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11-26 4:20pm Deke, LSU vs. Arkansas

Nov 26, 2013|

Deke speak to Senior Writer of TigerBait.com, Bryan Lazare, about the match up.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senior writer at tiger bait that Tom -- -- all out on that now brown Mike Allen talk and yeah I. Season vs the program. I think it's a good question about the other -- program. There is 22 programs up point two. There at Georgia LSU look at Auburn and Florida Florida with the ballclub as it is now. With Hamas and -- what they could get it to the national team but if it wasn't offense Steve or Brian what they had done it and keep fitness schedule. And now they are four. Sevenths and to be forty does that put off a huge upset apartment last year. Was always -- in -- through two games before that in the eight conference games a year ago today we entered this season. On a team game -- streak the SEC have had a great season. I don't think it's with their program there's other issues program. 832 to be -- be defeated three. A little bit better than their record indicates I think their programs you don't -- brown whereas this LSU program. Well I think right now it is. Going to be behind Alabama the second best program in the NC state unit no doubt about. You know I -- only see. That had the opportunity. Other than Alabama they have a better or overall record -- -- if you heard both legs here and here is out here are. And south Carolina -- that'd be. You know Clinton on Saturday in the bowl game and it'll end up. Eleven in two for the second straight year in public tunes with ten entry last year in the bet Belichick contingent issue -- but everybody -- You know it either LSU -- had a better record both years there it's been one year for -- you won here for the you know pretty well. I think that. From eight program. Standpoint. You know it LSU right now. I had a Alabama will probably not but I'd would put it up against everybody else in the league right. Brian how can folks thought you want to put -- At the elbow at the LB ORT. Bryant -- Arkansas in the past they played tough -- LSU is battle for the boot talk about Britain the element in his first season look at 68 also up by ten points and bought it at Rutgers game and over there that. Next week they've been blown out. Now they admitted that erupt here for them to Iraq two years and run since the Bobby Petrino motorcycle mishap. It's been tough on Arkansas I'm. I think you anticipated that happening this year. Arkansas has never been real good on defense you know and Bobby Petrino took over and now offensively. They had recruited. For a -- and he. Andy Kent Redfield a company who wants to run the football so they -- -- -- barely recruited that like and but you know what that means that they got a chance that he -- rush for a thousand yards this year. But they're. Arkansas -- not good the quarterback spot Brandon Allen -- -- you wouldn't be a candidate at the end it. Gonna take a little bit of the time -- Arkansas did Duke built back up in the past he he -- I got out. Sort of put them in the same situation than at the Nittany you know both of being -- they got a little bit work to do to get. And get back up and be contenders and -- LSU what do they stand to lose -- overall this year guys who who you think local pro. Well I think both receivers are gonna go I think both Jarvis Landry -- held back eminently. I think Jeremy deal is going to lead -- You know that the other two running -- Kenny Hilliard Alfred. Alfred blue you know -- -- -- a few weeks ago would given. An extra year by the NCAA. I was told that com that they weren't sure -- will take it. You know. Early yesterday you know it was a. It was -- -- -- it's going to go through the senior day ceremony brought it which would tell you the intent that. Not come back next year when -- -- met with the media last night at has really -- Ahmad. You know I'm gonna go -- the senior day ceremony but I may still come back for next year. Kenny Hilliard you know there was talk a spot in the last year. Possibly transferring in the neat because we want to get closer to home. I know that and talked this year about him. Leading lay out -- that they get someone. Can't talk about leaving early on offense. You know there's been rumors that they thought at the players may leave early Beckham Landry ill. And then Hilliard blue and that Colin. I'd I'd definitely think that you receive written guarantee he'll even. We really. If you can't get those. Which one the only one I'd -- may come back at Blaylock now I think the other spot it all week. And independently. The only two guys that he tackle Anthony Johnson and Eagleburger and and I think Anthony Johnson. It's not gonna come back I think he's been at for the NFL and I'm that they eagle -- and a written him -- yet to -- all the players and yet but right now all I am not thinking about that in the agent so. You know they're they're saying the right thing right now. I paper about 5050 at this point. Saint erratic it's not debate that count it BO dole on Twitter he is Brian as a Bryant thank you so much football you don't -- Populated it.