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11-26 1:10pm Garland, The Think Tank.

Nov 26, 2013|

Just when it has been revealed that NSA has been monitoring deep ocean cyber-optic cable companies in the Middle East, they are openly selling the spyware to anyone who can afford it. Is privacy dead, and more importantly, do you care? Also, some seriously smart people have found a way to stimulate the human brain, but at a cost...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tomorrow we'll introduce something different just does have some fun we're gonna have sports goes -- and talk about movies -- Lighthearted -- heading in thanks. And I thought -- -- rather than scheduled -- about some deep subject I would. Can dip into the last act of self image. They did that I find very interesting that. Get an opportunity for him. It's it's things that usually can upon -- would do show on them but the era. Things I think effective salt in their interest in things and think about. Shouldn't read on the top of us that we've we've done. So many shows and privacy invasions in this country and Auburn Koreans -- dale loans quickly things are changing. And read this to days in the New York Times. Recent revelations. That the national security and it's. Was able to drop on the communications of Google and Yahoo! users. With our. Breaking in to either company's data centers. Tenet when Oprah's real Dickens replicas -- at the rose but couldn't possibly be true. But and as they apparently. Little assumed -- house without even going to Google and Yahoo! and demanding. That they give up whatever information -- -- one. So one when the brush there's -- homeowner that the companies that Google. Yahoo! and number of other companies. How owner of the dude. And just -- get their data without them knowing about it I mean there's a huge companies and their whole use of technology. Is being where all -- and communicating instantaneously. So. The leaders of those companies -- huge companies. Ask that you read NATO without -- can request should come into our company you're the sitting out the front door was some kind of a listening device. And be adventurers. Ocean. Fiberoptic cable -- They had these gigantic tables made of fiberoptic. And gators sooners were around the world and their own. Lives and some crow. DP grew from -- Vodafone group and a particular Level 3 Communications. In particular the fingers of Waldman pointed at level three. The world's largest so called Internet backbone. Whose cable or use grew grew -- move him. All the other major companies you can. Level -- fiber optic cables. The connected that the massive computer more is incidentally. If ever Google computer forms and it's been Wilson. Those that are behind Google and apple and Intel and owner owner on animals. Or usually very green business people aren't they're all about. The going is easier on the planet as you can but people -- these computer forms I think most embers still in North Carolina south route Caroline. And these or multiple. Football fields. Of computers. And that's where they they called the clock. That's were all of our information is -- And I forget it because I don't have a pulled up right now but their use of energy. Is she can't. A lot of -- has come from coal fired plants. Because that's the only indexes. Little Clinton. Mentioned. So in the meantime though we're talking about via auction cable so fiberoptic. And you've got. Everyone was focused on the Tennessee secretly getting taxes to the road to. There was assumptions they were going behind the company's backs in tapping data through the back door to nobody knew that they can do. And -- the Internet which effectively mean group's domestic and from communications. You -- it what to go bright line has been directed to protect against in the domestic surveillance. All the wounded the Internet designed to be highly decentralized. In particular small group broke backbone providers. -- almost all of the networks. Data. And at level three. Which is the one great thing. Inadvertently allowed the government to come in and stupid. Base and at Denver -- parts. News it's obviously helped movement in -- in the AT&T. But in terms of ability to carry traffic. Is bigger. Then the older two carriers Verizon and AT&T. Combine. What they did at level three. They have got a carrier. They got -- level. Of their technology. That was not encrypted. So the government going into the fiberoptic cables through the ocean. Was able to get in Google Yahoo! and others by that wrecked and when we come back we'll talk about the Middle East where I'm looking of these accidents. Private programs. Or so inspiring to some mass surveillance technologies. Did about a -- -- in particular developing countries. With the problems off the shelf equipment. Will allow them to snoop on millions of removes text messages phone calls. And how. From underground. Fiber optic -- Getting her bear very impersonating. World of surreal and out there those Lincoln Obama. Number of things that that I put my stack of stuff that I've read