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Nov 25, 2013|

Deke Bellavia, Bobby Hebert, and Mike Detellier talk to Former Saints Coach Jim Mora to talk about the Saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And anything -- -- to a special this is the Saints coaches show here on a New Orleans Saints radio network with the Saints enjoying a 1713 victory. The Atlanta Falcons up next another prime time game for the black and gold. As they take on the Seattle Seahawks -- -- tonight on Monday Night Football here on the saints' radio network later in the program a big segment with NFL analyst -- it to create. As we talk a body record breaking night last night but in BC sports they receive the highest ratings ever. In a thrilling game itself the New England Patriots come from behind and defeat. They Denver Broncos big gains it in with a lot of implications on the line in the NFL this week. Of course one of the wants is -- match away -- Seattle and New Orleans and also this coming a week he will be Kansas City. And the end among other big matches in the NFL. In case -- can and what a week it was kicked off Thursday night what our game with the -- seventeen to thirteen going to today game. So that we talked about Bobby perhaps maybe one of the only times in the history of the franchise. Both the offense and the defense gone at the last week's game against Atlanta -- both ranked in the top three. He had big game listen we were hoping. That rob Bryant with certainty that the round he'd be at least the middle of the pack. That's -- like our chances. Offense on the Sean Payton Drew Brees and has truly been at the highest level. Now you know Rob -- what he's doing with the defense than and I look at primarily. At the scoring defense and I think that is critical. And it's gonna continue to be critical of the season progresses. You look at opponents point points per game. I mean it doesn't get any tougher than just an NFL you look at we got the Seahawks Monday night. You got the Carolina Panthers twice. What they among the top five along with the keys in the 49ers. As far as scoring defense. I know Drew Brees truly. I think in these -- McCain is gonna have to play great. He keep his -- good but he can't put it all on the shoulders than I thought defense could be opportunistic. You know you look at the turnover ratio. Seattle to -- as good as it gets on the plus side in you know we end up being plus one. Against the Falcons on dollar plus -- that this season that I think is gonna take that kind of effort. JaVale looked that beat Seattle on the road so bottom line it's going to be a dog fight. And you know this is what it's all about if you wanna be the best. You have to beat the best that you Seattle probably considered. The best at home we were right there with them. You know and that said this earlier if you look at. -- Seattle where they're at right now and you look at this thing. That through the perception is. Whoever Havel who would win the thing you're playing you know played as many games of this talk about the -- we've played ten times in Seattle you think Seattle win. Most of those games receiving ability you are watching you play in Seattle. That you would think that is safe to win both of those games so that's why this game is still -- -- important when you look at tie breakers well what do you do head to head. I don't know the number one seed you might take I think right now just China envision what would it what happened. Thirteen in three type record. But to -- an -- and the you know we got to take care visits Monday night -- CL -- have a short week and have to go to San Francisco. It played a 49ers right after it was only have one loss so like it's even worse case scenario I don't know they might finish thirteenth treatment if you thirteen three. And you beat him head to head obviously their road to New York come through superdome. And in the bottom line is that rather obviously. Seattle companies all of come January and us having to go back. The Seattle very predictable. -- whether what you expected in northwest. In Seattle are probably. 47 degrees -- and rainy. You know cold so you got to protect the football and and I think that that's going to be critical. But I kind of hang hang my hat on a couple of things. I don't know the Saints have matured in the leadership we have we didn't make the prime time. I mean -- better than to think whatever department lately in prime time I don't know what 1112 straight victories. And you look the move Carolina game this Sunday night. Prime time so we playing on the big stage and -- national audience and to think that played well. And then the perception is that the thing that I haven't gotten it done well on the road. But I think that's arts fighting if you really do your homework. That maybe it would use the playoff time. -- you look at the regular season I've said this over and over a game you looked in 2006. Only the Patriots have a better road record. In this thing than in the regular season that's the only bad thing about that. All the NFL teams on the Patriots have been bad and I think since 2006. And the Saints have been noble one even better to better than the Patriots. When you go back to 2009. So -- which teams though are to to that team that. What the media with fans maybe look at it that come playoff time -- of this thing than on the road. -- Leo wanted three. But the most important moral victory obviously -- in -- bowl in