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11-25 6:10pm Second Guess Show

Nov 25, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk to WWL listners about the Saints and LSU Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the second guessed so Mike the thing about -- -- -- this post but -- seem to be excited hey pat down in Mississippi it's still out. Numbers up but report for the Monday night contest between the San Francisco 49ers in the Washington. And Redskins can get that game of the big 87 that would have BL AM or are you wanna listen to the New Orleans pelicans with the San Antonio Spurs. You can -- on their flagship station 105 point 37 to yell at them and I can't talk I got basketball with Johnny tells tonight. At 7 o'clock on three WL thirteen fifty -- tonight at 630 special edition of the things go to -- on this site radio network. You never 6 o'clock I'll worked on some of the. There's nobody. On the silver replica thanks so much for dominance bad break the record doesn't it feel being here will be here every Monday night you can Super Bowl and we have but next Monday -- that's right that's right right right but if not Monday -- the -- Monday Night Football that we -- -- we do you have to do that yeah they won't be here Tuesday next week but -- what happened when -- football awards. But they went to saint -- yell come on down your -- but right. That's right but David. Think about it could be a long weekend arm long -- pretty much of football you got Thanksgiving Day. You got Friday eligible Arkansas. You got the Iron Bowl you got NFL on Friday that you got Monday third party -- that it might look like five straight days. A wall to wall football. Right now it will be huge game losing one yet it will be a big game -- everybody's you know he's given me the business -- -- -- -- -- last night I'll just up and everything. You look just like the news and views -- probably not get the day. I'll bet is to rejected audio part about our depth up front even got up I know you were. That Ellis Texas that in them gains so that how long did it gets into the pit to. I would call it a couple decades they'll be there that that -- usual it wouldn't say it yet -- him yet today than you know what I mean how many times I'll like -- you know you want it on your calendar. You know he's trying to my youngest -- -- -- in -- when you won -- dollar -- games. And and I think what this game I'm definitely going. Now I think it's as though when you think about LSU history Tiger Stadium Heisman Trophy winner. I mean medical back like Billy can't I don't know if they're the people that have people obviously you don't see that that come around home where you feel like a. Heisman winners off him do what you saw him over there yeah that's with the it's all -- -- -- I guess if I don't if I do that you -- of people -- yet we'll see that we thought about it football but I don't think we thought that the move before. You wanna go. I think this team guy I could next where you're only got a flash of mania that has you can tradition united yes yeah ain't gonna be back -- on the wrong -- -- -- unbelievable game you think about it. This new rule books that they want points -- number one ranked Alabama back to back years that they can only get 39 points although. Against this when she moved back to back years it's funny not a football. At Nichols I think maybe it will be that Kalish and that's -- -- in the past couple -- to do with the fact that. These skiing so well. You know practice model. That out because people most of those players weren't -- And yet John Stevens did exactly. On the same sort of thing you know and did a great jobs you've been up but -- meant that it was it was frustrating holes you -- written frustrated that that football game -- -- met burger and promised land. -- out -- Basically -- -- Mike Evans the Elton on the turf and that game running the football they'd tell everybody what's going on here Thanksgiving week. What's happened here there's. All the other involvement we've got that could have a great threat of the in the -- -- get your typical traditional Thanksgiving buffet out here's a couple of them for that it's going to be -- -- -- from my eleven till 9 PM failed Thursday. -- great weekend this week -- we got to -- fortune footballer draw until Friday and Saturday but football game was. All in on Saturday night when you wore into the what giveaway at 9 o'clock you could win 101000 dollars in cash. -- on Sunday -- we -- football god or he's that far from four day event Monday Night Football at the boards applicable we are a team that -- radio show them yet you know. I'm done what -- enrollment in the business. The bad as we get on Fridays Saturdays their debut the dominoes fan out of that I am in first got here we're a lot of bottom and if you like the fans that like all the walls obviously. Going to pick up and -- -- have just brought that. If you want that isn't him leading up with a