so much -- it's still blown through iTunes library and trips including. And -- don't feel like have a guest in the in just talking view. Every time. And there were pretty interest. And we just got through talking about New York Times. -- morning reporting that in -- National Security Agency and I actually broken to Google and Yahoo! and and they didn't. Of the companies that. How in the current quarter or were with the you know people were the David where the people that they've been all this. How'd -- get a greater without us knowing about it in the hand through his. These gigantic. Ocean cable which -- fiber optics. That the national security agencies don't at least the supports suspected. The company -- and businesses with companies that. It's like -- and look at Michigan there that didn't burst sober they're called level three. And they are larger. Then Verizon and AT&T. Combine. And we seldom heard about. In there one of the backbone. Of the Internet. And apparently. Part of their operations for the fiber -- you know properly encode it so which we communicated that coached or treated about. What's. Brandon you concerning units and -- the revelations. And one of the Texas god says that and they've got a very good point. All emitter that's like comparing your garbage at home. Which put in the street no telling him concede that tell what you eat that night. And that's true we old bill. That would take a real match points. And putting anything even. Innocent questions. Can be. Interpreted by the government. As something seditious. And in today's the -- under reported out you can be thrown. On on the public torture table very easily. Put blacks are alternate. And the answers I guess. From the media experts. That. Make a living room. Trying to maintain her privacy. They're basically said the -- goal and I'm sure you're doing shows of privacy because their interests and but you can forget about. Are your -- privacy is call. Stood there are certain things you can do. I do I use web site called duck duck go never heard of that. I had a mommy hear them. Through four months ago. I heard about him -- there's -- yourself -- mr. Snowden. Was first breaking. Have been monitoring what what it is. Its web site where the government. Can't. Find out what you did. On that -- went to support. Just like Google but the government. Can go in and give all of this will be -- want to -- dog go but they can't find anything because Doug -- go. Says in their mission statement. So legally -- -- that they keep no records. And I asked a moral how do you. How do you make money and you see this is what they do. They'd -- go to sponsors and say look we've got three could trillion hits on baseball bats questions. And they ensuring that information. That is drum corps there make the money that way. But they have nothing left. Or the government through. Surreptitiously -- Or demand through the courts so there are always. You can do slight maneuvers to -- pretty privacy. But it's it's nothing that can keep -- there forever. Or. -- situation. Room afterward. I just got through doing in his -- -- Where inner -- broken Google broke into Yahoo!. Through. -- Fiberoptic. It. And here's number report. In the middle -- Private firms are selling -- to notes. Mass surveillance technologies. To developing country. And anybody that can reported. But the promise that off the shelf equipment. Allow him to snoop on millions of emails. Text messages. Phone call hopes. So forth and so -- This was revealed. From Privacy International. The database called the surveillance industry in products. Shares opera and from UK Israel Germany -- humans. Offer governments of range -- system. That allowed him to secretly hacked. Into Internet cables. The fiberoptic ocean carrying cables. Carry all the email all on -- One firm. Literally bragged in this brochure. Some massive. Passive monitoring. Equipment that is. Capture up to one billion intercept today and some offered cameras hidden. In cold case. Bricks. In children's car seats. While one manufacture -- scores are veterans. In through surveillance control centers. None of it's illegal. New technology. We are total. Is there to help defeat terrorism in cross. And -- to me that's that's one of the problems right. Suppose we make unity really intelligent or. So while we should have our privacy. It's not. You like Big Brother. Fuels like the beginning beginnings of a surveillance state. But all they have to do is say one thing and -- two and all they do is say. You would be sent to one another 9/11. And and what to come back for that. No I'd I'd rather. Try and on eleven. Most of us would say you're right. Do what you gotta do you to shape and then. Good news for good bit -- something does. Another terrorist yet they will say see. We trojans. So they're there may not be in a way to get opera that. All of these systems. No longer. Joseph sour. As it said. -- active. Cable bearing. Surveillance equipment. Being sold. Throughout the middle -- Court technology designed to monitor and analyze in real time communications. Everything