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11-26 9:10am Tommy, best rivalries

Nov 26, 2013|

Tommy talks the Big Chief Deke Bellavia about the best rivalries at the high school, college, and pro level

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Com it's rivalry weekend David of course the by -- classic here with Grambling and southern and now Ohio State and Michigan and you ask. LSU Arkansas has become traditional game after Thanksgiving. It myself I used to love it when LHU and Tulane played. Are well lighted to you know I missed that tremendously passion and a I don't know as though with the differences -- the programs if there is still let much interest in there and we do it again maybe went and with the new outdoor stadium into line has another consideration out of LA issue's gonna play game in a stadium that seats 25 at last summer you make up the revenue to them another way are fine. Gas I'm going to do anything for fun though not anymore not in his NH but also high school footballs or football playoffs there. In full swing so. -- -- -- -- favorite rivalry -- and seeing their high school college of -- Somatic why you know. It's still to come as I love army navy game. And I do you know -- I don't have any. And he stake in the game but the Iron Bowl with Alabama Auburn and only gets much better -- You're dead was a captain and a navy had his own ship and I'm guessing apple alternate are we -- yes. And that they've been winning like crazy to yankees and Red Sox nanny -- says on FaceBook and -- -- used to be Tulane L issues big chief Deke Bellavia joins us right now and give us. His take on this morning chief. The morning download them. You know takes a little bit and as Slobodan baton and Dakota what David Blake and I were talking about in the and we may as well begin there with L issued two lane. Linked stale issue's gonna take their showed a 25000 seat house Ireland. No they had to be somewhere they would play in the -- you know it's it's been. If if it didn't feel like collaborate and to meet in the 82. In the world when we went to -- -- -- -- and I think that. -- to hold them generations of people of the Vietnam you know team late teens importance of thirty legal -- that followed that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the little old people type of thing you get in LA which you know means a little from the all in this respect we have and -- -- that these people. Became weak point you they had to take both come up on Thanksgiving night it's -- that's. You know we we consumed with -- incident intellectual property. It is second oldest arming and you know this seems to have been traditionally -- well -- and development that -- Chief problem after the Campbell how the political team. That was that that and it was the biggest gamble did Cam Newton come down defeat in Alabama. I don't feel transformed into had a lot of BCS bowl -- they look up the nets that championship the only two losses without collateral -- Make it a point four nothing lead on the field all all up all the men and women in 28 point seven so. It would it would amount I would like to see what it was -- the whole way. Because the one hand it was just Alabama and a great after the second and it was said they would -- Only pain because that means the whole segment and have all the people that game and old stadium and it was just. It was quiet through it wouldn't just back from -- back before the whole -- they've been it was unique that way. The so I think that their number one problem right now Alabama's the game is a little animals that have been written this week because it's good and rambled. Villages in the big game and and I think that you know -- the same way a lot of involvement. That was Alabama and then you know because the team that isn't much one making it going. The play in the conference championship and in and have you know bigoted France that so I think you have to look at it from where you all and also Tammy. Did that -- -- to college football we've lost some problems of 100 you know we lost the bank your totals Pittsburgh. And that was the game we lost Texas and Texas they -- I mean you know we we lose and so you know outlook Nebraska and Oklahoma. Coming you know because. You know -- and now conference in this can't use the portable and the misery is expected eighteen hundred's so. Why why is it -- because of conference affiliations our television. As an adult market town yeah I think -- morning without question that the media meet so many people use. And I didn't piece it a couple of do college football votes and that we have -- -- it would -- -- -- the kind of break it down. What effect of that talk about -- that you would pay for. And I you know I think we should we should hold all the problems of our review and coming out this eleven point about the NC what's that -- watching. From property at 6:30 this morning it's a great document on HBO. It's diminished you know probably -- seen and and that's wanna I wanna go to town coming out one pocket to Columbus what if it's missed him but. -- from a different for the country. And you know it down if some people example -- some people probably say yeah that you received in -- what you what you see you at CU CLA. Oval -- -- some I would probably say the -- could not care but. That -- -- Ohio State in particular understand someone always is well that we can relate to. And then the land in the orbit within Italy is -- fifteen minutes that probably that talk about. -- he would leave me out the robbery and -- the wrong thing -- he's real peak. When Bolten -- titles statement he would have me scared that you do make it to a power. And they really could become friends that the would be eighties you know audience that we he's attacked from. From football staple in the land it documented Capital One passes it is when -- -- -- the -- Columbus. If it's it's like trapped in the tour of Graceland in Memphis. And you see you know this -- -- you've traveled to Columbus if you go to the horseshoe. And you see we need he's -- -- animals like well that's. Coming we have equal that you BP would sit back and go. Egypt like -- and he was dale I mean anybody can relate -- that could be you know I don't care what you from a quarter of people have heard of it was -- It would make said that to me was like no matter how hot it but it. That didn't make formula trials -- without me go to that level -- -- I'm going to -- out state Michigan. Soon. -- another that's another great question if you could go to one where would you go -- duty status and. That would be say that it could be out of 101000 people saying it. On the the cool weather and -- and an Ohio state police had been to -- don't like each. Going back to Tulane L issue real quick and also home SL issue is see if those had been continued for example Ole -- on Halloween weekend which is what. I believe that rivalry was based in and Ellis you plan to wane if the estate had continued those traditions not changed -- do you think people would be is into now. Although I don't think there's any question about it it's. You know Nebraska Oklahoma lost a lot of its peace where the -- what to do it went to the big team and of course when they. When it could decide in the big oil and the big twelve now that you need be debated whether that is what comes into the twenty. They've been lost some of them also popped Colorado moved out to the detect -- they stop playing well well. Given that Nebraska -- that gives -- the repeated his simply because you know. Broke all the people say about the same time they played at the academy and -- -- -- as some big gains for those same basis. An army navy look. And I think that is why it's such a big -- be right insanity it the -- because I've been in the somewhere this way to change it is normal have been -- somewhere. -- -- also would do go to it is critical game and it -- and they would -- but they'd rather than on the they would beat southern Tibet. And a -- to little more its removal citing the issue of facilitated because they've won their division and -- -- -- where activity so. Eight and immediately -- the year I think that the number one piece in the game -- speed which is probably important eight. What's on the laughable -- -- key in what you I was little in the a couple of years. You know they would they were competing in the whereas it was you have to beat him to get to the AFC championship it's the national championship. -- it meant a lot so maybe now open is coming up and they had a chance to continue to speak to a LSU program. You know what eight straight years so far in sports that you dependable -- these 31 at home. They got it seems to go -- undefeated at home this year so all these programs don't winning. And to -- would it do and whale. That it brings a lot of -- around but a lot of people -- you know they all -- out you know. What they're playing well not much on the line it'll play any of the year and then obviously you know what's on the laughable to me the line. I two wins program. Macon. Some as some gains let's put it away from. Is it all about money now -- -- can't provide enough that if relish you laureate or is there -- -- that they re. A reinvigorated -- No question about you know -- that one naked when they had a couple of seasons. A while back but you know. But it does make peace in the west the state clean -- and they the world -- To find themselves. The and that's one thing you know you're looking at a -- and what do we do in captivity. -- -- It is is so much about the money is everything in and I know some people get irritated there's elected but people who any consolidated needs to. How could that Beck called me and bill I would skated because look. Our outlook village -- doesn't Almonte and it was 290 bumble play ball that tooling so. I'm -- mental approach will go -- in the rain. But the world when Reggie -- indicated that and from the threat for McCain if -- all the the house and make look 31 point eight. I can not -- until I have Abu ugly reality of lead in the motivate. Us. She stated -- I was that heavy but that was an exciting time. And instantly. It's too late program continues to do would be to do it comes down to continue to -- some of these cute the in this state. There's been a lot of these kids play against they believe TARP program. And they can somehow play it calls on all these if they needed and mechanical problem maybe like a two year agreement like. -- solos in my game dumping did. The -- game -- -- but it would it would be he did there's no way of if you local trusting what 30000 dead bit there's no way if however