Miami. Where that one big -- Overtake these three losses on any count. The Chicago game we lost that Chicago and NFC championship game we really trying to establish ourselves. We do look at what occurred in 2011. That was a major disappointment. The field to only 79. And we lost that game -- we lost at San Francisco. Probably the biggest flaw in Saints history considering how that game unfolded you about it well. -- you know what we played well we played winning championship football in both those games. Offensively. Look what we scored against Seattle. Knew what we scored against them it's it's what you scored thirty some points. That you should win. I don't know this is gonna happen but if we go to Seattle come Monday night we scored thirty some points like -- ten with a lot. Because Al Davis is better if we scored thirty felt like it would only and I think human Rob Ryan and the defense that but I don't think that'll happen. I'm confident now scoring defense. Listen right now know what to expect a likeness that. Early enough that if the number of times no one expected to have a top five. And all of a top five offense and defense. Were just hoping Rob Ryan -- turn -- around. That a middle of the pack but. Right now if you look at -- think right now whatever department lately. We're to a to a -- season. Losses ANC gains from the Patriots -- yet. An -- we won at Tampa -- won at Chicago. -- I truly believe. That we can handle the elements. Scenario Rockets is not winning at Seattle. It was only the turnover battle. I think I think very bowl teams a very opportunistic. That who's going to be plus one. But or even like but obviously reminded food. Against the 49ers still wanted to superdome. If that would happen in Seattle we -- winning I mean I truly believe is that important. That everyone all hands on deck. Whether it's Jahri Evans Darren Sproles I don't know who's hurt who's not with this this special game. Corey why I think he'll bounce back in. You kind of look at the glass half full of that -- happy it didn't look good performance. In his second half vs the first half because it's gonna take a great -- To be Seattle but I think if you look. The path. And who's played the best right now that I truly think is the Seahawks and the thing. It will feel considering both those teams and how they respond to their fans that does make it different. You know Carolina. When I look at that it went in Iraq India and at our heels. Oval and I look at Carolina. Can you looked very normal in the Miami Dolphins used playing at a high level would not necessarily in Miami. And I got frustrated because Miami had a chance to win. And McConnell Mike Wallace fan who will be paid big bucks to leave the Steelers. Ankle -- development you've got to make them play -- -- making a couple of make guarantees you forty million dollars you -- you know I get to the ball are getting the ball thrown your way. That's a play you have to make some money and we brought him there. But like at that early on initial that I don't thinking yet that good going forward. The knowledge on the on the stage show is that we got to take care of business. If it was frustrating game look at Seattle even if you have -- it is the -- thing that's an ugly win an NFL. Look you look how we beat the balance of a short week. That they were trying to have a -- -- their -- beat that we took care of business now we wanna be dominant that the only seventeen to thirteen. With Tampa Bay went on the road. With up to 11 -- worth it to what it wanted do you look at Seattle. Santo came back you're one making when I'm encouraged by Tampa Bay Reynolds Seattle -- there but I look at what happened. With a -- the Rams commodity the Rams lose that that game. Against Seattle we can't -- or anywhere we got to take care of business and hopefully will -- -- Monday night. So come January. Actually believes South Africa that you all of instead of having to go back there again. All right that's the case can anybody -- the ability when we get back we'll look at the playoffs far scenarios right now as we enter. Another week of the National Football League we into week thirteen including three beat gains I was some clarifications up on Thanksgiving Day. This is the culture show he'll listen to the New Orleans Saints radio network. The reason Georgia Dome since 2006. -- five and two completing 66% of his passes and averaging 337. Game through the air. On third down there on the ended up here top. Across the 35 up for the forty of the 41 yard line. Falcons Pierre Thomas with a burst and the Saints trying to get something going in the waning moments of the half. There's a nineteen yard run before Thomas DeCoud brings him down. And that is the longest run of the season for Pierre Thomas. And a big game it was the Pierre Thomas welcome back -- on seventeen Atlanta thirteen a Knicks in New Orleans Saints. Would take on the Seattle Seahawks one week in the night in Seattle where the Saints are currently 85 and a half point on the dog. At Seattle. Well looking at the Seahawks in what has taken place when you go back to the Saints game against the Dallas Cowboys we threw an -- -- yet because when the Saints finished up against San Francisco. It was -- that was prime time so -- you go back and you look Dallas San Francisco Atlanta Seattle. And now. Carolina that is a stretch of five games straight to the Saints will either start or in their games in prime time an impressive. Well -- Now like it now we have the late -- you know we've played the 49ers. You know come 330. -- playing in night offense that well rested and I just think you know louder. I think a number of times when they kick off at twelve noon. You have a number of fans that tonight in the and I really getting going until they ended. The second quarter or towards the second half. The -- -- like it usually count on it of the down. Playing at that and I thought well I think we currently have but don't feel advantages or as the crowd participation in. That you play in a highlight of Pierre Thomas -- the -- Derrick Thomas is the man. I mean we say that I think he's probably the most underrated running back in the NFL. And now I think that you book he's learning every dollar they make Indiana to thirty. Total yards in Pierre Thomas has been that good. I think you don't want to but I think if Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles. And then babies break a land a little Ingram are curry Robinson very similar. I've running backs but when you look to a Derrick -- done. And when I can only -- brought because these are names that you know football fans recognize. That he moved past chuck Muncie. And a clear that I play -- the great -- they threw me the Robles. First two years and he moved past -- both guys to support placed on the club's all time rushing list -- 3000 fours sixty rushing yards. In another player and -- wanna give props to do but it did and what he's done his Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham if you look he loses 61 -- -- yard game of the season and if you look at it that's tying an NFL seasons that single season record. But that position that the -- instead by Atlanta's Tony could balance. Who I think is the best of the best facilities is not over he devil again have that record and if you look at Jimmy Graham eleventh touchdown this season. He's right on pace who's been you know whether it no matter what position. Who's gonna win that award are that. You know feather in their cap -- between him and Beckett trying Calvin Johnson. You know their eleven touchdowns on the season in the Dallas -- first place don't wanna do in the NFL for a touchdown passes and also Jimmy Graham. With 6100 yard receiving game this season. He ties -- things receiver the great Joe Horn but the franchise record. I think what when all's said and done you if you Pierre Thomas Ki -- -- up the chart. And as far as the running back in the UC Jimmy Graham continued to break records not only is it tied in. And as a receiver. They need a show we will focus on the rest of the league with NFL analyst -- you to be able Bobby looking at our division as you -- Carolina is right there on the heels. A big victory yesterday in that act as some people somebody told me today yeah I was walking some more innocent man. He -- I think we are right against Carolina and I asked the -- house and have you seen Carolina play -- no. I think would be you know that's the way they win their games and Bobby -- that's that's the makeup of their team a lot these close games they've been -- That two of the three they lost they lost on and on get Seattle DeAngelo Williams fumble the ball on the eight yard line after getting the first down. They lost -- -- Heatley very similar to last week on Monday Night Football way he held gronkowski. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On EJ Manuel they were able to get away with it last week so this Carolina team makes the Saints and Carolina. May be the best 12 punch in the division it's hard to go against division top to bottom that NFC west but the NFC south as there is doubt. That's for thirsty team. Yeah the ego -- when I look at it now winning football and like you know how I look at percentages without used to being in those meetings with the coaches. You know tell you to do what you have to do that to be the quarterback winning football. ID get the double digit wins Heidi -- 101112. Games a year and I look at these numbers that -- to be counted -- as they. Because what we've been achieved and accomplished so has the Seattle Seahawks in the Carolina fans that I'll look at the giveaway takeaway ratio. And you look at Seattle. You look at Carolina is not by accident that they well on the plus side. Now it is NATO where plus or but that's what it's gonna take when you're in these kind of games now pulled it points per game. We're all we're all far -- only given up. Seventeen point eight points a game. Was Seattle Carolina is even better -- the fifteenth that fourteenth -- you look at. Hi do you play against and pulled the quarterback. Both Seattle Carolina. That they have right there with but with that QB passer rating in the we have agreed and we at the end of the 9000 or even well above. But it created Timothy what happens when all's said and done that's going to be critical on village that we can do. What we did it. Against the Falcons couldn't he areas. Committing zero turnovers. We're 23 ability Sean Payton and -- what are your viewpoint. 