got a top five offense and defense I mean did that that's why I mean we're not doing it with will QB are we getting it done on the few we're home now Rob Ryan yet -- the -- No we have one animals dominant defense we -- -- -- we get that I hope they get about 4243 sacks right now we have 37. All the expected it to blow your mind that's why I bought an open if you wanna call it you lit obviously we've done that dog but. That game and it is so important we can win enough that. The Seahawks on Monday night in. And I think we could you know coach made instead of kinda UPS we went all of a sudden. The reputation. This they thought Pierre don't keep -- don't team now and -- did lots that would not so fast you know why a lot of times people don't think -- good on the road. -- because the playoffs but the regular season. The regular season -- his 2006. All -- the Patriots got a better road record than us at fifth 2009 at the faith hurdle ordered NFL on the road. -- -- -- -- -- right now who went to the Jets and we lost in the yard but I'll talk about the whole week the -- -- statement good road team it's because like Mike would say it. Wouldn't hit a playoff losses if you look right now. We're just wanted three on the road in the playoffs and Sean Payton we all know what happened the -- with the Chicago. You know the NFC championship game back at 2006. It beat you look what happened. That but if that this and I say this that the Seahawks they were seven and nine -- we lost to him up there. If we lost the 49ers obviously 2012. The only thing I've dogmatic and -- Chicago well -- when you're trying to get established. But I thank you know what the -- we went to all Leavitt who played at the ultimate well that was December fiscal not fit as better offense score enough points think about that. In the second quarter had Seattle at a good point lead. But it can't believe they don't lose that game a Marshawn Lynch ran all over. That's who got to stop you got a big Russell Wilson at the U that you look at the 49ers V I seventeen point to the second quarter. Who twice. But the five minutes of the game you take the lead you still lose public. And at I've never seen that game like that don't like -- to -- but if you have heart trouble. And if they're by watching that game it's time in the playoffs you think you want why is it and you love. We lose that game but that's -- tell what you we're different animal when they say all the faith -- no -- different animal you have could solve the -- is -- What are things who is the most sacks this team has had in the Philippines there's 38. There wanna -- out that now out and hit the crazy thing. When you started the season use that -- Seattle's got to really pressure defense and guess what they got 33 quarterbacks that this -- -- formal quarterback sacks. In this Seahawks I mean. Nomar at a high you caught it and I know everybody says well you can't measure up front four but that's sacks that's a bunch of BS because those sacks -- still a lot of pressures to. I'm just telling you that that is such a big difference in this it would. He had this sacks and the pressures that that shows the level we're playing at and I'll tell you he's deservedly so I think he's. He's getting more more recognition you look at cam Jordan. We said -- he's been definitely gotten better the lives -- -- -- -- top to bottom because he's not a bad defense can't -- nine halves sacks. You look at -- a global player I think eventually he will be all pro. Now I'll tell you what it came hicks like the last couple weeks a team hit Willingham jarred. We need them to play gets down like you get against the Falcons. It into it thinking hey they can't guard play they get the feel like -- felt that until we got a great chance to stop them. That they're truly stop them and keep them in the team that he -- really point our run that now that they get you know I -- it's it's a watch that you think injuries. I'm still -- by Corey white. Jabari Greer you know with kind of got to pull up there. It's got to Margaret going to be -- -- kind of 5050 out knows all this the U with Miguel. That they'll want to write like there's been Beckett says that. In a state uniform a lot of pressure on Corey white. Corey white need to step up but Mike you gotta see this I heard this about three hours ago the other authorities starting quarterback. But at Seahawks got to fit it. Out of board games this bitch that they're nickel cornerback depth on me let that -- always trying to attack that we just like. So I can't be -- when it's like they know where it would look the guy -- in his police. It that you look at it's all about -- and also beat him in person who Marvin back now I guess not that I didn't want to put them different make amends. Just look up out of the Vikings and it's upwards to harp on it. And he's been hurt and like you whether it was the Mike Green had it wasn't dealing with hamstrings so. Don't know personally Hartman you wanna make -- -- -- point -- -- -- the Harvard Marshawn Lynch pat Marshall on the 7080 yard run -- particular make them earn their points and I think will be great shape and obviously. It'll be even or a plus one and a turnover. -- when we come back I'll give you some stats on Seattle's thirteen game. Home streak winning it is unbelievable how they basically tsunami every football team to play there but a couple today's definitely -- ready catwalk that you pull -- -- -- Arkansas this Friday. It would