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WWL>Topics>>11-26 7:15am Tommy, cell phones on planes?

11-26 7:15am Tommy, cell phones on planes?

Nov 26, 2013|

Tommy talks to Robert Mann, an airline consultant, about the possibility of making cell phone calls on your flight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker two days before Thanksgiving. And has to be a chilly day today highs only of 48 and 80% chance for more rain. Then lose tonight 35 to 38 tomorrow highs of only 47 but clearer. -- and and a Thanksgiving -- then 51 degrees. And Chile right now it is 51 degrees and the FCC has since asked. AF CC one album Bob Mann joins us right now to sort all of this out they're considering allowing passengers to use their cell phones. During flights. I don't think they'll work out very well Robert Mann is an airline consultant and owner of RW Mann and company morning Robert. Thanks taking a time -- this tell us how close we Arnett. To this becoming a reality rarely serious and could be -- next somebody yep and on their phone for three hours. I don't think it's -- very close it's not a regulatory issue it's not a technical issue it's such an airline business decision and most airlines believe most customers don't wanna sit next someone -- oversold -- So what changed as far as the FCC in electronic devices. Well the FCC wants to get itself out in the middle of this of this equation. They they believe there's no technological. Issue and that the FA. I would say probably agrees with. What airlines put block file their airplanes they had to prove that that's sort of interference wasn't an issue and it's. Well not exactly the same frequencies of the same sort of problem that you would experience if you permit itself owners. But the main problems why the airlines in terms of the business decision wouldn't want this to happen basically the annoyance that we all see and feel at restaurants are here tendency. I is that written and instead of being. In table across -- year inches away from some money. That that's exactly right and and there are variety of arguments as to whether the -- ambient noise and aircraft would mask some of that but I think it. The end of the day nobody really wants to find out. Yet I tell me about numb to travelling during this Thanksgiving season and holiday season -- Flights news affairs rather up or down. Well here's generally helped capacity is is down somewhat demand hasn't gone down so therefore prices go up. If you gamble and waited until. 23 days before or week before can you get a better deal. Historically that's been true but in the present department it's not a good bet. You would you find yourself. Held out for a ransom. -- because they think you need to go and it's not an optional trip. While Robert thank -- -- you appreciate your time albeit a nice Thanksgiving. Here.

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