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WWL>Topics>>11-26 Tommy, Thanksgiving dishes and meals

11-26 Tommy, Thanksgiving dishes and meals

Nov 26, 2013|

Tommy talks to Tom Fitzmorris about Thanksgiving eating

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tom it's Morris joins us now one of the rising young stars we have over three WL thirteen fifty. The talk about Thanksgiving and some nontraditional moods and perhaps some restaurants. At which you can enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. Still mourn all how -- it. Good morning -- you've been on my mind a lot lately though really line we get out well have been getting ready for Thanksgiving and you know I've been PM. And Turkey -- You know cornbread -- Yeah we did and I'm sort of a natural well what you've been on my mind -- ran -- rose. One and -- Tell me Tom if you will about what you need time slide over at thirteen fifty. It's just three hours earlier than it used to be but other than that it's the same -- show that I've been hacking away at the 25 years. But and that's what I tell people you know you've been on that show for 25 years and if they don't believe me just listen to it does it sincere and journalist -- -- on balance yeah so tell me seriously about Thanksgiving how is it that we got to eat Turkey how did that become the accepted food. Well my favorite story of explaining that. Was given by Calvin Trillin who's a writer for The New Yorker but he's written quite a bit about food over the years. And he said. That you know was the pilgrims in the Indians who got together on the first Thanksgiving and they had a dinner. And they ate Turkey and and all of that. But he says that he has found evidence that in fact the time of the year Indians came over to have dinner with the pilgrims. Just putting up with that and and being nice because they didn't actually like Turkey and assumes they had that dinner was over they went back to their tents. And ate spaghetti carbon -- So was it that that's the way Calvin Trillin tells and so I -- sounds good to me so we always have spaghetti carbon are on our menu bar or -- about -- anyway. Tim let let me know when you finish of the material and then we get back to the serious discussion about Turkey that was serious -- but serious you know how to how did Turkey become the accepted -- Thanksgiving meal I'm honesty I wanna know how do you know. The I think it's it's just something that we've always eaten because it has -- somewhere and it is. It is a unique to this hemisphere although now it's all over the world in -- they're real hot on. On Turkey these days until. They even have a they have a name for it I can't remember what it is it's an Italian word and you know I don't speak Italian except four of spaghetti carbon -- of course. I can't let let's take a break look at traffic when we come back we'll talk about some nontraditional things that. Make for good Thanksgiving dinner and and really should you stick to Turkey or should he would every want will find out with. Tom Fitzmorris so going and whenever young rising young Stiller stars over it do you blame women porky -- -- 822 illicit traffic infidelity and Terrell rounds I'll open those see that were really wondering how we get -- thanks Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. A couple of different theories and Ireland says enter these were born in this spraying and it's been about seven months feeding and -- around Thanksgiving erupted around ten pounds and I was probably the the best time knead and when they were at their peak in other one says that there's such a big bird they serve a large group of people I don't know anything about the spaghetti carbon -- wasn't. The idea that I I said all what you just said. And that's with the techsters saying as a matter of fact yeah so tell me about nontraditional Thanksgiving. Dinners of what. What what I mean it just like Jimmy here in years and I like about it -- -- while ago. And I'm just gonna say no way to -- that. Go go -- if Turkey. If Turkey was that popular and such delicious thing need vinyl people leave tomorrow. And I know it's declining in popularity but I don't know how old you are but I can tell you how -- by him and when I was a kid. We had Turkey pretty often and my wife's family did to a I would say. Maybe eight or nine or ten times a year they would have Turkey they like that that much. And now people generally speaking only eat Turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas -- that's about how it goes in our house blues but. Because of that it seems to me that Turkey is in fact the thing to get because either a lot of things you can do with it. In terms of are you survey that you pride you can broil it you can smoke it that's what we do I smoke it over sugar cane. Really which is -- yeah BI about every year. I'm in the sugar country. Around in recent retreat house is where I've just got back for you better watch it by the way casinos steel sugar can you -- that don't know -- is that he's you don't have the steel. Those big trucks that. As they harvest the sugar cane which goes on right now it's happening