46 to three. If with we -- play a few points on a -- Carolina Seattle. I have comet though our offense now we will win those games and these get when it's no point in that matter one point but I think we'll have the victory. The league because though while scoring defense right now in the rob -- All right coming back a couple of EM -- recycling questions for the KG camp by the eight band and at that top of the hour break in extended segment. We got a lot to talk about a -- a great night in the National Football League and it's an exciting game just that they including another high. It took an extra period still wasn't up between Green Bay and Minnesota this is the culture show on the -- All Saints radio network. Four yard line and Atlanta. -- Colston and Meachem. Champion and -- split out to the near side of the field. -- accident. Now -- -- comes in motion right to left play action Brees. As time and whoever is not. He's got Graham wide open inside the end. Moon. He. He's just another safety William -- In the end zone night in a grand time that touchdown strike. -- 4544. Yard. That was a big one this past Thursday night as the Saints defeated the event conference seventeen to thirteen. Where you never know who's gonna stop buying and in next segment we will visit nobody's -- -- -- coach Jim Mora will stop by. At the death of the top and celebrated his take on the black and gold course coach Maura Beckett town as an analyst covering the Saints -- these are the press box with. For all the games so that'll be coming up with a just a few moments and then we'll go around the league with NFL analyst Mike the two day. A -- recycling better recycling for a better environment -- Moss that recycling you have questions for coach -- emailed them two with. Who originated Saints radio network dot com Bobby Islam comes from. Jim. On the North Shore he says Bobby how vital it would it be for the Saints to have some type a running game at Seattle next month and. Well yes we -- less than Drew Brees is more how many times you've heard me say that and I think you look within the balance. Look at the thought that we had 33 passing it stands at 25 Russians. Not out of -- match you know my go to magic numbers not in the -- I know when all's said and done and we played Seattle we look at they ran the ball 1718 times Noah I think I truly got to get. Like. 21 record 25 to maybe 20/20 nine you gotta have some that the balance that he got to help Locke Drew Brees who wanted to strengthen his Seattle Seahawks defense. Is -- -- secondary. And it's not by accident. They're very opportunistic. -- we -- have a substance that balance. And I'll look at Seattle -- it's a -- Though they're not as good. When you have all hands on deck that not as good as the 49ers. And they're not as good as the Carolina Panthers. Look at them they just look it up Buddha nature it went Tampa Bay they ran on -- -- else. Now to be a challenge. But I still think though we can run the ball and we've done that the last three games. You look at average per carry -- an average at least four yards a carry. Keep them off balance that's to be critical and and I think we can do that. You look at Saint Louis. What they lose that 200 yards rushing get them I'm not saying -- rushing attack is. That. That we can do that but we don't need to do that we just need to be efficient. Like -- -- want it more times just average four yards to run and that only Drew Brees even better. Finally volume also recycle and another Ian Moss and aside and coaches questions email them to the Sudanese at saint radio network. Don't count Bobby has come from -- puck in bad -- he says cajun -- Give me your grade while Corey want. On Corey why. Now they come on it's at several go -- and and series July I think I DH you agree yeah okay good good economic player right now I'll today average. Averaged maybe leaning toward below average after solid performance but all of us that he could it be a little bit above average. It's kind of -- that that the mind is to see mine as well if it if I look at. What he did it in training camp olive like Arnold with the nickel corner he doesn't like that to me. I mean he is he's two up and down. But initially I thought Malcolm Jenkins was better on the slot receiver in training camp I think -- white. Indeed he probably end -- like you drop the team's starting point cornerback. Looked to be here and -- it to my prayer. So a lot of packer -- that one and they're not like Corey white. But look look at the pretty easy game. Against the Dolphins Corey white struggled on that England do play Pat Devlin of Delaware we're at the quarterback. I know he completed pass that gets them but. Now in the regular season Corey white showed a lot of progression. So I'll look at that well I'm not too worried. Because I think he's getting better if you thought about that a challenge did all of a sudden you have the Falcons game. If it if you look at pro football focus. What happened. That they collected a scapegoat because like from week 520 week eleven I said this earlier. Corey white had a -- of excellence that. And he surrendered only 65 yards on nine catches and he was targeted nineteen times. But that you look at and a one game against the Falcons. All of us no one gave up all of those numbers now that you're throwing the path that a fair that a -- memory at and actually 31 yards. According -- surrendered 96 yards on eight catches. In primarily with the rookie Darius Johnson on anything you'd. -- 67 yards on on six catches all of Nolan. I know their quarterback coach I know I've been all that the meeting room is that all around NFL. That Russell Wilson -- bid you all the time look for the weak link. And I think our Rob Ryan might -- a few things to help -- coverage. With the appellate court you like to be more aggressive you have a safety over the top you put he Lewis an island. You