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11-25 5:10pm Second Guess Show

Nov 25, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk to Seattle Seahawks Sideline Reporter Jen Mueller to talk about the Saints upcoming match against the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the second guess you'll like it that your body -- because that was the casino beach side in Hancock county Mississippi normal -- businesses in the area in be careful of rules tonight rating. Slop the level of the rule but that he won -- more bouncy is this the -- the people look at the Monday night contest. We just San Francisco for a novice at the Washington Redskins in you can hear that game right here on the big 878 get done they'll. -- and if you want to got a choice tonight you can listen to that your -- pelicans. They played a San Antonio Spurs on their flagship station 105 point 37 to BOF now. And what type of fans if you wanna talk Belichick basketball with coach Johnny tells -- -- -- field three FEL thirteen fifty. Programming -- 630 at night. Saints coaches show what this like radio network. With head coach Sean Payton and assistant head coach linebackers coach Joseph bit. Today is -- WL ready -- war opinion poll if LSU beat Arkansas. This Friday they -- itself would -- not having three regular season record. My opinions and you consider that a great season good season or poor season. You can walk on you cast your vote and it definitely felt that -- again great good all 493. Regular season but LSU Tigers. We're gonna go to Kevin in Denham springs Kevin before you get on a one announcement Eric you run becomes the first major. Junior announced that he just vomit out early we'll see what he fourteen NFL draft. Mike stop hiding and what that's what it fourteen NFL draft he'll be up late teens early pick. Get a chance to watch North Carolina he's well worth the watch Erik LeBron. Announces early that he's coming out for the NFL draft Kevin you know how to with Bob and Mike. There yet another good weekend. I think people were like double hitters are really appreciate. It. I'm actually going to be well and it definitely tonight he could not I'm through with pitches in the thing that I keep winning keep Wear him. The -- killer. Don't know that people act like what you don't -- if you know we played the Lorena has got a complex figures here. -- the Saints won and at that and it and Dominique he went award Thursday night football Cowboys hater. It's normal Wear it in in the field Cowboys hater and I mean you know they want the Cowboys to beat the -- I'll -- New -- okay. The Giants in the cowboys' new one they gave me that the with Detroit and I know Troy Aikman and thank you want the Cowboys and Giants to be so relevant. And I think they're not relevant. But did not in the same league and as the things you look at the NFC east whoever's gonna win that by default. It got to go who truly wants to win I I don't like I'm here in. -- -- even tunnel with not only a -- Giants are the Cowboys hold that the movement that. Heaven help with your best that's Seattle believe in the majors in the Cowboys and Giants and yeah -- baseball that I bottom line up like you've got to look at. Right now yeah. The -- -- from Mike. Nolan -- you normally who. And under more likely to declare for the draft Alou back and -- you all like what are what are the one. Back in the lose and -- going to be. Overcome again don't cute and roll -- What. You thought about an acute in the outcome and they'll do well well so well. Okay have and I'll say that I'd be shocked if you go for a -- and Jeremy he'll come back I'd be absolutely shocked that that goes to a goalless. I -- -- they'll Falcons mother -- -- -- dominant she's only Mike if we get a first round pick grades going to be artful they'll put them back. He's gonna get a first round pick grade I think he's now I think Jarvis Landry coming out. The only question would be -- Collins at left tackle. And Anthony Johnson now all I know is that eight offensive linemen in round one last year. -- Leo Collins he's the guy that I think he ends up being a late first early second round pick. Anthony Johnson at the -- to disappoint -- hasn't been that guy but because that's such -- -- -- -- defense that tackles. I would be surprised he ends up being in the top seventy but it now more. Sixties and seventies being -- uproar from -- -- who we thought before the season. But they have the impression that appeal alternates were I think that's a strong possibility. You're gonna lose all that well he office Jeremy hill Leo Collins an eagle in the middle. So that's that is part of being a good program Jimmie Johnson over this years ago and things -- -- would do it -- what the program. Would -- attract players that you'll never get because you are real good program and secondly you go lose a lot of -- to -- well. Well and now look at LSU in Duluth and move them back exactly like you talk about my. That I think has the consistency. You know if that meant Burton became the first quarterback you know what when -- 500 yards. You look we need achievement. -- all the quarterback that's who works now but right now. They can at LSU wins nine games. Next year that's a great season in the regular if you like unbelievable. But a big goal knotted at three in the regular season I think -- the back -- -- back into the count on that much it to fifty. That day it if it they win. Night games I think -- the great season. Up that they can be hot -- if I didn't. Evident five if they don't win at least seven games in -- -- except I don't care how you rebuilding a month inexperienced. But I but I think like this year I thought if they went eight gave great season regular season. And I think it when night games that you -- season considering. I mean I don't know what the quarterback position is the focal point in major college football are the NFL. I mean you have to play at a high level that -- -- -- played at a high level now you might fit