right now -- they roared down the highway and some of it falls off onto the ground so it now obviously truck nets are literally fell off of the trucks and a glossy -- And and pick it up and stick it in your trunk no ABC it's it's okay it really is it's all over the place. I know about sugar -- that's why when I think of you know -- I guess I think EU but listen yeah when it comes to. When it as a byproduct of -- retained by the way don't get upset I know. -- carries -- is made from certain there's a church in saint James parish would that has an altar. That is made entirely of Baghdad's. Well it just keep movement. I tell us what we should know about the frosting that Turkey about and -- play you not to the. If if you haven't begun defrost your Turkey yet. You're running very late and you're going to have a a deterioration of the quality of your Turkey not a big one but a little bit you should've started. Five days before Thanksgiving. In the refresh. What he would do if for whatever reason somebody still has that big frozen rock all right -- It's it's not too late now to beat yeah I would I would still haven't in the refrigerator for the next 24 hours and then after that. You've just taken out and put it on the counter and -- where the heater is blowing right on and obviously. Or even better really in an ice chest and closed the top of the ice chest. And then we get to the most critical thing the ball and that we spend more time on my show talking about this than almost any. You know you read my mind grinding the Turkey brining. Her attire is that when or Elway retired and won't come back is an edited and all are okay but -- that tried that one time -- most salacious Turkey at all. And the -- this that's what really ID and wash it off very well you have to go rinse it very well -- you get a salty bird 830 speaking of which will be back with Tom it's more minute take your calls -- -- 601878038668890870. Right now cyber -- WL first news that it's. This is where everyone else gets their news. There's news source for New Orleans and the gulf itself. -- news talk in sports leader not a -- 871053. WWL left and WWL Todd. Call 842 money before nine Tommy Tucker talking to Tom Fitzmorris our star one of those stars on thirteen 53 WL he she -- was been -- From where was to noon till three. And I listened to and I enjoyed very much when I'm driving around in a car. -- its -- about -- a Turkey. All right here is very simple formula three ingredients tops. One gallon water I usually use an old -- job for one gallon water. One cup of salt I know that sounds like a lot but don't get scared yet. Or you can make it three quarters of a cup of salt and one half cup of sugar. That's it and you dissolve the the sugar and salt in the water completely. The best way to do this after that is to take the Turkey if you follow obviously pulled out these these -- bullets and he. Turkey neck and all that. And rinse it off. Pretty well you put it into one of those Turkey roasting bags you can get two for a dollar and half or so. By the way those things really work there really good and how you put the Turkey in the air and you pour your brine solution you just made into the bag with the Turkey. Push all the aero tie it off with a twist -- put it in a -- ice chest or in a big bowl in your refrigerator if you have enough room in your refrigerator. And let it sit in that stuff overnight. Twelve hours -- taken out. Dump the brine rinse the Turkey very very well inside out underneath the skin anywhere that the salt might have gone. And then you're ready to do whatever. Form of Turkey. Preparation that you like you do it Friday into broiled you can do it. On the grill. Anywhere you want what dies is that it keeps the breast meat from being dry and you will love how that comes out. What you do and is changing the chemical balance their cause and osmosis. Kinda like that there is natural moisture in the Turkey that is sort of locked up in protein cells and the -- because of some. I can't explain it scientifically. But. Because of some movement. Between the heavier salt water and the natural water in the Turkey. These cells opened up and it's the natural moisture that's coming out it's not the salt water going in strangely enough there's a net migration -- -- the Turkey. Weird it is but then again look who's giving it to. Exactly my point -- -- 42 when we come back. I will talk to Tom about restaurants and some non traditional Thanksgiving items it. Gilligan for some idea Asia really nuts about the Turkey in the typical dress and so forth double him. A panoply of ideas for you when we come back on WW. I Tommy Tucker with Tom Fitzmorris nice enough -- -- time force out of his busy day I don't forget on Thanksgiving and happy Thanksgiving with Tom Fitzmorris. Oh yes it be -- last I love doing it be -- last minute recipes are cooking tips on dreaded Al. And it -- From my own kitchen and it's actually at the range in my kitchen. Preparing my Thanksgiving dinner for 25 people and we -- the whole thing on the radio for two hours like we've been doing for the last twenty years. I'd have a cocktail and get that and it's so much