don't just fate is -- every play -- you gotta make that up. But I could see maybe a rob -- due to a few more things maybe to help like Corey white. And help them get off to a good start where you ask -- -- of the first half. Was terrible as the Falcons the second half with a lot better. All right that's the -- cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up next our special -- almost think it's great coach Jim -- Let's cost ten seconds for station identification. Visited New Orleans Saints radio network. All right coming up next it's always a pleasure to visit the first coach that put the black and go to the post season. Head coach of the dome patrol at home page you -- Bobby -- coach Jim Mora gives us his take. On his former team thinks it's the coach's show wanted to all of Saints radio network. So last week's hero Garrett Hartley after those three clutch field goals in the fourth quarter against the niners -- up -- 41 yarder. From the left hash mark. Luke McCown to put it down home park and Simpson the football -- it on its way and it means the. Night. And welcome back to this week to -- the Saints coaches show on -- New Orleans Saints. The radio network offers -- out of welcome and special guests and of course that former New Orleans Saints. Think coaching great Jim Mora coach mark thank you so much for joining us we appreciate how Rory. -- do well coaching and coach -- you've been watching this team all season long you've seen how far they've come what they have done. And I need to go on the to a huge game next week against the Seattle Seahawks but tell us what you think about the Saints which you've seen that's for. Bye -- like dissatisfaction on the on television and watch your game grown adult. Up -- top right behind mr. there. I've been very impressed with them -- know that they're going to be able to move the football I mean nobody doubts that. Throw on the ball especially. I think it's they run the ball better recently and I think experience -- program articulate. I think the big improvement obviously you know their defense their. You know you can take prepared last year for sure that -- last year they're playing extremely well. Well I like this football game at all -- never paper you know obviously. And. I think it is clear that -- -- it's got to win nine. After eleven games an alum and happens they do here we -- playing well it's -- be back -- -- Seattle. But remember how you had me not brainwashed and how you get media commitment to the tko I can remember. If you look at the whole team -- that concept and play complementary football. That if scoring defense that you hold an opponent to seventy points or less you should lose. That you we took the approach that we scored 23 -- point. That that that we should be able to win it to me when I look at this opponent points per game. This season while these teams know when you look at the key. In ironically this through the Saints have played who they've played. Look the 49ers. Seattle and Carolina. They all holding their opponents felt like the seventy points our tour. Thought to be and it surprised me you look at their racket. It then I'll look at the Sean Payton since 2000 things that when they allow one you -- few points. They want 46 games and I've only lost three. Pretty impressive forty injury yeah yeah yeah now. -- this you're gonna score points. So if your defense can go out there bodies like you say well seventeen the last. It's an incredible record object probably the best record in the national football make. And match that. So slow if it didn't really. Q why are people he coach you guys go out and play well. You're you're you've got great army -- extra -- detonating. The win that football game. And dad what is -- -- and this year that's why their -- so good that that you mention records -- target and a our own game imports or India -- Mostly stellar in that score forty and out. So that's not a repression and I think that again and again that yet that the group were the same this year obviously is -- keep it. Now go to war I'd say this you know Carl Smith coached me in -- -- -- Russell Wilson. And you talk about is they need to develop young quarterback. To me that difference is how Russell Wilson understand the concept of playing team football. A look at Andrew Luck you know what your opinion on this to be held RG three. And a look at college cabernet. That right now they don't understand truly priests that read. And how to maybe go with her progression. And understand what it takes to win NFL level can -- him. I thought was get that you know look at the Dolphins game are not so much but to talk about the challenge of young quarterback. We -- facing any NFL people it's even though you might have been outstanding college. -- not very difficult and I doubt that quarterback and an artist shouldn't professional sports. We get back here. -- thing in college. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have to deal that simple. Or people. They adjust and things like that. It's actually the -- Ago. And it lashed out there. More. Complicated defense. -- -- Prominent and well I think what -- I think it is that there are at today. And it takes time. You know we. As a as a freshman and expert here but we drafted him and as Smart. At art work. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our record -- what are you. Now. How much either. It didn't get guys like Russell and. And a lot. And -- these guys you mention Archie and happy and they -- time acting technique. With all these guys -- gonna get better and better. You know I like their third year fourth year because of experience they're doing it all eyes and Russell. Case doctor Karl Schmidt who coaches and he really really -- this -- Q. Well. It's important to get a quarterback. Like to try and I don't in the open field look at -- Prepared himself mentally get a technical position like. Now you know courts look at the turn around and I don't know that I mean I think I only knew all this is crazy when you look at 2011. The thing you KP you greatest show what are the surpassed. The Rams as the greatest offense in NFL history. And last year they have the words. Defense in NFL history of it now look when -- right now. And if there at the few players are you looking Keenan Lewis and the Hawthorne to help him linebacker. But to have a turn around we are hopeful that rob -- get the defense. To at least the middle of the pack can politic to comment on what you think of Rob Ryan and going back to Buddy Ryan in who influences defenses. Around the NFL and also may be individual players I think can charm. Has gotten nothing but better every year he's played well though is that these two are tied -- with the Vikings. -- that you look at a team hit. I mean it Judy -- I mean it's amazing to me what Rob Ryan has dealt with the defense and how we've gotten the players to buy into his system. It to be so confident that coach Ryan is gonna put it. If the decision to succeed. Got a great job and I have got lucky with dignity that the coach. I know like go at Dallas but this year I'm not sure. I speak as a pop it in play at that might have been some other. -- -- -- Fired him. Equaled by -- That daughter there Jones. About why it conditioned for that they -- out. And said that he became too much or you stop that. Report where you let -- -- -- get that -- -- -- ago but then again do it because you're a terrific job that eat it like you mentioned. Got some players there that are that are playing well I don't pay gates stay healthy. I actually were. Jabari Greer after the treatment that. Or something a step up and do a good job for him. I think I'm sure you don't watch him as a rookie we're sure that he was going to be. On -- Astro or buddy Robby is pretty good run player. -- daughter athletic guy. People injured quarterback that is -- they are Rockets got back from a football player both against that right there rupture but. Iraq got a great job that he -- Now -- coach -- look at. I mean how could you know like his guy at bank for your buck in. Well what he's accomplished a look at Pierre Thomas you just move past. Chuck Muncie. You know football household name in the guys who play but I thought out teams rumored date who was all Rose first two seasons. It really -- a lot of that -- bit. To me around the league Derrick Thomas they'll get enough credit. Good theater when you look at every down back. And we've got not only learning the football and his average per attempt. But also the passes -- been running back running street bullies but also a pass protection. How these truly outstanding. And now you need to have indicate because he's over alive. -- -- you know on a more accurate that -- -- like -- I've kind of like he might never. I've never felt like he's been a superstar that you've got to be a superstar. But he big guys very dependable. But usually Bobby very person at all he gets everything right exactly do well. Good receiver. Blocker at projector. Good runner. And I mean you do it with guys like your talent there no question about it and yeah. If it. You know if that ankle right over 400 yards every game is probably not -- -- an at bat that you'll wind that debt. Guys versatility dependable. He'd match play and I let it eat at a book -- ball where I liked how it goes back if a guy and it -- -- -- And you know -- got attributes did you look for and a and a player on your football -- -- -- -- -- like a lot. From a New Orleans Saints head coaching great Jim Mora -- and are always a pleasure thank you so much of the time. Ten out of body to be here this week in Seattle. No it doesn't I don't travel with the team member they kick bloodied the -- played it that they're going to take a chance to be on the plane. -- I'm gonna get it up with a game. Okay oval we'll have to call -- the Bulls gave up that if they win because I tell you what I think it's going to be critical. Where you could upset the -- on the road. Well on the road to this world look to -- talent instead of having to go back in January to Seattle. I'll come on yeah I'll pick in the -- Because I because I think right now and the reason why it's because of their defense. And when I look at. It felt like -- alive Gabriel off the Seattle in the playoffs but office scored thirty some points. The offense has played well on the road. -- crucial games that that was physical at Seattle but the greens are like our chances better is because that defense is better. That's violent I think will be Seattle thought he'd get the better. -- -- -- -- -- It's more thank you so most of the time. All right coach thank you coming up next we'll talk about any entertaining. Week twelve -- the National Football League with us now this might security is the -- show. On the New Orleans Saints radio network. So -- in one now on second and Ryan's gonna throw into the near it's not a. Unless the -- Humphrey Corey quite as good. Is