we do text and mobile calls. So I mean I've been building this email conversations. Webmail -- session social networks. The company brochures all these company brochures. Makes clear it's done by attaching -- Through the underwater. Internet fiber optic gave no cooperation. With providers. Is required. And again there's all out in the open -- nothing illegal about it. And in these companies. Their equipment is designed store billions. Trillions. Of records. At any time investigators compiled with a lot of activity. Of their target. With the advance targeting criteria. Email address phone numbers keywords. All of the companies when there were approached. For the story. Said -- column. -- come back -- would take a look at some of the innovative devices by evidence hidden cameras recorders. Hand held bio metric camera news mobile phone bleaker outlook hitters and ordered all it's all part of the past in word. -- prices. And a leisurely do is we slide on down towards Thanksgiving. Bo Derek Garland stark -- votes that I at a plant in pursuing that don't we have a chance to -- 11 of the things that that as soon as we did we have been shows. Or or brain chemicals. And the way the mind works. I've had a number experts in particular one ultimately and huge deal in this type -- rinsing. Marine. -- rock but the Chicago. And I begin to wonder. How much. We wore. Good or bad. Do that and the bee expert that I how to -- one. Cent. You know of of pure. If you take a lot of star it's there's pretty good chance you're gonna become very angry and abuse. It's it's almost out of your control to -- And then if you think about you and you comb them. Well -- may be called down to being a good person. -- Or use the good person. Or you developers. Because one chemical took you from being the bad person two good -- And yeah chemicals in the brain. Can bid we arranged. Orchestrated. To where you fit better in this society. And you do veterans -- decide. That brings up questions at least. To what extent. Brain -- -- born we're at war. As the doctors have told me from war car crashes plane -- Can cause the kind of trauma that changes. -- -- -- -- -- Story. That can be brought up the brilliance. Of the human mind. And also hopes to corporate greed and here is what it says. They're talking about jump starter kits. For or break. And that's what the dates. -- hitting a golf ball plea and units beacon foreign language become really good -- it records practice. -- position. On creeds and neural pathways in the brain. So the behavior -- -- becomes more automatic in the outside distractions of the impact you've heard it's called being in the flow. What if you could establish the new rule out. That lead to virtuosity much more quickly. That's the promise something called. Friends -- direct current stimulation. Or TDs. Yeah you can look at. And we had a psychiatrist on who uses its annual. What happens is the passage of a very they use the passage of very small level electrical current. Through the targeted areas of the bring. It's starting they've been abducted in medical and military is. Indicate. He deeds he has may bring improvements and cognitive function -- skills in -- Using the slot. In the treatment of depression. Might be useful and rehabilitation. Patients posttraumatic. Stress military -- the injured neurological. Psychological. Disorders. But perhaps even reducing the time management and training help the people of masters you know. -- the researchers' preliminary. And this is this two part. I don't mean -- but it's just amazing. Now. Divert people that have been -- than the body's. Own concerns about a growing. -- yourself community. Many of them young did you gamers. We're making the TDs yes devices. With nine volt batteries. To troops in -- jumpstart. Their brain. And he reminded deduce from more more goods something like universally been Tibetan. Suddenly showed this up really and remembering -- sponsors creativity. Improving. Reading facility and is it really looks like it works. -- What they're doing. These kids. Or. Hooking up. There PlayStation. -- To their burdens. After they've read what it's done. Infected go to YouTube. UC several -- symbol. Of -- from may one of these electrical devices. And one of the kids in the video. Claimed that -- prudent score. On on one gains. All -- and you felt a little wobbly after removing the electorate. It's a Little -- called. Olympus with -- advocacy. -- US house. -- web -- You can buy these things through and 49 book. Comes with a bit cook at the I'm sorry this crazy buttons sides electrodes. The first. Production of the free thousand. Were sold out in less than a few days. And what happens news. Addition. It is -- addition. To what Vick were to worry about like Syria's. External burdens. They could permanently damage their brains. Impairing. Their motor function. So. This is something that's rather brilliant. That the human brain -- thought. That may be a whole new. Training. Improvements. In jurors. For everything from depression. Whose skill as a brilliant you know and it's