Ole miss game this and that but overall is looking at. Passes -- passes passer efficiency rating and where -- berg was. I'm among the best in the nation not to. FEC. That thing like evidence does it look at next year's SEC. Johnny men now want to be NFL if you McCarron who want to Ian bell who you -- and how nervous. -- rushed off onto the National Football League so I mean you've got a lot of guys. That aren't going to be playing it at that critical possessions still eligible to be like just what a lot of other MLS US EC. A couple of that you look at Florida what Pittsburgh Holyfield in 1979. -- the -- and meant -- is we'll let him keep his job I don't know he's on the that is -- -- targets. I mean although it's a good one double -- program I think -- move an -- I think a couple of to have the open up and I think I like it joke. But the big thing with the Saints next you'll be the evaluation not wrong on -- what happens there. That would dictate what you gonna do free agency draft wise you know you need to get help but tackling guard I think eventually -- will be -- will be moved citizen spot. You -- a replacement a bit down the world book. Brian -- went today but I think. Guard tackle is so -- look part of that of the evaluation of arms that wide receiver. That is going to be another area that you're gonna have to upgrade with another early round picks -- offensive line. Wide receiver and Ewing never got enough cornerbacks this football team can be rest assured -- -- seen -- now. And -- especially well probably at the cornerback position you have to him I think -- -- at all of the bus. If they're angry was drafted rob Patrick Robinson. No I mean even if Pat Robertson was helping with -- and it's become but it always to partners are now the -- -- rather than waiting in the wings. The bullet that Bryant lives here who would have a -- -- -- fifty yards catch it against you -- let him back indicating but no quarterback right now. That that if -- it and that's the that what's -- come about now a guy that though over achiever and I think that that he was undrafted. Oh with a kid and he got long arms kind of like -- it was the moment -- -- rod sweeting on its architect. Now I now it all out there you know be as active when he was he was there -- -- but but I think it is the all the that I couldn't quite get burn it throw rocks leading up there. Who you think they gonna throw out that next to grow like they can go out there -- would you young. You -- -- get tested and and you step up and get it done a lot of yeah like Mike's that you never have. I haven't covered up on a -- -- at -- Not the way the games played today Kevin so offensive line certainly and married -- -- -- receiver cornerback but I think the big. Question mark will be the coaching evaluation of the long barrel on that because if you that you can be enough left tackle. Then that'll be one -- you can feel it is a major cause a concern because you can see now which tells brownies with pretty good. Over and it and that the witness Backstreet contract. That is. We've talked about across the board and I think the pro bowler in this audience vaccine has played his daddy is. And in. All the and you know they -- NFL teams are you aware of what's actually doing that then you know supply -- demand eagle out there and you market itself. And -- -- it might be like illegal apiece actually we can't everybody. I mean I probably logged a mind would try car on the cycle on and on time ago when. Yet -- that don't happen. Well listen I've kept up their attacks on pretty good news pieces like because -- got to. All of those people that their wedding dresses. Exactly black with a couple of weeks ago I'm helped put out there and thanks a lot young -- I think all. Well -- -- I don't think against Europe with creativity. And welcome back and it's recognition over feedback that the line's -- you know -- -- -- on -- -- Ran -- pick Greg what you got. Eight or or -- think about the last guy -- Carolina Miami senior leader the New York. Panel thing. On the wing Cam Newton got you laughing at you at all both. On and I'll -- -- -- Ramos of Dallas that floppy feet in the game but that you is that he was not actually holt -- but after quarterbacks do and they gonna call that. But I thought you gonna bring up -- -- -- and I'm all for him and that's the Mike Wallace. -- -- -- -- -- you like get the ball the beginning of the year you get you get paid what Marty doing guarantee that dad should you go from the field with the Miami. You got to make them play at the end. I -- -- -- -- change direction but that ball was right there in all of -- night that you love that Carolina. I mean god I can't defeat coming I was like I'll let you know. I forgot what I haven't watched that game and the ball -- in the kicking a field will cement they need to get it back down there is something that's gonna come back -- -- down to the wire. But you know the bottom line is that we got to take air balled him how can you how I had he went -- watch in the -- and the Seahawks. At saint political hot at the Rams lose that game. It at that all the stuff that they've that they've done but what they want to you know I'm with product I think anybody else -- -- we got to take care of. Greg isn't ready to look -- alive for a long look no don't ever have a bad team win volume and yes I think. Almost Saints fans they were trying to have a Miami -- not thought -- -- bad but Dave Miller the road at best trying to win the game. And they just couldn't put Carolina away when. And almost gave them every opportunity to do so. I hope can't you then plays like he did against Miami Q you had a really good because you don't win meant. I look Oliver's playing. Going after the Miami game -- kind of started the Carter. And understanding the concept compliment I have a great defense we can run the ball and make it Malays. Handful of plays down the stretch and all that. But I they -- they gave -- I hope replays like he did that if Miami