this a fumble Saints this and the officials agree so the Saints finally get that turnover there and looking for. And -- white comes away -- that. And welcome back. That the coaches show at this point the program each week we talk about the rest of the National Football League -- -- -- bringing in itself and is my duty might be the exact comment MIT. On put in Mike let's start off with that impression that left on the Emery. The most ladies what's the last game of the night was a thriller the highest rated game in BC Sunday Night Football. Think they've been on Sunday Night Football it was 834. To CN runs seven run is Mike at that Denver took. 824 to zero lead in the second quarter knowing the call there way back and won it last night on a pastels -- 31 off Hugo. 34 to 31 he got a Wanda Micah may be playing the Chiefs this week. Shelves that they have -- Brock goals because -- really have to put this behind them in a quick amount of time. -- you hate to lose the game like that you had that in your pocket at halftime he goes to show you in this franchise solitude. With Tom Brady. No matter what you know he's still not out of any game I mean it's just amazing. Now part of -- about this you know that this point seven years. I think he's the greatest quarterback of of a company and I mean just look at what he's been able to do. -- indicate to believe where parts of -- all over the board. You know who is fairly lucky I mean he has tremendous football player of Marcus Colston has been the essential six Lance has been here for that long. You look at what -- had to deal with with the losses across the board -- Aaron Hernandez. Danny would hit Wes Welker. You know most people they couldn't even name anybody you know what that's what I did nothing Gradkowski on that football team and it is just on Rio. To see what you can do to competency put to that football team. And they've lost some you know some real -- Gaza the middle and defensively. Just -- could all live to see if Peyton Manning's that Tom Brady's that Drew Brees is that a world. -- at all but one shot you get this deal and I don't know won't find another time when you see that I play on those type -- quarterbacks again. Might that -- gain as they all fox was a very interesting to think this -- the mind what Dallas you know on the final drive to win the game on a field goal and and also the character people on the screen movie that just the moment. Dallas was all for seven -- on third downs of their final drive in north to clutch third down. Tony Romo went and he would Dez Bryant went down a few and in Miles Austin. Didn't catch a ball the whole being -- color a key third down -- and they go on and win it that's a big big win for Dallas. Yeah -- him to go on in the division where. He can fumble while court he won't play to win that division and a big you know because I think I'm a better team than anybody who wins that division in the NFC east. -- that I give -- credit he was zero for nine. Against the Saints third down conversions have never seen that game what do quarterbacks you -- I think it's like zero and seven yesterday. Yep they beat the Giants team that I thought what pocket like it was Super Bowl champs again with it. You know they had a really accomplish what -- -- a couple of victories under their belt. Does go to show how mediocre. NFC east is I'll vote but he goes up beyond. And found -- my -- back to what we showed on the screen because that will be decided this is who both the farmer's almanac said. We generates dom makes it possible for when the Super Bowl will be played. In new York and I can think Kansas be some dome teams or say something like that. The biggest thing I think the NFL had to fight here is how they handled the media you go back to Jacksonville a few years ago. The needed him like the way we were treated dating like that he was too far out. They like on -- and they advanced his heart. If immediate -- like what goes on in New York audience who beau NFL career take of the because right now the coldest of all our record was in the wrong. It beat the other thing about it is the logistics of getting high rule was in it now if you got that type of weather. You know what what are you gonna lose your hotel room I mean it's not like you brought the Super Bowl to new off. You aren't holiday hotel room I mean if you don't. Don't know that that's where you gonna get stuck you're not gonna get to see all the other things that you would really want a New York City itself. It's a real roll the -- understand what they did it because there's only I. I think dog and city that they'll give it to because it is New York it is not enough club. It could be -- up across the country boy did they roll with guys beat I'm with you advocate that chip it up and let the -- in February. This that I hope the -- get down. I just don't want -- that type of weather when it happens though if the sakes don't play the Super Bowl and I say that about the blitzes and I guarantee you'll see another. Not that city get a super bully get out -- that. Antanas might deteriorate might -- that com that might retaliate on Twitter for coach Jim -- on my 58. They KG can embodied their Allison -- and Dominique made some on Deke Bellavia additional Jonas a one week from tonight as -- -- -- for the Saints and the Seahawks at 740 kick off the black and go to Seattle on a Monday night showdown. One would from the night on a New Orleans Saints radio network but he --