end up with a 93 regular season record. Tiger fans would you consider that a great season a good season. Or poor season I think good you can cast your vote at evidently L dot com Mike review Bob I think -- went to what an opportunity with a bowl win to get -- -- That's one hell of a season after which you lost to the NFL -- You know over and I of their when people even speculating you follow LSU was today probably was -- is that not what they and I take this with. Yeah 88 level we everything that we homers now we're thinking about nine wins then we -- gonna say accept anything less but I thought it went to be a great season. And that could have occurred if it you don't lose to Ole miss. You know an upheaval with the old -- -- becoming program but realistically. That LSU had an off game. What what all those injuries will miss that yeah that that to me was the other part of it loose and all this was when things and that that Ole miss team that would really be up. Oh wasn't nothing. Now what I'm headed to defeat this week -- if you -- you -- the SEC. Missouri gets Texas made him. The few -- football at Johnny -- -- -- -- -- with nor has the win. But that the way Dallas yeah Alabama out or -- look at their backs are you looking FC championship it would if you beat a B Missouri just thought Carolina against Auburn Alabama definitely -- -- -- In a significant for that. After watching that secondary play against LSU I don't know how to get a matchup against those who beat receivers that Missouri got. Talking about how dominant the Al has been that won thirteen straight games at home. The last time they lost at Seattle was December 24 111 they lost 1917. To the San Francisco 49ers. That won thirteen straight games since that at home. In those thirteen games they've outscored their opponents. Four -- five. The 172. 4 o'clock to 172 and only two teams. You bring up 21 points only two teams scored more than twenty points on them in that. Thirteen game streak the Patriots last year scored 23. And -- -- I haven't they would go -- -- you went one up and -- Seattle came back -- when you think yeah for a spot once evident to those dominant and that that that's been out on the bottom line is is that -- not gonna say the Seahawks thought could just not true. You don't hit -- good at Seahawks at greater work great so who's better. And are I truly think you need I you don't play ten games but I think you played the majority he is Seattle the two -- late in the joint meeting that you all we -- win. It just so happens. That's what we don't let it go back there in January so we have to win this game and money to get him -- -- don't I'll come January. But you know like say look without -- to feel -- -- at home but I'll look at this year going that it 49ers game. But look at the margin of victory. Look at our whole game that you are going to attempt to go instill with this similar will we were outscored opponents by three touchdowns -- and any of it basically it would have. It was thirty like thirties 35. To fix the you know margin of victory. Come on that that we -- -- born in the team that we scored over thirty now that that that dominant in the NFL. Gotta think who is. What gives this -- always a slight chance on the road from Marreese -- I think -- you have the etiquette what Novak what you want and about Russell Wilson. And I think he's a good football player these young guys still letting me go through you have got Drew Brees. Yeah what do you elite players in this game and a very improved defense. That can match up with Seattle -- that way you don't have an advantage is in the running game yet let's Marshawn Lynch gives them an advantage there. Yeah I thought -- not a guy that's like saying we need. You know cameras aren't teammates to step but. The Seahawks the -- -- line at being depleted we haven't had no continuity that we got a win in the trenches. Not you look at Russell Wilson I'm telling you he's more. -- that right now and innately knew the right thing with him -- not let him be the all freaked out like Ortiz -- realize these young quarterback they've managed it. He's basically manage in the game and a team. Because he thought a great team. The got a great defense they can run the ball now person article that I have more weather a factor but it you don't laugh -- -- and I know. His coach is putting -- into position to -- -- -- spent you'll be familiar with it but you -- rough but will that quarterback coaches. Carlson bit. From Jim Barr and I'm telling you -- -- Pete Carroll are like this feel like buddy buddy with. Carl was -- Pete Carroll USC would Matt line all the there. And -- talented but they play the percentages. I'm not saying that I -- if they can't look a lot of games but they haven't Russell Wilson do it that they played the percentage to have success. And the bottom line is look a rough the both of them America compared to who come on. It's not even in the same ballpark was the bottom line winning. Or are you winning quarterback are. Like oh man -- he threw almost more yards against what he laws are what about a week with a 25 and -- won on its common sense. And that's what they do -- Russell Wilson. Bob when -- see that opens play it's just like what you -- because the same god you don't run around like what Wilson did yes this exact same offense they will pound the rock. Brutish short intermediate pass and it hits every once in awhile peep gonna go to pick out of that city big dog and how to without him might. -- -- and -- and get a boat. Back to be done. Think -- but it. Helped a lot. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And emotional Saluki is an element of undermined their most the other night were always thankful went students. Who's struggled the entire a year finally you know it is a polite Utley went on and and -- experienced -- all understand that -- this week and beat Dallas got a football. I mean that was you know if it was on it was on what the defense these young guys who obviously -- -- was struggling with the -- them and they probably get consistent in the with the ability and it was great opportunity happened a week earlier I -- that. Did do it against you know the god and everybody has simply anointed as the next -- pro what are your hand. That I would very gratifying and in Panama to the -- Line and Corey and a Cotton Bowl victory after that under the radar a great season Perella. Yeah you get if it landed and and considering you know I mean obviously. You look at story lines I don't know what's gonna happen Oklahoma State bit. LSU Oklahoma State coach miles -- all the while Villa RB a look at sitting with they've been ranked in I just going to play Texas. There's come on for the BB Texas Texas is -- the -- programs up and Oklahoma State programs that would. Be a good feather in the cap on no one got it comes here regularly would like that Oklahoma State matchup. We have -- a -- -- his name and mascot that's the. But that's what kind of yeah -- -- -- that and I didn't. That equipment but let's talk about the play. You know a lot of people who weren't were opining idea of the game I look a little bit off and of course I'm -- only gonna sport days' rest after a brutal game or united. Once again like I got to tip my cap or Payton who obviously. -- did just enough to win the game on Thursday night and keep Atlanta are now he has and a ten -- going into the pre game on Monday night against Seattle. It's a monster game I mean every -- -- the -- -- -- gotten progressively higher -- car has become took a deep and now. You know like candlelight -- I'll -- now or prepare being flexed to do Monday night game on the -- the number. Public and -- up there that as well working and in the background they -- -- of playoffs but much more -- football team as well playing well. But you know and trap game playing out there. Our big part of that absolutely. Prepare him -- Perfectly -- on the going to be a problem but they're going to get to that point and -- going to be compared to cook and while lamp quote and or you're not -- -- been brought up before but what about the Cowboys Giants game yesterday. And they play out on the screen former on the back appeared expecting a major went warm on the weekend of the group of people know. -- like to know who wouldn't it Olivia felt side is that a more evidence that he what I was told stadium is a good place to play a couple. Well I don't know I don't know if you are it's got -- you are are the only reason that's very NFL had water. They've built a new stadium for the Jets and the Giants. And utilities the kind of promise you. You know a game now idiot -- -- -- -- no but if you are. And with I hope that the weather's. Terrible if this thing started making the faith in the game nights and don't open the almanac is wrong yeah -- you know I think I heard that it's going to be challenge. That you know to get all these corporate people in and out the city. That even have a backup plan that thinking might not necessarily feel -- -- Sunday. That it will be dictated by the way because they don't want. Anywhere but that could be stuck in New -- an airport to close that -- to have a party now Wendell. Not that that makes sense that we feel like it's doable accuse me -- a political weather thoughts and I'll tell you can't get in or out. We might all of -- he would then this thing started and I hope the weather's so bad beat Neville what happened in the -- it. Militaristic so that doesn't make any sense. -- add value pushing the Super Bowl back -- -- in quality you're sort of speak of -- the February much what you get out those well at Dave's done. It makes -- legal system -- Bobby get a rot on ahead you know what's New York they want to pick sitting tight situation they want it. The new stadium got it got to have the spotlight on you thought well guess what you also picked up bat more of that. You pick the welcome our it would definitely not going to be the best in over night -- Look all the events during the week I mean if what you want he's stuck in a hotel don't I mean that you like -- -- like we ought to come on everybody knows fooling around it. Even when it's cold plus that Green Bay when date down here -- -- -- -- are that. And I think they go visit the off the weather for us and we think him and his goal like giving you can't build it a little bit you feel like this weapons often. Apparently we David you've been listed -- -- what's gonna come about. You know with the game in the yard but this that we got a great care of good data by the end of -- to be in the game so lob. I was -- get more run out of this night C you know -- kind of hope for the -- -- -- we -- it you know we. We definitely want to keep it to where we least we could throw the ball -- be that it blows the and you have to build palpable even include recognition that. We saw last night Manning didn't do well once that -- written him a pretty good