you give up thirty make it. They have -- they would target that they they would put that game is developing earlier in the world. And I think it's doing bands do would be in the war. Well what surely will navigate them what what parties out of his. That's simply development team. This year might like from Monroe became can be saint and look I'm not in the past -- -- that. He really was of the it was the best player -- -- play in prep football two year. An acute that it and they netbook. Did -- it's Greece's immediate circle was at the top in defense in the country and they have done some tremendous things it to -- they had -- weight loss to. Gained additional form the victim of the packers' championship this week epidemic going into right -- week. What a chance to play April conference championship the following week in novel. Not about coming back from two principals in the pulpit so they've made describe that they that they got to be consistent. And -- -- make up plays and big program that escaped with some big gains. With the example that if they get back you know achieve rotation and then maybe I'll it will hit -- people -- educate young people that'd be exciting game. I'd like to see it up ready jaguar opinion poll would you like to see medial issue. Tulane rivalry renewed indeed hang on a couple of seconds went -- about high school with your -- so far Deke Bellavia high school expert -- college pro he does it all back in a flash and -- WLF. I -- when he seven Tommy Tucker with -- -- jaguar opinion poll would you like to see the two -- only issue rivalry renewed. 57% saying yes but 43%. Say no -- apparently don't care big chief Deke Bellavia is our guest and on his rivalry weekend decaf and how -- High school rivalries changed hands it. I think they have them if -- -- in in new war. You know she's donated this year. 48 they need the rules about you got to take your enrollment law. -- -- -- -- -- -- I play at a -- and dismantle -- -- because we take into this in the long that they -- -- the Catholic league now species get close to. It's close it's based at -- on the issue at hand in the I mean it's sad thing about Colombia Friday night it would be incentive problem and a growth albeit tremendous campaign and yet on the -- bird. On the whole across the ballclub that. Father murdered this year and and the quarterback -- -- -- the -- -- cheap looking at the receiver he's going to want to bet he was in the country coming in May already be. So that those programs the good news through it was a real -- Police -- and that you knew what was key calls peaceful because of -- of the disease in the weight in the broke that the it would and -- -- going to be in the playoffs. Anymore I mean it's so it just went in the market. -- soldiers with Seneca and so you. You gotta gotta double the pleasure is -- -- back they go to court Japan economy needs it -- it's a little bit of excitement they have but. You know in that division. In -- -- their fireplace and afforded -- -- -- awarded made up of the select five a -- They had two -- sell some of those schools that don't have two weeks they'll be able to first week they play two games they also -- makes the fort the championship. -- -- without being announced in the we have is an act California is not alone I'm not saying that we have with the football don't get me wrong but some people might change. Would you say what I think we enough margin not an estate. To break a couple of teams like this -- one teams in the first round 11 school in the first round on the -- about we estimated. And I think we've without big enough it's been flown to California it takes but. Eight they will will see what happens I'm I'm excited because -- something that go around this time it may not be around the president have gotten beaten. -- of some but from the public schools. My house who want I mean they would they would at a plant what we're currently live and do -- Notre Dame with property with you. It pains all those who simply you know we have compete in the quarterfinals weekly total team in the fold without -- we have so it is it's. Again it is six fluently and it doesn't make but I think overall. It's it's it's a little -- panel right now and it it would have a big -- state and then the big championship. -- we got to go on a show a guy who Rommel used to be our biggest rival Aaron whose show was rival -- you know. And I would you know. -- have to thank you need it quickly you know I am -- gathered at holy cross football program they did pretty quick turnaround and it didn't. Anonymity being in a couple of years of what he had some young he has the liberty play it. And made big cattle of course Japan with a bit of fans and would limit would come when you couldn't throw the ball like they can sort of ball. You've you've you've group -- you all really really good or not. I think well anything and no disrespect to rubble that is specific state champs so -- -- got to go from Campbell. You go back to -- game they came down so why topic you only had thirty yes 3330 of the hospital over across. Albanian I would frown on -- and all the concrete meant to -- state championship game. Deke Bellavia appreciate you -- in the timing you on your biggest fan thank you do it without really.

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