gets to think that -- win. Well like you don't think about. Name and ULLYO. Anderson that would bring a huge crowd to the city I know one thing man don't -- 30000 people what you well. And I'll tell you what it would've been the toughest it'd be the toughest game. Our toughest football team might plays all season long -- This you bell -- yet he is really good they can put points on the board they got a three headed monster in the back -- you at broadway's a damn good quarterback. That would be one exciting football game but the latest -- and now they're gonna have to score. And you don't defense is pretty solid I -- did not a great defense but they are solid but they can put up points so quickly on you I think you would you have great outing. Great -- for the city simple procedure to get his -- been half right but what you well Lafayette. Man they're gonna get -- ten win season and that is really a great accomplishment with more putts -- done that you well. Like you look at that support with the ladies you all -- -- out the following. I mean phils -- All of a sudden you look and I mean at the optimism of Tulane football it in the -- team in. Point that you stadium. I -- to be that would be a natural. That's fours. You know Miami moneymaker. People commitment from Lafayette and all of us. The -- TK is supportive and obviously it is too late supporters. Excited that they're finally in a bull. And you know back -- special season so I think he'd be great video. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean he's the most underrated football Leo please college football the museum in just a sophomore to repeat gobble lenient and fell one -- they're -- who thinks they played safety for them. They've got a tremendous secondary. But you've got to watch -- boss is a big time player. The best defense of -- too -- since Eric Obama's use a second round pick back in 1987 that's a political football player years. We appreciate picked off Greg we'll have a lot more here on the second guess show right after just use brake -- On game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We join him on the second guess -- like genuine tennis yes I'm on report of what the Seattle Seahawks Jim thanks so much artists out there. Absolutely no way out here casino and I any TV studio. What is -- -- picturing how that's wrong that you gotta be you know you -- I have the experience of being hit this little. Right now -- now I feel very very left out today. -- right and before we get into the game -- -- -- all Walter Thurmond -- said -- my upper back was suspended. More games has kind of been a trend with Seattle especially in the secondary. Topic of the losses -- of Walter was a guy that they -- at all quite a bit you know so many -- -- nickel and dime packages today he -- -- a -- 60% of the time. You don't you -- in and out -- Browner went out with his groin pull a couple of weeks ago. Walter was his -- back at and seen a lot of playing time so. You know in a lot in the fact that -- talented talented player and you know you got. The best techno beat. On the other hand the way Pete Carroll bill this team and the competitive nature back in the secondary. You know I think Natalie terribly worried about the drop off when you put -- that like Byron Maxwell back there he's geared mainly. They don't quite as many -- that Byron has picked up more time there. Is -- that our role. It corner than Byron Nieminen played a little bit more you know. -- important. And -- you know back and I need to be addressed. A day or tomorrow would make when they ethnic if he'll be in the that -- that. We'll make it clear at an acceptable. Q you brought up Jeremy lane he's a guy that. High school in Texas went to Northwestern State same college up Bobby king went to look. But his development at the quarterback you as a young guy that much smoke track -- not. Out of a one year college player all of a sudden boom on the scene but it fits the bill for a size wise. New pink helmet he was a track that didn't he know -- on the he'll tell you practice well I'll. It's not much in the secondary -- he. You look -- Other -- thirteen you covered -- you know and and the bleep out -- Hunt inside of my yard line with the pretty regular he has been right on top punt coverage team. You know that's where he really made an impact I know people talk about national team that much. We need somebody to flip the field in your favor and they are that you were all there are. Seattle -- is incredible here annually in the big reason why. Now I can look at an advantage I think that think you know they -- on the road it's when you play complementary football what I mean a look at scoring defense are. Are going to score in the office what you average and -- appointment game. And I look at the challenges thing to have faith in and and they're tough schedule. Not that took care of San Francisco well look at Carolina and Seattle obviously come Monday night. And scoring defense and then I'll look at. You know points per game in. That you look at at Carolina Seattle San Francisco always in the team on you know seventeen points to gain. The -- -- given up eighteen but they're not a month -- with the leaders and if you look at the things that point nine points -- game. To me who wins the turnover battle with that I think that Seattle on that left side. You know with the last night category it to be at this thing it's a plus one had that great formula or even even to maybe beat Seattle and -- them in the world. Yeah you'd think -- turn over and in the play and early on what the problem for Seattle was very uncharacteristic. And that he carolco he had as many turnovers -- -- will have problems early in the season is. You know he'd seen. The ball in his control making from the green in fourteen plays that he shouldn't have. Under control. Better the last couple weeks. Electorate -- can do the offensive threat -- the greens are gonna bring the count it. Important and they are the deal from the point is