funded joint town and a Stanley is they get ready for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday morning nine to eleven. On the station you call home for the holidays and all yearlong. -- WL so let me tell -- about bombs. -- let me ask you rather about restaurants and about nontraditional. Thanksgiving dinner and some other brilliant things that you'd like to share with. -- Are you kidding me. Hi I have a list on my website of we got over fifty this year of places that I field will do a good job on Thanksgiving Day. Ranging from moderate restaurants. To some fairly expensive ones there is a few buffets not as many as they're used to be not many buffets although I would say a little increase over the last year they hit rock bottom those flashy ads as a and I you know I I don't believe in casinos but anyway the but I do have a couple of sprinkled in here. -- the funny thing this year. Has been that all the major steak house's. Ruth's Chris. Morton's. This new place all the chop house downtown. They are all doing Thanksgiving. But more often than not there is no Turkey they're telling you come in and have a stake. And apparently a lot of people going for -- -- -- effort is AirTran in the country as we've become more. Food knowledgeable of Eden which he'd like is opposed to what is being forced upon him. All you know I think people are just doing. As many new creative ways of doing Turkey is ever before but -- seeing -- more people doing prime rib which is really traditional thing to -- -- that's something always on my table that's my root beer -- him. And via a whole bunch of other things. Up pork loin that's very common unseen I don't know a lot of menus dark this time a year it's perfect time for -- Especially give a hundred years -- -- amended turkeys I can think of code and in the oven. Smoking or frying it is their one and all those. You know I do and new and original ways and just think it is three I don't know all know. Is there of what you wish you can actually grill the Turkey. Ice I do two turkeys like cold smoke one of when that coal smoke but it's it's a low slow smoking. Takes about six hours and then the other one. That Turkey roasting bag that I mentioned earlier to Brian your Turkey and -- -- read the instructions on the back of the box. And do it exactly that way there are some curious things in it like you throw in a tablespoon of flour into the bag why I have no idea what I do know. Is that that works probably. So well that it's the way I would tell someone doing a Turkey for the first time ago it's just almost completely foolproof even you could. And that was my next question it if somebody is afraid of cooking a Turkey isn't really that hard. No it's really is enough and again I tell you that those Turkey roasting bags -- sounds like I am. I'm counting them but we've been talking but this is -- we've been doing this show back when we were talking but doing which wegmans bags. I'm serious but it really really works its -- sends out a Turkey that's very moist it speeds up the process which helps a lot for some people. And and you can do you season and however you like it's a great way to do it. I had a Texas says you adjust a number of water. But the amount of water insult to the size of Turkey when you -- it no. No it doesn't make any difference you have the proportion is a gallon. Of water to a cup of salt or the other you know with the sugar added. And it you just need enough to completely submerged the Turkey in the -- and that's it. That's all you need to -- time will be on at noon today and three WW Allentown -- will have to waddle and poppycock poppycock wouldn't Fullerton. Oh absolutely that's all I know how to do waddle and they've its radio -- model and -- count. You don't think I can -- show you might electoral side do you. Absolutely not this violent tell people today -- -- -- from -- three and then today on Angela. As the debate continues over the who should run he's in my -- hospitals he knows -- let doctor Jerry's ten and its. And -- talking about the onset of dementia or even ourselves timers and and she'll talk about. Pit bulls and parolees so that's on you don't want and to saints on from one until four. I'm glad you told me about that because of your recent time the pictures on there you know who he is Thomas tenements is round. Yeah so we can talk some troubled history of speaking of which quickly seriously oysters a shortage. -- -- -- -- -- you can get -- -- as much -- you need but they are expensive. And and that I would say the qualities may be a little bit less than I'm used to seeing and is that -- noted after the oil spill in this that in a little -- -- -- -- we're still fighting that that's that's going on much longer than I thought it would blow them -- -- what time I'll -- have a great Thanksgiving thank you -- -- -- -- and what time he wants to -- over to the cool water -- did you -- was show up at about 130 and we should have the first things coming out of the -- sounds like a plan thank you -- all right I got it. Getting in my life are Sunnis feel later right what.

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