Christmas holidays everybody you know I don't want to go around and not know you got to have a lot more about it but for Christmas and do. Few years as a place that he also. It's going to be great to be great yours you got here what Christmas gonna happen got great respect for play. And I figured he'd gotten out of the barbecues and fire he made expert. We've been over seven years and never had or refuses to -- let -- -- -- I mean I don't ever of them would you put all of the hawk who wouldn't you know it. The with a sprinkle with you that he's been playing at a country club -- -- -- out and battery or it might be able west bank for like the last decade -- that he thought it got you know like going that good we'd go play us on New -- the of course next usually we'll have our own hotel opened up so it will be very exciting time but you now working in the -- Yeah we delegates take advantage of that now we're not gonna hit you up on the weekend they we have -- -- and we knew I -- go to the putt at night. You know the one thing is not a lot of what's it robot for the whole playable that's the felt I could put all my family got no -- you don't not despicable you have to bring give me a few but they picked hello -- Yeah I think you know I think you have been out that a whole you know but then you like me -- -- -- you went Bart is Bob is. Never got Miguel heard of this thing yet now this is their Guzman at this that you need -- The -- NFL here but. Get a point 8999. To -- wicket partnership July 5 NFL Europe. But only million dollars. Now I grew up only but not know it was no you know under the influence thought. Bob -- right -- only thing about that that sound like a great deal. So I -- your team -- with NFL official team yearbook from I yet. All 32 team locals are available fits all Smartphone. I've had. I -- I fault I pats and him beat three players. Great felt comfortable cop back. And a perfect gift for you are sportsmen and NFL -- gold Brooks motel now go to my dog for a dot com to get your NFL -- It's at point 899 on to -- it. Well only ten bucks they'll get your NFL Europe. Man it makes you with a glove because put yourself and you go and I think it was a middle don't go back to. No I thought about some even though you well on it it must. Okay. Now. We Williams there with that day that the families should jump at it with all of our -- -- -- I'll look at it hey thanks so much for joining -- thank -- to all day he had movement of the ovals that are -- that you're only down the slip up. We're gonna go back and telephone lines will look nothing can really in the huddle with Bobbitt might. These guys -- well let it -- you know. All I have a question about that -- arm Victor Butler and you absolutely were our report in the disease and what did the people's situations and who would be pop rotation yet at war option that out of the -- Here. Well what what just with. You know six please so much that long man for now -- got a plan that almost defensive end position which we're basically definite stand up before. Outside linebackers -- -- anyway so. Of -- house has been a lot of time in that position so listen only funeral funeral -- -- the bull what thing. If you keep getting back that you have now couple weeks to make that evaluation. Is his pass rush skills as -- pressure breaks the -- -- -- bell and April layoff not as much pressure has not you plant. Probably the best of the best. At that quarterback position in the NFC. You wanna got to rush to quarterback and I think we can help you there that he's healthy so these next couple weeks won't get this thing smoking snapped an evaluation. On -- -- to help get up to come back. To finish the season out well lets them pick it -- decision to play golf now. Well you look at. You know not happening yet because the tree that we've we've brought in yeah. All of that. We never thought that -- -- but Tennessee Titans. And if you look at his background he would play port street unit that you know with Timothy. Night three Ortiz in the bag and now. -- affected these guys but think about how significant. The point that you force the fumble and he got -- happens that. No I don't ever get that many guys in that rotation. Ability if he's ready to roll don't give them. Every opportunity. And in that that they count on him and all of -- all war. Let it get there it is -- and the lobbyists and at the end that -- be ready -- -- an alcoholic he's been rotation. And now obvious that you maybe haven't been equally on the strength and went. Yep basically at some -- he is. Two weeks more let's see if you get help come playoff time because if you get up five. Now you get extra time so to speak for him you know just to get back into the football bowl but. -- be a nice addition to his football club to finish down the stretch well. Yeah. Well. It did in the -- would not in my. I don't. And our argument sake -- on the morning -- yeah. Ahmad -- Seattle Portland along the water represent from a vote well mentally and in the long. -- Well. I caught at it you really hurt tomorrow morning we'll follow that stage. Two great -- on it's probably going to be close game maybe. 