you -- at. -- that in light breeze that hit on a couple went directly moment in the game I think -- that there really accurate that would have meant there. They pretty well paper. Yet you look at it on paper and that we were trying to. And because you know if you look with the things that you can't last year. You know the worth the that the NFL -- -- before they had the world's greatest -- The greatest -- on third and we are open Rob Ryan and think at least to the middle the pack. But now you look all this none of it right up there with Seattle and top five. You know defense and nobody really expected that him. Everyone remembers the highlight -- Marshawn Lynch the twelfth game when April 8 or nine -- you watch that fifty years and now. With a totally different people and that's why. I think right now the thing that I have a fighting chance that good chance that -- that their defense has played better and obviously when Rob Ryan have them do it. Well I think it certainly more than I can't aunt you know Pete Carroll demeanor in the morning in Seattle and he was about that playoff scene and and how much the Saints might think back to it and think that you don't really want him out of it is this an emphasis to tackle better this week in and make sure you're trying to contain him but how -- you it. Mark Hamlin has the highest Alou and Brady Indy and that's all that means that he has -- more defenders. Commit more tackles than anybody. And yet that despite -- his writing I'll be there yeah ever not -- the -- The other part of that equation. Golden who has the highest elusive Grady and why are deeper in the NFL because you can do after the hat. I'm so I think -- -- gonna be a cut cap it all technical on tackling we. You know. It'll it'll do a lot effect -- that guy in my in the little hole and make them work. Now I -- we look at this everyone has that and -- X-Factor our power. The one that makes -- to be with the coordinators burn the Midnight Oil. And obviously having Percy -- back in the full break that down and -- note Darren Sproles. You know you know it didn't play in the bout that not expect you to play against Seattle with. -- talk about navy vs Auburn Woody brought the tables and now you know that they paid a lot of money in the fight he could commit a high level -- the ginkgo. -- seen that. Is exactly. Why they hate in my age and it's kind of what we can make it and we don't know what it back from perk is. Played a couple of weeks ago in -- -- he came through that you are not that we got up at the practice field tomorrow. Think. And off the board this week as I don't know exactly what's more there we saw him turn up I. Well the one in the -- a couple of times we bought him a lot makes you can't hit. And I think that that is. That's the biggest thing I would like in the backfield -- and kind of it's you run out on route than and I know a lot and it healed. The market during that that he -- Well we. Lot more. And -- -- the fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are hard to get somebody -- that he's not I think that the other thing that would cause. He sent it to worry if it is difficult is that -- is when you are right and is going to be Hurst whose. You try to -- economic now. So what. We Hewitt next area wont lie and that'll do. Supportive of the Seattle's. Right back with with. Welcome back the second guessed. Mike about may read this episode seem to be it's not an attack nodding Mississippi get the -- what's up with the Monday night contest with the San Francisco 49ers in the Washington Redskins could hear that game live right here on the big 87. Our three WL at its here you can now get three double L oh yeah I've form and brought just more for what apple. Strange double coverage with people out there. And Christian dare we say motives from six to nine now be on the ball more with Bob and Garrett. And the food show with Tom Fitzmorris noon till three in part gumbo with spoke McConnell at the moved from the -- -- six. You can pitch more outdoors with Don dispute Saturday mornings. From seven and 9 AM plus. NBC Sports Radio. When we're not live and local -- bail out now they'll want apple and android Smartphones and tablets. That's the he social in -- even -- that's it on our open Mike and -- on top one book that three WL -- Download it now. Sports food and fun and again six he Bobbitt Christian every opponent. On three WL -- -- in this football game you brought it up to -- and you'll. But turnovers and that's not an -- football game and you -- openings and a plus category that's why they've got the wins that they've got today. Well I'm like -- you look at and I think -- -- -- that that was definitely go with threats. You look at the Italy VB ratio. Carolina. The -- Who think the 49ers. They are all all on the top it. But he do you look at it this that not at that a look at the hot new. Hot if you keep it -- it in a pulled the quarterback that's part QB rating. Seahawks all our -- -- news. I'm like apart as the number three. That Carolina would like -- -- -- on -- Don't mean the thing you know -- would take Drew -- equipment -- like a hunter. And whatever. All of these QB rating that you're a top five it's 75 -- -- Phillips could be a big challenge. Would have a great game against Seattle. Against Carolina because they're the pitches and I know this is late Lewis is pretty good do but I got a big challenge -- look at record to break you know Kapono appointment game and I brought it up. Carolina. This Seahawks the 49ers -- think a lot then scoring he'd bit you know we have all the Carolinas here now and never does go. How often it is so much better. We are out there with the Broncos. Scoring it as far as we try to play and I play that game and -- given up the fifteenth. That's what we're better scoring off their right that would that would scoring -- -- that that girl was definitely. It leaves -- saying Scott Drew Brees they don't get out there and have a second guess you're out of this break.