that hopeful. Then people. Read about the -- sovereign YouTube. And that put together videos. Showing people how to put together. A unit called the vote C dot US. For 240 known -- to lead recruit their brain. In its attempt to stimulated. To play video game better. -- Still stood casual dinner meal and then -- -- good chances to talk about I could pretty interest insurers are keeping so active stuff that we. Never did time or never get adjusted to talk about room here in the once. But it fragment the most of the -- -- the brain. And it if you miss throw away a segment. Go to worry website call up OCE. Dot US -- -- a permanent settlement in -- Costs about 240 million box its own YouTube. Also video on YouTube -- how to make one that is that you can. By for 240 and I'm booked martyrdom of sciences come up with -- is bringing -- new way tour. Neural pathways. In her brain. And they do it. Of me by -- and electricity. Through our brains to targeted. Sending sued to targeted sections. And targeted settings. And it's called TCU. CU. Outs. And what that -- -- yeah. French revealed direct current stimulation. And they're using and getting really good results for everything -- Instead of having repeat true golf swing 101000 times. You give veteran golf very quickly simply and pillows and things speaking foreign language use of science. Is excited about it. But the human animal being a little wobbly light -- -- Apparently you're buying these things first 3000 the -- receive these things. Kids in and other people. Or. Taking their did you -- in their making. These TDs he has devices. With nothing global batteries. And trying to jumpstart their brain. It's you how to build that video and YouTube. And the go to Apple's C dot US house or -- And there could have a lot of problem. Severe. External burdens. Potential of damaging debris and motor function problems so forth and so on but I read bad who's got about. Introducing the side. Of how we can be as humans so brilliant. And right and not that Smart. No good for him as one -- ones in particular. Interest. Because reduced so much on politics have so many conversations. About conservatives and liberals. And -- is the question all the time and the blood -- that gets infuriating. Why do you have to belong to a club wanted that to be. Conservative liberal if you look at the conservative you look at the liberal. -- in their club. They have extremes. The moderates in the very whether they be Republicans and Democrats. So I don't -- indeed to -- To join the club bought. This what are read from -- yo balls and previews that was written by when their professors. You're search papers called motivated. Numerous C enlightened. Self government. Also on the same lines. So vital sign it's confirms. Politics. -- -- were -- with -- your ability to do but what they did it. They've conducted some ingenious exterior experiments about the impact of political passion. On people's ability to think clear. And here's what what do you over search center. Partisanship. And even on her mom. Are very basic reasons to. People who were all the was very good map. -- totally political problem. That they were otherwise probably be able to Saul. Simply because giving the right answer. Goes against their political. Here's an experiment. In Dartmouth. The scientists there have been roaming experience -- -- -- part of the question. About American voters of facts matter -- answer is absolutely -- When people were missing for. Giving them the facts to correct those ever. Only makes them cling to their beliefs. Angrily. And more tenacious. What are the -- People who thought WMG's. Propounded -- -- Believe that misinformation. Even more strong. When they were shown to a news story corrected. People who thought George W. Bush banned all students over search. Kept thinking that he did. Even after that we showed an article saying. That owned only some federally funded stem cell work was. Most of the economy was the most important issue to the and disapprove of president Obama's economic record. We're sure a breath of non foreign employment over the prior year. Rising law. Adding over a million -- There or else where that the number of people would jobs had grown up or down or stayed the same. Merely looking straight at regret. That went nowhere but up. Fed it down. End. Reprint this constitutional appear on the -- so many times. If somebody called -- angry at me and read it again -- -- And I referred to a report the facts and figures. And -- the word you that your information. It is usually I heard somebody -- or government -- you know. And usually will look this is kind of scientific -- studies or whatever. You're guaranteed to make him angry. You'll never change their minds. And they don't want to know the correct information. And what was wonder why and I think this for search. At least suggests that there were wired this way. I have -- What we believe is threatened. We get angry change scares -- evolutionary wise maybe you were just aren't that. Just stuff from the think tank stuff up by -- Hope you do -- Nokia.