1811. All. Way the ones who win the -- line. And you know. That is game like and my -- and my numbers. With Michigan and -- it from Washington. Seattle even at the moment. And he played with that field before. If that fullback Michael Lee will be here -- -- at least they'll leave the game. He's going to be there anything you know lately situation because I love this thing and is the favorite teams are are -- But at the side arm. Knows the field. But he got them -- them background and yeah yeah exactly gotten very accurate you think about like that. That that they hand Seattle. Bill that. It's les coming out with third. It now like all done it could be well man knows the out there and eighth in the construction of eating it -- making -- And not lengthening and well I don't know a better partner. And you -- until it was earlier you got your birdies and we -- We got Russell Wilson and -- the league you know Boone twelve man. -- -- -- -- -- And that we appreciated that ignited the one game academic they're quick story the last time out in Seattle and now we're playing indicating illness now it's loud -- flout the reason -- it was a loud we joked along with Seattle. That is they care about that was that game up on -- to a historic before. That's when -- thick gray and seeing Craig I've had Heyward. Made by outward cry. I -- the Basel on Oklahoma line backgrounds we're both -- -- where all of the studies show those kind of jacked up. We went out like -- move it eighty yards of fourteen plays only two Mathis. And I had the best seat in the house I'm and that golf that don't hit you in watching correct -- -- Hayward leads the way on Butler at the ended that drive. He was just hitting the ground he be able to take on iron had an -- we call time out. You know the quarterback of thought to the coach normally talk to coach Mora. Carl's been on the sideline all the sun on -- -- in the middle of the huddle coach Moore does get chat back and how to what you do. At the -- and tolerant it doesn't matter keep running this thing play. -- -- -- -- And and -- were literally what was like here it that the top guys Oklahoma steroids all that. I'm that would make him cry at the end we drove down the field in the Seattle never got in the game. I'll repeal who's the coach told me this last month dropped Brian Bosworth and I'll give you one word common bit. Yeah yeah yeah exactly it was the city is it's not a political Rose Bowl or won Hollywood movies old school talent that chatted some reds note -- in -- but it might. And eight guys are popular. I look at job security you know -- that now want recoup recruit was that tell you this week in and -- -- I'm not went in to myself you know. That should help his that you don't never know -- -- in that they would have liked Colin right here from -- now you know now I am in a couple of -- -- You know. Do you think that is it you know without getting shot you need a couple of 23 top recruits and if not you know. What's gonna take to put it meant that we get for several years now. Well that's that's always been I mean this you've got to give less crowded the Cardinals landing Collins but from solve the bad -- that now. I mean they've basically got swept did not think he'll sweep but again with -- -- -- breeze which you know when minute Barnett and Carol Willis. It didn't lose anybody has been from -- Louisiana so it will interesting to see what happens would would be Jones when he makes that decision. -- -- a second. Lots of players landing what he can only. But they had an off night -- caddie -- and leave them McGinley Utley in the fifth on the way Eddie's got good. -- most comical at it was a great play at that LSU with a little skittish when he'll. Because of greats in pain doubt there's not puck getting bodies are basically down -- me. Tennessee and Alabama but Belichick kind of backed all great wise but when you think about it. Joseph McKnight went to USC but. They basically the -- this state from Baton Rouge on now is not always have a picnic. Get some hits lately that's got to be something from recruiting standpoint you've got us in this and we got. Saying something that you would think that they they got to go focused on that area with somebody say look we want you got come down here as well. And the other was it was probably about -- we are playing you know. All of that that Archie Manning. Show on HBO you. Are whatever it might be years -- they act now it isn't it now that -- want to go their own a and but he was an Olympic village C. But over there -- definite that I could well put it all we appreciate it but watch Ellis who finished on the recruiting. Want to thank everybody at the pollen and especially at this point don't you show on this -- radio network them right up you know appease them.