in the third walk. And down late in the Vietnam right now does not I don't know what little -- step and help as -- point that -- -- the one thing. Let on the -- them tell you players just have a psychological advantage. That swagger. What do we have prime time what do we like eleven and no it volatile now if prime time when everybody it's like today at night. So is that it night game with Seattle but why should we -- at the bit about that we've been able to handle I'll benefit prime time until we got. But Sunday night game with Carolina at eighteen to Sunday night. Listed I like that night gave who could we come out. The freaks come out at night the players don't think I undefeated. I can with the player back home that night. Yeah but it's not the and a reason written data but it's an upbeat about it and -- -- at Mississippi. Bobby got a special -- they've -- -- -- -- happy birthday -- -- that Harold Shelley he turned 91. Today and movement and Kate Peters high school. -- regularly read this the right. Ladies -- eleven legend. You know always coveted Schobel over 45 straight years. I mean I don't know of anyone got that living racquet right now but he told me. Then he was part of this that that green is one of the original four starting with the very first thing eighth game. And they'll want filled and he's been doing good and I youth you know that's the originals that group that is that Harold Shelley. And -- he's he's been. A special yes the media net and and every time I talked on the got so much memorabilia. In denial all the talk old war stories the locker gradually as the Harold Shelley and happy birthday and at night when you're that they. Have a -- and missed the -- appreciate you have a guy. We've got to go to -- you brought by the volume the huddle with Robin Wright. And I. Told her I'll take my Kolb thank you say. -- you out. Of my one concern that ball. Want to -- about the game you know that Seattle. We wouldn't call was thirteen to leave it to. You play him -- -- -- and against the Patriot good thing that concerns me is that the at all. Is who looking to -- type. -- Cornerback and its own that market and I have Morton until lineup would build -- You -- that was the exact same comments about denial what talk about what -- shields thought it if not out of concern all the receivers downfield and get separation. It's the best secondary pro football. With with Richard chairman Brandon Bravo Earl Thomas -- Texas yeah I mean he's got it could be you know I -- version of that read you what it -- at free -- Camp camp was an outstanding strong safety. Well when he is another good thing they came out -- University of Texas hit it and the insecure to put our list indicated the -- they might be advanced but you'll fake -- Considering coming out of Texas in the NFL right now. By you voice your concern is my concern him what -- past that happened that you got at least try to run the football you look at teams. That have had success against Seattle the have been patient run the football programs almost all the game probably ran Tampa they ran the football with Mike James. Zach Stacy ran against -- with the -- you gotta be patient. Because if you keep -- the ball downfield those defensive backs can make plays on zone this offense is balanced enough. Get Darren -- helped me. And hit getting hit would -- Pierre Thomas because that's secondary is gonna make some plays. And they're gonna attack group right he's gonna have to show. Published -- -- he got the backbone because they're gonna go after him not about the time at the time we get it's -- -- Ed -- line you always used to tell me is. Got a lot of players who athletically complete NFL defensive back. But what is -- -- They don't care where you went to high school where you went to college which he -- every week that talent and you got to show up each week it -- If they attack you. We'll become greater price and that's what course got a note. Yet at like along the lines -- like listening intentionally in the Seahawks -- Wear this -- You don't want to be the weak link and Russell wasn't -- lefties so you don't wanna get off this most are if you corn -- And to show it is different now -- heavy on the few UR's part of what you Nicholas starting quarterback but it yards starting cornerback. If you looked up pro football focus from week five the week eleven I hit a quarter white played a 161. Net. And the eighties the rent it on those snaps only 65 yards. On nine catches and he was targeted ninety times. Now if you look that but then. That top -- allow production in one game against the Falcons. If you look at he surrendered 96 yards on eight catches. Primarily at the rookie Darius Johnson has been used. Win -- getting us 67 yards and -- six catches but the one thing he got better in the second half compared to their first -- But that they don't know where that. Phil according white just about that a challenge in when the galactic targeted just make it played it like it's exactly and then. In -- -- and ultimately getting interception. All of -- sudden you think you'll position hidden yardage you're plus ones though and McQuistan can't pressure a great opportunity record -- white and you know they. You know he's the next man up and Lotta responsibility you wanna make play it -- it will make plays and -- -- DP to -- that. By you what thanks for the call we appreciate you have a lot more young to second guess your right after this break him negates.